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The last thing he felt was a bag slip over his head. Then he was knocked out.

By the time Russel Hobbs had woken up, he was already in the belly of the beast- Kong studios. Once the bag was taken off his head, he stood up and pushed away who ever his kidnapper was.

"Where the fuck am I. I am NOT the type of guy you want to mess with assbite" Russel spit out.

"Oh trust me, I have the exact type of offer you'd wanna mess with, mate." The voice came from a rather ugly man standing in front of Russel. Tall, one red eye, and honestly somewhat green. It caught Russel off guard, but not enough to stop him from trying to find the door.

"Yeah sure," He said, pushing past him. "Where's your goddamn door I'm leaving then I'm calling the fuckin' police."

"Hey hey wait!" He said, blocking his path yet again. "You haven't even heard my offer yet. I didn't go through the trouble of nappin' ya for nothin."

come on Russ just beat his punk ass a voice echoed through his head. This being from Del, Russel's late "friend" who inhibited his head. There were many ghosts taking shelter in Russel's head, however Del was the most prominent- and most annoying. Now, like most times, Russel tried to ignore it.

"And I didn't get a job for nothin'. Get out of my way!" He said trying to maneuver his way to an escape route.

The man wouldn't give up, "I already know where you live, mate. Just listen to my offer then I'll leave ya alone."

"I'll listen, but only if you show me the door." Russel had heavy disgust and impatients in his voice.

"Alright, but I doubt youll want ta. I'm Murdoc Nickels," he started, in a showy tone. "Satanist, ladies man, and bassist extraordinaire, eh? I'm putting a band together. Fortune, fame, world domination! The whole shebang. And that's where you come in, Russel Hobbs, a man with a great knowledge of beat, rhythm- and, and- what better for MY band then a drummer with a whole gang of rap gods in his 'ead!"

I'm flattered said the spirit sarcastically.

Russel was shocked. "A BAND DEAL- dude, what the fuck is wrong with you? What- ya ugly ass couldn't just put out an ad or just goddamn asked. Nah, ya gotta put me in bag and drag me to your weird perv house. I might've joined a band under normal ass conditions but fuck you. I'm definitely not joining your band!" He tried to push past Murdoc again, only to be blocked once again.

"Aah come on," Murdoc said desperately, "ya haven't even heard my sound yet! Listen to my tracks and if you aren't on board after that, I'll let ya go. Swear on my heart."

Russel sighed. "Well I don't think you have a heart, but I'll listen to your tracks-but then you better let me fuckin leave or it'll be your fault not mine when you're on the floor crying"

"Yeaah, lets go to our recording room, shall we."

They had been walking done halls and trough multiple rooms for what seemed like forever. Murdoc was filling the akward silence with mostly bragging about himself. Del might have been listening and making comments, but Russel was looking more at the "decor". The walls were covered in band memorabilia, framed pictures (mostly of Murdoc), as well as cracks and water stains. It must've been a mansion, and a creepy, old, haunted one at that. Not that Russ was the one to complain about things being haunted.

Just as Murdoc was is the middle of a story about a one night stand with a double amputee, a door opened.

"Oi, there's ol' face-ache. 2D this is the prime drummer I was talking about. Russel, this is 2D, our singer, pretty boy, and occasional melodica player."

Melodica, huh? You like blowin dudes key boards Russ? Russel giggled, but then realized he was in public and his laugh was out of context.

Out of the door came a man, tall, lanky, with bright blue hair. He turned and faced them and revealed a striking feature- no eyes at all.

Damn, Russel thought, did this man just make sure everyone in his band had weird eyes so he wouldn't look weird?

"Oh great! Nice to meet ya Russel," 2D said, extending his hand and grining widely. "It'll be nice to 'have more people around 'ere."

Russel shook his hand and gave a half smile. His voice was rather squeaky and very British. It seemed like an odd choice for a singer. Pretty boy indeed, um! Del was sometimes very distracting.

"Did he kidnap you too?" Russel said sarcastically.

"MURDOC! You can't just go around kidnapin' blokes. It's illegal and wrong!" 2D said.

"Oh Pots, if rubish things like 'the law' or 'morality' got in my way I wouldn't be the man I am today." Murdoc said.

"Maybe that would a good thing" Russel mumbled. 2D laughed, but Murdoc maded an annoyed grumble. His giggle was enough to make the drummer smirk.

When they finally got to the recording room, the door was locked. Murdoc pulled out a key fiddle with it. He grunted and banged the door a bit in frustration, but it gave way after a moment.

"Welcome to where the magic happens." Murdoc said in a grand fashion. The room, however, didn't match his tone. It had a desk, some cabinets, and a crude recording set up with a small mic and tape set, then beside that a tape player and speakers.

"Yeah, yeah okay, just show me ya tracks so I can get outta here." Russel said.

Murdoc fumbled through cabinets, and 2D sat down in a spare chair. He just realized that he came out to get some dinner and just followed them instead, leaving him both hungry and too embarrassed to leave now.

Murdoc pull out a tape and put it into the player. He pressed play and turn to Russel, looking as if he was expecting Russel to explode or something while the tape played.

It started with a smooth baseline, clean and rhythmic. Good, but Russel was yet satisfied enough to see what warranted his kidnapping. It was soon accompanied by a rather mediocre guitar part and a pretty obviously computer generated drum beat. It was pretty good, with some guidance it come really become something, he thought. He still wasn't bought, but he was coming to the "negotiable". Then the voice started.

It was smooth and mesmerizing, it sent a shiver down Russel's back. How in the world could that be the same guy singing it? Now, that, was the potential he was waiting for. The voice, the interesting cords, it had done it. He couldn't believe he was saying it but he did.

"I'll do it"

sorry for such a sorry first chapter, next is coming soon