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The stranger you recognise

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(11:23) Hey babe, wanna come over? Prongs is not home tonight…

(11:28) How tempting this sounds, I guess I’ll have to pass.

(11:29) Aww why not? Prongs can’t interrupt us tonight… ;)


(11:30) I figured that out.  I feel kinda sorry for this Prongs though.

(11:30) Don’t. He’s probably having the time of his life.

(11:31) Yeah, because being cheated on is called ‘having the time of his life’.

 (11:32) WOAH WAIT WHAT? You think Prongs and I are dating???

(11:32) That’s the greatest joke I’ve heard in a long time.

(11:33) You’re not?

(11:33) Of course not! Prongs is my dearly beloved housemate who’s staying all night with his girlfriend who he’s very much in love with. No cheating here!

(11:34) Aww, did Prongs leave you all by yourself?

(11:35) Shut up.

(11:35) But yes, he did.

(11:36) Poor stranger.  All left behind by his ‘dearly beloved housemate’.

(11:36) Hé, don’t use my words against me!

(11:36) Everything you say can and will be used against you ;)

(11:37) Ha ha ha very funny.

(11:37) Anyway, the one I actually wanted to text finally arrived so I’m afraid I’m not the only one who’s going to be left alone.

(11:38) Have fun tiger. Be safe.

(11:38) Woah woah woah. That’s not what we’re going to do!



(10:46) Update: she’s not pregnant.


(12:03) Well hello there stranger-who-keeps-texting-me. That’s good news.

(12:04)  She did beat me with Mario Kart, though.

(12:04) And you’re the one who keeps answering me.

(12:04) That must have hurt you.

(12:05) Of course that hurts. Nobody, I repeat NOBODY, beats me. I’m the Mario Kart champion!

(12:06) Correction: nobody but your girlfriend.

(12:06) Naah, Marls is not my girlfriend. We act like it sometimes, but I’m not stupid enough to hit on her. Dorcas will kill me then.

(12:06) Dorcas?

(12:07) Her girlfriend.


 (13:38) Did I scare you away?


(14:57) I’m sorry! I got my phone taken away! I didn’t mean to ignore you!

(15:03) Not homophobic?

(15:04) I would be really hypocrite then.


(15:04) You want me to say it out loud, don’t you?

(15:05) Maybe

(15:05) Well then, here it is: yes stranger, I like boys too.

(15:05) So, now it’s said. You can leave now.

(15:06) That wasn’t my plan actually. But, you’re a boy then?

(15:06) I wasn’t planning on telling you that, but yes, I am.

(15:07) Work is calling. Goodbye tiger.

(15:07) Talk to you later!


 (19:32) Good evening sunshine

(19:33) Yes?

(19:33) I’ve been thinking…

(19:33) I have no idea about what, but don’t do it.

(19:34) Haha, very clever.

(19:34) But seriously. You’re in my contacts as Random-person-I-texted and that can’t stay there like that.

(19:35) I’m already in your phone?

(19:35) Yeah. Don’t tell me you didn’t add me.

(19:35) I did. You’re ‘Tiger’

(19:36) No, no. I’m not a cat. I’m more a dog-person.

(19:36) I can change it into ‘Poodle’?

(19:37) I assume that means you’re not going to tell me your name?

(19:37) Nope.

(19:37) In that case I’m not going to tell you mine. You can call me Padfoot, though. All my friends call me that.

(19:38) Prongs, Padfoot… Are you in a gang?

(19:38) Hell yes I am! I’m in the worst gang!

(19:38) Naah, just joking. Although my other housemate is Wormtail.

(19:39) Oh dear. Do I want to know the story behind that name?

(19:39)  No.

(19:39) But we have to get you a name too! I can’t continue to keep calling you ‘random stranger’

(19:39) Do you have a nickname?

(19:40) Well…

(19:40) I’m going to regret this, am I?

(19:40) Probably, yes.

(19:41) My friends call me Moony.

(19:41) Well, Moony it is then. Welcome by the Marauders!

(19:41) I have to warn you though. Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

(19:41) He tells me when I’m already in. But really? You named yourself?

(19:42) Of course we named ourselves. What do you think?

(19:43) Why doesn’t this surprise me at all actually?

(19:44) Because I’m that awesome?

(19:44) Hmm, no that’s not the reason.

(19:45) But I’m going to bed. Goodnight Padfoot.

(19:45) Goodnight Moony. Sleep well.