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His spirits had always been more active at night. Theoretically, they could get out of his body when he was asleep, but only Del was strong enough to do so, and Del would rather stay and hang out with Russel. Unfortunately, "hanging out" sometimes meant Del trying to help him through a nightmare.

Night after night Russel would struggle through his demons. Literally demons, memories of times he was possessed and did harm to people, him hating himself for that, and of course, the shooting. Del appearing in his dreams bloodly and shot up, his other friends only being able to scream. Del could not control what happened in Russel's dreams, but he did what he could.

Tonight was more mellow. He dreamt he was back in Brooklyn, simply hanging out with his friends, sitting on the hood of his car. Del was the only spirit strong enough to actually talk to him, but them just being around, not screaming, was nice.

"So what do ya think of this new, uh, 'job' I got myself into? I mean it'll be nice being in a band again, but he literally kidnapped me." He said to Del.

"I don't know man... it might make you happy. I know you've been missin' playing. It probably won't go anywhere but who knows...besides you could meet some chicks and dudes through a band, dog." Del said playfully punching him in the arm.

"Aw, you know don't need help with that! I've always been smooth as hell." Russel said chuckling.

"Not as smooth as me though!"

"I guess you're right. It does take a lot to smooth over me...I just wish we had more time man." Russel said laying back on the hood of the car.

"aw come on Russ, I don't want to talk about that right now." he sighed. He laid back to and held Russel's hand. "I loved you, I-I love you,... but you gotta move on. Dude I'm a ghost! I haunt you, I don't help you. You need to ethier find someone else or just let go. That's how you move forward and that's how my spirit gets liberated. Its better for both of us."

"I know...I just need time. You and all of them were such a big part of my life. I just got over the last time I was possessed, finally feeling normal and like a good person. I'm sorry, man"

"nah, don't be. It's okay to take time. Even a long time. Everything is gonna be okay. For now, we can just hang out."

They continued to talk and enjoy each other's company as Russel slowly regained consciousness.


A two weeks later Russel found himself moving into Kong Studios.

It was crazy to him, and anyone really. He was moving in with the guy who kidnapped him a couple weeks ago. Well not moving in with him, moving in with the band, really.

At first he wanted to stay in his own home, but he couldn't negotiate with Murdoc. Murdoc insisted that he move in to Kong because he "wanted all his resources in one place" and argued that the commute everyday would be too much of a hassle. This went under the threat of being dropped from the band, which Russel tried to play cool, but eventually gave in.

This ment a few things. Russel would have to move. This seemed very unreasonable, but Russel supposed he didn't like his uncle that much anyway. Russel would have to quit his job. This one actually was quite hard, he loved the record shop and knew many people that frequented it as friends. Finally, this also meant Russel would have to deal with Murdoc every single day for very low income. Now that one was going to suck.

He pulled up to the weird mansion in his car full of boxes. He sighed because he had to carry each box up the long length of steep steps that lead to the door.

He started with the most important thing, but also the hardest to get up the steps. It was a beat machine, a computer that can generate any drum beat you want and more. It had been passed down from artist to artist and now it was his. Or the bands rather. He picked it up as high as he could and started up the steps, this was going to be a long trek.

He was about half way up the steps when the doors of Kong Studios opened. Out came 2D barreling down the steps.

"RUSS! Eh, Russel there ya are buddy! We were wondering' what was takin' ya so long" he said excitedly.

2D seemed like a good guy to Russel. He was pretty nice during the past two weeks, he offered Russel food, he asked Russel what he thought about everything when they had band discussions, and was all round polite company. He seemed like a bit of a goof, silly and happy.

"Let me help you with that." 2D said. Russel was skeptical of how much weight exactly this skinny boy could actually carry. He adjusted his grip so he was carrying most of the weight, and gently lowered the upper side into his hands. Just as he had expected, 2D immediately made a bunch of struggling sounds, but keep going anyway. It only really helped a little but Russel appreciated the gesture.

"Almos' there" 2D said, they were a few steps away from the door. They had reached the top of the hill and set it down at the door.

Russel wiped sweat off his brow, "Great. Now we just need to carry ten more boxes."

The door opened again, this time, standing in the doorway, was Paula Cracker. He had met her during one of the band meetings, meetings of which she only really went to half of at most. She was rather mean and really tried to push an image of not caring. No doubt that she had waited until they were done carrying it so she wouldn't have to help, and no doubt she wasn't going to help with the rest of them.

"Oh there you are 2D, come to the kitchen and get some lunch with me, babe." She said.

"I can't, I'm helping Russel take in his boxes. You can help us if you want." Tough chance, Russel thought.

"I'd rather not thanks," she retorted "come on I'm your girlfriend." She whined.

"Ill have lunch with you as I were done, luv." He said.

She huffed, "Fine whatever" and off she went down the hall.

Russel and 2D picked up the beat machine again to take it inside. "She sounds like a handful" Russel commented.

"Oh no. She's great. I love her. She's pretty and cool. Sometimes we disagree, but who doesn't, eh?" They set down the beat machine and went back out the door. As they were walking down the steps they continued their conversation.

"So do you have anybody Russel? You seem like you'd have one."

"Oh, uh yeah, I've had some here and there. My situation right now is a little...complicated." Russel said awkwardly.

"I understand. I've been through complicated stuff too. Eh, actually I think that's just my life now."

"I know exactly what that's like." Just as Russel said this, Murdoc came up behind the pair.

"Hello Russel," he said, rolling the r, "ready to life the band experience full time?"

"Ready as I'll ever be."


Once they had gotten all of the boxes inside, Murdoc spoke up again. "Okay then, pick any room ya like. Just not one that's being used. Or do I don't care, just not my room. 2D can show you around. I'm going to the recording room if ya need me. For the love of god, please don't need me."

Trust me we won't , Del said. He was pretty quiet today.

"So what room do you suggest I pick?"

2D smiled, "I know exactly the one, follow me. I'll show you stuff around the house along the way." He started off down the hall way and Russel followed.

It was a big place, many rooms, many places, and many many halls. 2D happily showed him along the ones along the way to where they were going.

When walking down one hall Russel spoke up, "So 2D, I suppose that's not your birth name, huh?"

"nah. I like it better than my real name though. My real name is Stu Pot. It's not really that great of a name. 2D sounds really cool, so I stick with it."

"And how'd you get that cool name of yours?" Russel asked.

"Oh that's a great story! So I was just working at this music shop right? Minding my own business, probably staring off into space when BANG! Murdoc drives his car through the building and the bumper smacks me straight in the face! My eye is gone, well pushed in I think, I'm comatose, Murdoc is under court mandate to take care of my mindless body."

"That's crazy man!"

"But that's not it. Ya see Murdoc didn't even bother to buckle me in to his car when driving around. So one day he's doing donuts or somethin' and rams into a hydrant at high speed. I'm sent flying through the window, hit the pavement head first, and bang bang, there goes my second eye. Somehow the whole mess brings me out of my coma and Murdoc dubs me two dents, or 2D, cause my heads got two dents in it. That's also how I became singer of the band."

"That's...wild, man. So that's how you got those crazy eyes?" Russel said chuckling.

"Oi! You have weird ones too. Why don't you tell me where you got those."

"Um...I think thats a story for another day." He said, avoiding the subject. "So where is this perfect woman room you told me about ?"

"Oh, we're here already. Just a few doors down." 2D walked further down the hall and stoped at big redwood door. He opened it and said, "Behold! Pretty cool right?"

Inside was a big open room. It had a big comfy looking bed on the far left side and a sliding mirror that lead to a walk in closet on the other end. They had a bathroom connected to it as well as a moderately sized tv in the middle. But mostly impressively, it had a big long window extending along most of the room. It looked out past the graveyard that Kong Studios was built on, but the view spanded long enough to see a green valley and trees and such. It was very nice.

"This is great man, nice choice. I like it."

"Ya, I thought you would. Also it's right above my room, and right below the theater. So I think it's a nice spot." 2D said. " I'll help you move all of your stuff to it."

Russel's stomach made an embarrassing noise, "But first let's get some lunch. I'm starving."

2D's expression changed to that of horror. "Oh shit!"

"What? What is it?" Russel said alarmed.

"I forgot about Paula"