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Not Your Typical Knight

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  Chapter 1 


running and heaving breathing was heard off in the distance. 


a man a much older man is. seen running through the woods more specifically. the enchanted forest he was holding something close to his chest. as he kept looking behind him as if he was afraid that whoever or. whatever was chasing him would catch up to him. in any moment off in the distance hooves could be heard. and men shouting soon enough light could be seen getting closer. 


the older man's eyes bulged. and he took off running again that is until. he see's a horse tied up off near the closest tree. making his way over to the magnificent beast he soothed the neighing animal with his calming voice. 


" alright boy let's go Yah." 


And the command made the chestnut. colored stallion take off faster than a man. while riding the man moved the item that he had been holding. away from his body he looked down and inside a blanket was his newborn daughter. she had hair that was brighter than the sun. and her skin was a lighter complexion  than usual newborns. he smiled because she had freckles that kissed around her cheeks and nose. just like her mother that she would never know. 


" I heard movement over there."  


One of the men in the group said, they turned their horses and started in a different direction.


Their movement made the man. urge the horse to take off again. this time up a stiff enough cliff and through the tree's. meanwhile he kept a strong hold on his daughter until they came to a stop and he got off the horse. carefully holding the bundle close he turned and smacked the horses backside. tired wasn't even a word that he could have thought of as of right now. trying to hide a little longer. amongst the tree's he pulled the blanket back. and saw his daughter's toothless yawn which made him smile in return. 


" The hoof prints start this way." 


Deciding from right then and there. that it wasn't safe anywhere he smiled once again. and grabbed a bunch a sticks and leaves weaving a small basket. kissing her forehead he placed her in the basket and saw a nearby river. he walked over and placed it into the water. before pushing her away he had taken off a necklace. and put it right next to her along with a embroidered blanket that had her name. tears filled his eyes as he watched his first. and only child drift away further down the river. 


" Goodbye my sweet Emma, I hope you always know this.

Your mother and I love you, We will always love you no

Matter what."


Meanwhile down river baby Emma. was still peacefully sleeping unaware of the sacrifice. her father had just made pretty soon her smooth ride became to bumpy. and little Emma became scared crying out. to anyone that could hear her small cries in the night. her makeshift raft finally had stopped moving which meant. that she had touched land at some point but no one was around. that is until a very large wolf came into view. startling Emma even more the wolf laid it's ears down Emma stopped. the newborn settled down which gave the large dark wolf. time to grab the raft/basket and walk off further into the woods.


Eventually the wolf had came to a stop. and sat down on the edge of the woods.she looked straight ahead and off in the distance. was a large castle with guards waiting down at the gates. being cautious the wolf crept closer. all while still holding the newborn they made it far enough. when one of the guards raised his sword just for a moment a sigh of relief was heard and they weren't as tense. 


" It's just ruby, and it looks like she has something." 


Ruby was her name and she was fierce. she followed the guards into the castle and into the chambers. where two seats stood not far off a man much older. was sitting in the crown seat wearing his reading glasses. he looked up and wondered what was going on. Ruby along with the guards made their way over. he watched as the she-wolf gently dropped the basket onto the floor.


" Ruby what have you brought now?" 


Standing back the she-wolf began changing. Her fur started receding back and in a instant there stood a woman. Ruby she had a red streak in her hair and the biggest smile. resting upon her face she walked over and picked up. the squirming and wet newborn who she learned had a name. just a couple of seconds later a younger dark haired brunette came walking down the stairs. she had a furrowed eyebrow as she joined the other's inside the thrown room. 


" My king she was found floating, inside this makeshift basket with nothing else." 


Quirking an eyebrow the king. turned towards The other brunette and motioned. for her to Take the baby girl which she did without hesitation. the other woman's cheeks turned red as she melted away just by. holding the blonde headed newborn who had a name. 


" Her name is Emma, it looks like that's her name." 


"Snow she doesn't have anyone, to watch over her I found her." 


Snow White was the younger woman's name. She was the apple of her father's eye and the only child. the king or king Leopold as people called him was stepping down soon. and allowing his daughter and her new husband. to take charge of the kingdom of course they wanted children. but at this time snow was unable to conceive a new heir. she looked up at her father who watched his daughter. fawn over this newborn that neither knew anything about. waiting for a moment he nodded and decided that Emma would be the new member to the family making snow squeal. in a instant she turned and told Ruby to follow her into the bedchambers.  


Both women had made it upstairs. and in a instant Snow placed Emma on the bed. she also had summoned some of the castle workers. asking them to bring fresh new warm towels and clothes and also some water. while they did that she had grabbed another cloth. and began wiping the sleepy and hungry newborn down. Emma began fussing and neither woman knew much about babies. thinking for a moment they realized that she probably. needed to be changed out of her wet clothes. with Ruby assisting they had unwrapped Emma from her nasty blanket. Snow reached for the string that was holding the cloth. when it unfolded both women gasped and stood back. shocked was their expression for as even though Emma was a girl. in their eye's below her waist told a different story. for as you see in between the newborns legs their lied. a male appendage it wasn't unmistakable as Snow had a husband also. furrowed eyebrows they began thinking for a moment. that is until the squeals of a angry and protesting newborn. broke their trance. 


" Have you ever seen, or even heard of something like this?" 


Neither woman knew what to do. here was a perfectly healthy newborn baby girl. well at least half of her was girl the other half. was familiar/unfamiliar to the both of them. of course Snow didn't care that her newborn. daughter had a appendage dangling between her little legs. she was more so worried about what other's would say. turning to her oldest friend she looked at Ruby. pretty much giving her eyes to see if she knew anything. 


" I don't care Ruby, she's mine and I love her. she's my little Emma." 


Ruby hugged her long time friend, and then smiled while looking down at the newborn. 


" I like it Emma...little Emma Swan." 


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" You do not hesitate little one " 


a older blonde male said, he was currently holding a sword. 


The male with his wooden sword stood back. he rolled as he looked down at a smaller blonde who followed behind him. of course the little girl laughed and got right back up. Before he could finish white horses came in. a woman with the darkest of locks stopped her nobble stead and got down. she turned and smiled squatting down and waiting for The little girl to come rushing into her arms. 


" What is going on?" Charming why is Emma dirty." 


Emma smiled and ran into her mothers arms. Snow and Charming had raised Emma just like she was their own child. of course Charming was teaching her how to be a knight. When they had finally passed a year or two. David and Snow had decided that Emma would be whatever she wanted. Naturally growing up not everyone knew about her condition Besides her parents only her godmother and some of the royal maidens knew that Em wasn't the average little girl. 


Em moved from her mother, she grabbed her sword once again. 


" I'm dueling Papa, mama you wanna try?" 


Snow smiled at her young daughter, and nodded no she then glared at her husband. 


Although Emma was just only eight years old. Snow was still treating her as if she was still that orphan newborn baby. Charming on the other hand thought she needed practice.  Even though she disagreed with him always. she agreed that not all princesses needed to be rescued by someone else. Emma smirked and grabbed her fake sword challenging Her father this time she did what he taught her & defeated her father. 

* Later On * 

Emma had accompanied her father to the market. Charming along with guards searched for something for Snow. without his knowledge Emma went off to do her own thing. Each section there was a vendor with different stuff. one old lady tried to sell the young blonde some old carpets. another old man was selling a few of his goats which she Thought was funny since he looked like one of them. 


" Are you alone little one?" perhaps you need a goat maybe." 


Em nodded and continued walking away also. of course she was wondering if her father had noticed her absence. not watching where she was going Emma walked into a girl. Both of them bounced back she groaned first. the raven haired girl dusted herself off and she went over to Emma. brown eyes met greenish one's Emma helped herself up and She went to apologize but she didn't get the chance.


" Watch where your going, my mother would be most upset."


Before Emma could speak, a older woman with matching hair showed up.


" Regina what happened?", how did your dress get dirty already."


Charming hearing the commotion went over. Emma was standing among the villagers he sighed in relief first also. looking over he noticed why all the villagers were whispering. Standing off to the side of course Cora Mills. David cleared his throat and the group of people stood aside for him. whispers were heard and a few gasps Charming reached and Grabbed his daughter before she could protest. 


Charming looked over his daughter, sighing again he turned to Cora also. 


" Whatever happened Emma didn't mean it." 


Cora smirked and pushing her daughter away. everyone who was anyone knew Cora Mills of the Dark Kingdom. she feared among all four kingdoms including the white also. She was known for being more ruthless also. a few of charming's guards came to stand in front protecting him. this only made the Queen smirk and grab her daughter and Made her way to their carriage Regina looked back at the youngest blonde. 


Charming did the same thing, Emma looked over at her father. 


" Dad who was that lady?" 


~~~~~~~ Dark Kingdom ~~~~~~

The carriage came a to complete stop first. Cora waited and the doors were opened Regina followed behind her. the doors opened and servants scrambled to service their her. a She went into her thrown room and sat first. a timid older man came came in right after and he went to sit also. the man happened to be Cora's husband and also Regina's Father his name was Henry Mills well King Henry. 


Before than he was known as prince first. that was when a young Cora had first laid eyes on the young prince. Naturally Henry's father thought the woman was unworthy also. So Cora proved herself worthy with help. Just two years after being married Cora fell pregnant with her child. and that child happened to be Regina of course being a mother Cora wanted nothing but the best for her daughter and herself included. 


" That clumsy girl, what am I to do with her." 


After the birth of Regina things changed. what a lot of people did not know was Regina wasn't her first kid. before marrying Henry Cora had ended up messing around before. She met a young man way before Henry. this man Cora met in a tavern had convinced her he was a prince. eventually after sleeping with him Cora fell pregnant with her eldest Child a little girl so when she went to tell the child's father he was found to be a conniving Gardner soon after she had given birth to her daughter Zelena she had abandoned The infant soon after birth and she wasn't sure what had happened to her that is until she showed up right after Regina's birth and demanded to recognized as her mother's Oldest child. 


" Cora she's a child, let her grow up first." 


Henry looked over to her, sighing he knew his words were nothing. 


Regina was reading her favorite book. she was unaware on what her mother had planned for her later on. one of the handmaiden's called her name so she could change clothes.  Zelena came down to see her mother. most day's she barely saw her because she was always with Regina. inside the the thrown room she saw her little sister being lead away As usual so her clothes could be changed. 


" Mother my magic lessons." 


Cora looked at her daughter smirking. besides being the queen of an entire kingdom she also had magic. of course everyone knew including Henry he was hoping Regina didn't.  Not everyone could teach magic also. she only knew of only one other person that could teach her child. his name was feared by many in all four kingdoms and he only made Deals he went by two name's some called him Rumpelstiltskin but other's knew him as the Dark One.


* Back In The White Kingdom * 


Emma sparred with her father again. She had learned everything about the dark kingdom by him telling. being eight she still was curious as to who this Regina Mills girl was. Not paying attention she was beat.  laughing Charming helped daughter back up and they went to eat. Em hoped to be a knight one day just like her father had became before He became prince Charming.   


" Hey Em's wanna spar, me and August are dueling." 


She had finished eating her dinner. watching as her friends bowed at both her mother and father first. asking for permission Snow reluctantly agreed with her husband nodding.  Graham waited for her to come out. Em raced outside and grabbed a fake sword and went after them. Naturally there were guards making sure the littlest blonde was kept safe  Besides Emma wanting to be a knight one day she was still royalty. 


August and Graham laughed, they couldn't believe she won.


" Fair and Square Auggie, what was the wager two coins." 


He rolled his eyes first, digging into his trousers he gave her the two coins. 


" Okay Swan whatever, one day I will beat you myself." 


The guards signaled her, Emma knew what that meant. 


" Gotta go guys, see ya later Graham byeee...Auggie." 


Smirking she followed the guards, and went to bathe so that she could rest up for another day. 


Alright I know this was short, but I am currently trying to write for another story bare with me :D For now, anyways I am not sure if you read the beginning of my notes but I wanted to rewrite this story since I couldn't for the love of me write chapter 5 & for some reason my brain decided on writing the story differently which what I am doing now please forgive me I wanted to go with a different approach PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW YOU LIKE CHAPTER 2 SO FAR :D AND IF YOU WANNA EDIT MY CHAPTERS FOR ME I WOULD APPRECIATE ANY HELP I CAN GET THANKS IN ADVANCE :D 






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A rooster screamed in the distance. 


Emma's jumped up and fell out of her bed. she quickly rushed into where a pre-prepared bath was waiting for her. eventually she changed into her tunic that David had got her. The young blonde ran down the hall ways. coming to a stop at the stairs she jumped on the railing and slid down. making all the way down Emma waved to a few of the Servants That had woken up before she did in order to prepare breakfast. 


" Morning Young Swan, your parents are up." 


Smiling she took off again, finally coming to a stop near some doors. 


" Charming is it safe?" I mean she is the youngest in the group." 


David smiled and kissed snow, sighing he went to sit on the thrown. 


Lately Emma had been doing a little training. like Emma David at some point time had trained to become a knight. that's exactly what Emma is trying to be as of right this second. But her father had to tell her to slow it down. being a knight took time patience something he knew Emma wasn't. all this came into play since a certain someone was still worried About her only child's safety especially their only daughter. 


" She's going to be alright, Emma reminds me of well me." 


 Which wasn't too far from the actual truth. even though she was adopted Emma reminded Snow so much of him. she sighed and knew she would not win this argument at all. Em was always an independent young kid. especially now since the Eleven year old had began her knight training. besides herself Emma actually was not the only one training She also had her two close friends Graham and August Graham was born to a known woodsman who had many skills now August Booth was a different story he was born to Gipetto a older man who was well known for his craftsmen ship in woodwork always making something to entertain the children hence the custom made wardrobe in Emma's Old nursery. 


Emma had sparred with both, smiling as she had won. 


" Not fair Swan, it's cause her father is a knight." 


She smiled over at them, and handed her father's sword off. 


" Since practice is over, let's doing something more fun." 


Both Graham & August looked, they wondered what she meant. 


" Were kids Emma, where can we go that's fun?" 


Emma knew of one place she loved. the village market that pretty sold everything from around the neighboring villages. she had been there a few times when she was younger. But never had been there by herself. the first question Graham had for her how would they get there without the guards. of course Emma had her own plan and she was going To use it as soon as she got permission from her parents to go to the market. 


....... Meanwhile In The Dark Kingdom.......


Cora had just finished up a meeting. she was going with raising her kingdom's taxes as she did not care who got hurt. meanwhile Regina was plotting to head out for the day. Her older and only sister was going. Regina was trying to make sure their mother remained busy until they came back. not before long two guards were waiting for the future Queens to get into the carriage. 


" Were going to the market." 


The guards nodded, Regina and Zelena climbed inside. 


" Mother does not need to know." 


Inside the carriage Regina kept quiet. Zelena unlike her sister was busy trying to conjure up magic like her little sister. who was born with unlike their mother who practiced it. Of course with a help of one evil man. a man that Cora not dare speak of his name whenever she practiced her magic. sighing the girls were almost at their destination of Course those two guards were riding horse back and following the carriage very closely. 


Eventually the carriage stopped, the guards ran over quickly. 


" Welcome to the Village market." 


...... Inside the Market ....... 


While Regina and Zelena were climbing out. Emma and her friends had made it to the market without incident as well. Graham being a little older made sure she stayed close. He made sure that their visit went smoothly. lately he never knew what would happen next whenever she was around. a merchants tried selling them different types of items Some were carpets that no one needed another was selling their livestock. 


" And this is fun Em?" 


August asked his friend, she was too busy socializing. 


" We needed space, Ya know without the guards?" 


Emma said when she turned back at them. she looked around and even talked to a few villagers who were selling things. one woman showed Emma all the jewelry she made. Smiling and being herself Em bought them. taking out the emergency coins  her father gave to her in case of a problem. before neither one of the guys could speak the young Blonde stopped dead in her tracks making them crash into her small back. 


" What the hell Em?" why have you stopped walking." 


She shrugged at them, went to walk in closer.


" Who are They?" 


They both looked at each other, and then sighed following her. 


" Oh no Em Nuh uh, those are The Mills Sisters." 


Emma stopped walking and turned around. she was trying actually to remember where she had heard that name before now. nothing came to her but she wasn't too worried. Eventually the girls moved around looking. but there was something about the brunette that had caught Emma's main focus. Regina on the other hand was too busy shopping And enjoying the time she was getting away from her mother and the castle. 


Zelena turned to see Emma, of course she rolled her eyes. 


But before she could speak, a few boys surrounded them. 


" What do we have here?" 


One of the boys smirked, another moved in closer to them. 


" Zelena and Regina Mills, out in the village market." 


The villagers all whispered, meanwhile Emma moved in closer. 


 " and who are you?" 


Zelena all but asked him. 


" I am a young Robin Locksley."  


Regina stood behind her, another boy appeared out of nowhere. 


" We know of a secret spot, a place where we can be alone." 


Emma was watching from afar, with her teeth and fists clenched. 


Zelena tried to grab her younger sibling to leave. Robin instructed that two of the boys block their means of escape. the other two boys made sure the guards weren't around. Being the big sister she stood  infront of Regina. Robin did what he wanted since his father was friends with a king. they moved in closer but before any of them could do Anything a few rocks came flying by and hit one of the boys in the face. 


" What...the? 


They turned around to see Emma there. she smirked and stood along side her two friends ready to fight also. Robin moved away from the girls and got into Emma's face then. Of course who knew who she was now. Robin signaled for his other two friends who then surrounded them. Emma being a kid herself decided on using the strategies her father Had taught her in case there needed to be no fighting. 


" Leave them be Locksley." 


Robin laughed first, a few others knew better not to. 


" Why would I do that?" 


Emma watched him smirk, pulling her fist back she punched him. 


Friends on both sight got to fighting. Robin of course laughed and wiped some of the small blood on his lip. getting back Robin charged Emma while holding a small knife. Hearing her name Em turned around. ducking as the crazed blonde came towards her wielding a  sharp knife. Robin tripped a little before catching himself swinging it one more Time he caught a piece of the young blonde right by her eyebrow nicking it.  


" EMMMA...!!! 


Both Graham & August yelled, a few Dark knight guards showed up. 


" Cease this fighting, where are the future Queens." 


Hearing their names being called now. Regina showed up along with her sister Zelena who was about ready to go. the fighting stopped when the white knights showed up too. Emma looked up from where she was. Robin and the other's got up and had ran away leaving Emma and her crew. one of the guards Emma recognized as Sebastian he was her Father's trusted friend and current captain. 


The carriage door opened, Snow walked out of it looking around. 


" What's going on?", who started all this." 


Sebastian took Emma's collar, presenting the young blonde to her mother. 


" I believe she can explain." 


Snow crossed her arms, looking at her daughter with disappointment. 


" Let her go Seb, Emma explain yourself now." 


Truth is she could not explain, Emma looked down at her own feet. 


" I was being heroic, dad would have been proud." 


Snow sighed she knew Emma, but that does not excuse what happened. 


Emma hoped to see the brunette once more. sadly Regina and Zelena had been ushered into the carriage quickly. she turned when she heard own mother calling her name. Sighing Em along with the guys followed her. the only that could be heard was the sound of the birds and horses. once they came to a stop August got out first and waved his Friends off and went to his papa Graham was greeted by his father who had a stern look on his face. 


" Please excuse my queen, but she's been requested."


The knight pointed to Emma.


With her head hanging low right now. Emma already knew where she was going her father wanted to see her. inside the castle she made her way into his trophy room silently. Once inside the doors closed loudly. Charming turned around and saw that his only daughter standing there. he had heard about what happened earlier at the market and Judging by the bruises and the cut on her brow he knew something had happened. 


" What happened Emma?" 


The young blonde girl let out a small sigh. 


" I got into a fight, but dad it wasn't my fault Rob..." 


Before Emma could finish, David put his hand up stopping her. 


" I believe you Em, but you are still in trouble." 


Right after saying those exact words. Snow walked in along with two of their guards she moved to her husband. sharing a quick kiss David and Snow turned to their daughter. Emma was dismissed as they talked. she knew they were probably discussing her and what their next move was. hearing a throat clear she turned and saw her grandfather Standing there with a raised eyebrow he signaled for her to follow him. 


Leopold watched her follow, eventually they came to a brick wall. 


" Why are we here?" 


Silencing her he touched the wall, a secret passage opened up for them. 


Leopold stood aside and let Emma go in. she looked around he too eventually walked in and the walls closed right back. in the secret room there was pretty much guy things. Pretty much what a former king wanted. somewhat like her father's trophy room there were weapons placed all around. but something in particular had caught the blonde's eye A black sword with a white handle stood plastered on the wall. 


" It's impressive right?" 


Emma nodded and smiled, he knew about her training. 


" Now tell me about today?" 


Sighing she did just, Explaining to him why she got into that fight. 


" Are you mad Grandpa?" 


Leopold got back up, walking over to the wall. 


" No little one I'm not, can I be honest with you?" 


Emma nodded at the older man. 


" This is between us, I did the same thing to impress your grandmother." 


Leopold winked at her. 


" Just no more fights." 


Em nodded and left the room, it was getting dark already. 


" Emma it's time for dinner." 


She went and bathed, changing into a new pair or clothes. 


David was sitting at the table, he saw that Emma had finished eating. 


" We've made our decision, Emma your punishment will be more training." 


Emma smiled at her father. 


" No more privileges, you are starting from the bottom of course."  


She said nothing, but sighed and asked to be dismissed. 


" Your training starts early tomorrow." 


Snow and Charming both sighed, they knew they were in for a Adventure. 






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* White Kingdom * 


Emma was practicing like she always did. Charming had volunteered a few of their guards to help with training. The young blonde was learning new techniques that were helpful. Of course Snow wasn't too far watching. The banging of swords almost always made the mother very nervous. Even though her husband had reassured her that their Daughter Would wearing some type of protection when it came to handling a sword. 


" Remember Emma focus." 


She dodged a sword, She Swiftly swung hers. 


" That's my girl, come now were needed." 


Emma nodded and followed her father. 


Inside the Castle things were decorated. Emma knew that the Annual Kingdom dinner was coming up real soon. That meant her mother would be busy making things Just perfect. She followed behind her father closely. She also knew that her parents were still upset about the Village Market. although her grandfather had been nothing but proud after Hearing How many his granddaughter had fended off. 


" This needs to be moved." 


Emma laughed at her mother. 


" Come little one, let us stay out her way." 


Charming ushered her along. 


~~~~~~~~~~~ The Annual Kingdom Dinner ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Emma wasn't the only that got into trouble. Zelena and Regina had gotten an ear full from their wonderful mother. she was beyond upset about what happened at the market. So for punishment she had them separated. with the annual dinner coming up Cora had other things on her mind. like finding her youngest daughter a future husband she Knew that Regina was getting older which meant she would be powerful and every powerful ruler needed a partner next to her.


Cora summoned a servant.


" Sarah fetch my daughter now."


The nervous woman nodded, she went and knocked on the door.


" excuse me princess, your mother has summoned you."


Regina sighed and got up, leaving her bed chambers she followed Sarah.


" I was summoned mother?"


Cora looked up and dismissed the woman. the older brunette moved off her throne and looked out the large window. of course Henry had been excused like he always was. Regina moved closer towards her mother. after what happened at the market her mother has been keeping her close. but who she was missing most was her sister with all that Their mother was doing they barely saw each other now.


" Yes I did dear, you do know what's coming up?"


Regina nodded acknowledging the question.


" Good so let's prepare, we do not have much time.


The Annual dinner was here.....


Everything was coming together as usual. Snow was running around making sure that the hall looked just as perfect. David made sure that the knights knew their roles also. Emma was given a few chores for the day. one those chores was picking up something that held a great family value. as usual the boys went with their friend along with picking Up that important item Snow told Emma to pick up her new clothes which consisted of a new tunic.


It got dark quick, guests began to arrive on time.


" Emma time to get dressed."


Following her mother instructions, Emma went into her chambers and changed.


Eventually the party began right on time. a few guests were actually from neighboring kingdoms or other villages. Emma walked out wearing the new clothes her mother got. Some of the guests had greeted her also. her tunic was a dark blue suede along with cream colored fluffy sleeves. the pants were a perfect fit she just hoped that her not so Little secret stayed that way a secret.


" Emma come join us, meet our guests please."


a few older people smiled, she shook their hands as well.


But what she failed to notice, was that Regina had arrived with her mother.


" Please look lively dear."


Cora made sure her daughter stayed close. some of the guests had recognized the raining Queen as well as Regina. she greeted them as a queen did all while Regina smiled. Someone had jumped into Emma's viewline. that person happened to be another friend of her's his name was Neal. or as his father called him Baelfire or bae for short Something He rarely liked.


" Look at you Swan."


She smiled and laughed, the two friends hugged it out.


The party was still going on right now. Emma had decided on going out and finding somewhere to just sit around. she was not a lone before long she heard familiar voices. Looking behind the bushes she smiled. some of her friends were talking to a few of the kids that had showed up. two in particular she recognized one of them happened to be The brunette she had seen and protected at the market for it was Regina she could see that the girl had something on her mind and left her alone for the moment.


Emma went to sit down, that is until a throat cleared.


" Funny seeing you again, is the spot next to you available?"


Em just nodded at her, Regina smirked and sat next to her.


" I'm Regina by the way, thanks again for the whole village market."


The young blonde looked over, greenish eyes met those perfect brown ones.


Emma swallowed slowly.


" Your welcome no big, I'm Emma nice to finally meet."


The girls kept talking, Emma explaining her life to Regina.


" You are very lucky, my mother is the opposite."


Regina looked over at Emma, the blonde Finally turned herself.


" What's wrong?" I got something on my face."


She laughed at Emma, nodding no she moved in closer.


" Mother wants me to marry, not now but once I come of age."


Regina used hand gestures or hand quotations.


" I haven't had a first kiss, and she's talking marriage already."


Emma turned her head, she began leaning closer to her face.


" I know we're young, but you should live your own life."


Their eyes met again, Emma felt a familiar pull once more.


" can I tell you something?'


Emma nodded her head at Regina's question.


" I feel safe around you, and I still haven't properly thanked you."


Em leaned in again, kissing the brunette their lips meshed together.


Emma wasn't sure who was suppose to stop. Regina did and moved away from the blonde after the initial shock wore off. she just had her first kiss and it was with a girl also. But instead of running away she didn't move. that was until her name was being called by none other than her own mom. touching her lips she moved to go to her mother but Turned around again and smirked at the blonde before going to Cora.


Em couldn't stop smiling, the young blonde bit her bottom lip.


Emma's POV....


What Just happened?"


She kissed me back, god it was good.


Wonder where the guys are?"


Now I gotta pee.


Finding a small secluded area, Emma undid her pants and whipped her friend out.


unfortunately she wasn't alone, one of Robin's friends saw her.


" Thank you all for coming." 


While her mother talked among the guests. Emma decided to try and find her friends and tell them what happened. it wasn't too long when she first spotted her two friends. Graham and Neal were talking and sitting. Em smiled and walked over to them they wondered why she was smiling. Looking around the young blonde asked them to follow her But first to find August as well so they did. 


The guys followed her. 


" Alright Em what's up?" 


Emma got closer to them. 


" Regina kissed me, I mean I kissed her." 


They laughed first, and then Neal & August looked at each other. 


" Emma are you crazy?" 


She looked at Neal. 


" You know her mom right?" 


Emma couldn't help herself right now. Everyone knew what Queen Cora had in store for her youngest daughter. Regina was betrothed to marry someone of Nobel stature also.  Of course her mother had that picked. Emma remembered what Regina said and she wished she could help her. but Em was also of Nobel stature being that she was the Daughter of both a Queen and King but they were also too young. 


Graham threw his arm around her. 


" Lease you got to kiss." 


Emma smiled at her friend. 


" let's get back guys." 


They headed back in, but Emma stopped for a second. 


" Gotta take a piss again." 


She turned around, Robin and his goons were there. 


" I don't have time." 


They blocked her path. 


" I think Queen Cora will." 


Emma got in Robin's face. 


" You aren't invited, leave before the guards come." 


Robin growled at her, and watched the blonde go back in. 


" Distract those guards, I have a Queen to see." 


Back inside Emma looked for her friends. Before she could her mother grabbed the young blondes muscular arm. She knew her mother wanted to introduce to her more royals. She did as her mother asked of her to do. Emma eventually found her friends told them that Robin was here also. Neal found the weasel but it was too late he had made it to Cora and looked like he was whispering in her ear. 


 They needed to warn Emma. 


" Split up and find her." 


Speaking of Emma she was with Regina. or at least talking to her while they both stood around Regina was smiling. up until she was suddenly pulled away from the blonde girl. She turned to face who the rude person. Her eyes widened when she saw who the person stopped her from talking. Cora with a soar look on her face started walking away with Regina with the commotion Queen Snow and Prince Charming both came over. 


Regina pulled her arm free. 


" What is the meaning mother?" 


Queen Cora turned to face them all. 


" We are leaving now Regina." 


She stayed right there. 


" I am not Mother, not until I know why." 


That's what the charming's wanted to. 


" Fine Regina their daughter, was born an abomination." 


The crowd around them became very quiet. Not many got away speaking about the princess the way she Just did. Whispers and chatters were heard among the dinner guests. Emma looked around and saw them staring.  Snow and Charming was afraid Emma's secret would be out one day. a lot of guests wondered what the Dark Kingdom Queen Meant by abomination. 


Emma looked at Regina. 


" We can explain privately." 


But Cora moved away, she wasn't listening to them.


" All ties are severed, No deals or trades are to happen." 


Meanwhile Regina moved away, She watched Emma come closer. 


" Stay away from my daughter." 


Charming became angry, the dinner was officially over. 


All the guests began to leave the Castle. Emma looking sad now saw her new found friend doing the same thing. with everyone cleared out Snow placed her attention at Emma. The young blonde had already left also. Charming asked his wife he could talk to her nodding he left to find her. Emma had made it to the left wing of their Castle she was Sitting on the edge of the Balcony swinging her legs back and forth. 


"  Emma come down..!!!


Charming raced over, he tried to get her down. 


" Dad I'm good, I am not Jumping relax." 


The older charming decided to Join her. They both sighed and David hugged his only daughter trying to comfort her. Emma gave him a sad side smile and leaned into her dad. She talked to her father for the longest. Kissing the top of her head he Jumped down and left her to think on her own. It wasn't going to be too long before she was a Knight Herself so the soon to be teenager decided to focus her time on training. 


~~~~~~~~ Some Time Not long after ~~~~~~~~~~~ 


  The rooster was a little louder than usual. Covers were thrown back and blonde hair could be seen all over the pillow. Emma Jumped up and went to get in her prepared bath. Of course she didn't enjoy like usually did. but that was because she wasn't a kid anymore she was officially Seventeen. Which meant that her Knight's training was going to be More intense now that she wasn't a kid anymore. 


" Time to get dressed Miss." 


Emma got out, of course the staff blushed. 


" Tell them I'll be down." 


The young Swan got dressed. 


Downstairs Charming was reading papers. It's been a minute but neighboring Kingdoms have been going to war lately. Some of his knights had been dispersed to help with it. Of course his youngest wanted to go also. Sadly Snow had declined letting their only daughter be put into danger yet. Speaking of daughter Emma came flying into the mess Hall which caused her mother to raise an eye brow. 


" Princesses do not run." 


Emma kissed her mother. 


" Good morning my Emmy." 


She looked at the four year old. 


After the whole Annual dinner incident. Snow and Charming had did everything to make sure that Emma was okay. Even though she convinced her parents that she was alright. Emma spent her time with knight work. Over the course of years she excelled in all the tasks she had been given. While in that training Snow expectantly fell pregnant with her And charming's second child ( Technically their first ) They were thrilled but wondered how Emma would take it.    


 Well they did not have to worry at all. When her parents broke the news to her Emma was beyond thrilled about it. a younger sibling to look after she would not be along finally. Snow's belly grew over those months. Labor came quicker than expected Charming almost did not make the birth. Emma paced outside the door along with her friends when A Loud cry rang out she hugged her friends. 


Charming came and got her. 


" Emma come inside please." 


She followed him, and quickly ran to her mother. 


" Meet your brother, Nathaniel Leo Charming." 


She moved closer, reaching a hang out to her brother. 


Besides wanting to be a knight like her dad. Emma also had sort of a reputation around the neighboring villages. After the Annual Dinner incident Emma had a lot of visitors. Some of which were the villagers daughters. Of course she tried to keep it a secret from her parents for a while. sadly that wasn't the case even though they could not punish Her since she was of Nobel blood some villagers came to David as a courtesy. 


" I'll deal with her." 


Charming sighed again, thinking of his daughter. 


" Is it Emma again." 


Charming nodded his head, Snow did the same thing. 


 Meanwhile Emma decided to practice. Usually either a guard went with her or one of the guys would go also. Emma grabbed her sack that was filled with a few snacks for later. Eventually she got to her secret spot. Only a few people like Emma were crazy to venture into the dark forest. throwing her stuff down the young Swan grabbed her sword and Swung away unaware that she wasn't alone. 


* Dark Kingdom * 


Cora still ruled with a tight iron fist. After the whole White Kingdom incident she became even more mean as well. Regina and Zelena became even more close than before. Everyone was thriving thanks to her. The trading deals she was offered wasn't best like they had been way before. That wasn't what Cora was focused on Regina had turned Nineteen and that meant she'd take the crown soon and also she'd also be Twenty one soon. 


" Sarah bring me Regina." 


The servant did as told.


Upstairs she knocked, Zelena opened the door this time. 


" Sorry your'e Highness's, Regina your mother." 


Both sisters rolled their eyes. 


" Tell mother I'll be there." 


Sarah bowed and left. 


Eventually Regina showed up, she stood in front her mother. 


" It's time to Rehearse."  


~~~~~~~~~~~ Dark Forest ~~~~~~~~~ 


That's how she ended up in the forest now. Not everyone knew about Regina's magic capabilities except her Sister. Zelena told her younger sibling to be careful around Magic. So that is why she chose to do it the forest. Sitting down on a fallen down tree Regina flipped through some pages. focusing she tried to conjure up a fireball but she'd only get A fizzle for right now and she also unaware she was not alone. 


" Why is this so hard." 


She heard a noise, Regina went towards it. 


On the other side was of course Emma. She was practicing her Knighting skills swinging her sword hitting a tree. The young blonde's muscles were prominent while she swung. Breathing hard she decided on a break. Placing her sword against the tree she then went to get a drink of water. Coming back she went to grab her sword when she heard some Leaves and twigs snapping so she grabbed it quickly about to strike. 


" Watch where you swing that." 


Emma lowered her sword slowly. 


" Me what about you?" You almost fried me." 


They both looked up, Both women then gasped. 


" It is you Emma." 


She stepped back some. 


" Regina...Mills."  


The brunette smiled, sadly Emma did not. 


" I can't be here." 


Emma grabbed her things. 


" Wait Emma please wait." 


Emma stopped and looked at her. Regina had definitely had changed a lot since the last time they saw each other. the beautiful brunette had her hair braided in to small ones. No more words were exchanged. Emma turned her back once more and continued to pack all her large weapons. She heard Regina sigh and turned back to see what she Wanted Emma noticed the sad expression on her face. 


" First off I'm sorry." 


She dropped her things. 


"  For what? Turning away, or was it for Kissing me?"


This time Regina got angry. 


" I was in shock, I didn't turn my back." 


Emma Just nodded her head. 


" Mother told me, about your you know...." 


Regina Emma's crotch! 


" Does it matter?, Would it have mattered." 


She was ready to leave, Emma got her things again. 


" I've gotta go, take care Princess." 


Emma finally left the Vicinity. 


" Your'e a princess too." 


Regina whispered her way. 


 They both went separate ways. 


NEXT CHAPTER I am debating something, I was wondering If I should age Jump once more since this chapter Emma's seventeen and Regina's nineteen, I was thinking I wasn't going to and Just age them slowly after this chapter since next one Emma would be eighteen while Regina would be twenty I am still contemplating so nothing Is set in stone Just yet..... 


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Chapter Text


* Two months and a Day * 


A lot of changes were coming soon. Emma being The Young Seventeen Year old was always in knight training. If not training her punishment was working with the Black Smith. Charming was one that arranged it. Although the villagers could not punish her it did not mean couldn't do it. He also hoped that this would help his oldest learn Responsibilities And Craftsmanship for when she needed to make her own Sword. 


" I'm worn Out." 


Emma was filthy, She was covered in soot.


" That's good, It's teaching You Discipline."


She flexed her arms, on the bright side she had muscles. 


" Come Emma..." 


The Younger blonde followed her dad. Charming walked back into the castle they were greeted by a few Guards. Two saluted her father and then Emma before moving back. Emma went running towards her mom. Snow stopped her oldest mid sprint and pointed making Emma go bathe. She came back down to the thrown room washed with Her Hair Braided She saw her little brother first.


Little Leo laughed, running towards his sister. 


" Emma...Emma guess What?! 


She Stooped to his level. 


" It's my Horsey, See his names Midnight." 


Even though Snow named him Nate. Leo was his nickname in reference to their Grandfather who he looked like. Emma slowly reached for the carved and painted Black Horse. She knew who had crated this piece. It had to have been Marco Her parents friend and An amazing wood carver. He was also August's father The man could have any tree Cut and made into either a clock or some type of furniture. 


Emma Picked Him Up. 


" That's wow, I am Jealous." 


In the Thrown room were her folks. Snow and Charming were discussing new weaponry and also new strategies. Some of her father's knights were in charge of making Them. Well more like getting New ones in. Meanwhile August and Graham and of Course Neal were greeted at the gate. One of the guards had stopped them and asked for permission To be let inside the castle. 


The guys waited patiently.  


" I'm sorry to disturb, Emma Your'e friends are waiting." 


The young blonde smiled at her mom. Snow nodded and Emma decided to grab her Sword and meet her friends. Her friends stood shoulder to shoulder waiting for to come. The gates were opened and Emma left. Graham being the oldest greeted his friend like who then laughed at him. Neal was a new friend but also a old friend as well Since Emma Met him While she was out with her father scouting. 


 " Let's Go Swan." 


* Dark Kingdom * 


Regina was practicing, Once again without distractions. 


The said distraction she had was Emma. She could not stop thinking about how grown up the blonde looked now. Of course she hadn't seen Emma since she had ran from her. Shaking her head trying to regain focus. Regina had been focusing on her magic alot more than becoming Queen. Secretly since she did not want her mother knowing that she Too had magic like her. 


" Forgiveness Princess, Your'e being Requested." 


Regina Closed her book. 


 " Tell Mother I'll be down." 


Giving herself a moment Regina Sighed. Cora had a fight with Zelena and the Redhead had been banished completely. The younger brunette was missing her older sister a lot. With one last look Regina left her room. Down in the Thrown room  Cora had finished dismissing one of the servants. Throwing her hand she asked to have the room to Herself Everyone left except for Regina. 


Henry kissed his daughter. 


" You summoned Me Mother?! 


Cora Ushered Her, To Move Closer. 


" I did, You need a king Regina." 


She knew her mother would start again. Since she had banded Zelena Cora had been on her youngest for a while now. Trying to get her youngest a husband before she's Queen. Even though she had at least two years. A few kings from different Kingdoms had stopped by and asked for her hand. Each one like the one before him had been Reject much to Her mother's dismay Cora was growing tired of her daughters stubbornness. 


Someone Knocked, a servant walked inside. 


" Forgive my intrusion, There is a visitor. 


The Woman was dismissed, Cora got off her thrown. 


" This discussion, Isn't finished Regina." 


Not wanting to have another conversation. Regina raced into her bed chambers and changed into her Relaxed clothing. Peeping out the door she waited for the coast to Clear. With none of their servants walking About. She made a hasty retreat for the guest chambers she saw some Rope there. Throwing it outside the window The younger Brunette Looked down and back up before closing her eyes she slid down it effortlessly.   


~~~~~ Barnabas Village Market ~~~~~~~~~ 


 The Barnabas village Market was Different. Like the Regular Market there were vendors everywhere selling Their stuff. But there was difference this Village sold Magical Items. Emma had discovered the market one day. August was the one that warned her that any magic had came with a price. She wasn't the only one that was there that day Regina Too had discovered the market when she was with Zelena one day. 


" I've got Magic lamps." 


Emma walked further through. 


Unbeknownst to her Regina there as well. a few of the Vendor's recognized the blonde and bowed as she passed them. Emma always felt strange when anyone bowed to her. They stopped bowing and stood back up. Going along the Isles she found a few things she wanted to take back Home. Sadly she knew the only way she would be able to Sneak Anything into the Castle she would need some help. 


Meanwhile Regina was shopping like Em. She wasn't alone her good friend Mal had met up with her to keep an eye out. Some of things Regina had bought concerned her Magic. Something she knew Cora would Dislike. Mal had mentioned someone named Rumpelstiltskin he knew all things Magic. a few of the Villagers gasped when she had dared to Even speak of the Dark One. 


" Who Is The Dark One?! 


 Before anyone could answer her first. Daniel Colter a boy who Regina began falling for they had met two years ago. He was the only other person she could talk to about Cora. Mal noticed they needed to be Alone. Once Mal left Daniel reached for Regina's hand and went to their private Spot. Regina always had fear that someone who Spot her with the Common man and tell her mother. 


Regina laughed, her and Daniel Kissed. 


Not soon after Regina had Returned. She spotted a certain Blonde who she had Just seen in the woods not long ago. Emma was with her friends Mal showed right Next to Her. August was the first to spot Regina. The hairs on Emma's arms stood up Sea-Green met brown for the one moment. Daniel knew who Emma was as his father once worked for Charming when it came to the horses they had. 


" Who's He?! 


Daniel stepped forward, Throwing his hand at Emma. 


" Daniel Colter, It is my Pleasure Princess." 


Emma hated bowing, She made Daniel sit back up. 


" No bowing, Just Call me Emma." 


Daniel Gasped at her for the Formality. Most Royals would have a peasants tongue if they ever spoke of the first name. Besides Regina Daniel had never addressed a Royal really. Especially by the first name Like Hers. When him and Regina had first met he only dreamed of speaking to her one day. No longer dreaming After his father passed Daniel did Everything he could to find good work Regina had told him if he could hold off she would speak to her father to see if he could work at their stables. 


" Such Formality, I'm not accustomed."  


 Time was passing very Quickly also. Mal eventually showed back up and warned Regina that they needed to head back. Holding Daniel's hand again she left to head back home. Emma did the same and left as well. She still hadn't spoken to the brunette even though her friends hoped that she did. Although Emma wasn't a true Charming only Adopted as One she still was as stubborn as her father. 


.... White Kingdom ....... 


Knight practice was still going strong. Emma hoped to become a knight overnight but sadly that wasn't going to happen. Charming told his daughter that it would be a while. Being inpatient was what Emma was. The younger blonde was learning something new everyday when she was Training. With a sleeveless Tunic Emma was Thrown to the Ground After practice with Sebastian. 


" Getting there, But patience little one." 


Her once white shirt, was now a fair shade of orange. 


Charming watched, He knew she'd need more practice. 


" I am patient, I need rest Tis' all." 


They took a break for a Quick Minute. Charming signaled for his daughter to follow him to where their Swords were stored. Emma followed her father into the wooden Shed. Inside the walls had weapons all over. She watched her father silently walk over to a sword that was bigger than them both. Charming lifted the much larger sword and turned Around facing his only daughter. 


" Hold This, Tell me what you feel?! 


Emma raised a brow, She moved towards her father. 


" Handle it Gently." 


She reached for it, Emma faltered forward almost falling over.  


" It's heavy, That's all I feel." 


Her Father Helped her, sighing he put it back up. 


" For a Knight, Your'e Sword Is Like an Unspoken Bond." 


... Just a Few Days Later..... 


Regina had left the castle once again. But this time she wasn't going to the Village she was going to see Her Sister. Last anyone heard Zelena had ended up Calling Oz her home. She had packed her sister some stuff. Making it to Oz was a Journey when Regina finally did she asked for Zelena. A few people had ran away right after and spoke of another Name that Regina did not Recognize. 


" I'm looking for Zelena." 


Suddenly out of nowhere, Two flying creatures showed up. 


" What Are You?! 


They snatched her up, Carrying Regina high in the sky. 


 " Put me down, You'll fry for this." 


Regina was dropped, Jumping up she dusted herself off. 


" Hello Dear sister." 


A woman appeared wearing a dress. Regina knew it was Zelena and went straight to going to hug her sister right away. The two young women embraced each other first of all. Both sisters had tears in their eyes. Zelena pushed her younger sister back a bit and couldn't believe that it was Regina. Their moment lasted a second before The older Red Head looked around making sure she wasn't followed. 


They went inside also. 


" Does mother know, I mean That Your Here?! 


Regina Nodded No. 


After doing a little bit of catching up. Regina waited until it got a little dark and Jumped back onto her beloved Horse. Rocinante was his name he was a gift from her Father. Henry bought Just so she'd have him. Turning back she watched her sister wave as she made it back to their mother. Getting down the Younger woman silently took off the Horses equipment and made it inside making sure to go unnoticed sadly that didn't last long. 


" Come Now Regina." 


She cringed, knowing her mother knew she had been gone. 


Cora sat at her thrown, She watched her daughter walk inside. 


" Where have you been?! 


Regina Went to Lie. 


" Do not lie, I have ears everywhere." 


So she explained to her mother. 


" No more lies, You are not to leave this castle for Three moons." 


Regina went to argue. 


" If you do Dear, They'll will be Consequences." 


What is Regina going to do.... She's practically an adult even though it means nothing, especially when Cora is involved and what about Zelena who banishes their own daughter  Don't worry it won't last long, and then there is Daniel even though this is a SQ Story I couldn't leave him out. do not worry He won't be around too long Next chapter there Will be a lot more Emma and Regina In The Next Chapter after that Regina will be 21 which means she's taking over the crown I'll probably age Jump once more and then that's it cause I wanna get to when Emma meets the Evil Queen AKA REGINA MILLS......THAT'S WHEN THE REAL FUN REALLY BEGINS 


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Chapter Text


~~~~~~ Dark Kingdom ~~~~~~~ 


Regina was riding with her mother. Visiting neighboring kingdoms who would one day be in trade with the future Queen. Those were her mother's exact word's she had told Her. A queen needed loyalty all around. The coming months Cora had been showing Regina what was needed to gain Respect. The young brunette only hoped to gain some alone Time Away from her mother in order to keep practicing her magic and to see a certain other brunette. 


" I'm tired mother, Do we not break?" 


The carriage stopped, Cora climbed out along with Regina. 


" A Queen never tires, You have duties Regina's." 


They came upon a small Village. a few people came running out trying to greet the ruling Queen and of course her Daughter. Regina smiled and greeted like she normally Would. Sadly Cora did not approve of it. With a scowl she dismissed the Villagers and made Regina follow behind her this time Close. Eventually the two brunette's got back into the Royal Carriage and were riding silently back to the Castle. 


" Why must you be Difficult?" 


Cora Asked Regina. 


" I'm Trying Mother." 


The carriage ride wasn't Long. Once everything came to a stop the doors were pulled open and Cora was escorted out of it. Henry was there to greet both his wife and Daughter. Smiling he came up to Regina. Cora had always mentioned how soft Henry was when it came to doing anything for Regina. The Mills watched as Cora walked past never Greeting her Husband. 


" It's Okay Regina." 


~~~~~~~~~~ White Kingdom ~~~~~~~~~ 


Right now Emma was practicing. Knighthood was so close for her that she told her father she could almost taste it Now. The clashing of swords were heard all around them. Emma was blocking two People. Her muscles around her arms and shoulders had become more defined since Practicing.  Smiling she twisted her body and allowed her two Opponent's think they were getting the upper hand she quickly swung her sword. 


" Good Swan." 


Sebastian Yelled Out, he dismissed the others. 


 Emma sat down right next to him. She rolled her shoulders trying to get some of the soreness out around her Shoulders. Normal circumstances Emma would be a Squire Now. Doing anything for a royal Knight. Seeing as She was royalty and a her mentor was her fathers friend she wasn't going to. Which is why the Younger blonde was working a lot Harder than the other knights trying to prove she didn't need special treatment. 


" Your'e getting good, Don't tell your father." 


She gave a side smirk. 


After her sparing practice she left. Heading into her chambers Emma changed into her regular clothes and left with friends. The guys waited by the stables for her to Come. They heard a Festival Just started. Eventually their blonde friend had shown up wearing her new Tunic and her hair braided. Giving them her signature charming smile the Friends grabbed their horses and left. 


They were headed to the Festival. as usual Emma being royal hoped not to be noticed so she could sneak off for a Romp.Turning Nineteen soon her body was also Changing. Emma's libido was climbing Too. The soon to be nineteen year old hasn't been caught but Snow has given her warnings. of course they were not alone a few guards had Followed them to the festival making sure nothing went wrong. 


" Please Swan, No drama today." 


Climbing Off Her horse, Emma winked at her friends. 


 Emma and her friends walked around. a few Villagers recognized the young Royal and bowed accordingly to who she was. She never cared for greetings in that type of Manner. Naturally word got out about her also. The neighboring Village women learned of Emma's uniqueness from other Villagers. August rolled his eyes at his friend who didn't seem To be worried about an assignation or someone kidnapping her. 


a strange man greeted them. 


" Welcome To You All." 


Some Vendors walked up to her. Emma being Emma bought a few things that she did not need but she couldn't say No. Some of the village women were also showing Interest. A beautiful woman walked Over. The red head made sure she enticed the young blonde who then followed behind Her. that is until Graham put a hand on her shoulder giving Emma a look of course she smirked and said she'd be right back. 


" Just Be Quick Emma." 


She winked at him, and then disappeared for a minute. 


" She's something else." 


Soon right after, load moans and a grunt were heard. 


Just about an hour or so later. Emma reemerged fixing her pants tying the strings back and adjusting herself again. Naturally her friends knew exactly what she had been up to. The festival was almost Over. a few knights from another village had shown up and recognized Emma and the guys. Laughing they mocked August and Graham but as soon as They saw Emma a few of them men bowed but not Leon.  


" Well Well, if it isn't Daddies Mistake." 


Emma growled, She felt herself become mad. 


" He's not worth it." 


She listened to Graham. 


As they were leaving the festival. The group overheard about Coronation for a certain brunette that Emma Knew also. Regina was coming of age and her coronation was Soon. Emma knew that actually Meant. For some reason she remembers when she and Regina talked about her moms Plan. Being crowned Queen meant responsibilities not just for Her Kingdom but also for herself and that also meant having a king by her side. 


" Isn't she Young?" 


The others left the Village after. Getting home the other's made sure Emma made it back to castle right on time. the guards opened the doors and greeted the young Blonde.  Not long after Emma had slept. She had woken up after the urge to pee took over her bladder she had woke Up. Being up meant that she was going to be hungry so she went Down to the royal kitchen right after that she heard a noise assuming it was her parents she cringed that is until she opened up their bed chambers and found them asleep The noise became even more noticeable.  


" Just Stay Still Girl." 


Emma raised an brow. 


It sounded like a young woman. She followed the voice and soon came up none other than Leopold's chamber door. Emma placed her ear against the door listening once more. She moved the Knob a little bit. The former kings door Opened and Emma couldn't see much just mostly his Covers. With the door pushed a little further she then became wide Eyed witnessing something she hoped to never see her grandfather with what looked like a young woman bent over his bed as he tried to thrust forcefully inside of her she Looked to be in pain as Emma could see the look on her face. 


" Please Sir No More." 


Emma Recognized That Voice. 


Sarah was the young girls name. Emma only knew this because she was the new Lady maid helping out her mother also. Emma watched angrily as her grandfather continued on. Not being able to take anymore. She busted through his chamber doors Leopold slid out of the girl making her cry Out. He snatched some sheets and wrapped it around his waist While Sarah tried desperately to obtain some type of modesty. 


" How dare You, and without Knocking. 


Emma Crossed her arms. 


" One Second Grandfather." 


She went to Sarah, Helping the maiden get dressed.


" Are You Okay?" 


She nodded slowly, leaving the former king alone. 


" How dare I, How dare you grandfather." 


He slowly dressed. 


" She's an Innocent, Wait till my mot..." 


Leopold laughed loudly, Emma could tell he was drunk. 


" Wait till what, I am still king Emma." 


She stood taller, bearing down on Leopold. 


" Former king Grandfather." 


Emma Went To Walk Away. 


" Don't You Dare Runt."  


That did it for the young Swan. Emma has never heard her grandfather Leo call her anything like that not since she was born. The grey haired man had this unrecognizable look. He went and cut her off Again. This time King Leopold stepped in front of his granddaughter who right now had a balled Fist. With a Sneer he made sure she saw the Smirk On His face before speaking. 


" That's What you are." 


Emma was restraining herself. 


" Nothing but Common." 


Hearing that exact same word again. Emma became frustrated and enraged something inside else inside of her was changing. their conversation did get louder than expected. A few guards alerted the Charmings.  Snow and David woke up and grabbed their robes after being woken up from their Rest. They made it to the kings room and could hear Leopold yelling at someone on the other side of the door. 


" You are Pathetic." 


Snow and David knocked on the door.


" Open up right now." 


The door Opened, Leopold being the one behind it. 


" My Dear Daughter, please come inside." 


They Closed The Door Back. 


" What's going on?" 


Emma said nothing, staring at her former grandfather. 


" I'll Tell You, She should have stayed in that River." 


David Became enraged. 


" That's enough." 


Leo Smiled, turning to his son in law. 


" It's the truth, She is no blood of mine. 


Emma became confused, wondering what he meant. 


Snow Reached for Emma. 


" Come Emma, He's had too much mead." 


Leopold Scoffed this time. 


" Have I daughter, or are you afraid of telling her." 


They grabbed Emma, not before Leopold said something else. 


" Oh granddaughter, I hear Regina's come of age maybe I'll pay her a visit." 


That did it for the young blonde. Emma's hands did something that none of them ever expected them to actually do. Her hands glowed and a white light shot from her hands. The blast went straight for Leo. In shock all three of them watched as Leopold was thrown clear across the bedroom. Emma looked down at her hands and ran from the room David instructed the guards to watch him until the house doctor came to see if any damage has been done. 


Emma Went running. 


" Emma wait." 


She ended up in their thrown room. Both Snow and David wanted to tell her everything before she became Angry. Emma was sitting far away just staring at her warm hands. Looking up she gave a weak Smile. Snow was the first to walk over to her daughter who couldn't look over at her. David following his wife went to sit down but before he got Reassurance that their son was still asleep and that Leopold was at least breathing. 


Both Parents Sighed. 


" Is It true?" 


They looked at each other. 


" Is What True Emma?" 


Emma Became Upset. 


" Was I Suppose To Die." 


Neither one said a word. 


" It's true Emma, You were going to die


"But Ruby saved you, She then brought You to us." 


Snow Started crying, Looking over at Charming. 


" Who are my parents, are they even alive?" 


Charming nor wanted to answer that. Back when Ruby brought Emma to them she had not mentioned the parents. over time they come to learned who Emma's parents were. Emma's father was a well known Guy. Her fathers name was Nicolas he came from a similar kingdom was a prince. Her mother's name was Kaia born a commoner and fell in Love with Nicolas soon after they shared true loves kiss and made passionate love one night nine months later Kaia finds out she's pregnant with their first child of course Nicolas ask's her to marry him and they do quietly sadly they weren't too quiet as a neighboring kingdom Called the Dark Kingdom ran by Yours truly ( Cora Mills ) learned of The impending birth of a true love Child ready to defeat any darkness or any Villain that got in his/or her way was dubbed the Savior. 


After learning of the child's Arrival. Cora sent an assassin to silently break into the castle and steal the newborn first. Cora's plan almost worked that is until Nicolas showed up. A strong battle ensued right after. Kaia weak from giving birth faced off with a few knights herself trying to save Em. What no one knew was Kaia had light magic she bought Her and little Emma a little time so that Nicolas could get the upper hand that is until Cora showed up and a battle really began light Vs, Dark Cora gaining the upper hand Sent Her dark magic through the new mother who ended up badly injured Nicolas running to his wife and newborn child Threw his sword and struck the dark queen who Disappeared right after leaving him with his dying bride. 


" Keep Her Safe, No matter what." 


That's how Emma ended up Here. her father keeping his promise fought with great honor up until he was too tired. That's how Emma ended up in the river because of her dad. They were very grateful for Ruby. Without her there is no telling where Emma could have ended up dead or Hungry. Of course they hadn't told her the story they were told as they felt as if she wasn't ready for the whole story. 


" So Who am I ?" 


Their eyebrows furrowed. 


" What do you mean?, Emma you are our daughter." 


Emma got up, Ready to go where ever. 


" May I be Excused." 


Charming Nodded in response.


~~~~~~~~~ A Few Days  Earlier ~~~~~~~ 


Regina had been practicing again. Her magic was getting stronger and stronger no thanks to her Mother of course. While out in the woods she hears someone speaking softly. Walking around a tree she Yelled. Seeing someone in a cloak sitting on long with crinkly hair talking to themselves. Feeling uneasy she made sure the dagger Daniel had given Her was resting against her hip before walking closer. 


" Out By Yourself Regina?" 


Regina Jumped a little. 


" How did?, Who are you?" 


The figure giggled. 


" I have many names, know that I know you


He turned around to face her. Regina jumped back as soon as he did the man or whatever he was started smiling. She closed her eyes opened them back up and he was gone. Before she could actually run. The green sparkly man was face to face with her this time he was checking her Out. Regina tried to close her cloak closer to her body she could Feel his hot breath on her neck. 


" Future Queen, Ruler of the Dark Kingdom. 


She eyed him Once more. 


" You people call me Rumpelstiltskin." 


He bowed at Regina. 


~~~~~~~~ Just a few Days Later ~~~~~~~ 


Emma was still not over everything. The young knight in training wasn't sure anymore if she deserved to be a knight now. Graham noticed she was distracted during Practice. Leopold was still trying to Recover. He also was trying to apologize to his granddaughter after learning what He had Said. Being stubborn like a true Charming Emma had Not Gone near him nor her parents since that fateful night. 


" You Okay Emma?" 


She looked up, smiled and Nodded at him. 


" I'm alright, Just thinking." 


Not soon after Charming showed up. a few of the knights bowed as he walked past them and walked towards his Daughter. Excusing himself Graham left Emma to talk to Him. Emma waited for him to speak First. It didn't last long Charming talked to Emma and learned something shocking that day. Emma was leaving not because she felt betrayed Because she felt betrayed because she definitely felt that she was leaving to discover herself and hopefully become what she wanted the most without any help. 


" Emma Please, this will devastate Her." 


She hadn't told her mother Yet. That was because Emma knew that Snow would do anything to make her stay right There. With Leopold still around Emma knew she Couldn't. She knew the guys were Upset. August wanted to leave and go with her but he knew that he needed to help out his father. Neal wasn't tied down so he decided to Join Emma On Her Quest and so did a certain Older male brunette. 


" I'll Be Okay, I promise you." 


Queen Snow was beyond Hurt. She learned from her husband that her daughter decided to venture out and leave Home. It wasn't Just her that was upset Little Leo was as well. Emma comforted her Brother. Being young he didn't understand why she was leaving only that she was leaving for Now. Other than Little Leo there was another who did not Get The Chance to say goodbye and that was King Leopold he knew that Emma would probably never forgive him so he had something arranged to be given to her. 


*  Sometime Later On * 


Emma Had Matured, Her hair was longer. 


" Can We Rest?" 


Neal had complained, Smirking she nodded. 


While the Guys rested Up first. Emma decided on trekking into the enchanted forest to see what she could Gather as well. While doing so Emma heard what sounded like a man. She ended up walking further. What she saw looked like a man sitting on a rotten log with green skin and a sparkly Face. The man gave off a menacing giggle before Jumping Off he log and coming across the rushing river. 


" Look at you Dearie."  


Emma Stood Her Ground. 


"  Maturing beautifully, or is it Handsomely." 


Rumple Sickeningly Sneered. 


" What are you?" 


He moved In Closer. 


" Rumpelstiltskin, and Your Princess Emma." 


This Got Emma Alert.  


" It's Emma, how do you know me Goblin?"


Rumple laughed again.  


" Okay Em-ma, I've known you since Birth." 


He got her attention, Emma unsheathed her sword. 


" Tell me more." 


Rumpelstiltskin moved away, and snapped his fingers. 


Emma's sword vanished, She put up her hands. 


" Careful Emma, all magic comes with a price." 


She knew he was stalling for now. Emma wondered who this mysterious man was seeing as he was not normal at all. She watched Rumple ponder and speak to himself again. The green man looked back Over. Throwing his hand out he offered the young blonde a seat while he told his Story. Emma assumed he was going to tell it but failed to realize He wasn't snapping his fingers a dream catcher appeared out of nowhere. 


" Don't be afraid, Come closer Swan."


Emma did as asked. 


" This will show You." 


Rumple Held it up, Before a swirling could be heard. 


*  Dream Catcher * 


Emma squinted a little. 


" Fetch Me more towels." 


Another person Started running. 


" Anna wait, Alert sir swan about the Queen." 


Emma's eye's bugged, she knew there was no other. 


" Right away Madam." 


The other woman left, the next scene came upon a field. 


" Yaah, block me Lancelot." 


The image had cleared, Emma could see that it was Her. 


This Emma looked a lot Older. Bulkier wearing armor that she recognized as someone who was high ranking as well. Older Emma was Yielding the same sword she had Now. She swung the sword Harder. Lancelot as she called him blocked her a few times before signaling he was Giving Up. Emma watched her older self bring her sword back and Put It back in it's sheath. 


" Tired already Old Man?" 


Lancelot  laughed Shaking his head. 


" Your young Emma, I don't fight like before." 


Before Responding, that same girl ran over to her. 


" Forgive me Sir Swan, it's the Queen she's in labor." 


Emma began to panic, Jumping the fence she ran. 


The next Scene, Emma was out of breath. 


" It's about time, Come meet Your'e son. 


Older Emma smiled, inside the room a baby cried. 


" I have a son, let there be a celebration." 


The Image ended * 


Emma was crying, She saw a future where she was Respected. 


" I will Have This?" 


Rumple giggled, shrugging his shoulders. 


" It's up to Fate, and of course You." 


The man Disappeared, leaving Emma to ponder. 


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Chapter Text


* Don't Run From Fear * 


A few birds Chirped. 


Emma Yawned and stretched herself out. The young knight who technically wasn't a knight at all had grown up. Emma was officially nineteen the same age her mother had been. She was thinking about her mother A lot. Emma was doing everything she could to find out more info on Them. None knew of what she was talking about so the younger blonde Let it go and she also decided that she wasn't Just going to be a knight. 


Training for Emma was coming Close. Although she had let her master know that she wanted to start all Over. Sebastian told her that it meant she would be a Squire if she Did. Sebastian ended up meeting the King. David unbeknownst to Emma had asked his friend to watch out for Her. Charming had learned that his daughter had grown up big and Strong catching up to his height as well. 


" Is She Ready?" 


Emma was Jousting with her Friends. They watched Emma swing the sword it was the same one he had gave Her. Two of friends Yielded and so now it was Just Emma and Graham. He had completed his training Early. Emma would be of age in one more year and David wanted her to be Ready. Although Emma was a knight in training she did not follow the Typical rules a knight was suppose to follow. 


 The Clashing of swords were heard. Graham and Emma were a match whenever Sebastian had made them Joust. Graham's sword hit Emma's and he felt her use all her Muscles. He yielded Making Emma Stop After. She was sweaty near by there had been a few village girls that watched Her. The two friends laughed Sebastian waited until Charming had Left before going back over to the group. 


" No More, Jousting is over." 


Sebastian Allowed Them To Leave. 


" I mean Those Maidens, did you see them?" 


A neighboring Village had an event. Neal and the other's suggested they go at least to see what it was about. Emma was tired and sore and ready to fall asleep inside her Tent. But Emma was convinced to go too. Emma watched how all the villagers all around were having a good Time. a few female villagers the same ones from before were around Each other and whispering when they spotted The knights in training. 


One Woman, recognized Emma right away. 


" Your'e Princess Emma." 


They went to grab some mead After. a local Tavern was still open walking inside Emma was quickly noticed. A group of dirty men sitting in the corner had been whispering also. One of them knew about her Secret. The bar tender handed Emma her glass but she hadn't noticed the Guy. This man was one of the Village drunks sitting next to Emma he Got All up in the former princesses face. 


He Hiccuped, right in her ear. 


" Haggard, she's a princess." 


Another Patron said. 


" A princess, last I heard she's a Abomination." 


Unaware to them Emma's hand glowed. The young blonde had been having outbursts whenever she had gotten angry. breathing in and out usually helped her but it wasn't now. Graham made sure no else Noticed her. There was so much she could take and being called that name was it for Her. a Blast of magic shot through Emma's hand and sent the Drunk man flying clear out the bar. 


" Emma Wait Up." 


The Guys Tried To Follow. 


She had made it into the Dark Forest again. Emma rubbed her hands along her face trying to control her Emotions. Taking deep breaths her hands stopped glowing Gold also. Emma was done trying to become a Knight. Graham and the other's had found their friend after searching for Her. Neal looked his friend in the eyes he went to touch her Shoulder but She stopped him. 


" Don't I'm good, I've made a Decision."


August and The Other's Listened. 


" I'm going to be a Free-Lance." 


There Was Chattering Among Them


" Hey listen, It's my choice alright mine." 


* Dark Kingdom a Few weeks Later * 


Preparations were on the way for Regina, 


Today was the day Regina was turning 21. Cora had all their servants running around making Checking on Stuff. Meanwhile Regina was upstairs being prepared for her Birthday. She knew that it wasn't Just a Celebration. Besides her birthday today was also The Young Brunette's Coronation. Regina sat at her vanity as the maidens ran around picking Out Different dresses what She really was thinking about was Daniel. 


" I'll pick it out, Everyone Out Now." 


The Maidens Bowed. 


Daniel had promised that he'd Come. She was thankful her mother had not known of her love for the Stable Hand. Cora was too busy sending out invites to Other Kingdoms. She wanted her daughter with a King. Most of the Villages from said different kingdoms started showing Up also. among them King George was the first to show up The Man Was someone that no one liked. 


 Meanwhile on the other side of town. Graduation day had come faster than one of Emma's friend had expected. August and the other's were waiting to be knighted right now. Emma chose to stick by her Decision. She had told Sebastian what she was becoming and at first he was Furious. After while the grey haired man understood and had accepted That and knew he could not Change Her mind. 


After the Ceremony, They went to the leaky Tavern. 


" Drinks On Me." 


While The guys Celebrated, Emma walked outside. 


" Sir Swan I presume." 


a man Walked over, and handed Emma a scroll. 


" It's an Invite, to princess Regina's Coronation." 


And like that the man had Disappeared. Turning around her friends came out drunk and joking around also. They saw her looking at the Scroll and wondered what was inside. Emma opened it up and began reading. She hadn't spoken nor seen Regina since she saw her in the Woods. Neal snatched it and began passing it around they all wondered if The now lone knight would go to it. 


Graham grabbed it from them. 


" Are You going?, It's your choice Em." 


Emma wanted to go to see Regina. She also wanted to make sure that her grandfather would not be there. The group agreed they would go to the celebration with Emma also. While they all began to fall Asleep. Emma crawled into her tent and laid down with her arms tucked Under. She kept thinking about what that green goblin had told her back In The Enchanted Forest. 


* Regina's Coronation * 


 Night Came sooner than Expected. Regina had been bathe and washed and prep for what's to come later. Cora greeted guests this was something she told Regina would do. King Midas was the next to walk In. Regina finally dressed wearing a beautiful baby blue dress walked out. She smiled and did what her mother asked her to do which was Smile And greet the guests that were here. 


" Princess, You look beautiful." 


She smiled at King George. 


More and more guests began to come. Snow white and Charming were among those guests including Leopold. The old king smiled as he watched the dark kingdoms Princess. Cora greeted them like she always Did. Little Leo had Joined his parents and was currently running all Around. Regina came into view and greeted The white's Leopold being The Creep he was took the future Queens outstretched hand and kissed it. 


" Young Regina, Your'e stunning tonight." 


Regina Bowed at Leopold. 


" Thank You, King Leopold." 


Eventually Emma and the others arrived. They climbed off their horses Emma was quickly greeted by the servants. Despite not seeing her parents Emma was still deemed Royal. Emma was wearing her dark blue Tunic. While looking around a few Nobles whispered as they had noticed Emma. A few of them she recognized some of them still bowed When She walked past them. 


Emma Smiled a little also. 


" All grown up." 


David was the first one to notice his Emma. Nudging Snow the Charming's watched as their only daughter smiled. Snow wanted to run over and hug her child but she Couldn't. Emma was definitely a Charming Stubborn. Of course they weren't the only one's that had noticed Emma as Well. Leopold had a sinister smirk on his face when he noticed his Grown up Granddaughter.  


" Emma My Dear." 


Emma Froze, She turned with a balled fist. 


" You've grown up." 


Leopold Admired His Granddaughter. 


" Will You Excuse Me." 


Snow Noticed Her leaving. 


" Emma Please Wait, We are Your'e family." 


She Scoffed Then Laughed. 


" I appreciate you, but I can't with him." 


Emma Gestured Towards Her Grand Father. 


" He's a King, What did You want us to do?" 


Now She was getting Upset. 


" Former King, and how about Prison?" 


They were interrupted. 


" Emmy mama it's Emmy." 


Little Leo Ran right over towards Her. Emma couldn't help it and braced herself when Leo literally Jumped Her. a few guests turned to see what the commotion was all about. The Lone knight hugged her Brother. She tickled him and hugged him and did not care who was looking Now. Leo squirmed and slid out of his big sister's arms and looked up At her soft green eyes looked into Dark-ish green one's 


" How Comes You Left?" 


Emma Couldn't help but feel Hurt. She hadn't noticed the pair of eyes looking at her until she looked up also. Regina looked away and excused herself to walk out and get Air. She watched the Regina leave Out. Not soon after that a younger brunette male waited and walked away Too. Emma curious a little followed and came up stairs and a walk Way Before going out to where the families Apple Tree was that's were she heard voices. 


" Let's run away, Let's leave all this." 


Daniel Said To Regina. 


" Daniel I can't, You know Mother." 


Emma Got a little closer. 


" Yes But I know You." 


She listened for what felt like Hours. Leaning in a little too close Emma made some small rocks fall off the wall. Both Daniel and Regina gasped before he left after kissing Her. Regina fixed her hair walked Closer. Emma walked along one of the pillars hoping to avoid Regina finding Her. Emma sighed a little bit of relief when it seemed like Regina Had Given up that is until she heard her Sultry voice. 


" Emma?, Were you spying." 


The Knight Nodded No. 


" What Did You Hear?" 


Before she could move, Regina raised a hand first. 


" Never mind, What are you doing here?" 


Emma Handed Her The Invite. 


" Of course, Why'd You Come?' 


She wasn't really sure, It had to be Guilt. 


" Regina Can We Talk." 


Daniel Had Came Back. 


" Yes, but first Daniel you remember Emma?" 


The brunette smiled, Shaking His head yes. 


" Of course, Princess Emma all grown up." 


He ended Up Bowing, Emma rolled her eyes. 


" No Bowing, I can't stand it." 


Daniel got up, He stood with his arms at his side. 


" Daniel Give Us a Minute?" 


He Disappeared again. 


" What Do You want Emma?" 


Em wasn't sure what she wanted. This a first for both Emma and Regina since the last time they saw each other. Regina moved over towards the apple tree her father gave Her. Emma put her hands behind Her. She definitely couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Regina looked right now. She inched closer hoping to get as close as possible Emma also Remembered that Daniel was waiting for her. 


" I dunno Regina, I had hope..." 


Regina looked away. 


" Emma I'm straight, 

And I am a Queen, & I love Daniel." 


Emma Nodded, and began to walk away. 


" You have a Reputation,

And Your'e a little Different." 


She knew exactly what Regina meant. Emma got up with dignity as angry as she was she refrained from speaking. She gave a small smile and walked away from Regina again. She walked past Daniel bumping Him. Inside the Castle the celebration was coming to a end people were leaving. Cora like always had something else planned for Regina so She Asked for her daughter to be brought to her. 


" You Summoned Mother." 


Cora Took Her Daughters Hand. 


" I did, as you know Regina your a Queen,

And as Queen you Will need a King also." 


Cora Walked Over To The Charming's. 


" And You Have one, King Leopold My Dear,

Has asked for your'e hand." 


Everyone that was left all gasped. That included Snow and Charming as this was something they knew nothing of. Leopold emerged and walked over towards his future Bride. Emma was ready to kill him Now. Since he was still alive Emma knew that Killing him would only put her in Prison. Right about now Emma could feel her magic manifesting And It was ready to be let out. 


" Mother You aren't serious?

He's a Former King." 


It was time to leave so everyone did. Charming and Snow watched their oldest hug their youngest before Leaving. a few guards were following her but she told them to leave. The Enchanted forest became home. Emma's hand's glowed once more gold and she ended up blasting all around. Emma decided that night that no one would Would ever make Her Feel Like how she felt right now. 


 And I am leaving It Here, I know Ya'll some of Ya'll wanted Leopold to be punished do not worry that Old man will get what's coming to him do not worry Next Chapter I already have it planned You all will love the next chapter Since this chapter was a little short....FYI : There will be tragedy next chapter as well as some of you all know I Definitely cannot wait to write Leopold's ending which is coming soon


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Chapter Text


* Few Years Later * 


The Ogre War Was Diminishing. 


A lot of men had lost their lives. Some of them happened to be from the White Kingdom and a few friends also. Charming along with a few knights had fought in the War Too. Snow tried reasoning with Him. David had told his wife that it was his and the knights duty to keep people safe. The war had lasted longer than anyone had expected that Included The Neighboring Kingdoms. 


" It's Just a Sit Down." 


Charming had a Ogre Meeting. The war was still going strong but David hoped to stop it and make a Treaty. What he did not know was Emma had Fought and been in the War too. Something she wasn't sharing. Snow had tried multiple times to speak to Emma but failed almost every time. With Leopold still alive for the moment and married to Regina Who Was four times his age Emma wanted nothing to do with them. 


After learning of the Marriage. Emma left the castle for good vowing to her grandfather that he'd get his also. Emma Trained almost every other day with Sebastian it got Hard. Training period was tiresome. August and The Other's had graduated like Graham and were now Knights too. Becoming a knight meant following rules and an Oath Something Emma wasn't going to do. 


" Were Adults Now." 


Emma was 23 Years Young Now. 


 With out rules Emma did whatever. When a Village was having a problem She would be the first one on the spot. A few Villager's knew of her reputation as well sleeping around. Emma wouldn't turn down anyone. A few Village Father's had caught their daughter's in compromising Positions. Before Emma began Her Conquest The Young Blonde went into A Witches shop and asked for a remedy that would render her from impregnating any of the women she laid with. 


" Hi Sir Swan." 


One Woman Waved Back. 


 Emma also had a few battle Scars. During the Ogre wars the young blonde had sustained a large eye injury. a scar went across the left side of Emma's face Snow was Pissed. There also was a cut on her Brow. Emma matured exactly how Charming and Sebastian predicted Her to be. Muscular Em's had muscles that put grown men to shame but That's Not what got her the women it was actually that Charming smile. 


" Do you ever tire?" 


Graham asked His friend. 


" If you have to ask, My dear friend

Than you know the answer." 


Emma Winked & Smirked. 


There was to be a celebration. It was that time of year and everyone was ready for the harvest moon festival. a few vendors had been setting while Emma and guys just looked.  a few of them waved her over. beside's being a lone knight Emma also had been nick named something else. the Savior after she had ran out a burning hut and confronted a Ogre all while holding a newborn infant. 


" The Savior, please take anything. 


Emma rarely did. 


~~~~~~~ White/Dark Kingdom ~~~~~~ 


Thing's definitely had changed. Over the years Cora made sure that Regina did everything a Queen Should. That meant wifely duties whenever King Leopold would demand It. Although it was never with her. Regina had acquired a hand maiden who looked like her to take her Place. It was only when Leopold had too much to drink and would become Rough Regina had wanted her maidenhood taken by Daniel but that dream never happened not after what Cora had did. 


" My Queen, you have a visitor." 


Regina excused herself. 


a Mysterious figure was smiling. Regina had them follow her into a secret passage that no one knew about. Inside the secret passage was a room that held her spells and Books. Regina reached grabbing a Vile. The mysterious man smiled and moved Closer he noticed that it was Blue. In the blue vile was something that would not be detected even the King's royal Physician would have a hard time. 


" I Need This Done Discreetly."


The Man Nodded. 


" For You My Queen, It Will be done." 


Regina Smirked, and stalked away slowly.


After Regina had married Leopold. Cora made sure that both Kingdom's knew who would be ruling them. Thankfully Regina made sure that Snow & Charming kept that Part. Although her mother was Furious. Leopold although a former king still had respect among the Kingdom. King George a friend to the king was now an ally to none other than Cora and Regina as well. 


" Where Is The Queen?" 


She could hear him Yelling. 


Meanwhile Emma had made it home. Emma's home wasn't as fancy as the castle but she loved her Shack. inside wasn't as bad also a far had roar to life thank's to some Magic. The young blonde was embracing It. She learned how to use her magic especially when she was in Battle. More so when she actually was fighting someone who had hired her To Fight or take care of a problem. 


She Lifted Her Sword. 


" Time to rest old friend." 


 After yawning Emma had stretched. Her stomach growled and that only meant one thing she was Hungry. Inside Emma's cupboards laid only the finest of oats and breads Also. courtesy from some of the Villagers. Of course Emma had been rewarded in other ways that was not food. Smirking She went and prepared a warm bath she waited for the Water she had heating up pouring into the large barrel she had acquired.


Stripping naked Emma slid into first. She sighed feeling her aching muscles relax after all her hard work. With her head leaned back Emma began to take a small nap as Well. One thing about Em she slept Nude. there were a few women who appreciated that she did sleep Naked. Groaning Emma lifted the cover's to see her not so small friend at Half Mass She sighed. 


" Not Tonight." 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Two Suns Later ~~~~~~~~~~~ 


Emma had gotten a letter from Graham. It had explained how he had received word who he was going to. The Dark Kingdom is who had requested Graham or more so Bought. He learned the Queen paid really Good. Emma on the other hand was still hoping Leopold would be dead. Grabbing her sword she went and picked out a horse that best had Suit her. 


She visited a man's home. 


" Sir Swan?, You arrived early." 


The man Everett invited Emma inside. It took only a few minute's before he walked they walked to the horses. a few of the man's horses had already given birth for the Year. Emma didn't want a baby horse now. Em followed him and they came upon a rare black and white Clydesdale. It was also a male they watched as he snorted and trotted along With the horses stopping only to look into the blonde's eyes. 


" I want him." 


Everett nodded, whistling for one of his workers. 


Emma watched as they chased him. The horse who didn't have a name yet kept running off neighing at them. the Knight watched how fast he could run and was very impressed. Eventually the Horse had given Up. one of the men looped a rope around him a second rope was put on Him. up close he was gigantic but also beautiful Emma went to pay the Man but he stopped her. 


" He's a gift, for rescuing my daughter." 


Emma Smirked. 


" Come On Horse." 


She saddle him first and got on. Naturally the male horse never been ridden became upset and began to buck. The young knight fell and blew some leaves out of her mouth. The horse than began to neigh. Groaning Emma got back up she placed her bag on sword right onto his back. Instead of riding him she decided to just pull him along with Her They just needed a place to sleep for the night. 


Morning had came a lot sooner. Emma was up and was also taking her morning bath inside one of the lakes. It was more so a warm geyser type spring that had warm waters. The horse was grazing as Well. She knew he needed a name soon none of the one's she picked he had liked. That is until one night while traveling a storm had came through And it was lighting and thundering bad none that made him flinch. 


Abe Is The Name She Picked. 


" alright big guy, let's move out."  


 They ended up at a the Village. 


Neal and August greeted her first. Emma automatically noticed the looks on their faces and unsaddled Abe first. Turning around she wondered what was going on right now. Both guys had stepped aside also. She knew who this man was since he was dressed in the royal's family colors. clearing his throat he bowed and asked to speak to Her alone For a moment. 


" Okay What Is It?"


The man was nervous.


" I'm sorry princess, your'e grandfather is dead." 


One would be upset about the news. the man left and Emma was relieved she no longer had to worry about it. She fixed her tunic and walked out of the cabin to her friends. Emma told them about what he said. The villagers were saddened by the news but not Emma she did not care. one thing she did know was that Charming and Snow were going To expect her to show up at the funeral. 


" He's dead, my grandfather is gone." 


Both August and Neal looked at each other. 


His death travels fast to other villages. Leopold's funeral would be in a few days that gave people time to make it. Emma and the other's were gearing up to go to white Castle. Abe was saddled and ready to go also. It hadn't taken them long before the villager's saw Emma and followed her. Dismounting Abe Emma was greeted like she had always been Done when she was living within the walls. 


" Welcome back, Please follow me." 


Abe was given to a servant. 


" He's stubborn, but loves sweet hay." 


They bowed, pulling Abe along with them. 


* Inside Castle Grounds * 


Emma along with August looked around. Dark colored drapes hung on the window's the servant's were crying also. of course a few of them dispersed when they saw Emma.  Maybe a few knew of her hatred for Him. They bowed and walked away only one remained and that was her Friend. Sarah was the one Emma had caught Leopold molesting And She could only imagine what happened after she had left the kingdom. 


She also noticed her belly. 


" Your Majesty, welcome back home." 


Emma got close to her. 


" Your pregnant?, please say it's not his." 


Sarah began to cry, Emma let out a deep growl. 


" Where are they now?" 


Sarah pointed, and Emma walked away. 


Charming and Snow were dressing now. Emma busted through their bedchambers making the servants scamper. Snow couldn't help but feel so happy to see her eldest child. David stood alongside his wife to Look. Charming was amazed how much his only daughter looked all grown up. Emma of course looked stoic making no facial expressions Towards her parents they dismissed the servants. 


" I thought Regina was Queen?" 


They explained to her the deal. 


" Just like that, surprised she was allowed to." 


Emma knew how Cora liked to do things. 


" You knew he was a monster." 


Both Snow & Charming looked sad. 


Just two days later guests had arrived. One of those guests happened to be king George he looked at Emma smugly. another guest was King Xavier of course he was a friend. Emma had gotten dressed right After. Leo who was now seven years old saw his sister and ran straight towards her. Emma couldn't help herself and scooped up the adorable Seven year old. 


" Oh Man I missed you." 


Leo laughed, clinging to his big sister. 


" I missed you lot's." 


Today was a sad day, but Emma could careless right now. 


" Please welcome, Queen Regina of the Dark Kingdom." 


Emma saw a slew of armored knights. 


One of those knights she had recognized. It was Graham he looked immaculate with his dark armor up to his neck. Their eye's met and he knew that look Emma was giving him. August had been the first to see him first. Neal stood along side Emma as they watched him walk with Regina now. People bowed as she walked further into the church Emma Felt something was different about her when barely gave the blonde a glance. 


" Can you believe it?, he's a dark knight now." 


Regina walked further in, coming to sit next to Charming & Snow. 


" I believe it, I just don't care." 


Everyone had sat down, the funeral was by royal standards. 


" I'm sorry for your loss." One of the guest said to her. 


 Guests and occupants were in the mess hall. Food and entertainment had been provided for everyone to enjoy as well. Emma was not interested in eating by talking to Graham. She wanted to see if she could find him now. eventually Graham had shown up dressed impressively along with Regina. After being rejected and all these year's Emma could still Feel the stirring in her pant's whenever she got around the brunette. 


" Surprised the Evil Queen showed up." 


Emma's ears perked up. 


 Emma watched as everyone Celebrated. going outside she ended up on the castle's terrace looking out into the sky. a throat cleared and she happened to see Graham There. Smirking he ended up going over to her. The friends sighed and were content just looking out towards the sun too. Graham turned to face her because he knew that Emma was Going to ask him questions. 


" Go ahead Swan." 


Emma turned as well. 


" Really Graham?, Regina the dark Kingdom." 


He sighed again, knowing his friend was upset. 


" She pays well, beside's Cora isn't around." 


Before she could talk, a guard said Regina asked for him. 


" I've gotta go, see ya later Swan." 


The funeral was over so Emma left. Being a free-lance came with it's perks she had no one to answer to now. That is until Emma did not that she had taken the wrong path. When she stopped he heard voices. Some dark armored men came out the woods with arrows pointed at her. Emma's sword glowed and she was ready to take out as many as She could so she did until she became out numbered. 


" Bring her to the Queen, along with that beast." 


Knocked out, Emma's hands were tied. 


~~~~~~ Dark Kingdom ~~~~~ 


Regina was undressing right now. Graham walked into her bedchambers making sure to close the door quietly. Turning around Regina dismissed her servants smiling at him. Soon after she had been dressed. The Queen's knight's had dragged Emma into the thrown room throwing her. Emma groaned and opened one eye as the other one was Swollen shut she had no clue where she was. 


" Long Time, Right Savior?"


Emma's hair stood up. 


" Of course it was you." 


Regina came into view with a smirk. The woman could wear any dress and look beyond amazing in any of them. This dress was a deep purple with a plunging neckline as well. Emma held her side trying to sit up. not long after Graham came into view he saw his friend and become angry. But he wasn't allowed to moved and so he had to stand beside Regina as she inspected the younger blonde. 


" My My, have we've grown Emma." 


She was definitely checking her out. 


" What do you want Regina?" 


One of the guards was ready to hit her. 


" It's Your Majesty." 


Regina raised her hand. 


" It's alright, me & Sir Swan have history." 


The man walked away. 


" Now that's clear, You trespassed Emma." 


She moved to get up. 


" of course, how much do I owe." 


a loud sinister laughed echoed. 


" Money is nothing to me, but you will find out,

what I want in a few days." 


She whispered in her guards ear. 


" Take her to the chambers." 


Emma was dragged off once again. 


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Chapter Text


* She laid underneath the soft cotton bed* 


Emma paced back and forth. 


It had only been a few days or so. Emma wondered when she'd see that brunette woman once again to talk. The queen's guards said she had trespassed she didn't know she did Some people make mistakes too. groaning of course Emma would be the acceptation to make one of those. but she had to admit the brunette looked perfect in the dark Queen Get up she definitely had matured just like she. 


She heard heaving footsteps. 


" on your feet." 


Emma hesitated, and then as asked. 


The dark knight guard pulled her. with her arm's behind her back the blonde was dragged down the hallway. They came to a stop and at the doors another guard had opened it. Emma was pushed roughly inside. turning she went to say something smart when the doors had shut loudly. she turned back around and saw that she was in a much bigger Bedroom that had to belong to Regina. 


" Like my chambers?" 


Emma heard that silky voice. This made the blonde knight turn around and face the familiar person as well. sitting not too far off from the silken sheets was of course Regina. The woman looked beautiful. dressed as a queen should be wearing a tight silk dress that had the back out. Emma has never knelled and she wasn't going to start now one of Regina's knight's went to kick behind her knee's when he was stopped. 


" It's okay." 


The man nodded, and left the room. 


" So tell me, is it sir Swan or,

The savior as some call you?" 


Emma said nothing, staring at the brunette. 


" Can I leave?, I mean Regina seriously

all I did was walk further than I should



Regina just listened to the blonde. 


" No you cannot, You see Swan,

some of my knights were injured

and they say it was because of you." 


 Emma then definitely smirked. 


 " What do I say, they attacked me, 

besides no one, was really that 



Regina kept circling the blonde. 


" Nothing's changed, your'e still the same

arrogant and never taking responsibility for

what you do." 


One the guards had came back. Emma's wrist's were definitely still cuffed and they were getting tight on her. the lone guard walked over to Regina who whispered something. The guard then was dismissed. not before giving the unsuspecting blonde a side smirk and closing the door. Emma was ready to be let go and head to where she was going Sadly that wasn't happening now. 


" Normally Swan, punishment is imminent,

as queen it's duty, but for you I think a night

in the dungeon will set you straight." 


Emma began to walk, she was then anchored in place. 


" I did nothing, your'e just trying to find something

so I trespassed, and hurt your knights but that's it

punish me all you want I won't serve you." 


Regina snapped her fingers. 


Graham and another guard came in. Emma watched her friend give a sad smirk and walk right past the blonde. Graham stood in front Regina and bowed before taking orders. Emma saw her whisper into his ear. moving away he looked said over at his friend and then nodded at Regina. Knowing his friend he knew she wouldn't go with anyone Quietly As soon as the other two dark guards came to grab her Emma jerked. 


" don't fight it, you'll make it worse." 


~~~~~ Dark Kingdom Dungeon ~~~~~~~ 


Emma was dragged once again. 


" Ease up, she's still a knight." 


The two men stopped not soon after. Emma was pushed right into the cell one of the men was afraid of her. he had heard stories about the lone knight and what she could do. Throwing her wrists out to be Undid. that same guard jumped a little and then unlocked the blondes Wrists. Emma wasn't just known for her swordsmen ship skills the blonde Was also rumored to have powerful magic a lot like the Queen. 


" Relax Colins, Ye Queen has plans for her." 


The guards then left her. 


Graham then showed up right after. standing in front of the bar's he waited for his oldest friend to see him. it did not take long with her eye's closed Emma acknowledged him. Sitting up she then went right over. Emma definitely had grown a little taller since they last saw each Other. face to face neither knew what to say since he was now serving Someone who she had fallen for when she first met the woman. 


" Emma listen, Re ( The Queen ) is willing, 

to forgive you if you apologize for taking

out half her knights." 


She laughed loudly. 


" Apologize to her, get real Graham no,

She's just as crazy as her mother." 


He sighed and leaned in further. 


" I can't believe you, Really G Regina,

The dark kingdom you know my history

you know I don't wanna be here." 


a throat cleared. 


" Forgive me sire, the Queen said here, 

This is for her prisoner, and also she has

a message." 


They both waited. 


" The queen requests you." 


Both Graham and Emma looked. Graham nodded and dismissed the timid man before excusing himself again. Emma scoffed and moved away from the bars not wanting to eat. The cot she had was real dusty. Throwing her arm's behind her head she looked up on the ceiling and sighed. Regina had changed a lot since Emma saw her last she was the Perfect image of a new Cora. 


a cricket was chirping. 


Emma groaned and had woke up. with an eye open she looked around and saw that it had not been a dream. rubbing her eye's she forgot that she had magic she then smirked. She then began to rub her hands. Closing her eyes she went over to the lock and began to really concentrate. like that the lock quickly unlocked and Emma opened her eyes Throwing the lock down as quietly as she could. 


" I need a horse." 


Emma saw Abe was in the stables. looking around she saw none of Regina's guards and walked right into it. whistling Abe looked up and began to be excited to see his owner. Smiling she went over to rub him. He nudged her Emma scratched his white stripe and put a saddle on him. one thing was missing and that was her father's sword that was Given to her making Abe stay the blonde knight went looking for her sword. 


She broke into the thrown room. 


" Where are you?" 


White candles began to light up. Emma turned and faced the thrown where none other than Regina was sitting. looking around she was surrounded and she stood up straight. There were arrows aimed at her. Stubborn like she always have been she wasn't about go down without a fight. Regina's guards were ready a few besides arrows had their Swords Emma not armed was charged she blocked two of them and grabbed a tool off the wall that was like a sword. 


" I won't serve you." 


Regina said nothing. 


A few of her guards rushed her. Emma blocked their hit's and knocking another one out before rolling away. all while Regina watched right from her throne she was impressed. Emma's temp weapon broke off. smirking she jumped over one guard and took another's shiny black sword. turning around a few more guards had came running in feeling her Magic surfacing she swung the sword hard and smashed it onto the ground a gush of magic sent a few more of Regina's knight's flying. 


" She has magic, bring the cuff now." 


Growing tired, Emma fought a little longer. 


" Enough of this, Regina snapped her fingers, 

Magic sent Emma flying back." 


A few guards rushed her, she was then pinned down. 


" This cuff dear, will block your'e magic, 

It cannot be removed." 


Instead of being taken right back. Regina told her guards to place the blonde into the temporary bed chambers. nodding they did as asked and took the blonde to the Chamber. Knocked out cold the door closed. Graham knew better and so he would wait until everybody had went to sleep. Emma demonstrated just how good her Swordsmenship was And Graham knew that could work in the free-lance'd knight's favor. 


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Chapter Text


The young knight counted.....


Emma inspected her cuff once more. throwing her hand out she felt the magic she had being drained again. as of right now she was thinking of ways to escape Regina's kingdom. Emma had been doing her exercise. sit ups were the blonde's all time favorite making sure to flex her arms. stubborn as she was one of the dark knights said all she needed to do Was apologize for embarrassing the Queen's knights and bow. 


" Not gonna happen." 


For anyone else death would be instant. sadly that was not the case as Emma was still considered royalty. no matter if she was a princess or not she was a well known lone knight. There would be hell to pay if she did it. Regina knew exactly how stubborn the younger knight really was. but as Queen her mother taught her even the most stubborn person can Be broken and she would break Sir Swan if it was the last thing she did. 


Back in the Swan's cold bed chambers. Emma was busy ripping a few piece's of bed sheet creating rope. tying one end to the other hoping to break some of her window silently. Using her elbow she broke some of it. bar's were surrounding her window and Emma hoped to loosen it. another piece she held onto tying the other end tight Emma used her Muscles to grip the sheet and pull as hard as she could.


Nothing budged nor did the bars give. Emma's bicep's bulged as she pulled on the bars a little harder. the cuff Regina had on her definitely was keeping Emma's magic dormant. No matter Emma was still very strong. Buckley one of Regina's main knights was the first to know this. as the man was still sporting a black eye that your's truly had given him The First night she had escaped. 


" No use Dearie..." 


Emma's muscled back straightened up. the blonde knight automatically recognized that voice anywhere. turned around Emma saw that it was thee Rumpelstiltskin right there. She was in no mood to hear his riddles. Rumple watched the frustrated knight sit down on her new bed. the young knight did have one more trick up her sleeve that she was Willing to try if it meant leaving Regina's. 


" She's got magic, I use to also,

But i have this cuff, and for some reason

I can't use it right now." 


Rumple giggled, as he looked at the Cuff.


" She's learned quickly." 


Emma looked at him suspiciously. 


Regina's Bed Chambers.......


The brunette Queen was ready for bed. make up long had been taken off and so came her long dress. Regina watched a few of her servants nervously clean up around her also. Sitting at the vanity she got her mirror. the little hand held mirror changed a man appeared right in it. this man was beyond loyal to Regina having fallen in love with the Beautiful brunette when she was married to the king his name was Sydney/the genie. 


" My Queen, how may I please you?,

need another a village spy." 


She gave him a smirk. 


" No tonight Sydney, show me the knight,

I wonder if she's alseep." 


Frustrated with himself, Sydney reluctantly show her Emma. 


* The knight was sleep, Regina noticed she was nude. * 


This definitely made her notice Emma. the knight's nude-ness wasn't the only thing Regina noticed. turning over onto her stomach Emma showed off how muscular she was. Regina had told Sydney it was enough. he too wondered what his queen had in store for the knight. climbing into bed Regina sighed thinking of Daniel like she had been over The past years she finally fell asleep. 


Next Morning...... 


While a sleep Emma had woken up. the sun had not set and this meant she had time to use her plan. Regina's two servants she assigned to her went on her morning schedule. That meant they would be up early. clock work is what Emma called a knock came and they came in. this time when the door opened the knight rushed right past them wearing Her night tunic and pants she took off running down the hall a few guards her the commotion turned the corner. 


" Stop sir Swan, the queen commands it, 

We don't want to hurt you." 


Emma turned back and ran again. one thing she never forgot to grab while ran was her trusty sword. unsheathing it Emma fought two of Regina's knight's including a familiar. The sound of swords had clashed. Regina was a sleep when a loud knock came upon her heavy door. groaning she got her silk robe and threw her hand making the chamber Doors open with a sneer a knight watched as his queen walked out. 


" What do you want?" 


Buckley nervously bowed first. 


" My queen sorry, but it's your guest." 


Regina changed before his eyes. 


" How far is she?, and why haven't you stopped her, 

she has no magic, it should not be this hard to get her

This is the 3rd time." 


A few of her knights ran by her. Regina became angry and followed her main guard to where Emma was. clearly there was shouting and and a flash of metal which was swords. Emma was ruffed and filthy too. a torn tunic and busted lip Regina watched as the blonde knight fought. one of Buckley's right hands came up behind her and kicked Emma Behind the knee's making her drop some. 


Regina threw hand up, freezing her guards again. 


" Enough of this, Sir Swan give up,

I don't want you dead, but they will kill you,

Surrender and go back." 


Turning Emma threw her sword. zipping past the brunette's face it barely missed her and that surprised her. Regina surprised tightened the cuff on Emma's wrist she cried out. Dropping her sword so quickly. with the guards unfrozen rushed over and made the young knight fall down. wanting to know what to do next they waited for their Queen's next Command Regina looked into Emma's eyes. 


" The dungeon, let her stay there,

gives her a few days." 


So that's exactly where she went. Emma was chained to the wall easily her chains were able to be retracted. sighing she was a knight and like anyone of them she had dignity. Emma heard the dungeon doors. putting her head up she thought it was Regina but this time it wasn't her. Buckley with a sneer opened the doors walked right in where the Knight was and got in her face. 


" You are so lucky, we can't hurt you,

if you were regular, The queen would have

had you hanging upside down by now." 


A bowl of gruel was slid to her. Emma said nothing as she watched the him as he undid her chains himself. two rings where the chains were on her wrist had left some marks. Emma rubbed them a little bit. Buckley smirked a little seeing the redness where the chains had been tight. leaving the dungeon he locked her back in and went to meet back Up with Regina. 


Tired she ate some of the gruel. to Emma it seemed as if Regina was trying to break her from her ownself. it had been eventually two days and on the third day Regina came by. A few guards had escorted her. a few dungeon doors were opened and some prisoners were made to bow. naturally they came to a stop to Emma's cell the knight was currently Doing chin up's with the upper bars that is until one of the black knights yanked her down. 


" No more of those, greet the queen,

Bow before her grace." 


Emma rubbed her hands. 


" I don't bow, and definitely not to her, 

What do you want Regina?" 


One knight was ready to strike. 


" Do not touch, pick sir Swan up,

place her in the guest Chambers." 


Emma wondered where Graham was. the knights did as asked and escorted the former princess with them. the guest chambers were the same one's Emma had been in before. This time they threw her in Roughly. She heard them lock the door Emma sighed knowing she needed rest. first thing was first she needed to bathe as well and so Emma went To where the large tub like barrel was and waited until the warm got heated before sliding off her clothes. Groaning Emma slid further into the bed letting the effects of the Warm waters encase her entire body. 


Un-aware she was being watched again. 


Regina undid the mirror's magic again. hoping the knight learned her lesson and would hopefully join her. besides her body Regina needed Emma for far more greater things. Mrs. Lane walked inside the chambers. being a servant she waited until the Queen acknowledge her again. eventually Regina did she was told that a few of the villagers had Been waiting to speak with her. 


" I shall be down, you are dismissed,

No one is to speak to them except me." 


Mrs. Lane nodded her head. 


Meanwhile Emma had finished bathing. a few of Regina's maidens knocked on the door waiting for her. sighing she told them to come having a towel wrapped around her body. One of the maidens was staring at her. none of Regina's maiden's were blind to see how toned she was. flexing without flexing Emma reached for the clothes that had been Given to her a few tunic's in different colors along with pants. 


" The queen picked them, she said for your comfort,

And to meet her right now, you are to be escorted to the

Thrown room." 


Emma said nothing, the maidens then left. 


* Thrown Room * 


Regina was sitting and listening also. some of the villagers were asking if they could move their crops soon. All royal's had a adviser and so did Regina his name was Benjamin. The man stood not too far from her. after a few numbers were rounded Regina granted them to move early. sadly it wasn't without a price it meant that someone would be Coming around to collect twice as much as they were paying before. 


" But your majesty, we cannot afford that,

My wife is real ill, please allow us to keep the

same price." 


Benjamin stepped in front. 


" Your queen declines, if you cannot pay,

Then there's no move, Guards escort him away,

We have other's waiting." 


Meanwhile Emma had been listening too. walking into the thrown room a few villagers recognized her also. some of them bowed as they knew she was a knight and royalty too. She never liked it whenever they bowed. Emma took their arms making them stand up she told them not to. hearing a throat clear everyone faced Regina who removed herself From her thrown making her way to where the blonde was. 


" All you leave us, I wish to talk privately, 

Make sure no one else enters." 


The guards nodded in acknowledgement.  


" You clean up nicely, finally come to apologize,

Or are you escaping again?, I should have you 

Beheaded but i'm not." 


Emma's eyes remained on the brunette. 


" What happened Regina?, you weren't like this before, 

Did my grandfather do this, or was this all your mother

She did a number on you." 


Emma felt her cuff burn. 


" I am the queen, you will address me as so, 

I owe no explanation, but since you must ask

It's a little bit of both your grandfather was ruthless

sadly my mother was a little worse." 


The burning did stop. 


Regina's explanation made Emma mad. over the past years she had been thinking of ways to kill the old man. she knew Regina wouldn't tell more of what her grandfather did. She was glad the old man had passed. this time Emma got the chance to really look at the beautiful brunette. Emma had definitely grew up but so did Regina she had matured Into the most beautiful woman that Emma had ever did see her everything about her spoke Regal Regina only wore the most expensive silks and gowns some that showed more Cleavage than anything else but what caught Emma's eye really was the scar she noticed on her upper lip something she had not seen before. 


" Why am I here?, I was requested to come,

what do you need, do I have to apologize for

What happened a few days ago or for beating

your knights." 


Regina smirked at her. 


" Tell me this, If you were free,

Where would you go?, did you not Emma

Renounce your crown before you became a 



 Emma had thought about it a lot lately. there was only one person she missed right now and that was her brother. she was wondering what Regina angle was at this moment. She also wondered where Graham was. keeping an eye on the brunette she watched as Regina had walked around. being circled like prey to a predator Regina then came to a Stop right in front of the gorgeous yet masculine blonde. 


" So lone knight, I have a proposition,

one you can't deny, I have a place beside

me that needs to be filled and I have requested



Emma scoffed a little. 


" Wait....Wait..., you want me Regina,

a personal guard, what happened to Graham? 

wasn't he your personal knight." 


Regina began to walk away. 


" Think about it, I won't be kept waiting, 

and Swan listen to me, do not try to run again

My knights have my orders." 


Emma was left there to wait. 


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Regina's left Emma to think, Emma is definitely going to think about it. 

do not worry she's not giving in that easy and of course she is wondering what happened to her friend

and I will get into more detail about that and leopold in the next few chapters.....and naturally Emma has not forgotten what Regina had said to her when she had first seen  the brunette with Daniel 


Chapter Text


Emma was practicing her skills. a lonely part of the queens castle she had a straw dummy made for sparring. the young knight pulled her sword from her back and swung hard. She gripped the golden handle. like that with one swift thrash of her sword the dummy she had came down. straw was everywhere the young knight laughed rolling her left Shoulder while twirling her heavy sword. 


" Not bad, not bad at all Swan." 


Emma said to herself. 


 The lone knight left the area. sweaty and a little sore she decided to head into her bedchamber for a bath. on que a few of Regina's hand maiden's came walking in with towel's. More like thin layers of cloth. undressed Emma showed off just what training to become a knight had Did. the knight's body was un-imaginable Emma was at her perfect prime at Least that's what some of Regina's maidens whisper whenever they leave the bed chambers Emma's shoulders and back muscles made any woman in her vicinity quiver.  


Em slid into the water. 


" You all can leave." 


With bowed heads, the blushing maiden's left. 


~~~~~~ Other Part Of The Castle ~~~~~~~~~~


Emma was being watched now. unbeknownst to the young blonde it was Regina was watching her now. the queen could not deny that Emma definitely had a body made by god. She watched the knight bathe. raising an eyebrow she watched Emma take the cloth and clean all over. Emma stood up to clean her not so small friend and Regina definitely got A look at how perfectly challenged the lone knight was she could make 8 grown men feel shame. 


" My queen, sha'll i continue?" 


The mirror spoke. 


" That's all Sydney. i need not watch no more." 


Regina had bathed and changed. another day another group of peasants waiting to speak to the Queen. dressed in her usual form fitting dress Regina walked over to her seat. One of her knights stood by her. River's was his name he and of course Berkeley were her main knights. one by one each villager came walking in asking their Questions some Were about crop growth other's about building on new land eventually one man was dragged in. 


" Please i'm sorry, i did not know it was hers,

I was not stealing, please i beg of you do not

Kill me." 


The limping man bowed." 


Regina raised up a little. 


" Sorry my Queen, this peasant was stealing,

He said he wasn't, a informant had caught him

We leave him in your mercy." 


Emma had finished getting dressed. rummaging through the wardrobe she eventually found all the tunics. walking down the hall Emma heard what sounded like a man begging. She got closer onto the large doors. The door ajar she peeped in to see the same man pleading to Regina. eyes rolled and silently slinking in Emma hid behind a piece of wood That was standing up all while listening to the poor man. 


" Do not beg. I despise beggars really,

you may rise, now what is it that you

tried to steal from me?" 


The older man gulped. 


" It's for my wife. we needed new bedding,

She's due soon, i just grabbed some cloth

enough to make our hut a little warmer." 


Moving off her thrown, she walked over to him. 


" Please my Queen." 


Emma came out of her hiding area. knowing exactly what Regina wanted to the man she stood right in front of him. a few knights including Rivers were ready to defend Regina. She raised a hand they all stopped. Swan was definitely a challenge one that Regina said she would conquer herself. per usual Rivers and the other guards had gotten dismissed Leaving their Queen with the Lone knight. 


Emma had her back turned. 


" Run away, take your family and leave." 


The older man thanked her again. Emma watched the man run out quickly she then felt her bracelet begin to burn. looking over her shoulder she saw fire in Regina's eyes now. Groaning she also began to kneel. Regina was furious as to the disrespect Emma showed her she walked up to her. a few minutes later Emma felt the burning stop she got up But kept her eyes on the Dark kingdom Queen. 


" You know Swan. not many people tolerate disrespect,

I am one of them, also you still haven't given me an

Answer from what i asked you last time." 


Emma stood to her full height. walking away she could see and feel how frustrated she made the Queen/Regina. saddling up Abe Emma decided a ride into town was needed. Regina stood by and watched. frustrated she turned from the balcony and went searching in her mothers books. hearing a noise she turned to see the same green devil she Had Seen years ago Rumpelstiltskin. 


" What do you want?" 


Rumple just giggled. 


" I need nothing. I'm here to help you, 

looking for a spell? answer this for me,

what do you need out of your mother's

Spell book?" 


Regina moved from the book. 


" If you must know. I need a specific spell,

one i know she has, for some reason i can't

find it nor read it." 


Snapping his fingers, Rumple had the book now. 


" Hmm complicated sure. Impossible not for me,

The real question dear, why do you need this spell

who are you spying on?" 


Regina moved to her mirror. 


Waving her hand the mirror shimmered. Rumple turned and listened to a familiar voice one he listened to before. Emma made it to the village market greeting all the villagers. Rumple saw a few women flirt with her. his attention went back to Regina who looked on as Emma was smirking. throwing her hand up the mirror went back to normal and Regina faced the green goblin once more. 


" Spying on her?, you want to spy on Swan,

I like that plan, only i'm warning you Regina

I cannot do the spell only you can and once you

do there will be no powers to protect you." 


Grabbing the book, Regina then stepped back. 


" Get on with it." 


Regina stood in front of her large mirror. raising her hand she looked at the book and spoke the first few incantations. truly like magic Regina's feature's had changed quickly. She gasped loudly at her own Reflection. standing in front of her was no longer a queen but a beautiful young woman. fair skinned Regina smooth her hands down her body on The top of her head stood her hair that was thick and like dreads her face had some dirt to it also. 


She turned back to Rumple. 


" Remember Regina, be careful you are magic-less." 


~~~~~~ Meanwhile the village market ~~~~~~~~~~


 Emma had purchased a few things. a few villagers knew who the lone knight was and others were learning about her. sword on her hip Emma decided to head to the Tavern. The haunted Tavern was the name. inside there were a few drinkers some included men that had just been Recruited. sitting down Emma looked around for a bit and noticed a Few men laughing and enjoying each other's company. 


A bar maiden walked over. 


" Hi Sir Swan, what can i get you." 


Emma ordered a drink, the maiden came back. 


Regina had made into the village. a scarf was wrapped tightly around her neck she wore rags she also looked about. Regina came upon the same tavern Emma currently was in. Walking in she took her scarf off. a few men stopped what they were doing to turn and pay attention to the Woman. nervously she walked through the tavern and walked over To the front she sat down and waited to be served. 


Some men moved, a few sat where she was. 


" Well hello beautiful." 


Leaving the tavern she explored. one thing she failed to notice was that a few of her guards were following her now. Berkeley had been the first to notice the beautiful woman. Regina looked at different items. unbeknownst to her Berkeley and the other knights had been watching her closely. not too long After Emma had left the tavern as well she Finished walking around the market when she noticed the other knights. 


Regina began walking, she sneered at the villagers. 


" Long ways from home. it get's dangerous out here,

you need a male escort, someone strong and tall like

us to guide you back." 


Turning She scoffed. 


" Believe I do not. what i need is quietness,

so you can leave, I am not even interested,

especially in a Neanderthal knight."


Berkeley cut her off, blocking her walking path. 


" Your right girl. I am a knight actually,

so show respect, i want you to kneel now

or face consequences." 


Regina began to walk away. 


Berkeley became enraged right now. unsheathing his sword he signaled for the other men to block her escape. Regina went to walk away but found that her path was blocked.  She noticed a few of them got close. Regina went to push through the men when she felt herself being pushed. Rivers like Berkeley made his move and climbed on top of the Unfamiliar brunette Regina used her nails to scratch his face. 


" Crazy bitch, she just scratched me." 


Regina tried to run, she tried to fix her hair. 


" Your complete idiots, i am your queen fools,

how dare you touch me, I will have all your heads

for this." 


The men look confused, they then laughed loudly. 


" Slit her throat." 


River swung his sword, another got in the way. 


Emma stood right over the brunette. Her sword was unsheathed and was now clashing with River's right now. without Regina around the knight's knew they could do whatever. Another knight ran straight for Her. flipping River's sword she turned and swung hard knocking this one out. Berkeley tackled the blonde knocking Emma off balance they Tussled after a minute Emma punched Berkeley. 


" Enough of this. the queen will hear of this, 

let's leave them, good luck Swan you know what

your punishment will be." 


Emma looked around for a bit. seeing the knights have left she gently moved the unfamiliar brunette woman. smirking she remembered about her and Grahams hidden spot. Abe snorted seeing his owner. Emma carefully lifted the woman onto her companions back she too climb on. it did not take long Abe came to stop near the enchanted forest Emma picked the mysterious woman up and carried her into the forest. 


She came to a stop to a trunk. more so it was a hollowed out trunk that Emma had called home years ago. There were a few lights along with a bed she laid the woman down. Abe's saddle had been undid. Emma rolled up her sleeves and began looking for wood to gather for a fire. Regina began to wake up and noticed she wasn't back at her castle She Became nervous she looked around. 


" Where the hell am i?" 


Regina heard a noise, a small knife is what she had. 


" Who is out there." 


Emma walked in, a sharp pain is all she recognized. 


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Chapter Text



Emma felt a sharp pain. 


Turning slowly she looked up. The mysterious brunette with wide eyes stood back while shaking a little. Emma groaned and went against the dirt wall before she looked again. A small knife had been used.  deep breath's the lone Knight took hold of the hilt hissing while doing so. She watched the brunette pay attention to her slowly Emma twisted and Pulled the weapon out of her left shoulder. 


" Appreciate the thanks." 


Blood began to soak her tunic. Regina rushed over and handed the knight a white cloth she had found. Em's with a bloodied hand reached for it and placed it behind the wound. She asked her for a sewing kit. knowing what Emma meant Regina began to search for that such thing. not long after they found a thread and needle being unable to stitch herself Emma handed the thread and needle to the woman. 


" I don't kno...." 


Regina didn't finish.


" I'll coach you." 


Emma had untied her tunic. blushing Regina looked away for a moment not before seeing a few muscles. luckily for them Emma's hide out had a bed Regina said it was not soft. Honestly Emma cared Less. climbing onto the bed Emma's back muscle's came into Regina's line of view. a breath was heard but had gone unnoticed for the moment she Handed the mysterious woman/Regina the needle and thread. 


" What's tis for?" 


Regina heard Emma groan. 


" You are to stitch. First take that candle over there,

Burn the needle tip, slowly thread the needle slowly

Then come back to me when you've done that." 


Rolling her eyes Regina did so. something such as sewing was not what a mother like Cora had taught them. growing impatient Emma got up and saw the woman trying a little. The lone knight had gotten up. Regina jumped a little when Emma had forcefully snatched both items Away. like magic she came back with the needle threaded and took ahold Of Regina's hand showing her where to start stitching. 


She began to stitch. 


Emma then went to the mirror. a small mirror was sitting up against the dirt walls she then turned her back. Regina definitely could not take her eyes off of Emma's large back. Regina went to say something. A horn was blown in the distance it meant that the Queen was coming back. Emma reached for her tunic and began to re-tie it what she failed to Know is Regina/the Queen was currently standing before her. 


" What was that?" 


Emma went to get her sword. 


" It's the knights, Regina's coming back today." 


Regina pretended to be shocked. 


" Who is Regina?" 


Emma gave the mysterious woman a smirk. 


" The Evil Queen of course." 


Before Emma could leave, Regina then stopped her. 


" Such formality, isn't she the Queen?" 


 Emma knew she was needed back. Regina went to leave but noticed the blonde walking towards her very slowly. The lone knight began to gather up most of her own supplies. She then handed the woman some. a raised eyebrow is all Regina gave her until Emma told her should stay here. clothes on Emma waited until the coast was clear and decided To leave the mysterious woman but not before she turned back and asked her name. 


Regina had to think. 


" It's Lola Reign." 


Emma then walked over calling Abe. looking back she then took off back to the Castle to await her punishment. Regina waited and then concentrated using her magic to leave. And like magic she had reappeared. Assuming Emma had not made back she quickly changed into a new dress. Abe came to a stop at the castle gates two of Regina's guards Bowed and let the younger knight pass. 


Quickly Emma was descended upon. Regina changed and looking regal as ever was approached by her knights. Emma was being dragged to where Regina currently was sitting. As usual one knight was behind her. coming into view Emma saw that once again Regina was looking beautiful. a throat was cleared and like always Emma did not bow to their Queen she was hit behind her knee's. 


" Leave us." 


Emma watched her leave her thrown. 


" Am I in trouble?" 


Regina stood in front of the blonde. flick of the wrist and both women then disappeared into her bed chambers. Emma groaned a little because her stitches were a little sore. She watched the Queen walk about. Regina wearing one her skin tight dresses moved around the young woman. Em raised a brow and felt a soft hand make it's way around her Shoulders. 


The Queen came back around. 


" You aren't Swan, you've been inquired about." 


This made Emma face her again. 


" Inquired Regina?, What does that mean?" 


Emma followed Regina's every move. Currently she went to sit down at the velvet chair that was at her fireplace. silence is all that was heard until a loud knock had been heard. One of her servants came walking in. Emma saw how nervous he was and that he was holding a few Scrolls also. Regina sat up the old man kneeled and handed his Queen the Scrolls she then dismissed him. 


Emma turned back to Regina. 


" Do I need to leave?" 


This made Regina look up. 


" There's no need." 


Regina sauntered back over to her. 


" It's nothing of importance." 


~~~~~~~~ Two Days Later ~~~~~~~~~ 


Emma learned why she was inquired. Midas or King Midas had learned that Regina was in possession of Emma. The old king wanted to see what the lone Knight could really do. Regina said she'd only allow it Once. most kingdoms there would have been a trade off something worth Value. of course Emma trained relentlessly Berkeley was put up to the Task Emma wearing the Cuff could not do what she really wanted to do to him with it on. 


" Your'e fast this time." 


Regina hadn't punished him yet. 


She watched Emma swing her sword. Berkeley tried as he may could not keep up with the moves she was using. breathing heavily Emma asked for a break and it was Granted. Emma's shoulder had began to heal. Regina told her to rest as she would need her strength for their long travel. Emma decided she needed to make sure Lola was doing alright Using a skill she learned Emma secured a hawk and wrote out a note for the brunette off the bird went. 


Another day or two.....


The Queen's carriage was ready to go. Emma wearing her new tunic stood by and waited for Regina to hurry up. both women climbed in and headed to the Midas old Kingdom. Their trip was finally coming to a end. upon arrival a few villagers recognized Emma she was the savior after all. Regina as regal as she always is walked past them heading into The kings castle. 


The Nobleman greeted them. 


"  Queen Regina, always a pleasure." 


He kissed her hand, then turned to Emma. 


Little Emma Swan, all grown up i see." 


Emma greeted him with a smile. 


" Please follow me." 


They did as asked. 


 Midas had a feast laid out already. Emma's stomach growled and naturally she had gotten hungry on their journey. the table basically had everything that they could imagine. Emma reached for all of it actually. Regina had wondered how she ate like five grown men but had a amazing body. Shaking her head she rid herself of the thoughts of Emma's muscles. 


Emma was allowed to rest. 


I need my demonstration."  


Emma was currently changing. Midas daughter Kathryn heard that her father had the Evil queen there and a knight. a hand maiden walking past whispered to another maiden. Kathryn then listened to them. one of them said where the lone knight currently was and so she went to greet her. Emma's back muscles like before greeted the blonde woman That is until she cleared her throat. 


" My my Sir Swan." 


Emma turned suddenly. 


" You scared me." 


Kathryn closed the door. 


" Not this again, listen princess I can't." 


Kat laughed some, she then sat down. 


" Relax blondie, you aren't my type." 


Emma let out a sigh.


" Your cute, but I don't do that." 


She pointed to Emma's muscles. 


Kathryn and Emma began to talk. Emma then learned that Kat was once engaged to be married to her father/charming. shocked is all she could be as her parents said nothing. It was time for Emma to practice. Kat followed behind two of her guards as they escorted Emma currently to their king. Midas sat upon a makeshift thrown next to him sat Regina of course waiting for this demonstration to begin. 


" Sir Swan is entering." 


Emma heard a man yell. 


" You are to spar, King Fredrick has a young knight,

fit and unbeaten, King Midas wants to see if you Swan

can hold up the reputation that you have and what everyone

Has heard about you." 


The other king's knight came out. Emma saw that he was geared up with a shield of course a wooden sword of his own. Her sword was taken and she got a wooden one as well. Emma twirled her's testing it Out. They came upon each other he was the first to swing and Emma naturally ducked out. dust kicked up as she dodged all the moves he was Giving her smirking it was her turn wearing her cuff Emma knew she'd have to use her sword kills for this one. 


 Emma blocked the guys swing. Midas watched  the lone knight dodge king Fredrick man he saw her take a hard punch. Emma waited for him to swing his wooden sword again. This time she swung her's too. Regina had been watching the demonstration as well she saw how Emma's arm's bulged. bruised and a little sore Midas waited for Emma to Finish him but she did not Emma moved away breathing heavily. 


Very good Sir Swan, very good indeed." 


A nurse escorted the blonde. 


Regina followed closely behind. 


" Will you excuse us?" 


Regina asked, the woman bowed and left them. 


" You need a better salve." 


Emma looked up, seeing Regina standing in the tent. 


" I'll be alright, It's a few bruises." 


 Regina and Emma stayed another day. morning after the Queen's carriage was outside waiting Emma then followed her. Midas for trade sent Regina away some gold treasures. Regina and Kat had talked for a while. The blonde woman had winked at the blonde Knight before turning back Around. Emma wondered what the brunette Queen and the Princess would be talking about. 


They finally made it back. 


She was ready to relax, Emma wanted to see Lola. 


" Where are you going?" 


Emma heard Regina say. 


" To see a acquaintance."


She told her to rest, that acquaintance wasn't going anywhere. 


" You can visit them tomorrow." 


 Emma agreed to it, leaving to bathe in her chambers. 


Aaaaannnddd done Oh boy Emma's made a friend for now, Regina/Lola definitely will have to keep tabs on the blonde



Chapter Text


Emma laid awake just thinking. 


Sighing the princess/Knight couldn't sleep. turning over of course She still felt the cold metal from the magical bracelet. Emma Wondered what Regina really wanted with Her. The Midas thing had got her real confused. Stiff and sore Emma was going to go get dressed in order to meet with Lola. knowing about a healing lake close by Emma gathered a Few items and jumped onto Abe going to go soak herself. 


She hoped Regina wasn't up. 


At the lake Emma saw the crystal blue water. hitching up Abe she walked over to the ledge and threw her stuff down. Emma began to untie her pants and un-do her tunic Also. Naked as the day she was born she Jumped. Abe began to neigh trying to break free from the branch he was tied To. Eventually she resurfaced taking in a deep breath her hair Was slicked back from the water and it was a little darker. 


" I'm here boy, I gotta dry off first." 


Emma and Abe headed back to the Castle. In her bedchambers Emma got naked once again but a knock then came. Walking in one of Regina's men Said she was Requested. Sighing she knew exactly who wanted her. Dismissed she then turned her back and went with a neutral color Tunic. Dressed and irritated Emma sighed and left the Bedchambers Heading towards Regina's. 


* The black knight knocked * 


It Is open, come in now." 


The man stood aside and let Emma go in. Regina was perched on a long lounging couch staring straight into a fire. Emma couldn't help but notice the outfit the brunette wore. Regina noticed the way Emma stared too. She picked this dress on purpose it was velvet form fitting and deep Red. Emma heard the large doors close back and so she and the Evil Queen were alone. 


" What is it Regina?" 


She saw Regina slide off the lounge slowly. Emma kept her eyes on the brunette not sure what she was up to yet. The height difference was always evident as Regina looked up. Emma wondered what the woman Wanted. She handed the former princess a gold letter sent from both her folks. It was more so an invitation her brother was turning ten years Old so they were having a royal feast for celebration.  


Emma handed it back. 


" Are you not attending?" 


Emma did not know everything about her. On that faithful day Emma remembered what Regina had said to her. Daniel was her choice and she was not interested in the Knight. She decided to keep her heart locked Up. Emma was conflicted she hadn't seen her parents since the last Time. She did not know all that had happened between Regina and her Grandfather she wondered what happened to Daniel. 


" I miss my brother, but my parents i careless of.

I am conflicted now, why are you asking are you

Going to attend? didn't think you would." 


Regina sauntered Closer. 


" You don't know me." 


She definitely missed her little brother. No matter how she feels about Snow and Charming Leo was innocent. Being a former princess who ran away she knew she'd get looks. Basically Emma shrugged off her duty. renouncing the crown had shocked a lot of the White Kingdom village. Doing so also gave Emma what she wanted which was freedom She also could not deal with not having something done to Leopold that is until his death. 


 " So I don't, is this all you wanted?" 


Regina gave a hearty laugh. 


" No Swan it isn't, My proposition is still Open.

I am not patient, & Do not like being kept waiting

Swan you have two weeks to give me an answer." 


She Dismissed the blonde. 


Emma sighed and left the bed chambers. Wondering if Lola had been waiting all morning she jumped on Abe. Coming to a stop Emma whistled lowly trying to get her attention. Lola was busy cleaning up the new spot. Regina had changed into her persona a lot quicker than she liked to. Landing on a table a few items got scattered and so she cleaned It Up acting as if she was tidying up the place. 


Emma touched her shoulder. 


Regina/Lola screamed, she turned and hit Emma. 


" Hey easy it's me." 


Regina Played her part well. 


" You scared me, it's too early for a visit."


Emma told her she needed to get away. Lola saw some of the bruises the Knight had and knew where they came from. Pretending to be shocked she touched both of her arm's. Regina heard the knight explain Them. Emma checking around for a moment reached behind her pulling a Sword Out. The beautiful brunette as the Lone Knight explained it Needed to learn how to defend herself in case Emma wasn't around or couldn't get to her fast enough. 


" I'm no Damsel Swan."  


 Emma Sighed. 


" I know you aren't, Your'e forgetting I am women too.

I am just different, but I'm also well trained so i can take

Down any person that threatens me you on the other hand

Did I not rescue you from three Dark Knights?" 


Regina hadn't forgotten that. 


I hadn't forgotten, Lone Swan I Remember perfectly.

I had it all handled, That is until you showed up...tell me

Does the Queen know you attacked her personal men?" 


Emma wasn't worried about The Queen. 


" No Regina doesn't, Her men hadn't said a word. 

Doesn't shock Me, What male is going to go to Their

Queen and explain to her he was beaten by a woman Once



This interested Regina, She decided to play her part. 


" Tell me this Swan, how can a Knight like you.

Speak with formality, about the Queen and not have

Been already either thrown in her dungeon or hung by

I dunno your neck?


Regina heard Emma's laugh. 


" I was asked that before, I guess cause we go way back.

I've known her for a while, most royals do address each other

With more of a title I...on the other hand do not never liked being

Called princess." 


Emma and Lola talked a little while longer. Being curious the brunette asked what the black and gold cuff was for. She listened to the knight explain that it was for her magic. They then practiced with the gifted Sword. Emma dodged a few swipes as she watched the woman swing it again. Tired Emma was summoned to the village market and so She Left her friend telling her she'd see her later on. 


* Dark Village * 


Per usual the Villagers had recognized her. Emma was bowed at which only made her tell the men to get back up. wanting to know what was up they pulled a woman forward. Emma's eye immediately had gotten huge. The man was accusing the young sandy haired blonde of being a thief. Sir Swan knew who this woman was and paid the merchant Who then said he couldn't take her money. 


Emma asked her to follow her. 


" Sarah?." 


The woman knew the voice. 


" Emma little Emma, Oh it is you right? Emma Swan.

You have grown up, wait your The Savior that everyone

Keeps talking about the one who is a Knight but isn't a Knight

By Knight Standards." 


She saw the Charming Smile. 


" It's me not so little, I mean yes I guess i am.

I don't like that title, Savior you save two villages

& They deem you a savior but hey it sticks I guess I

Have a few names, lone Knight or Sir Swan also." 


They embraced each other for a moment. Sarah pulled back quickly hopefully no one was watching them right now. She told Emma she heard the blonde was with the Queen. Emma told her she wasn't with her at All. She listened to the honey blonde tell about everything that had happened. Looking around she whispered that she had fallen ill after Emma had caught her grandfather going to see a healer she learned she had became with child. 


" So I have an Uncle?" 


Sarah became nervous. 


" Please not so loud, do you know what she'll do.

She can never know, I mean the Evil Queen You and

Your brother are safe but if she knew that the King

Had another Heir." 


Emma had promised not to tell Regina at all. Sarah told the Knight she kind felt bad for the Queen after Emma had left. Wondering what she meant Emma try to get Answers. Sarah told Emma she said too much Already. Seeing the sun change Sarah knew she needed to head home to her child. The lone Knight watched the woman gather everything She had bought from the market and walk along side the roads. 


She heard a throat clear. 


" Please my apologies, You are requested Sir Swan.

Sir Carlisle want's you, He says meet him at the east side

Of the Castle." 


At first she didn't want to go with him. Emma knew if she didn't he would let Carlisle know and soon Regina would too. Making the brunette mad wasn't really on her agenda. Emma ended up meeting with sir Carl. One of the trainers in the Dark Kingdom Carlisle was around when Regina came. Cora had chose him for being ruthless and cunning and He never coddled any of the Knight's that trained at his side. 


Emma whistled at the man. 




" So your Emma Swan, or is it the Savior/Lone Knight.

Former Princess right?, Lover of the same gender as The

And now Consort to the Queen." 


He circled the younger woman. 


" I am Emma you are right, I'm not a Savior maybe a lone Knight.

The princess stuff was right, so was the part where I am the Lover

Of many people...but the Queen's Consort I am not."


The Blacksmith was called over. Emma listened and saw the older man walking over wearing a beige iron apron. Carlisle whispered something to him and he walked to Emma. She had been a little bit Weary. That is until Emma happened to listen and hear Regina's name come from them. The Black Smith took measurements and then left Emma to Look confused. 


Carlisle turned to face her. 


" Any good with a Sword?" 


The evening had moved on quick. Emma had showed Sir Carlisle how good she was of course she was sore also. Rolling her shoulders Emma knew she needed to soak herself. Night time was slowly creeping in. Learning a skill from Her mother Emma had signaled a bird she wrote a Note. Whispering the bird took off right after like it knew where to Take the note She went into her chambers. 


The Queen had made back to hers. One knight bowed and opened her chamber doors he then closed them back. Feeling a little bored Regina called for the same black Knight. There was a new guy in the village. Duke as some people called him had made an impression on the dark Queen. Regina had him summoned to her bed Chambers there was Little to be known about who occupied Regina's chambers but it was known that she used her body as a weapon and also to get what she wanted. 


" Pardon my Queen, I've fetched him for you." 


Duke was lead inside, The doors were closed back. 


" Am I in trouble?, my apologies my queen.

Why am in here?, I've come to make a peace treaty

In replace of my father but we haven't been able to sit



 The Queen had Duke spend the night. 


* One Moon Later * 


Emma hadn't care to see Regina. What she cared about was when would be able to get this cuff off and leave this Castle. Being defiant was Emma's middle and last name also. Regina had wanted her Dressed. Emma wondering what for had not put on the outfit's that were out she was still Naked. The Queen's maiden's blushed as the Lone Knight Stood by window only in the outfit she came in on nothing. 


" My Queen we've tried." 


Emma heard one say, She knew Regina was irritated. 


" Clearly you aren't, must i do everything in here?

You are dismissed, Do not show your face until you

Can do as I ask." 


The maidens bowed, Regina walked back in. 


" Kinda harsh your majesty." 


This made Regina look at her. 


" Must you be difficult?, You know Savior I've been asked, 

Why am I soft on you, Of course I do not have to answer

any questions directed at me while I'm queen unless I'm

The one asking them." 


Emma noticed her looking, She put on some pants. 


" Not difficult Regina, stubborn you know this really.

We grew up together, grant it was for a minute but

You know how defiant i can be and plus you are soft

Most royal's would have been put me in a dungeon Knight

Or not just cause of the way I talk to them..." 


Regina sat down, She then looked into green orbs. 


" You are correct Swan, most royal's definitely would have. 

But I need you Emma, whether you like it or not I want my

Answer sooner rather than later." 


This made Emma sigh. 


" Why Regina tell me that, Why do you need me exactly?

What happened to Graham, I was told he was currently your

Consort working closely beside you." 


Regina moved off said bed, She got into Emma's personal space. 


" You have Skills...Em-ma, Skills other Knights die to have.

As for that simpleton Hunter, I had my use for him and he was

No longer needed and that is the end of that." 


Emma got in her way, brown orbs and Green met in the middle. 


" What did you do Regina?, Where is my friend right now.

He's not on castle grounds, So he's either dead or somewhere

My magic could not reach him. 


Regina gave her a smirk.. 


" I'll find him Regina, if he is dead I'm coming for you.


Emma groaned feeling a searing pain. Regina saw her look around until she looked down at her glowing gold wrist. The cuff was glowing and like Regina said she controlled it. She saw Regina's face change a Little. The pain made her drop down to one knee as Regina in her face with a smirk. Magic dark magic is what was controlling the cuff Emma's Magic was pure good but the Cuff was forged by some powerful beings. 


" Easy....Savior, That's why your not leaving.

I don't like threats, I know you won't act on

Them since you renounced your title...but 

To be safe." 


Emma stopped groaning, She looked up at Regina. 


" What the Hell Regina, how did you get like this? 

You aren't that person, Was it my grandfather your

Mother how does Daniel feel about how you've Changed." 


Those were the last words she spoke. Everything went black groaning Emma opened her eyes and tried to look around. Feeling no chains She moved a bit rubbing both wrists. Emma felt the cuff was now Missing.  A stream of light broke in which gave where some light it looked like a Dungeon. Making it to the door Emma touched it but she was Thrown back a little Emma laughed. 


" Of course Magic right?, She's gone beyond crazy.

Alright Emma focus okay, Remember to breath in & Out

Without this Cuff you gotta regain your magic strength." 


 Emma rolled her wrists around a bit. Once again she tried pushing against the door she heard the door start to creak. One last push and the doors had came off their Hinges. There was a echo from all the Metals. Knowing Regina Emma knew that there was probably some archers just Waiting. Peeping around the castle walls the Lone Knight saw that There wasn't anyone around and so she began her quest to escape again.  


" Hmmmm..." 


Unbeknownst to Emma Regina watched. A few of her Knight's stood aside her she watched the Knight in her Mirror. Ready for any command Regina told them stand down now. Regina felt a presence right next to her. Duke visiting once again crossed his arms and watched Emma run Around. Wanting to impress The Dark Kingdom Queen he readied Himself to capture said lone Knight. 


" Bring her to me, dead or a live Sir Duke.

Do this for me now, and you will be rewarded

Once you've come back." 


Regina gave him a chase kiss.


The young man dressed headed Off. Some of the Dark Knight's were told to join him and so they did as she asked. Emma's magic was coming back She also had her Sword. Hearing voices she went to hide out. Emma tilted her head seeing this blonde imitation coming in with the knights. Sword ready She made sure to peek first and then she Took Off that is until a Arrow zoomed past her.


" You must be crazy." 


Emma faced the assailant. 


" The Queen wants you, She asked me to bring you.

Dead or alive either one, I  will be rewarded graciously

Come Sir Swan...I do not want to hurt you." 


Both blonde's were ready for a fight. Duke brought his sword from behind him and then Emma did the same thing. Not wanting to fight he watched her place her sword down. Before she could he then swung his. The clash of metal was heard Emma had used hers as a shield blocking Duke. Catching her off balance Emma's Sword let out a ring as the Man had swung with such force he tried again she dodged him. 


" Listen whoever you are, I don't want to hurt you Kid.

Whatever She promised you, believe it will not end well

For you I am still royalty."


Duke lifting his sword attacked again. Emma was ready this time swinging her father's sword she cut his thigh. Hearing a cry she looked to see that her sword was now bloody. Meanwhile Regina watched from afar. Duke lowered his weapon a little bit but he was not giving up that easily. With her back turned Emma did not become aware that he was About to deliver a death blow until it was too late she slide her sword behind her and heard his groan. 


Regina had her seized. 


" Come with us Sir Swan..." 


Not wanting to fight anymore again. She did as asked and went back into the castle tired and ready for a nap. The guards were told to take her to her familiar bedchambers. Emma was thrown right back inside. A knock was heard and Regina's maiden's walked in to help her undress. Naked and tired Emma was drawn a warm bath where she soaked And rubbed the dirt, blood and grime off her body. 


" You did so Good." 


Emma cracked an eye open. 


Regina was currently in her bedchambers. Still naked and tired the lone Swan slowly got out the bath nude. Watching as the queen paid close attention to the detail of her self. Emma still remembered what she told her. For someone who chose a man she has been visiting alot Lately. The strings on Emma's night pants were tightened without any Undergarments Regina could make out and clearly see just how well grown up Emma really was. 


" Who was he Regina?, Why'd he come after me.

I mean did i know him, No but he said you sent him

I was this close to leaving and he shows up." 


She heard Regina Hmmm... 


" You were never free, His name was Duke of the Isle.

His father a former king, Yes i did send him to get you

But to also test you to see if you'd do whatever it took."


Emma got off the bed, She got in Regina's face. 


" You played me right?, God i should have known better.

Besides a prince Regina, who was he to you I feel like it's

More to...I do not like being toyed with." 


Regina got closer, pressing herself against the Knight. 


" Neither do I swan, do rest up your leaving soon. 

Leo's coming of age, Oh and Emma...i do not like playing

Games as well...Goodnight Savior." 


........ Queen's Chambers............. 


Regina had been changed, wearing her silk gown to bed. 


Someone knocked on her chamber doors. Irritated she told them enter and they did nervously he walked over. Seeing something in his hand she told him to hand it over to her. Regina saw the handwriting it was Emma. Addressed to Lola it was the note she had the bird deliver days ago. Opening it with magic Regina read what it said it practically was An invite to join her to go to her younger brother's coming of age party. 


" You are dismissed." 


The man bowed, She gave a small smile. 


" This is just perfect." 


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Chapter Text


The Queen was always made a warm bath. Regina stretched and watched her servants nervously prepare her for the day. Gracefully she slid out of bed they grabbed her robes. Breakfast for her was being prepared also. While doing so one of the maiden's told her that Sir Swan had been woken up. With a bow a few of her maiden's left the chambers to Allow their queen to bathe in peace. 


Speaking of said knight Emma was sparing. In the training area a few other knights were trying to freshen up their moves. Standing aside she watched before she then joined. One man asked if he could take the Knight. Given a hard wooden sword he sized up Emma and went straight towards her. Already anticipating his move she stepped aside making Him stumble a few other knights gave off laughter.


" Take it easy, don't want to hurt you." 


The young knight then charged her again. Emma swung her sword blocking his sword he was pushed back he got angry. Emma's calloused hands tightened on her gold sword.   She didn't want to hurt him like the other. Nicklaus was his name a few of his friends came through and cheered him on. The captain stood by and watched the lone Knight do Everything she could to hold back her skills.


" Finish him Swan." 


One swing of her sword and his shattered. Regina watched everything from her balcony while wearing her sheer robe. Arm's crossed her eyes remained watching said knight. Emma re-sheathed her sword looking sad. Nicklaus balled his fist and became angry he decided to tackle the blonde. Immediately he went over her when she ducked and he let Out a scream when she crushed his hand with the heel of her boot. 


One of Regina's maiden's came to get her. Seeing enough Regina had told her maiden to go ahead and get the Knight. Filthy and sweaty Emma had been escorted to the Queen. Regina was waiting again by her fireplace. The doors were closed up and Emma stood stoic keeping an eye on Regina. The beautiful brunette Queen was wearing another tight Dress this one happened to be a very deep purple with a plunging neckline. 


" Your up early Swan, Couldn't sleep last night?" 


Someone was knocking the chamber doors. Regina moved away from the blonde and went to see who was knocking. A young man walked in and gave his Queen a gold note. Regina dismissed him but Emma was there. This time her arm's crossed as she watched the brunette read said note. Regina with a crease in her forehead pushed past the Lone Knight and began to dress in her queenly attire. 


Emma went to grab the note. 


" What is it Regina?


Said brunette ignored her. 


" It is nothing Swan, nothing of your importance. 

I have to leave now, Something of course of a royal

Matter is needed to be attended to i'd say you can

Come but remember Em-ma You renounced your



Emma threw her hands up and left Regina. Seeing the knight leave Regina quickly went down the castle halls with a smirk. Changing into Lola Regina waited until people left. She hoped to beat Emma back at the Spot. Emma rode Abe hard they came to a stop in front of the down tree she got off. Regina heard her walk through the moss and walk Into the room. 


" Emma your sweating, did something happen?" 


Emma tried adjusting herself. 


" Nothing has happened, I mean it has per se.

Did you get my last note?, my little brother is

Coming of age and so he's getting a big party

I'm going of course but i wanted to know if you

Wanted to join me." 


This made her heart flutter. 


" Swan that is sweet, but it would be inappropriate.

We literally just met, and you are the queens knight

Her property wouldn't her knight's tell the Dark Queen

That you've been seen at a royal party with a commoner

Such as myself I heard she's a jealous woman." 


Emma scoffed at her, and then sat down. 


" So what they think, I am not her knight at all.

I do whatever i want, plus i am expected to be 

There besides me renouncing the crown I am

Still of royal blood which means i can attend

With whoever i want besides we're friends." 


Lola/Regina became a little flustered. 


" I don't have anything." 


Emma just smirked at her. 


" Give me a few days." 


Queen Regina was growing tired of Em. With Graham out of the picture she was hoping the young knight take his place. Emma's proven to be still as stubborn as she once was. Over the past week she had a few men. Emma being curious and somewhat a little jealous wondered who they are were. Being half male she definitely had the athletic male Build that made her the knight she was but there was also the testosterone that coursed through her veins along with her female hormones so of course the young Lone blonde Became curious as to who Regina was bedding. 


" The Queen is busy, She's taken the day off.

She's has a guest now, and wishes to be alone

No disturbances not even from you Sir. Swan." 


The dark knight said with destine.  


A few days later Emma was summoned. A king from the Northern hemisphere had asked to meet the known savior/Knight. Emma spared and won the fight she was tired also. Tired she requested a few days of Rest. Regina granted it to her as she had proven herself of worth to yet another old king. The maiden's had prepared her a salt bath Emma Groaned cupping herself as she slid deep into the wooden bath barrel. 


Regina watched from her mirror.  


 " Why do you do this, keep her around my queen?

She's proven worthy, But she's also a reckless woman

Doing whatever she pleases disobeying what you tell

Her any other Knight would be strung up by his toenails

by now Why Swan." 


Regina became infuriated. 


" Do not question me, I am the Queen remember it." 


 Her brother's party had officially arrived. Emma was being dressed more so she was given outfits by the hand maidens. A few of them were tunic's that represented the Queen. Regina loved her black's and also purple. The young lone knight pulled the tight collar away from her neck it was Tight. Some of the hand maiden's couldn't help but watch the Blonde's muscles and back stretch whenever she tried on another outfit. 


 Emma had chosen a neutral tunic color. The cuff she wore had been taken off as Regina didn't want to people to stare. She was excited to see Leo she wondered if he was big. She had sent Lola the few little dresses. Sadly the beautiful woman told she could not go with her so Regina was going. The queen's mirror Sidney had asked Regina if she Thought it was wise for her to go without. 


" Are you sure my Queen?" 


Regina became impatient. 


" Prepare the carriage, this conversation is over Sidney.

I am not worried now, Swan know's better if she tries

Anything Where will she go renouncing yourself from

The crown you've basically turned your back on your'e 



She summoned for Emma. 


They were leaving in a few minutes. A nervous hand-maiden knocked on the chamber door calling out for Emma. The young blonde adjusted her pants and opened the doors. The young maiden stared at Emma. She walked out to the corridor and saw some of her knight's they were angry. Regina herself was already in the carriage she spotted Emma As soon as she walked out the lone Knight looked good Emma climbed in. 


" Bout time Swan." 


Emma's heart had jumped a little. Seeing Regina with that dress was doing things to her but she restrained herself. The carriage driver closed the door and jumped on top of it. They both felt the carriage move. Emma looked outside of the small window not wanting to face Regina right Now. Eventually she'd have to meet the brunette beauty eye to eye Since it would a day before they got to her former home. 


 " Get comfortable Swan, we have one day to go.

Do not get too relaxed, my Knights followed us

Anything happens they have my orders."


The blonde said nothing to her. Their stop came sooner than she thought Emma felt all fives horse slowing down. Carriage doors opened and Regina was the first escorted out. Groaning Emma got out herself. The carriage driver bowed to his queen and told her they'd spend the night Here. Emma looked around and saw that it was a cabin like house With a smaller space next to it. 


" It will do for now, Swan your quarters are there.

I need my rest also, There is to be no disturbances

Keep yourself in line." 


Emma looked around for a bit. Regina's sleeping quarters had a bed and what looked like a kitchen with supplies. With a sigh she walked into hers and same the same thing. Outside was the bathing Area. Emma groaned again and began to undress in order to bathe Regina was watching. Emma's back was turned but she could make out every Muscle That was apart of the Knight's body. 


" She is magnificent."  


The distance voice giggled. 


Regina knew exactly who it was. A older blonde woman was in the cabin with Regina she carried a staff with her. Maleficent is her name and she was an old friend to Regina. They met half way and Hugged. Pulling away Regina raised an eyebrow at her old friend seeing her new Clothes. Mal twirled showing off her horns and the boot's she was Sporting out of the corner of her eye she looked at Emma again. 


" I heard the rumors,about you having a Swan.

Had to see it myself, didn't realize it was Her

She's grown up very nice...very nice indeed

Question why do you have her?" 


Regina stood next to her friend. She explained to Mal how she got the former princess/knight into her grasp. With a smirk Mal knew it had to be something else to the story. The mistress of evil circled Her. Outside the cottage window's she watched the knight who would sleep nude. With a flick of her wrist Maleficent had a mirror appear in her hand And it so happens it was a magical one the smoke disappeared and Emma's image came up. 


" She's grown a lot." 


Regina knew her friend.


 " Enough about Swan, why are you really here?" 


Mal looked back up at her friend. Regina and the former dragon talked for what felt like hours she became tired. Mal put the hand held mirror down leaving it for Regina also. The former dragon left the cabin. Emma meanwhile was trying to fall asleep one arm behind her she just sighed. That morning Regina was up breakfast was made for her and She then asked for Emma to be up and readied to go. 


The knight's said she was gone. A few were ready to go search but their Queen told them she would do it herself. Back in the cabin Regina grabbed her new enchanted mirror. Using magic the mirror glowed. The mirror shimmered and began to clear up Regina looked closely and saw her. As usual Emma alone this time stretched and removed her Pants and tunic she was naked what came into view made the queen blush Emma's friend was laying against her thigh. 


" Of course she used a lake." 


Emma dove right in the lake. The knight popped up and pushed through the water making into the middle of it. Regina watched as muscular arms came up Emma took a bath. The lone knight swam back. Climbing out of the filthy lake Emma breathing hard every breath her ab's Showed. Naked and starting to get cold Emma a little dry now reached For her clothes and headed back to where Regina was. 


Regina changed the mirror. Another knight knocked and announced that Swan had returned she went to her. Emma was just about to the second when purple smoke appeared. Not just any smoke magic. Regina leaned on the doorway wearing a custom made dress Emma said nothing. Said knight went to question the younger Knight when his Queen Put a hand up silencing him. 


" Where were you Swan?" 


Emma stood up, reaching her full height. 


" I went to bathe Regina, most of your men know this. 

I like to bathe in lakes, sorry if you weren't informed

but it's not my fault." 


She said with a smirk. 


" I'd be careful Swan, I don't like arrogance at all.

Do not test me also, get ready we are leaving now

The carriage driver is waiting." 


Emma sighed gathering her belongings. The driver like before greeted Regina first and then Emma as well. Eventually they made it to the White Kingdom Emma had looked out. A few villagers looked up to see Emma. Castle gate's opened up and Emma watched the guards get Ready. Her parent's personal guard came walking down and stood stoic Waiting for the carriage door to open. 


 " Greetings Queen Regina, and is that princess Emma?

Please would you follow me, the queen and king will

Want to know you are here." 


Regina was helped out the carriage first. Emma slowly but surely dropped out after her she followed him. Emma noticed a few of her parent's servant's began to whisper also. Some them kept an eye on the Princess. Coming to a complete halt Emma crashed into a few of the men. The door's opened and immediately saw the decorations bringing back Memories that is until she heard her voice. 


" Regina your here early?" 


Snow said while walking to Regina. Stopping mid walk she noticed a young blonde standing next to her. The short haired woman moved in closer squinting to see her face. Emma happened to turn her head. Immediately Snow gasped recognizing who the woman was she cried. Snow rushed over and stood in front of her Daughter Emma had grown A lot as she was taller than her own mother. 


" Emma is that you?, Oh my sweet sweet Emma. 

It is you oh my Em, your'e here and your also

All grown up Emma....Quickly 


 Charming hearing his wife came in. He too stopped in his tracks after seeing the familiar blonde woman. Looking at his wife Charming raced right over to his oldest child. Neither parent knew what was next. Before either could say anything a much younger blonde male ran in. Little prince Leo looking for his parents raced into the room and saw His older sister he took off towards her. 


" Emma....Emma your here, Ma & papa said you wouldn't.

Seen how big i've grown up, are you going to stay for the

Party Emma please say you are." 


Emma hugged her brother. 


" Of course Leo, I would not miss this." 


They all have dinner together tonight. Their sleeping arrangements were given Emma and Regina had theirs. Next door to each other Emma was peeking right out the window. Emma not tired went to walk Around. The castle ground's were just as she remembered she felt eyes on her. Turning a few of the handmaiden's were standing back watching The knight she gave a little smirk. 


The lone knight went looking for Leo. A few pointed where the smaller blonde would be he was practicing. Standing back she watched her brother and another practice duel. She watched Leo doge another strike. The younger boy distracted Leo used that and swung his sword also. Emma clapped signaling that practice had ended Leo dropped his Sword and went racing to his sister. 


 " How was that?" 


Emma smirked a little. 


"'s good, but not as good as me." 


Meanwhile Snow watched them both. Earlier she suggested to Charming they have a pre-party dinner first. Both Leo and Emma saw their mother Leo took off to go hug her. Emma watched her brother hug her. Snow went to wave but decided not to she watched her walk right out. The former princess was stubborn that they knew she was since she Got it from her mother most likely. 


" She'll come around." 


Charming showed up. 


Meanwhile Emma went for a walk. While on said walk she heard talking she ignored it and kept walking. Someone threw something her way turning around she saw the person. It was one of her friend's August. With a smile wide as the fields she took off running towards the man. The two of them collided falling to the dirty ground laughter could be Heard eventually Neal showed up as well. 


" Swan...Swan, Where have you been?" 


She got off the ground. 


" I've been busy." 


The three friends all hugged. She knew that there would be questions but Neal couldn't stop hugging. Emma pushed him off of her which made her fall she got picked right up. They couldn't believe it's her. Pinching herself Emma said it was her she asked if Graham was around. A few face's fell when his name was mentioned and August being the Second oldest had to break the news. 


" Em's Graham's gone, no one has seen him at all.

We know he is dead, a few of us assumed he was

With you but seeing you here and not him only

Confirms what we all feared."


They decided to go have drinks. The leaky tavern is where they were going Emma went to change outfits. Purple smoke appeared in her chambers she knew it was right there. Regina arms crossed faced Her. The brunette Queen dismissed the servant's so she could have the room. Sighing Emma wondered what she wanted the brunette said nothing at First but did circle the knight. 


" Going somewhere Swan?" 


Emma tied her tunic. 


" Yeah i am actually, the leaky tavern your majesty.

Do not wait for me, i'll be back before the rooster

Can crow the sun awake." 


Emma passed the brunette up. All three knight's hoped onto their horses and rode off towards the village. Naturally being protective Charming went against sending his guards. Everyone knew she'd handle it. Leaky Tavern came upon their view after a few miles they decided to race. Emma using the riding skills her father taught her had beat all three Men they were out of breath. 


" So a bet's a bet, all drinks are on Neal." 


Walking inside, things became quiet. 


" Am i going blind, or is that Emma Swan i see.

Your all grown up, Where have you been child

Little Emma not so little." 


Granny said to her, giving the former princess a hug. 


" It's good to see you, I miss you also granny.

Where's aunt Ruby? surely she should be here

I thought she worked during the day?." 


 Someone then whistled. 


Emma faced the doors seeing Ruby. The two embrace as she hadn't seen her god-mother/aunt in a while. Ruby hugged the equally taller blonde tight she would not let her go. Ruby pulled back to look at Emma. Although she had visited Emma when she was little it had a long time. Baby Emma was not a baby anymore she heard all the good things That the lone knight has done and also the other stuff as well. 


" Round of drinks, I missed you little Swan." 


They celebrated for a few more hours. Some of the bar maiden's flirted with Emma and she was loving it. Calling it quits Neal and August were leaving but Emma had company. Said company came home with Emma. Regina heard a commotion and knew it only had to be one knight. Summoning her mirror Regina also called for Sydney who appeared Ready to do whatever his queen asked. 


" Show me Swan." 


Sydney asked her, if she was sure. 


He did as asked the mirror shimmered. Emma was in her bed chambers but she wasn't a lone in them. Regina saw a woman come into view she saw Emma kissing said woman. Emma's tunic was the first to come off. The mysterious woman pushed her down they started Kissing. Emma growled and flipped the woman over the next to go was of course Her pants Regina could clearly see the Knight was aroused. 


" I'm ready Sir Swan." 


There was moaning. 


Morning after the maidens knocked. The Queen's bath was prepared and Regina went to get dressed. The other maiden's went to wake up Knight Swan she was still naked. Emma let the covers fall off her lap. All four women blushed seeing the blonde's impressive erection. Like the Queen's her bath was ready and so Emma walked to where her Bath was being naked she didn't need to undress. 


Some one knocked. 


" Excuse me Sir Swan, I was tis inform you. 

After you've soaked, breakfast will be served

Your parent's insisted you'd join them." 


Emma nodded and finished up. A fresh pair of pants and a tunic were on her bed her guest was gone. Dressed today was her brother's party she left the room to look for Leo. The knight saw Regina as well. Regina was speaking to some of her fellow knight's they then nodded. Before Emma could leave where she was standing Regina stood in front of Her with a smirk. 


" Someone had a goodnight." 


She brushed past Emma. 


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