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Russel was laying down in the grass. It was soft and the sky was a beautiful bright blue. Del, human Del, not dead, was stretched out beside him with his head on Russel's shoulder. It was like some sort of alternate universe where they lived happily ever after. But Russel knew it was a dream. Del was dead, and his ghost avoided the subject of their love like poison.

Still he was happy to b in some reality that was happy for a short while. Russel soon realized Del wasn't the only one there, another person lay on his right. He couldn't look at them but he could feel them leaned against him. He didn't know who they were, but they were somehow comforting regardless.

A wind blew by softly and pushed on the paddles of a near by windmill...


Russel turned over in his spot, sliding in and out of consciousness, he could tell it was morning. He hadn't had a dream so peaceful in forever. Why was he just having good dreams now?

He didn't want to get up quite yet so he just listened to the sounds of the morning, just relax for a bit. However, he was quite surprised to hear that one of those sounds was his shower running.

He shot up in confusion. He looked around, he was still on top of his bean bag in last nights clothes, and his shower was on. He wasn't in it, and his shower was on.

2D was not only not back in his room, he was taking a shower in his bathroom. Russel was freaking out.

What the hell? He's usually gone by morning! And now he's in my shower? Why didn't he just use his?

Why wouldn't he use your shower Del said giggling.

Boy, shut up. That's kinda weird and you know it

What's weird Russ? He said holding back laughter. He's just taking a shower man

Dude whatever.

Russel got up went to the door. He was going to knock, but he decided against it. He just gonna wait until he was done. Or was that weird too? He didn't know what to do. Should he just leave and give him privacy?

Nervous? I'd be too around him Del said, not even bothering to stop his laugh this time.

Shut up!

Russel was trying to make his decision when he heard the shower stop. He had to make his decision quick.

He made the hastey decision to plop back down on the bean bag chair and pretend to still be asleep. He tried to all his breath to seem more realistic and waited for what was sure to be an akward moment.

The door opened and out came 2D, fresh, wet, and naked with the towel at his waist being the only exception. Russel's, of course, couldn't see this because his eyes were closed. Russel tried to open his eyes slowly as if he had just woken up. But when he saw the man in front of him it wasn't easy.

Russel couldn't help but look at him. He noticed (guilty) that he had that thing where hair trails up from their privates. Russel always thought those were kind of hot, but seeing it on 2D was a whole new experience. A good or bad one he couldn't tell.

"Morning Russel!" 2D said in a happy tone.

"Y-yeah, good m-morning" he said stumbling over his words.

Great morning if you ask me.

"H-how are you?" Russel asked, trying to ignore Del.

"I'm great this morning actually!" He said cheerfully. He adjusted his towel then continued, "Hey, I met Del last night."

Russel scratched the back of his neck and looked down, "Oh yeah, sorry about that. It's just I was frustrated and I don't want Noodle to have a fucked up childhood. I mean I guess she'll still have a fucked up childhood with us but-"

"No," 2D said, stopping him. "I mean I met Del last night. While you were asleep. He came out of ya body and we talked for a while. Cool guy."

"You what?!" Russel exclaimed. Del what the fuck?

I was bored and he was cute, man.

2D then said, "I'm sorry was that not okay? He seemed fine with it so I just-"

Russel interrupted him, "No, no it's fine it just, uh, Del shouldn't be talking to you. W-well not you, just- anyone"

Ha. Try and stop me.

2D readjusted his towel, which made Russel remember that he was in fact naked. "Hey D, why don't you go put on some clothes and we can talk about this later." Russel said.

"Oh," 2D said, as if he were just now realizing how awkward the situation was. His faced turned red in embarrassment. "Oh yeah, I should probably just ...go" He grabbed his towel tight and almost ran out the door.

When the door closed Russel took a deep breath.

Del what the fuck man? Why did you talk to him?

I told you, I was bored and he is cute.

Del come on man. What did you guys talk about?

I don't know dude, just stuff. You, me, music...other stuff.

Del don't fuck with me what are you trying to do?

I don't know. You two have just been hanging out a lot. Maybe I wanted to meet him too.

Russel shighed. Look, if you think I like him or something like that... it's not like that okay? ...I still love you okay?

That's not why I talked to him... and I know that. Look man I promise it wasn't anything you should worry about. We were just hanging out 'kay?

Okay. He was reluctant, but there wasn't anything left to be said.

Russel walked into the bathroom. He turned on the faucet and splashed his face with water. He looked on the ground and 2D's clothes were still on the floor. Including his underwear. Russel was embarrassed because, this meant that he would have to bring him his clothes.

After he got all dresssed and ready for the day, he sighed and picked up 2D's clothes as well as his translation sheet for Noodle. He walked down to the kitchen and Noodle was already there. She was standing on a stool and appeared to be making her own breakfast at the stove.

She turned toward Russel. "Hello!" She said in a very think accent.

Russel was surprised and impressed, which he predicted would be a reoccurring theme with this one.

"You making some food, huh?" He said walking over to her. There was ingredients everywhere, vegetables, spices, egg shells. She appeared to be making a very impressive looking omelet. She was bouncing on her feet as she made the food. Russel was in awe of her. There she was, after being shipped in a box and god knows what else, and she was a perfectly happy and enthusiastic kid.

Russel noticed that she had got bits of food on her face. "Here girl, ya got something on your face." He said with a big smile, wiping the food off her face. And just like any normal kid she batted his hand away and protested. Russel laughed.

Russel had an idea and started getting his own ingredients. He started making pancakes and was cooking right besides her. He heated up a big new pan and started pouring the pancake mix. He made little hearts and stars in the pan.

His plan was working too. Noodle was watching him make the pancakes with great interest. Russel looked down at her and motioned the bowl of mix toward her, a non verbal way of asking if she wanted to pour some of her own.

She smiled, nodded, and took her now done omelet off of the stove. She grabbed the bowl of mix and began to pour the mix. She was trying really hard to draw something, and was being unbearably cute while she did. She stuck her tongue out trying to get it just right and kept turning her head to get a better view. Russel was already very attached to this adorable child he only met yesterday.

When she was done she put the bowl down, and presented to Russel. It was a sort of circular blob with what looked like ears and two hole in the pancake. He looked at Noodle, she pointed at him and then at the pancake and said "Russel".

"Oh my god that's me, huh? That's so good! I love it!" He said. Noodle smiled again at his positive response. Of course she didn't really understand what he said, it sounded good.

When they sat down and started eating their breakfast, 2D walked in.

"Hey Russ." He said sitting down next to them. "Oh can I have a pancake?"

"Of course," Russel said. 2D picked one off the pile they had made. "Oh hey you uh...left your clothes in my room." He said handing 2D the clothes. He was glad Noodle didn't understand him, this wasn't a great conversation out of context. Even in context it was hard to explain their friendship.

"Thanks." He said, putting the clothes on the counter next to him. It was as if 2D was completely oblivious to every akward thing he did. Or was he...flirting? No, Russel thought, he couldn't be

"So uh, what did you and Del talk about?" Russel asked.

Oh you're dying to know ain't ya? Jealously's a bitch.

Russel ignored him. Or at least he tried too.

"Just stuff," 2D said, taking another bite of pancake. "We talked about his rap career, and how you guys met. I also talked about my melodica playing for a while."

Russel was almost sweating. "Anything else?" Really what Russel was most worried about was whether 2D knew he was gay or not. He guessed it wouldn't be a problem if he knew, but sometimes people just treat you differently.

"No. I like him though, he's pretty cool." 2D said. "Although, he did ask me if I was gay. Thought that was kinda weird."

Russel almost choked on his food.

Del I swear to god what the fuck?

Why wouldn't I ask Russel he's cute and single, he said cackling.

You're in my head and dead you dumb ass!

"Oh my god dude I'm sorry. Del can sometimes come on a bit strong." Russel said.

"No it's fine," he said. "Hey can he hear me? Like does he see and hear everything you do?"

"Unfortunately yes." Russel said.

"Oh cool. Hi Del." He said waving at Russel.

Tell him he's cute.

"Del says hi." Russel said.

They continued to eat on after this for awhile. After the trio was finished they cleaned up their dishes. They were all lined up in a sort of assembly line fashion.

2D broke the silence again, "Hey Russ, I forgot to ask, what's that's big box in your bathroom. I remember unpacking it with ya, but it's still got tape on it and everythin'."

Russel knew exactly what box he was talking about. He hadn't used what was in the box for while, even before he moved in. It was his secret guilty pleasure that he was afraid to let anyone know about. He had to come up with something to say quick.

"Well it's just kinda towels and shit that I ended not needing. Nothing cool." Russel said, trying to conceal his nervousness.

Towels my ass

"Oh okay," 2D said, almost sounding disappointed at the plain answer he provided. "Hey maybe later today we can finally plant those flowers."

Russel involuntarily smiled. "Yeah, yeah, man. That's sounds nice." His eyes lingered, watching 2D, smile now small, but very genuine.


An: sorry short chapter again, I just felt like I needed to post something but I'm too exhausted to make it longer

ps: y'all will find out what in the box just chill