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Before Russel even realized what was happening, it was over. 2D had pulled away from his face, but slower than he should have.

Oh my god! Get it Russ! Ha

"See! He's my boyfriend! Now leave me alone!" 2D said. He began walking in the opposite direction of the man, dragging Russel behind by his hand.

Russel was still stuck in the kiss. He was trying to focus on anything else, getting away from the man, what song was on, if anything was even real, but he couldn't. As 2D pulled him across the floor, all he could think about was...him. How is breath still tasted like beer, about how soft his lips were, about how it seemed to last longer than a kiss just for a story. He even noticed that trend again, his lips were cold, just like his hands... Maybe it was a short kiss, maybe he was just dreaming to fast, but he couldn't help it.

Russel could only barely hear the man yelling at them, "Oi come back here! Hey, hey...oh never mind."

When they finally got to the corner of the room, 2D sat on a bench and put his face in his hands. Russel's dream like state was shattered. Looking at 2D, he realized that he was almost crying.

It really was just a move to get out of there. Russel already knew this, but seeing 2D in such a dismal condition after...that. It hurt just a little bit. Russel again realized the reality of his crush. He knew that 2D would never love him, but how can anyone just stop themselves from falling head over heels.

He also knew, however, that his friend was hurt. That came first, and hopefully he could fix that problem.

He walked over and sat beside 2D. "Are you okay?" He said. He took a breath before speaking again, "That was...rough."

"I-I'm fine," he said, shaky breath. "I need a smoke."

Russel knew that this meant he had to go outside. He probably needed that though.

"Do you want me to go with you?" He said. Being out there alone might not be the best idea, but if it's space 2D needed, that's what he needed.

"No." he said.

Russel felt really bad. He felt like it was all his fault that this happened. He knew 2D was was having anxiety about this already and of course he would get hit on again. Some guys don't give up...

"I'm sorry." Russel said, voice shaking.

2D didn't say anything. He just nodded and then got up. Russel watched him walk away, trying to detach himself from all of the everything he was felling.

He needed a beer.

He walked up to the bar, sat down, and once again, had his head against surface.

"Back already?" The bartender said. "And where's your friend. Oh wait, your 'boyfriend'."

"He's outside..." Russel said. "What do you care?"

The bartender scoffed, "I'm a bartender, I live for drama. Besides, it's not my fault you brought a straight guy in here."

"I didn't," He replied. "We stopped here thinking it was a normal bar. I didn't even want to stay."

"Ok, whatever you say," he said. "Just saying there's easier ways to see if your crush is interested."

"Ugh, just get me a beer." Russel said annoyed.

"Fine. But hey, he did stay here for you. That's all I'm saying." He walked away to take car of his duties and Russel was left alone.

Russel sighed. He needed to clear his head. Was 2D mad at him? Was 2D okay at least?

What should he do about...the kiss? Should he even ever mention it? Russel looked down at his hands, deep in thought.

His lips were cold, yet they burned into his memory.

You okay Russ? I might have been I a little insensitive back there. I was just.... excited 

It's okay Del. I just...I'm just tired of things happening

I love you Russel.

Russel smiled, I love you Del

Del had been very detached and avoidant of their relationship ever since he died, but every once in a while, we he was really lucky, Del would be affectionate to him. Even if it was just for seconds at a time, Russel loved knowing he was still loved.

Russel's beer arrived and the bartender spoke up, "Hey come on now, I'm sure your friend is fine. Drink your beer, take care of yourself, hot stuff."

Russel gave a half smile, "Thanks."

He then began to drink his drink, hoping to drown the guilt, and embarrassment, and regret.

Then he heard a voice.

"Hey!" The guy next to him said in recognition. He had a flat top haircut, a rainbow tank top, and very tight pants.

"Hey?" Russel replied.

"Hey, you're Russel Hobbs!" He said beaming.

"Um yeah, I guess I am," He said rather confused. "How do you know me?"

"How do I know- you're Russel Hobbs!" He said as if it was obvious. "The beat master, the drummer, the ghostly rhythm king!"

Russel was amused. "You know my music?"

"Uh, yeah I know you're the best! One of my favorite artists."

"Really? I didn't know I was that famous." He said.

"Well you are and you are for a reason...My names Jay." He shook Russel's hand. He looked so happy to be talking with him. "Wow. I mean wow. In a gay bar with Russel Hobbs."

Russel chuckled, "That you are."

"Wait hold on a second...that means-oh my god! My idol is gay too! Wow! The night just keeps getting better and better."

"Well I'm glad I could make you so happy." He said, taking a gulp of his beer.

"I am. I certainly am." He said. " Anyway, what kinda gig do you have now? It seems like you sort of fell off the grid for awhile."

"Oh's a work in progress right now. I'm in a new band and we haven't performed yet. We should be soon though, been practicing for a couple months now. Haven't played yet because of perfection and also we lost a guitarist at one point" Russel shuttered at the thought of Paula. He's almost absolutely sure 2D has fully recovered from that.


"Oh that's so cool. Can't wait to see it." He said.

"So what about you? What do you do?" Russel asked. He asked because he needed company, and he seemed nice enough.

"Oh me? I'm just a repair guy. Heaters and shit need fixing and I'm there to do it." He said distraught.

"Ok sure, you're a repair guy, but what do you want to do? Like what's your passion man?" Russel said.

Atta boy Russel. Picking another handsome boy to flirt with. I'm proud.

Oh hush.

"Well I um...I want to be a dancer. I'm no good at music but I love music so I dance to it. I have big dreams too." He said his face lighting up.

"Yeah? Big dreams are good." He said.

"Ha, well I want to get money. I know that sounds petty, but I don't want to live in a mansion or something. I want enough be able pay bills, donate to charities, lots of charities, buy gifts for my friends. I can't help other people if I can't help myself I guess."

"No no that's a good dream." Russel said.

"Did you always want to be a musician?" He asked Russel.

"Actually? No, I didn't,"Russel said. "When I was real little, I wanted to be a biologist. I loved that shit, no matter how cheesy the videos were. I was good at academics too, I went to a school for gifted children, but that all ended when...uh..I-I..." Russel realized that the story ended with him being possessed and hurting people.

"You what?" He asked.

"it's not important. What matters is I'm here now, in a gay bar, with a hopefully successful music career ahead of me." He said, trying to steer away from the topic.

"I guess you're right." He said. He had a great smile.

They sat in silence for a second then Russel had an idea. "Hey you're a dancer, yeah?"

"I mean, yeah, I just told you." He replied.

"Well show me." He said. "Show me how you dance."

"Oh I see how it is, meet a guy at a bar, says he's a dancer and now you want a free show, huh?" He said playfully.

"I mean if you're offering..." Russel said.

"You know what?" He said, getting out of his chair. "Okay. Come and dance with then." He motioned for Russel to follow him.

Russel smiled and got up. He followed Jay out on to the dance floor and Russel hoped that this dance would be better than the last.

He watched jay as he began to dance. He could immediately tell he was passionate about dancing. His eyes were closed, listening to beat, sway on time, and his hips moved smoothly around. He opened his eyes and starred right at Russel.

Russel bit his lip while he smiled and began to dance with him. At first they danced together but separately, however that didn't last long. Russel realized he was no longer in the polite conversation at the bar zone anymore.

But he also realized he didn't care. It had been too long, he needed affection, touch, attention. And even perhaps a distraction.

Soon enough Russel found Jay's hands resting on his hips, as the two began to rock back and forth together.

Russel leaned to his ear and whispered, "So I guess this makes you a super fan of mine, huh?"

He giggled and spoke back, "always have always will be baby."

He pulled his head back from his face, and looked into Jay's eyes. They shared a second of intimate eye contact, then Russel leaned in and kissed him. He pulled back and jay was smiling like a fool.

They made their way off the dance floor and leaned against a wall by the back door. They began to kiss again, this time deeper. The entire time they were giggling and happy. Everything seemed just about perfect.

Then the door opened.

At first, Russel didn't notice, he was invested in other activities, but then he heard a voice behind him.

"Um...Russel?" The sound of a meek, embarrassed 2D rang through his head. His head whipped around and came face to face with his friend who looked desperate to leave.

"Oh!" Russel turned back to Jay. "Um..I'm sorry about this, uh, my singer needs a ride home." Russel said.

"Okay, well um," he said pulling a pen out of his pocket. He began writing on Russel hand. "Call me when you're next gig happens. I'd love to see it." He pulled Russel in for a final short kiss and then walked in the other direction.

Russel was still a bit flustered and giddy about this exchanged for a moment, but it faded as he turned back to his friend. He saw how shaken up he was and felt very guilty very quickly.

"Let's go home now, huh?" Russel said.

2D just looked down and nodded. They walked out and got into the car. Russel turned on the radio. Every once in a while he would look over to see if he was singing along, but 2D was silent the entire time. He just gazed out the window, dead eyed.

Russel worried about him.

When they walked in it was almost 4am. They walked to 2D's room and Russel said goodnight to him. 2D just waved and closed the door.

Russel sighed and walked up to his room. As he layed in bed he couldn't sleep. He bounced between feeling conflicted about 2D to happy about the guy he met.

Russel didn't want to admit it, but it was mostly happiness. He fell asleep with a smile on his face.