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You'll Thank Me Later, Cas.

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After many years living with the Winchesters, Castiel had been exposed to countless peculiar occasions. However, this action had to take the cake. No matter how many times the angel tried to analyze the situation he found himself in, the calculations never added up. “Dean…” He finally began, tilting his head in confusion.


Here he stood in the middle of a shabby old hotel room between the two Winchester brothers. They held sparkling lights in their hands, taking turns walking around Castiel and placing the said decoration on his wings. Despite his effort and attempts to question their actions, he didn’t get a word in reply. “Dean…” He repeated, hoping to get a reply. However, it seemed like both Sam and Dean were too focused on adjusting the lights on his wings. For a second Cas looked at his huge black wings that were spread wide open. Due to the small size of the motel room, his wings almost touched from wall to wall. However, that didn’t seem to be much of an issue because both Winchesters, primarily Dean, had insisted that it would be ‘worth it’.


“Ah, there. Finished.”


Concluding what seemed like a small century, Dean stood in front of Castiel. He crossed his arms and observed the angel’s wings with a look of sheer amusement. Dean wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead with the back of his palm before looking at his work with admiration. “Look, Sammy, it’s done.”


Sam didn’t look nearly as amused, but he still took a step back to glance at the final product. “Only after we worked our ass off for half of an hour,” He reminded Dean, glancing briefly over at him before walking to the bed. Sam sat down at the foot of the bed, mattress creaking slightly as it adjusted to the added weight. He placed his hands in his lap, looking at Dean as if he was questioning what the other would do next.


“Why did you place these flashing bulbs on my wings?” Castiel asked, glad that this time he was going to get an answer.


“We decided to deck you out for Christmas, ya know?” Dean walked over and patted Castiel’s back right below where his wings sprouted out from his spine.  


A look of confusion rose to Castiel’s face. “Christmas?” He questioned, recalling all the times he had heard mention of it… even though he wasn’t exactly sure WHAT it was. “Why would that induce you with the idea to place lights on me?” He interrogated. He wasn’t angry by any means, just simply confused. There was no way that Dean or Sam would ever try to intentionally harm him, but he wasn’t sure why the lights would exactly benefit him either.


“Wait… are you freaking kidding me, Cas?” Dean’s face reflected his shock and he lifted his hand from the other’s back. He crossed his arms and went over to a nearby wall. Castiel glanced at the wall, the tacky wallpaper matching Dean’s eyes. “How does a million year old angel not know what Christmas is?”


Castiel blinked when he heard the question, not really knowing the answer himself. “I know it is a celebration that humans partake in annually.” He informed the other, assuming that his answer wouldn’t be enough to satisfy Dean.


“Well, actually you’re not wrong.” Dean admitted, with a shrug. The corners of his lips lifted upward slightly with amusement. Then, he glanced over his shoulder at the bed to his left. “Sam, how would you explain Christmas?” He asked his little brother.


A sigh escaped Sam’s lips, and for a few seconds he paused to consider how he would word it. “It is a Celebration, usually you decorate with lights and ornaments and on December 25th you open presents with the people you love.” He shrugged, not really being one in favor of the holiday considering how he never really had a traditional one.


For a few seconds Castiel just nodded. He glanced back at his wings, assuming that Dean was just excited and in Christmas preparation, he decorated Cas in lights.



The next week only got weirder.


Dean had hung up a small green plant above the hotel room’s door, and Sam had brought in a small fake pine tree and placed it in the corner of the room. Castiel had not been informed that shrubbery was part of the celebration. In an attempt to participate, he brought in a few plants that he purchased from a florist. For some reason, the Winchesters just laughed.


Castiel had watched both boys put similar lights on the tree, passing the green line of bulbs back and forth from the bottom to the top of the pine. Then, they put car fresheners and fake IDs (mostly the former being Dean’s cheeky idea) on the tree.


The decorating of the fake tree wasn’t the only weird thing. Even though he had seen Dean showing… affectionate lip to lip attention to strangers before… the accounts had been becoming more frequent. Whenever someone stepped foot into the motel room, mostly young and beautiful maids, Cas watched in silence as Dean seemed to use the shrubbery as an excuse to kiss to them.


It was the twenty second of December, and Cas couldn’t seem to piece all of the weird traditions together. No matter how much he tried, there was no way he could make sense of it all. Fake green plants were all around the room, lights lazily thrown on them.


On the twenty third of December, Castiel noticed something very strange. Gifts were wrapped in newspaper and tucked underneath the tree. When he asked Dean about it, he finally had gotten the explanation that he was desiring. Apparently the gifts that were purchased for another were placed under the tree and wrapped.


Castiel wanted to try it.


And so he did.


It was late on Christmas Eve when Castiel decided to branch out and purchase gifts for the two Winchesters. He didn’t only buy presents, but he had always gotten a few other things. With his angelic abilities, he was able to teleport into the room. Sure enough, both boys were asleep. For a few seconds, he decided to look over them. Dean was on top of his covers in the bed on the right. A smile surfaced on Castiel’s face. It always made him happy to see the other resting. When in his deepest slumber, Dean had soft expressions. Even though he was tempted, Cas didn’t sit down on the unoccupied side of the bed and watch Dean sleep. Instead, he went over to watch Sam. Well, what he could see of Sam. Being completely opposite from his brother, the younger Winchester was tucked into the blankets, a pillow over his head.


Cas turned his head away from to the beds, instead looking at the tree in the corner. The blinking lights illuminated the whole room, walls going from pink to green, and red to yellow as it changed. Sitting down next to it, Cas emptied the contents from the bags. A small ring box, a beer bottle, socks, a book, pie PJs, fuel, and two daggers rolled out of one bag. In the next, a stack of the daily newspaper, lights, and a few supplies such as scissors and tapes fell out.


It didn’t take long for the presents to be wrapped with Castiel’s abilities. After they were all neatly tied up, Castiel shoved the gifts under the tree next to the ones that were already there. Pleased with by how full it looked underneath the tree, the angel stood up.


Next, he unwrapped his lights and within a matter of seconds again, he offered his own hand in decorating the whole room. Instead of the tree being the only thing lit, the windows and the perimeter of the ceiling were as well. Pleased with his work, he went over to the side of Dean’s bed. He carefully sat down on it so that didn’t awake the elder Winchester. Of course, the mattress sunk in with the added weight… but luckily it didn’t creak as well.


“FREAKING, CAS, Stop that… ”


“Hello, Dean.”


“Guys, can you shut up? I was trying to sleep.”


The morning started out like how most mornings did. Dean was off of the bed, being started by Castiel’s presence on his bed. As he stumbled to his feet, blanket wrapped around at his ankles, Dean opened his mouth to start a lecture but before he could even get a word out he stopped. Green eyes examined the room carefully, realizing almost instantly that something was different with the room. It was lit up with more decorations than he had done. “Sam, did you do that?” He pointed to the lights on the ceiling and window.


Sam was getting out of his own bed, stretching and making the blankets up again. He glanced over his shoulder in the direction that Dean was pointing for a few seconds before shaking his head and turning away. “No, I didn’t.”


“I did.” Castiel objected with a nod. Dean didn’t respond verbally, but the small grin poking at the Winchester’s lips was enough to make Cas understand that he approved.


Dean grinned and got up. Unlike Sam, he didn’t bother making his bed. He just lazily launched the blanket that was at his feet back onto the mattress. Singlemindedly, the older Winchester went straight to the small fridge ducked in between the two brother’s beds. He retrieved a beer and popped the cap off before downing some and going to the end of his bed.


Sam walked over and went to the end of Dean’s bed as well since it was closer to the tree. Dean bent over and picked up the first gift and passed it to Castiel. “Here,”


The angel opened up his hands and took the present. His eyes fell down on the package, unable to tell what it was. On the front the package, it was directly addressed for him. Castiel exchanged a thankful smile with Dean before opening it up. What was inside was something that he had not expected at all. He stared down at the leather jacket before glancing up at Dean, almost looking for an explanation.


“Well, I thought you’d like to wear something other than that old trench coat every once and awhile,” Dean suggested in a teasing matter.


“I appreciate the gift, thank you very much, Dean.” Castiel responded, keeping the jacket close to him. “Dean, take this.” He bent down and scrambled around a little bit before pulling up a small and neatly wrapped gift. “It’s for you.”


Dean took it with a sharp nod and began to open the gift the second he got it. Once the newspaper was off, he blinked and looked at the small ring box. Sam let out a small amused chuckle. “Is this…”


He opened the box. “It is.” Dean answered his own question, looking down at the ring nestled inside of it. His eyes flickered up to Cas, his cheeks a slight pink but he quickly coughed and the color faded. “What are you trying to do now, Castiel? Propose to me?”


Castiel blinked and turned away for a second. He did like Dean in that sense. How could he not? After all, the second he laid eyes on the Winchester, he felt a sense of rebellion. He wanted to be with the human. And now, here he was… having feelings for Dean. “Why would I propose in this way Dean?”


Sam let out a chuckle and the older Winchester was already wearing the ring. “I don’t know, but it would be pretty lame.” Dean teased.



Castiel had gotten a few other gifts from Sam and Dean, but without a doubt the leather jacket was his favorite. Apparently Dean didn’t have the time to go out to a clothing store, so it was revealed that Dean just passed the jacket down to him. If Cas held it close enough, he could smell the other’s scent just lingering on it.


Christmas day wasn’t over yet, but they had finished opening the gifts. Now they all just sat around a television the hotel provided, beers in hands. He stood up for a second, causing Dean and Sam to both look at him curiously. “What are you doing?” Dean asked.


Cas glanced at the other and then to the chair that his gifts were placed carefully on. “Going to the restroom,” He informed. Due to the fact that the motel was cheap, and rundown there wasn’t a bathroom in the room, instead there was a shared public bathroom at the end of the hall in the hotel.


Sam turned back to the television, satisfied with the reply. However, Dean just watched in amusement as Castiel went to the door. He went to open it when Dean let out a cough and awkwardly began to look away. Cas lifted a brow, unsure what had just gotten into the older Winchester. Seeming to be put on alert by the cough, Sam turned around and glanced at Castiel from the corner of his eye. “Hey, Dean.” He elbowed the other. “You saw Cas under the mistletoe,” A pure look of amusement was on the taller’s face, and Castiel wasn’t exactly sure why.


“Oh, shut up.” Dean said to Sam. If eye daggers could kill, Sam would have been on the ground, dead.

“Hey, you put it up. Now you have to go through with it,” Sam reminded, standing up. He grabbed Dean by the sleeve, and shoved his brother closer to the angel under the mistletoe.


Dean’s face was a dark red. “Hey, Cas.” He began, rubbing the back of his neck. “You little shit,”


“Why am I little shit?” Castiel asked defensively.


“Because now we have to kiss!”


For a few seconds, the angel just stood silently. He looked up at the shrubbery above his head then back down the boy face to face with him. “Why?” It would be a lie if Castiel said that his heart wasn’t beating extra fast.


“Because of the mistletoe,” Sam provided from the other side of the room. “If you’re caught under it, the person who sees it… well, you have to kiss them.” By the look on the younger Winchester’s face, Castiel could tell that he was interested and amused by the whole situation. For what reason? The angel did not know.


Castiel looked at Dean, trying to find validation and see if Sam’s words were true. By the expression on the other’s face, he knew that it was true. Cas had seen Dean kiss countless other people under the mistletoe smugly, but it seemed… this time he was almost flustered by the whole scenario. The look on the other’s face made his own cheeks heat up a tiny bit. “Dea-” He was cut off by the feeling of lips on his own.


Even though the sensation only lasted for a few seconds, it felt like time had temporarily stopped for a moment. Dean’s lips were soft and inviting. It was almost as if they were puzzle pieces… and they ended up fitting together perfectly. Castiel loved Dean. But he never realized before that he was missing out this much by not being with him.


Dean pulled back after a few seconds.


Castiel wished he hadn’t.


Silence filled the room, and Castiel wondered if he was the only one who felt the spark.




With two words Castiel’s heart sank.


“Dumb mistletoe…”