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Say That You Need Me

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They both came from very different households.


Mikaela Shindou was raised in royalty. His entire family was extremely old-fashioned, and though one might assume he was well off, he couldn’t consider his parents to be proper parents. They rarely paid attention to him or his older brother, brushing them off as though they were hindrances.


Yuuichirou Amane was different, he was born into poverty and his parents paid too much attention to him – although not the good kind of attention. They’d curse his name and beat him every chance they could get, damaging the child mentally with their cruel words.


Neither of the two knew why their parents acted this way towards them, although both of them were too used to it to really care anymore. For them, it had always been this way. For them, everything bad happened not for a reason, but because it would happen anyway.



“Mikaela, stop eating so quickly.”


The blonde boy looked up from his plate to see who had spoken – ah yes, his father. The only time his parents really spoke to him was if they wanted to scold him or try to teach him how to be proper. “I’m sorry father, I’m just very hungry,” the fifteen year old replied.


“Being hungry is no excuse for such poor table manners,” his father said, his lips pursed. “Your brother isn’t acting like a peasant while eating his meals.”


Mikaela glanced over at his brother, Shinya, who gave an uncomfortable grimace at Mikaela. Shinya was the only person in this household that Mikaela held an ounce of respect for. His older brother was kind, caring and helpful, so unlike the others of their family. Mikaela might have been jealous at the words, if he hadn’t known that his parents cared about Shinya about as much as they cared about Mikaela – not at all.


“Shinya, darling,” his mother cut in, “are you excited about Mahiru?”


Shinya averted his gaze and Mikaela had to hide a scowl. Mahiru. He had nothing against the girl; it wasn’t her fault that his family was marrying Shinya off to the lavender-haired woman, but at the same time he couldn’t help but to abhor negative feelings towards the girl who was taking his older brother away.


Shinya was, surprisingly, an alpha. Mahiru Hiiragi was also surprisingly an omega. Mikaela might have been less surprised if the demanding Mahiru was an alpha while Shinya was an omega, but apparently fate – or the Shindo and Hiiragi’s arranged mating – thought differently.


“She’s a lovely woman,” Shinya started, although he was cut off by his father’s loud voice. “Mikaela I told you to stop eating like that!”


Mikaela flinched. His parents rarely laid a hand on him and his brother, but he’d rather not test his father’s temper as he forced himself to eat more slowly.


Something was different. Mikaela didn’t even like meat loaf, and yet he was downing it like it was the best and last thing he’d ever taste. His mother’s gaze caught on to his and she leaned in to whisper something in her father’s ear, who grunted and waved a hand at Mikaela. “Fine, carry on eating like you were.”


Both Shinya and Mikaela were shocked at this, and then realization dawned on Shinya’s face, although Mikaela was still confused. Why was everyone giving him that look?


Whatever, he was starving and not about to question it. He began to eat like a wild animal again, a little more ravenously then last time just to see how his father would react, but stunningly the stern male was silent.


I’m still hungry, Mikaela thought, staring at his now-empty plate not two minutes later. He knew better then to ask for seconds though.




Mikaela glanced up at his mother, who gave him a smile, although it wasn’t the fake smiles she usually aimed at her sons. “Would you like more?”


“… Um…” Mikaela glanced at Shinya, who was also looking at him curiously and with a bit of pity as well. What’s going on? “…Yes.”


He was prepared for a ‘well too bad’, but to his surprise his mother just called in a servant, telling him to cook Mikaela seconds. Mikaela watched as the man left, hoping that it wouldn’t take too long to cook.


“Continue,” his mother said to Shinya, as though the previous scene had never happened. Shinya appeared surprised for a moment before cooling over his features, much like Mikaela did when he wanted to hide his true emotions.


“Mahiru is lovely, and will make a fine mate, you chose well,” Shinya said, sounding a bit more like he was reciting something rather then actually feeling it. Mikaela almost snorted. The blonde was well aware that his brother had feelings for someone else, the only problem was that ‘someone else’ was also an alpha, and his parents would never allow him to be with another alpha, no matter if the person was an Ichinose or not.


Mikaela thought about the girl that he was in love with. He knew his parents would never approve of her, therefore he hadn’t told them about her. He’d told Shinya, but only the basics. He didn’t believe that Shinya would tell their parents, not out of blackmail about having feelings for another alpha, but because Shinya was a kind soul. Too kind to be a Shindou.


As it was, things didn’t work out between Mikaela and the girl he was in love with. Krul Tepes. He almost sighed at the name, but forced himself to think of other things. Namely the meat loaf that was being brought out to him on a platter. He dug in as soon as the platter hit the table, and he couldn’t even muster up the ability to be surprised at his family’s lack of response. He was too hungry for that.


By the end of that plate, which had been larger then the previous plate, he felt himself beginning to get full. He noticed that his brother had already left and not wanting to be alone with his parents, he excused himself from the table as well. He had been about to go to his room when Shinya stopped him in his tracks.


“Congrats baby bro,” the silver-haired male said, and Mikaela gave him a confused look. “On what? And I’m not a baby…” Mikaela murmured.


Shinya smiled slightly at the stubborn attitude. “You’re presenting.”


“Presenting?” Mikaela frowned slightly. “Oh…”


Shinya didn’t seem surprised at how not-thrilled Mikaela sounded. To most Dynamics, presenting was the best thing in the world. However, when it came to the Shindou’s and a few select other families (mostly royalty), all it meant was that they were at an appropriate age to be forced to have a mate and/or marry them.


The Hiiragi’s were extremely old-tradition, almost more so then the Shindou’s, therefore Shinya was to not only take Mahiru as a mate but also marry her. Mikaela’s fate wasn’t set yet though, so none of them knew what was going to happen with him. Would he just be mated, or married off?


“What am I…?” Mikaela murmured, and Shinya looked at his younger brother thoughtfully. “Judging by how much you ate today, I’d say an omega. Betas don’t present and if you were an alpha I wouldn’t be surprised if half the manor was torn apart.”


Shinya grimaced slightly, remembering when he presented. Screaming, yelling, throwing furniture, even attempting an attack on his parents when they smacked Mikaela once. Shinya was able to control his temper now of course, but back when he’d first presented it was hard to figure out how to deal with him. He even snapped at Mikaela occasionally. Now that that stage was over though, the Shindou’s had wasted no time in finding a way to get rid of their eldest son through marriage.


Mikaela grimaced, “An omega?” From what Mikaela had heard about omegas, they were basically common whores meant to pleasure alphas and have babies. “I don’t want to be an omega…”


Shinya’s gaze softened. “Don’t listen to what mother and father say about omegas, none of it is true. You’re a gem Mikaela,” he said, ruffling his brother’s hair, “don’t forget it.”


Mikaela’s lips twitched slightly upwards in a smile. “Thank you Shinya. I’m going to go to my room now, all of that eating has made me tired…”


Shinya nodded, “Goodnight,” he said, ruffling his brother’s hair again before heading to his own room. Mikaela watched the silver-haired male leave before going to his room. It was a pretty standard room for the Shindou’s. Large with gold and white coloring and a large window, but mostly bare. Mikaela didn’t have a lot of things he enjoyed – and even if he did enjoy them he wasn’t foolish enough to think that his parents would actually buy him things for it to put in his room.


He changed from his outfit into his nightwear, crawling into bed under the thick covers and staring up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes, but felt his mind begin to wander as it always did. He had what some dubbed as ‘night depression’, and to Mikaela it was terrible.


Usually his night depression focused on his parents, but lately a pinkette had made her way into his mind. Mikaela didn’t really have friends; he distanced himself from others and came across as cold and emotionless. It wasn’t that he didn’t want friends, but he was… scared to have them. They could easily turn their backs on him, he’s seen it happen to others before and he wanted no part in it.

Then Krul came along… she was different then the others. Bossy, but not in the annoying way, she was a strong woman when she was just a young girl. She knew what she wanted, and she always found a way to get it, no matter how impossible. She saw a challenge and she took it until she managed to get the challenge, then she discarded it out of boredom. She was thrilling, she was beautiful, and she was poison.


The first time she’d seen Mika in school, and saw how aloof he acted towards other students, she’d seen a challenge. It took a long time for her to get to Mika, but when she got to him she wormed her way into his very soul. Every time he let down a defense around her was another victory for her, and a loving gesture for him. Mikaela hadn’t known he was capable of love until she stripped him of everything, leaving him vulnerable to her will. She had her hand wrapped around his heart to the core. He’d do anything for her… but she didn’t feel anything for him. All of the kisses, all of the handholding, all of the secret smiles she’d give him and her sweet words, it was all fake. She’d made him feel special, she’d made him feel like… maybe he wasn’t a freak, maybe he could have a happy life. He’d wanted to live with her, run away from his family and be with her. He’d told her this countless times, and each time she’d giggle and hold his hand, saying that she wanted it too…


… Until the time came where she left him. It was sudden and unexpected, and Mikaela had been so shocked that he hadn’t been able to feel a thing. He had nobody in the world to comfort him, so he was left to deal with this all on his own. He vowed to himself that he would never fall in love again, because all it did was bring pain. His heart was aching at the thought of her, he remembered all of the bad times. All of the times where they would argue, all of the times when she’d purposefully try to make him jealous, and he remembered the day when she broke his heart into a million pieces. In his mind he made up scenarios where he would confront her, he’d pour out his feelings to her, he’d tell her how much he hated her because he loved her so much and it hurt so badly to even think about her. He imagined that she’d feel guilty, although he knew that she would probably just laugh in his face and tell him that he was an idiot for thinking that she would ever love him… just like she had before. He felt his eyes growing hot and he grit his teeth, trying his best to keep the tears at bay. He would not cry. He would not cry. He didn’t care about this. He didn’t care when he saw her holding hands with another boy at school, kissing his cheek and blushing when he’d compliment her. He didn’t care that she smiles she gave this boy were more real then anything she’d ever given Mikaela.


Mikaela didn’t care. Of course he didn’t. Why should he care? Why should he allow his heart to get stabbed over and over and over every time he saw her? He shouldn’t.


…But he couldn’t help it. The pain was crippling, and with no friends or family close to him, he was all alone to deal with this. Well, he had Shinya, but he knew that Shinya had never felt this before, and wouldn’t know how to properly comfort his brother because no matter what Mikaela would not tell him everything.


He rubbed at his eyes, feeling hot tears starting to gather, and tried to shift his thoughts to something else. Puppies and kittens. Everyone liked puppies and kittens. He remembered one time when he went to the pet store with Krul and they looked toge- stop, stop, stop that thought.


His eyes snapped open, trying to banish the memory from his mind. He couldn’t deal with this. He couldn’t deal with the good memories on top of the bad ones as well. God why did it have to hurt so much? Why couldn’t he just get over her? They never talked anymore, but every time he saw her… his heart would lurch, and then break all over again when he remembered that he could never have her… she’d give him false hope sometimes. One time she approached him and mentioned that they should get back together. He’d felt hopeful, she was smiling at him, just like she used to.


The next day he found her kissing some random guy. He couldn’t deal with this anymore. He wanted to die. He had nobody to talk to, he had no way to stop this pain, he just wanted to give up. Especially now that he was an omega… just a low being, barely worth mentioning and only being scoffed at. How much worse could his life possibly get?


He had no idea the trouble that awaited him in the future.







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“We would have been so much better off without you, you filthy monster!”


“Why did you have to be this way? Why couldn’t you be normal?”


“You deserve everything that we do to you.”


“Don’t you dare scream.”


“Stop crying, it’s all fake!”


Yuu curled up more under his blankets as his parents’ voices rang through his head, wincing at the pain it caused on his rib cage. He didn’t think they were broken, but the skin was most definitely bruised. His whole body hurt as a matter of fact, but he was used to it by now.


Think of something good… like… you’re going to Seraph High in a week, Yuu reminded himself. He tried to be excited about this, but he felt kind of… blank. In his previous two schools, he had no friends. Not one person to share his suffering with. He’d had bullies, but for the most part, nobody paid him any attention. In fact, people seemed surprised that he existed when he wasn’t being pushed around by them.


He knew that most kids would feel nervous or excited about going to a new school, but Yuu already knew how this was going to turn out. He was going to go there, and avoid people at all costs like the freak he was. In return, people were going to avoid him as well, or bully him. Yuu just couldn’t bring himself to feel happy about the situation. The only thing he had going for him was his good grades. It was the only reason he was accepted into Seraph High to begin with – it was a very prestigious and challenging school, usually the people there got in due to their parents having a lot of money.


Yuu was the complete opposite of rich. They could barely afford the small, run-down apartment that his family was currently residing in. The only reason they had moved was because his father had been promised a job here, although Yuu was almost positive he’d be fired within the first couple of weeks.


Whatever, Yuu was able to go to school for free here because of his scholarship, so his parents couldn’t hit him over school being too much money anymore. That was a big plus in Yuu’s book. Yuu sighed, the light that usually shone past the door hinges was off signaling that has parents were asleep which meant that Yuu was able to get up and take a bath if he wanted. The idea was extremely appealing if he were honest with himself, just the thought of sinking into a nice warm bath to sooth the bruises that he’d gotten from his parents made him want to shiver with anticipation, but a larger part of him was just too tired. Mentally that is. Although he knew from experience that sleeping without any form of relief for his aching muscles was going to be even worse in the morning.


He wondered what the point of existing was, not for the first time. His parents hated him. Everyone at school hated him. He’d never had a friend in his life. Maybe it was his ‘bad attitude’ or maybe he really was as bad as his parents said, but even the other so-called-freaks avoided him. Strangers would occasionally show him kindness, but even they seemed hesitant around him, wary almost, as though he were about to attack them. Perhaps he gave off an aura.


He absentmindedly traced a hand over the scar on his chest. His father had come at him with a knife when he was eight, intent on stabbing Yuuichirou through his heart. It seemed at the last minute he’d been unable to bring himself to do it however. Yuu remembered the absolute terror he’d felt that day, he remembered pleading and crying, he remembered his mom screaming about how it had to be done, he remembered crawling up against the wall and waiting for his inevitable fate. He also remembered the flicker of something in his father’s green eyes. To this day Yuu still wasn’t able to identify what it was. Love? Guilt? Fear? He remembered as the knife slashed his chest rather then going through it. He remembered his mom’s voice, calling his dad a coward.


A large part of Yuu wished his dad had killed him that morning. Then he wouldn’t have to live with this hatred, this feeling of the world out to get him. He wondered to himself numerous times why he didn’t just end it.


Maybe he was just as cowardly as his father.


Every time he thought of ending his life however, he always had a thought, that there’s something important I need to do.


Yuu snorted and then winced, rubbing his chest. Yeah. Important. Like getting beaten up by his parents every day.


After about ten more minutes of feeling sorry for himself (and he’d beat up anyone that said he didn’t deserve those ten minutes) he managed to crawl out of bed and sneak into the bathroom, thankful that at least this house didn’t have creaky floorboards or doors. He could hear snores coming from his parents’ room as he made his way through the hallway. He’d heard somewhere that ice water was good for bruises but... well, if his parents found out he’d ‘stolen’ ice he’d just have more bruises to add so no thanks.


The bathroom was decent. Better then the old house. There were no unknown stains on the floor at least.


The bathtub didn’t take long to fill, only a couple minutes at most. He checked the water before slowly submerging himself, giving out a sigh of relief as his body seemed to melt under the warm water in the best way possible. It was moments like this he could forget about the pain that was almost constantly coming from his body. Almost without thinking about it he went all the way underneath the water, not even bothering to hold his breath because what was the point?


He stayed under there for almost two minutes, just staring up at the water. His vision was starting to turn black, and he swore he could almost feel his body shutting down.


He closed his eyes, waiting for death.


Not yet.


The voice wasn’t his, but it seemed to come from inside of him.


Not yet.


As though someone else were controlling his body, he sat up in the tub, coughing and spluttering. The world was spinning and he clutched onto the side of the tub, trying to steady himself.


What did I almost do?


Now that the thoughts of dying had left his system, he could only feel horror at what had happened, and his heart pounded at the thought of dying. Oh god…


He tried his hardest to steady his breathing, completely terrified that he’d fall back under the water and the process would repeat. He recalled his vision going black, his body going limp. He would have died if that voice hadn’t rescued him.


Eventually his panic got the better of him and he stumbled out of the tub. He hadn’t managed to properly calm himself down, and the world was spinning too much for him to even walk straight. No…


His vision was starting to turn black. No no, not again, no no…


Complete terror was eating away at him, he tried to walk forward, to get back to his bed, but the second he did the darkness consumed him completely and he fell onto the tile floor, unconscious.



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It was 8 am when Mikaela woke up the next morning. He groaned and rolled over, trying to fall back asleep, it was a weekend after all. But once he was awake he was awake for good, unfortunately that’s just how his body worked. Plus he was hungry. Extremely hungry. Huffing in annoyance he sat up in bed, glaring at the wall opposite of him as though it had done him a personal wrong. He clutched the satin sheets in his hand tightly, hating it. He wouldn’t have hated the comfort of his bed, the elegant room, and the entire house in general if it wasn’t his parents that had provided it for him. He hated them, so therefore he hated everything in this house, unless it was Shinya.


His parents would be awake by now, but he knew that it took Shinya until at least 9 am to wake up, and he didn’t want to deal with his parents so early in the morning. He glanced over at the bookcase on the opposite side of the room, filled with books specifically meant for Dynamics, and books about how terrible humans were. Mikaela snorted, sure he’d come across a lot of terrible humans, but in Mikaela’s opinion his parents were equally as terrible. He got up from bed, his feet barely making a sound as he walked over to the bookcase. After a moment of searching, he felt his hand hover over the book marked “Omega: What to Expect”.


He was curious, sure, but he just knew that he most likely wouldn’t like what the book told him. After standing there for a good two minutes, his hand poised in midair, he realized how stupid he was being. It couldn’t be that bad. And Shinya had told him not to worry about what his parents said about omegas. Coming to a decision he grabbed the book and raced towards his bed, jumping on top of it as though the floor beneath him was burning.


It took a moment to collect himself, and even longer to actually open the book itself. He was a bit surprised to see a picture on the first page. There was three people lined up in a row, the smallest was a female who was obviously meant to represent an omega. The one that was slightly taller then her was a male, who no doubt represented a beta. And of course, it was easy to tell, the tallest and most muscular of the three who had a smug look on his face, was the alpha. Mikaela scowled at the picture and flipped the page.


“Omegas are the rarest of the three Dynamics, but play an important role in the survival of the Dynamic race. A beta female is able to become impregnated, but what is special about an omega is that both males and females are able to bare children. Because of this, and because of their rarity, they are the most desired. An omega is more emotional and prone to become needy than a beta or alpha would be. When an omega is near an alpha whom could be a potential mate, they will want to submit. The omega may not even want to mate with the alpha, but if the alpha desires the omega then it’s in the nature for the omega to become submissive to the alpha.


Because alphas are genetically more dominant than an omega, it is easy to make an omega submit to them. Alphas also have the ability to force the omega to submit by biting just under the omegas scent gland, which incapacitates the omega completely. Biting on the omegas scent gland won’t work unless the omega wants to become the alphas mate as well. The two will bite each others scent glands – this is called Bonding. When an alpha and an omega bond, the two will share each others feelings and be able to sense when the other is in danger. The omega will want nobody other than their alpha, and their alpha will want nobody other than their omega. This is why Bonding is only used between two mates who want to be together eternally.


It is possible for a beta to impregnate an omega, although it is harder to impregnate the omega than it would be for an alpha, as it takes more energy for a beta to knot the omega. Betas do not have the ability to incapacitate the omega, but they are able to form a Bond with the omega if the omega so desires. Both betas and alphas will frequently rub their scent on an omega that they want to claim as theirs so that other alphas and betas will be warned away.


It is rarer for a beta and an omega to mate than it is for an alpha and an omega to mate. Betas are more dominant than an omega, but the omega doesn’t feel overwhelmed by their dominance, and therefore the omega is more clearheaded when it comes to mating with a beta. A lot of mating between an omega and an alpha is dubious due to the fact that an alpha gives every desire to the instinct that an omega is born with, even if the omega does not want to mate with the alpha, their instincts to mate are stronger then their minds. Betas, on the other hand, do not force that instinct out in an omega unless the omega is in heat (turn to page 14 for more information about Heat).”


Mikaela was feeling more and more repulsed by the words in the book, but he needed to know what he was going to expect, being an omega. Reluctantly, he flipped to page 14.




An omega will go into heat once every two months. A heat usually lasts from 3-6 days, and in very rare cases it can last for up to two weeks. During heat, an omega is in extreme pain, and the pain will only go away if they’re engaged in sexual activities with an alpha (more frequent) or a beta. If an omega is in heat around an alpha, the alpha will immediately go into a rut and mate with the omega. A beta will be filled with desire, but their instincts are more docile, and they have self-control enough to leave the vicinity of the omega if they do not wish to mate with the omega. An omega in heat gives off a scent that is almost overpowering, in fact it is the one time that an omega has more power over an alpha and a beta than the alpha or beta would have over the omega.


If an omega is not in the vicinity of an alpha or a beta during their heat, they will usually try to pleasure themselves, although this tactic usually prolongs the heat and pain, so it is recommended for them to find another Dynamic to help them through their heat.


Omega females and omega males react the same emotionally and instinctually during their heat, but they have different physical reactions. An omega male will have what is called a Slick, which is a substance that will trickle from their anus, and in turn causes the omegan male to be entered easily. A female omega reacts the same as any other female, their genitals become moist, although an omegan female has more of it than any other female Dynamic or even human does.


While in heat, no pain will be felt if they are in sexual activity. After they are finished mating with another Dynamic, they will feel fine for perhaps an hour, and then the heat comes back. During this hour, the other Dynamic will recover and be able to pleasure the omega once more.


The Dynamic that has claimed the omega will attack anyone who comes near the omega in heat. It’s best to be in a location where nobody will come near the omega or alpha/beta. An omega will only be able to sense that there is another Dynamic around and want to mate with them too, so the Dynamic they’re currently mating with becomes very aggressive around others, especially since they’re in a rut.


Before a heat, the omega will eat and drink constantly, and once the heat starts the omega won’t need to eat or drink during this time if they had properly eaten beforehand. An omega won’t be able to focus on anything due to either pain or pleasure, but another Dynamic will be able to eat and drink if they so need to, despite being in a rut.


If an omega doesn’t wish to become pregnant, they will take suppressants a week before their heat starts. Even if the omega doesn’t plan on mating during their heat, there is always the possibility of a Dynamic taking advantage of their state, so it is recommended that an omega take these suppressants regardless. An omega will only want to bare children if they are mated with the Dynamic that they choose to help them through their heat.”


That was enough of that. Mikaela slammed the book shut and closed his eyes, hating the fact even more now that he was an omega. All this book did was confirm that other Dynamics only thought of omegas as things to fuck, unless they were mated – and Mikaela HIGHLY doubted he would ever willingly become mated to anyone.


He wasn’t sure what he thought he would find. Something saying that omegas didn’t have to just be good for only sex maybe? As if. Shinya was wrong, the entire world viewed omegas the same way. Why can’t the omega have any say in the matter? What was wrong with the other Dynamics that they wouldn’t even give the omega a choice? Why did nature decide that omegas would be submissive and not able to stand their own ground?


He groaned, throwing the book on the floor. There was a lot more in it, but from the little he’d read he felt sick to his stomach. He despised the fact that he was an omega. Maybe… maybe his family was wrong. Maybe he wasn’t an omega. He might just be hungry because he’s growing, he was still rather small for his age so… this could all just be a growth spurt! That had to be it, Mikaela couldn’t be an omega. He… he was never submissive before, and sure he was a bit small but that didn’t mean anything!


Comforting himself with this thought, Mikaela got out of bed and changed into dress pants and a white shirt. His parents hated anything that had to do with the ‘modern look’, so Mikaela was always forced to wear uncomfortable but nice-looking outfits. At least his school had a uniform, which was a lot more comfortable than his every-day clothes.


He left his room, feeling a lot better than he had this morning upon waking up, and immediately felt his mouth water at the smell of food. A large part of him wanted to run over to the table and eat it all like a barbarian, but no matter how lenient his parents had been last night, he knew they would not accept that type of behavior from their son. He forcefully and painfully made his way to the table, sitting down in a proper manner and eating his pancakes as though he wasn’t a starving mess. It honestly felt like torture.


He realized that his plate was filled with more food then his parents or Shinya’s, and while he wondered about it, he wasn’t complaining. His parents were already sat there before Shinya walked in, bags under his eyes as though he hadn’t slept. He didn’t say anything except a small “good morning” before he ate, although it was mostly just picking at his food. Mikaela wondered what was wrong with his brother, he seemed fine last night. If anything Mikaela should be the one that was having a bad morning, but his brother seemed in a terrible state, despite the fact that his hair was perfect and his clothes were pristine. It was in his eyes. Mikaela doubted his parents would be able to tell, but Mikaela knew his brother. He knew that something was not okay, something was bothering him.


Shinya didn’t seem like he was going to be eating anymore, so Mikaela very surreptitiously snatched an egg from his plate. Shinya didn’t even seem to notice, or if he did he didn’t care. Mikaela frowned in concern. What is up with him today?


“Shinya, darling, would you pass the sugar?” The voice of their mother cut in Mikaela’s thoughts. Shinya wordlessly handed the sugar to her, and the rest of the meal was eaten in silence. It was by far one of the more awkward breakfasts they’d had, although Mikaela doubted his parents even noticed.


As soon as Shinya left, Mikaela excused himself and followed after his brother. “Shinya?”


“Yes Mikaela?”


“Are… are you okay?” The blonde asked, a bit awkwardly. He wasn’t used to asking such questions, and judging from the slight surprise on Shinya’s face, he hadn’t expected it either.


“I’m fine,” Shinya said, smiling. Mikaela knew that smile, he wore it often enough, Shinya was just trying to hide something.


“Tell me what happened,” Mikaela rephrased, and Shinya sighed. He looked around before pulling Mikaela into his bedroom, shutting the door behind them. Mikaela sat down on the edge of Shinya’s bed and looked up at him patiently.


Shinya appeared to be struggling for words. “I… I left last night. I snuck out.”


Mikaela was surprised, sure, but that didn’t explain what Shinya was so upset about.


“What happened then?” Mikaela prodded.


“I met with Guren,” Shinya admitted, looking anywhere but at Mikaela.


“Nii-san,” that was a title that Mikaela hadn’t used for a very long time. “… You know that I will never tell mother or father about this. There is no need to be worried.”


Indeed, there was visible relief on his brother’s face, but he still seemed distressed.


“… There’s more,” Mikaela stated, and Shinya gave a hollow chuckle. “You catch on quickly, little brother.”


Mikaela wasn’t sure what to say to that, but before he could even comprehend an answer Shinya finally blurted out what was truly bothering him. “I can’t marry Mahiru. I… I don’t love her. I don’t know how I can be an ideal mate for someone when I’m in love with someone else.”


Mikaela sympathized with his brother, he truly did, but he knew reality apart from fantasy. “Mother and father have already made up their minds.”


Shinya paced around, his brows furrowed.


“You have to marry her…. You can’t love Guren.”


Shinya turned on Mikaela, and the anger on his face made the blonde flinch back. Shinya, noticing this, took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. “I know… but I do. Mikaela…”


The blonde was horrified to see tears starting to slip down Shinya’s face. He’d never seen his brother cry before.


“Have you ever loved someone?”


There was a heavy silence before Mikaela gave his answer, his voice barely a whisper, “Yes.”


Shinya didn’t seem as surprised as Mikaela thought he would be. “Then you know how I feel.”


“… I do…”


“I can’t do this… I just… fuck…” Shinya clenched his fists, tears still streaming down his face. The sight of his brother in this state almost made Mikaela want to cry with him.


There was more silence before Shinya gave a hollow chuckle, wiping the tears from his face. “I’m sorry to drag you into this Mikaela. I never wanted you to see me like this.”


Mikaela opened his mouth to answer, but quickly shut it again, realizing that he couldn’t find the words to reassure his brother.


“But thank you for listening to me anyway,” Shinya hesitated for a moment before walking over to Mikaela. The blonde had no idea what was going on, even when he felt Shinya’s arms wrap around Mikaela’s body in a tight hug. Mikaela had only been hugged a few times in his life, and he couldn’t do much more with his body then freeze.


Shinya eventually pulled away. He didn’t seem hurt in the slightest at Mikaela’s lack of response, in fact he had a small smile on his face. “I’m glad you’re my brother.”


Mikaela’s blue eyes widened at the words, and he was shocked to find his own eyes tearing up. He quickly wiped at them before any tears could escape. He didn’t know why that had made him so emotional. He gave a soft nod, “I… I’m glad you’re my brother too Shinya.”


Shinya’s smile widened and he gave a genuine chuckle, ruffling Mikaela’s hair despite the blonde’s protests. Before more words could be exchanged, they heard their mother’s voice calling for Mikaela. The blonde frowned, not wanting to go alone. Shinya seemed to sense this, for he gave Mikaela a nod and lead the way to the drawing room.


“Ah, Mikaela, I have good news!”


A blonde eyebrow raised, wondering what on earth this good news could possibly be. Knowing his mother, it probably wasn’t good for Mikaela.


“We have found you a mate!”


Of course. They’d want to get rid of him as soon as possible. The blonde tried his hardest not to scowl at the thought of having a mate, someone that he didn’t trust nor love. He suddenly understood how Shinya felt.


“And who might my new mate be, Mother?” Mikaela somehow managed to get out.


“Oh he is of great nobility. Not as noble as the Hiiragi’s, but the second best to them, besides us of course,” his mother added. Yes, the Shindou’s always had to look better than others in his parents eyes. “His name is Ferid Bathory.”


Ferid Bathory. The name struck a cord in Mikaela’s memory.


This was the first evening-ball that Mikaela had attended. The boy had just turned twelve, and his parents decided this was a proper age for him to stay up past midnight. The young boy wasn’t excited to be here at all, he was tired and everyone around him was drunk off of champagne. Mikaela eventually decided to make his way to the edge of the room, where he wouldn’t be bumped into by people dancing, when a sudden hand on his shoulder stopped him.


The blonde immediately turned, his gaze lingering over the man that had his hand still on Mikaela’s shoulder. He had long silver hair pulled back in a ponytail with a large ribbon. He was pale, and judging by his facial features quite obviously foreign. Probably European. The thing that stuck out the most to Mikaela was his red eyes, they reminded him of blood, and he felt an unintentional shudder in his spine.


“So the Shindou’s reveal their precious treasure,” the man said, a smirk on his face. “And you look as pretty as any treasure I’ve ever seen.”


Mikaela stared at him, not sure what he could possibly say to something like that. “Um…”


“I bet you’ll grow up to be even more beautiful then you are now,” the man continued, not seeming to catch onto how uncomfortable the young boy was becoming, or if he did he ignored it. He’d let go of Mikaela’s shoulder by now, but that hand was now cupping Mikaela’s cheek.


Another hand fell onto Mikaela’s shoulder, and he was pulled backwards, away from the creepy man. Mikaela recognized his brother, standing in front of him rather protectively. The man straightened, meeting his brother’s gaze without flinching, although something flashed in his red eyes.


“Excuse me, I need to take Mikaela to meet other guests,” Shinya said, his voice tight. Without another word he guided Mikaela far away from the man, before crouching down to reach the blonde’s height. “Mikaela, I want you to stay away from that man, no matter what.”


Mikaela nodded. He didn’t want to be near that creepy man anyway. “Who was he?”


“His name is Ferid Bathory,” Shinya’s face was blank, but there was a certain tone to his voice that Mikaela could not make out yet. “And he is bad news.”


“I understand,” Mikaela said, not complaining when Shinya stood and ruffled his hair. “Good boy.”


“No,” Mikaela’s mouth blurted out without his permission. His mother’s gaze turned cold as she glared at him, “Excuse me?”


Mikaela could sense the anger rolling off of Shinya like waves, he obviously remembered Ferid just as much as Mikaela did. Perhaps even more.


“… I… I mean yes.”


“That’s what I thought,” his mother said in a tight voice, and Mikaela let out a soft relieved sigh. At least he wasn’t in trouble. But the thought of being mated to that creepy man was not something that the blonde was looking forward to.


“You’ll be living with him, but you aren’t to be married. Not yet at least,” his mother continued. Mikaela tried his hardest not to fidget, but it was hard with the deadly aura that Shinya was emitting and the thought of being forced to mate with someone.


“He is an esteemed alpha, and I expect that you will be on your best behavior with him,” it was a warning if Mikaela had ever heard one.


“… Yes mother. I will,” his voice was dull, but his mother didn’t seem to notice. She gave him a smile, “That’s my Mikaela. Such a good boy.”


It wasn’t as though Mikaela had a choice, as soon as he was able to he excused himself, heading towards his bedroom. He wasn’t surprised that Shinya followed him. The two didn’t exchange any words, but this time when Shinya hugged the blonde, Mikaela hugged him back.

Chapter Text

That night was a strange one. After eating a very tense dinner, and trying to find words to comfort his brother like Shinya had comforted him, everything seemed to be going very poorly to say the least. Mikaela walked into his room and immediately felt uncomfortable. It felt like he was walking into a stranger’s room, which was weird because his bedroom was the only place that he actually felt safe, hiding from the prying and cold eyes of his parents and servants. He looked around in confusion and annoyance, everything was where it was supposed to be, everything was exactly how he left it, but no matter what just being in this room felt wrong.


There was an itching feeling under his skin, creeping up to his neck and making him shudder. Something was very, very wrong. He paced around his room, scowling at everything he saw. No no no, nothing was right! How had he ever survived in his room with everything so obviously out of place?


First he went to his bed, throwing the pillows down onto the ground and punching them into a whole different shape. It didn’t work; there was something more that he needed. With an annoyed glare at his bed, he left his bedroom. The feeling of wrongness went away the second he stepped foot into the hallway, but now every single part of him wanted to run back into his room. Trying to ignore the feeling, Mikaela ran into the dining room instead, where one of the maids was dusting. Mikaela approached her, and she immediately averted her eyes. A servant was forbidden from looking their masters directly in their eyes, for reasons completely unknown to Mikaela, but it was long since something he had learned to go with.


“… Seline,” Mikaela managed to recall her name. Seline was staring at the ground, but gave a nod of acknowledgement. “Yes Master Mikaela? Is there something you need?”


Mikaela tilted his head, thinking it through. “I need more pillows. And blankets. Lots of them. In fact, use whatever blankets are left in the cupboard.”


Seline was wide-eyed at the bewildering demand, but gave a nod, “Yes Master Mikaela. Shall I bring it to your room?”


“Yes,” Mikaela answered, before whipping around and storming back to his room. The itching feeling returned, causing his upper lip to curl. He wasn’t sure entirely what was wrong, but he just knew something wasn’t right.


He paced his room, feeling more and more irritated with every step he took, before there was a knock on his door. “Master Mikaela? I have the blankets and pillows you requested,” came Seline’s voice, and Mikaela practically threw the door open. He could barely see Seline’s face behind the pillows and blankets, which were arranged very nicely. Without saying anything, he grabbed them from her. Normally he would have said thank you, perhaps wished her a goodnight, but all he could focus on was the itching feeling in the back of his mind. It was driving him crazy. He closed the door and threw the pillows and blankets onto the ground, it still wasn’t right.


Some instinct drove him to rip his old sheets off of his bed, before throwing them back on again. It felt right.


He picked up the other numerous blankets he had requested, throwing them on top as well. That felt right too, and so he grabbed the pillows on the ground, carefully arranging them into a circular pattern along his bed. As he did so, he could practically feel the itch disappeared. But there was still something…


He glanced over at the couch in his room and grabbed the pillows off of it, placing them on his bed as well.


Now the nagging feeling was completely gone. The itch had been scratched. His room felt right again… in fact it felt even more safe than it ever had before. With a content sigh, he changed into his night clothes and carefully climbed onto his bed, making sure not to disturb the pillows which now surrounded him, making him feel secure. He snuggled into the blankets, his eyes closing as sleep almost immediately took a hold of him.


His night went undisturbed by any dreams, but waking up was more difficult than he would have imagined. Each time he managed to slip back into consciousness, his eyes would drift shut without his permission, and sleep took over his body yet again.


It had to be almost noon by the time he finally woke up. He surprisingly wasn’t hungry, but there was a pain in his stomach that immediately made him sit up, wincing as he did so. He rubbed his stomach where the pain was, but it didn’t let up, if anything it got worse.


Deciding to try and see if he just had to go to the bathroom, he left his bed and painfully made his way over to the restroom. Every step brought more and more pain, and he barely made it across the threshold to the bathroom when it became too much. He fell onto the tile, crying out and clutching his stomach. His vision clouded over, and he could vaguely hear a high-pitched whine of agony that he just now recognized as his own voice.


Despite the pain, there was one other thing he could focus on. He needed someone… he needed someone that could help him. He needed… “Mom…” he whimpered.


Footsteps were racing towards the bathroom, and he lifted his head up. His mother was standing there, her face seemed softer than he’d ever seen it before. He couldn’t even let out another sound before she had walked over to him, crouching down and taking him in her arms. He wasn’t sure what it was, but there was a comforting scent wafting from her that immediately made him relax in her hold. The pain wasn’t as bad as he felt her hand running up and down his arm soothingly. “My poor Mikaela. The first heat is always the worst,” she cooed, her voice gentle, a tone he’d never heard before.


There were louder footsteps and Mikaela spotted his brother, standing a bit away from the door. He’d looked worried at first, before suddenly clasping a hand over his mouth and nose. “… Sorry Mikaela, I… I can’t be here,” was all Shinya said before racing out of his vision.


“Mom…” he murmured again, nuzzling against her, the odd but comforting scent coming from her making the pain dull.


He heard his mom call for their father, telling him to call Mikaela’s new mate. Mikaela tried to protest, but his mother was quick to shush him. “Mikaela, I’m an omega too, I know how hard a heat is, and the only thing that can make the pain go away is your alpha. I can only help so much with my own scent.”


Mikaela understood what she was saying, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. “I don’t want to…” he whined, but was again shushed by his mother. “He is a strong alpha, he will take good care of you during your heat; not to mention his money can buy you anything you need. We chose well with him.”


The blonde stayed silent. He still didn’t want to be near this alpha, especially not when he was in heat, but he couldn’t argue with his mother. Occasional whimpers of pain slipped past his lips, and he shut his eyes, hoping to fall asleep again so that the agony would end.


It didn’t work.


He vaguely heard a thumping sound and what sounded like angry voices, or at least one angry voice, but a few moments later the voices were silent and the scent of an alpha filled the bathroom, which was quite large but suddenly felt extremely small.


“Ah, Ferid, how nice to see you,” his mother greeted pleasantly, as though she weren’t holding her limp son, who couldn’t do much more then whine out the pain he was feeling.


“It is nice to see you as always, Miss Shindou,” came the silky voice of whom Mikaela figured to be his new mate. He sounded just the same as he did back when Mikaela had first met him all of those years ago.


Already he could feel his body starting to react to the scent of an alpha being so close to him while in heat. His entire body was starting to burn, not with pain, but with a new sensation that Mikaela didn’t want to admit to having: lust.


“I trust that you’ll take care of him,” His mother said pleasantly, standing up and bringing a staggering Mikaela with her.


“Of course,” Ferid said, a friendly smile planted on his face. He held out his arms, as though to give Mikaela a hug. The blonde sent him the best glare that he possibly could considering the circumstances, but his body was already stumbling towards the alpha, practically falling into Ferid’s waiting arms. God he hated this. He hated the fact that his body was as submissive to this alpha as that damned book had said it would be. He wanted to be strong, he didn’t want to submit to this alpha, he didn’t want to submit to any alpha, but according to his body, he needed to.


And that need was growing stronger by the minute. The world tilted for a moment as his feet were lifted from the ground, and he blinked in slight confusion for he was now staring up at the ceiling. It took a moment for him to realize that his body was pressed against the alpha’s chest, who was carrying him in a cradle. He supposed he should be grateful for that at least, he didn’t think he would be able to walk at all.


Unlike when he was near another omega, the scent of an alpha made the pain even worse, especially being so close to one. He swallowed harshly, his breathing speeding up and his pupils dilating. He could hear Ferid speaking to his mother and father, and he briefly realized that he was being carried out of the house when a sharp burst of wind greeted him, but he couldn’t focus on much else other than the pain and the overpowering scent of an alpha.


Alpha. Alpha. Alpha. Alpha.


Mikaela was pressed firmly against Ferid’s chest even when they got into the back of the car, driving to what Mikaela assumed was Ferid’s manor. He couldn’t really focus on his surroundings, instead choosing to gaze up at his arranged mate. The alpha wasn’t ugly at all, quite the contrary he was actually very pretty – pretty enough to be an omega – and the scent coming from him was making Mikaela feel every bit of desire that he didn’t want to feel. His entire body was aching, twitching, and he embarrassingly enough felt his pants dampen as slick made it’s way from his hole and down his leg. Ferid didn’t seem to care about this, in fact he seemed quite pleased.


“Eager aren’t we?” The silver-haired male commented, as though talking about the weather. Mikaela somehow, somehow, managed to give the alpha a scowl. It wasn’t like he wanted this… it was just… his body. He couldn’t help it!


Ferid chuckled, and placed him down on a silk bed. As soon as the alpha’s touch left Mikaela’s body, the blonde let out a distressed whimper, reaching out to grab at any part of Ferid that he possibly could, his instincts wanting nothing more than an alphas skin against his own.


He didn’t have to wait long; the alpha was very quick in stripping both Mikaela and himself. “Turn over,” Ferid murmured, and the blonde was so quick in flipping himself onto his stomach that he almost fell off the bed. He heard Ferid chuckle from behind him, but not even embarrassment was overcoming the desire his body was feeling. It was practically screaming at him, he needed to be fucked, or else this pain would never stop.


He felt a slap on his right ass cheek, forcing a yelp out of the blonde that wasn’t truly pain, but not completely pleasure either. Another chuckle.


Slender fingers trailed down Mikaela’s spine, causing him to shudder as goosebumps rose on his arms and back. Those fingers made their way down until they were circling around Mika’s hole, covering them in Mika’s slick.


The blonde winced slightly as two of those fingers entered him without warning. It didn’t hurt as much as he would have thought, it was more like an unpleasant pressure, but the lusty feeling inside of him was practically singing, especially when the fingers started to thrust in and out, wiggling around and stretching his hole to its limits.


In what seemed like both no time at all and an eternity, the blonde felt the tip of the alphas cock rubbing against his hole, the fingers had long since disappeared. The part of Mikaela that was still slightly sane was nervous, terrified actually, but it was pushed down by the need his body was feeling, the aching that seemed to get worse the longer the alpha waited. If Mikaela wasn’t filled right now—


The blonde arched his back and let out a hiss as Ferid’s cock entered him without any warning, sliding into him all the way to the alphas hilt. That had definitely hurt, almost enough to bring him to his senses, but before the blonde could regain control of himself the alpha started to move, and any thoughts of reluctance completely faded in the absolute bliss of pleasure. With every thrust that Ferid gave him, the pain from his heat seemed to reside more and more, until Mika was begging for Ferid to go deeper and harder, to chase away any last remnant of the pain from before and fill it with whatever pleasure that Mikaela could bear.


Mikaela hadn’t even realized why his pleasure was mounting so high that it almost hurt in the throbbing of his cock before he sprayed cum all over the sheets of the bed. The tightening of Mikaela’s hole around Ferid’s own cock caused the older male to groan, glad that he’d at least had enough sense around the omega’s overwhelming scent to put on a condom. The last thing either of them wanted was a baby. Ferid was mostly in it for the sex and Mikaela was only in it because his parents had forced him to be.


With a few more frantic thrusts Ferid came, his knot filling the omega up. The knot burned, but the need Mikaela’s body had gone away, replaced by a pleased and content feeling. Ferid hadn’t even finished knotting Mikaela before the blonde passed out, utterly spent despite all of the sleep he’d had before.


Ferid chuckled as he noticed this, petting Mikaela’s hair and pulling out once his knot had returned to it’s normal size, pulling the condom meant specifically for alphas off of his cock. With a rather amused look, he remembered the confrontation he’d had with Mikaela’s older brother earlier.


Ferid had barely made it through the door before he was pushed up against a wall, the scent of an angry alpha reaching him before he’d even seen the silver-haired male whom Ferid recognized as Shindou Shinya. He gave the younger man a smirk, “Ah, how nice it is to see you again Shinya!” he said, his voice pleasant as though greeting an old friend. Shinya simply scowled at him, pressing the older male even harder against the wall. It had to have been painful, but Ferid didn’t so much as wince.


Shinya’s teeth bared threateningly as he growled his next words. “If you hurt Mikaela at all, I will hunt you down and end you myself.”


Ferid simply chuckled, even more at the confused look on Shinya’s face.


“Do you really think that your new family would ever let you so much as leave their manor, much less let you hurt a noble, Hiiragi Shinya.”


Shinya glared at him, but he didn’t say anything, because Ferid was right. Even if the alpha hurt Shinya’s younger brother, there was literally nothing he could do. The Hiiragi’s had the most security out of every noble household, and it was rumored that was so because some of the members of the household had tried to escape. If an actual Hiiragi wasn’t able to escape the confines of their own home, how would Shinya ever be able to?


“I’ll find a way,” Shinya promised.


Ferid just smiled, “We’ll see.”


The next time Mikaela was awoken, it was due to Ferid cupping his cheek. The red-eyed male had a smile on his face, especially as Mikaela’s face was scrunched in pain from his next round of heat. “Oh Mikaela~ it’s time again.”

Chapter Text

Mikaela hadn’t had the clarity of mind to see the room during his heat, but now was a different story. The room wasn’t like his, and even that thought alone was enough to make him depressed. Rather than white and gold, the walls and theme of this room red and gold. The wall coloring reminded Mika of the sunset, and the room was oval in shape. High archways surrounded the room rather than normal doors like Mikaela was used to. A beautiful, golden chandelier was on the side of the room, nearby the biggest archway. There was a vanity against the wall made of pure gold, intricate designs carved into it.


The biggest thing however, was the bed. The velvet comforter was red, the pillows gold, the skirt of the bed gold, but the one thing that stood out the most was the golden headboard. It rose to the ceiling, and was designed in a way that Mikaela had never seen before. It was almost overwhelming.


Mikaela was currently on that bed. His naked form rested on top of the blankets, sweat beading down his forehead. Pale limbs were spread out limply, and his breathing was heavy and deep, almost as though he was asleep. But he was very, very awake.


Mikaela hadn’t moved from his position to look around the room, he just observed all of this with moving his eyes, so he might not have even seen what the rest of the room had to offer. The sound of footsteps rang through the halls, and they only stopped once they reached the bed. A hand cupped his cheek and Mikaela couldn’t help but to lean into it. He didn’t complain as Ferid got into bed beside him. In fact he wrapped his arms and legs around him like an awkward octopus. A part of him hated it, hated him, but the rest was just feeling too clingy.


Ferid chuckled and stroked Mikaela’s hair, causing the omega to let out a purr. “Dear Mikaela,” he cooed, “So needy.”


Mikaela wanted to snap at him for that, but he found his body just snuggling closer to the alpha who had helped him through his heat.


“You must be hungry,” Ferid said after a moment, and Mikaela let out a small sound of agreement. Ferid untangled himself from Mika and started to get off of the expensive bed but Mika let out a distraught noise and grabbed onto his arm quickly, stopping the older man from leaving. Ferid chuckled, “I’m just going to find a servant and have them bring you some food.”


Mikaela pulled away, face burning red from embarrassment. Ferid simply chuckled again and ran a hand through his blond locks. “So adorable,” he cooed, as though Mikaela was a cute puppy he found in a pet store, before getting up and leaving the bedroom.


Mikaela stared after him, the clingy feeling starting to disappear when Ferid was no longer in sight. What was wrong with him? This wasn’t like him. He wasn’t some needy omega that constantly wanted an alpha’s affections. He was stronger than that! He was… this wasn’t him.


It was his heat.


And that made things so, SO much worse, because that meant that Mikaela could never change these feelings of clinginess. He sat up and curled his legs to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and hiding his face. Why did this have to happen to him? Why couldn’t he be an alpha, like his brother? Why couldn’t he be an alpha and his brother be the omega? They would both be happier. Then Shinya could have been with that Ichinose alpha, and Mikaela wouldn’t feel this terrible weakness and vulnerability. It wasn’t fair! Mikaela didn’t ask for this! Just like Shinya didn’t ask to be an alpha. Why did life seem to hate the Shindou brothers? Why could neither of them be happy?


Why didn’t their parents care?


His eyes watered, but no tears fell. He refused. He wouldn’t allow that sort of weakness, not the only thing he had control over.


“… Master Shindou?”


Mikaela’s head shot up to see a child dressed in silk clothing and golden clamps around his arm. Somehow Mikaela felt like the silk clothing seemed more revealing then actually being naked.


“Yes?” Who was this kid? Why was he dressed like that? Why was he addressing Mikaela as though he were a —oh. The child was a servant. The Shindou’s had child servants, although they were only meant to do small things such as going out to the markets to get something. They were never in such… skimpy clothing however.


“Master Bathory would like to meet you in the dining room for lunch,” The child’s eyes were staring at the floor. Either he was well-trained despite being so young (the children at the Shindou’s slipped a lot and looked at their Masters) or he was trying to give Mikaela privacy.


“I see… thank you…?” Mikaela trailed off purposefully, and the child hesitated at first before replying. “Kouta. My name is Kouta.”


“Thank you, Kouta. You are free to return to your duties.”


Kouta appeared surprised to be thanked, but he gave a small bow before hesitating again. “I was supposed to accompany you to the dining room.”


Mikaela blinked at him. “I need to get dressed.”


Kouta shook his head. “Master Bathory requested that you join him as… as you are,” he stumbled on the last bit, cheeks dusting pink and this time very purposefully not looking at Mikaela.


Great. “I see. Um… lead the way I guess.”


Kouta nodded and waited for Mikaela to get out of bed (who was very surprised that he was only slightly sore after having sex almost non-stop every day for a week) before leading him out of the bedroom and through the hallways. Mikaela wanted to stop multiple times on their way to the dining room. The walls were brown plated with beautiful pictures adorning them, and the doors were almost pearly white. Mikaela wanted to explore what lay beyond those doors immensely, but he knew he had to follow Kouta, lest Ferid would get mad.


Kouta stopped as they reached a room even larger (if that was possible) than the bedroom. Mikaela tried not to act impressed as he stepped into the dining room, taking it in with one look. Their were archways again, the floor was so shiny Mikaela could see his reflection, the walls had fancy gold designs, and the drapes covering the windows were a shiny gold. The walls had brown borders, and the thick dining table was brown, as were the cushiony chairs (although they were rimmed with gold). Unlike the red and gold bedroom, the theme of the dining room seemed to be gold and brown.


Ferid was waiting on the far side of the table. He stared at Mikaela. Mikaela stared back. A sly smile took over the silver-haired male’s face as he studied Mikaela from head to toe, a glint in his red eyes. Mikaela tried not to look bothered at the intensity of his gaze. Despite Ferid having seen him naked in the worst of ways all week, this was the most uncomfortable Mikaela had ever felt being naked around him before.


Ferid’s gaze lingered for a few seconds longer before he gestured at the table. “You may sit.”


Mikaela released a relieved breath that he hadn’t been aware he was even holding before sitting down on as far away from Ferid as he possibly could, not wanting to feel that clinginess again.


The alpha raised an eyebrow. “Come sit closer to me.”


“No I’m fine here, thanks.” Mikaela wasn’t sure why he’d blurted that out, and he tensed, mentally kicking himself. Instead of Ferid getting angry however, like Mika had expected him too, he started to laugh softly. “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to me soon enough.”


Mikaela didn’t deem that with a response. That was the last thing he wanted to do.


“Are you in any pain? Feeling sick?”


Mikaela stared at the table. “No alpha, just hungry.”


“Mikaela look at me.”


The blond’s fist clenched under the table but he looked at Ferid was a smooth face regardless. Always wear a mask.


“Are you sure?” Ferid pressed, and Mikaela wondered why he cared so much.


“I’m sure alpha.”


“Good, good. We wouldn’t want there to be any lies between us, right?” To Mikaela, the words that came out of Ferid’s mouth seemed more like a threat than a question, especially with that dangerous glint in his red eyes.


“Of course not, alpha.”


Ferid seemed pleased with this answer, the subtle warning seeming to disappear immediately as he smiled and clapped his hands together. “Very well then, I suppose it’s time we have our lunch. He grabbed a bell that was on the table and rang it. Almost immediately four more children, dressed the same as Kouta, came out. The two males placed the plates of food in front of Mikaela and Ferid, while the two girls put napkins on their laps. They all bowed before leaving the room.


Mikaela stared after them in shock, wondering if that had just happened or if his mind had made it up. Maybe he was sleeping. Maybe his post-heat mind was messing with him. The youngest one had to be only five.


“… Are all of your servants children?” Mikaela finally asked, and Ferid glanced at him, looking amused. “Is that a problem?”


Mikaela wasn’t sure how to answer that. Children servants weren’t exactly forbidden, but what kind of person would have only child servants? Especially dressed so indecently!


At his stunned silence Ferid let out a laugh, one that annoyed Mikaela because it made him feel like there was something he didn’t know. “Of course not. They’re just in training for when my other servants die.”


“Oh, so they must be elderly servants?” Mikaela guessed, but backtracked at the amused look on Ferid’s face. “Oh my dearest Mikaela. None of my servants make it to their elder years. You see, I like to preserve beauty, not watch it waste away.”


A sudden feeling of dread washed over Mikaela. “I… I have to use the restroom,” he said, standing. The smirk on Ferid’s face grew. “Of course, it’s right down the hall to your left.”


Mikaela nodded and tried not to make it look like he was about to start running as he followed Ferid’s directions. His mind was blank until he reached the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him and pressing his back against it. He couldn’t even appreciate the beauty of the restroom like he’d wanted to back when Kouta was guiding him. This was… this was too much…


Mikaela made his way to the sink and turned on the cold water, splashing his face with it before looking up. His locks were wet from the water and his face was paler than normal, which was quite the feat. His body was shaking as he remembered Ferid’s words.


“None of my servants make it to their elder years. You see, I like to preserve beauty, not watch it waste away.”


The omega felt sick to his stomach. It was obvious he was talking about killing them. Once a servant, always a servant. There is no releasing a servant, which means that the only way they can be released is death. Mikaela had thought the Shindou’s treated their slaves badly, but at least they gave them the dignity of a comfortable death.


How young were they when Ferid decided they weren’t beautiful enough? Teenagers? Young adults? Would he kill Mikaela eventually?


That answer was obvious. If he didn’t want servants looking less than beautiful because they were simply around him, he wouldn’t want a mate that he couldn’t find beauty in anymore. His eyes closed as he tried to call himself down.


Mikaela never received comfort, not from anyone in his family with the exception of Shinya, but even that was rare. He’d eventually grown up not really wanting comfort, only during certain times.


This was one of those certain times.


And there was always only one person that had ever comforted him. He needed Shinya. He wanted his brother. He was terrified. He was angry and upset that he was with Ferid in the first place, but knowing that those little kids were going to die in the future and he was going to even sooner? His shaking became worse and he tried his hardest to steady his breathing. He couldn’t allow Ferid to see him like this. He didn’t know yet how cruel Ferid could possibly be, and he didn’t want to find out. Learning about these deaths made Mikaela pretty certain that his alpha didn’t make threats that he wouldn’t carry through with.


Get a hold of yourself Mikaela. You must face him or else he’ll know. He can’t know how much this affected me.


With that, Mikaela took deep, steady breaths, relaxing his body. Once he was ready, he looked in the mirror, being sure to make his face blank before leaving the restroom.


Ferid’s food appeared to be untouched. He had obviously been waiting for Mikaela. He gave a wave when Mikaela sat down. “I thought you might have drowned in the restroom, you were there for a while.” There was a knowing glint in his eye that Mikaela tried to ignore.


“Apologies alpha, I was simply admiring the design. It’s beautiful, like nothing I’ve ever seen before.”


This seemed to excite Ferid, and he went on about how he had hand-picked every decoration in his manor as they both ate. Once they were finished their lunch, Mikaela cleared his throat. “Alpha, would you mind if I called my family? I know you told them my heat is over, but I would like to speak with them myself. If that’s okay,” he added, not wanting to seem demanding.


“Hmm… I see no problems with that. You can use the phone in my office. I’ll guide you there.”


Unlike with Kouta, Ferid made sure that Mikaela stopped to see everything on their way to the office. Normally, Mikaela would be thrilled at seeing the beauty, but all he could think about was Ferid’s words and Shinya. They eventually stopped in front of a black marble door so large it reached the ceiling. Ferid guided him inside and Mikaela was surprised at the almost normality of it. Well, for Ferid that is.


“This is my office. You are only allowed to be in here with my permission, otherwise there will be consequences. Do you understand?” His voice had taken on a dark tone that almost made Mikaela step back. He couldn’t even mentally berate himself for being so weak minded that a simple warning was enough to make him want to run out of the room, but his mind was just filled with images of young men and women slaughtered on the ground. Maybe in the very bed that Mikaela slept in. Come to think of it, every one of the child servants Mikaela had seen were beautiful… did Ferid handpick them because of this fact? The sick feeling in his stomach came back, but all he said was a firm, “I will not come in here without your permission, alpha.”


That would probably be a lie, but right now he could hardly care less. He was just saying what he could to finally call Shinya.


“Very well, the phone is on my desk, I need to speak to the servants about changing our bedsheets.”


Mikaela watched as he walked away, closing the door. Immediately the omega picked up the phone, dialing his home number with shaking fingers. It took three rings before a servant picked up.


“Shindou manor, how may I help you?”


“Daniel,” Mikaela said, automatically relieved to hear a familiar voice.


Daniel sounded surprised but not at all displeased – after all Mikaela had always been the nicest to the servants next to Shinya. “Master Mikaela, it’s wonderful to hear from you! I assume you wish to speak with your parents?”


“Actually I was hoping to speak to Shinya.”


“Oh…” Daniel’s voice suddenly turned a bit sadder. “Master Shinya has already left. He’s with the Hiiragi’s as we speak.”


For a moment Mikaela’s mouth went dry. He didn’t know what to say. He hadn’t even entertained the thought that Shinya wouldn’t be living with their parents anymore.


“Master Mikaela?” Daniel sounded concerned, which snapped Mikaela out of his stupor. “I see. Daniel, would you be able to procure the Hiiragi number for me?”


“… Master Mikaela, I don’t mean to speak out of turn, but –“


“Please Daniel… this is important.”


There was complete silence, before the servant sighed. “I should not give you this information, but there is a slip of paper with the Hiiragi’s number on it, in case they need to get in touch. I’ll read it off for you.”


As Daniel said the number through the phone, Mikaela let out a content sigh. “Thank you very much Daniel. You have no idea how much this means to me.”


“No worries, you’ve done plenty for us already. It’s time to return the favor. Good luck Master Mikaela.”


The phone was hung up before Mikaela replied, but he didn’t dwell on it. He punched in the number that he’d memorized, pacing impatiently as the phone rang. It took five rings this time before there was a voice to pick up.


“Hiiragi household, please state your business.”


Unlike Daniel, this voice sounded abrupt and cold. “I would like to speak to Shinya.”


“And who is this calling?”


“His brother, Shindou Mikaela.”


“I see. Well, Mikaela,” he said his name in a rather rude tone that would have gotten him a punishment in the Shindou household, “you cannot speak to Hiiragi Shinya.”


“Excuse me?” Mikaela’s eyes widened in shock. “And why is that?”


“He is part of the Hiiragi family now, not the Shindou family.”


Mikaela’s tone was clipped. “Let me speak to Hiiragi Tenrii.”


“Sir, that is –“


“I am calling as a Shindou to a Hiiragi peacefully,” Mikaela said, making his voice assertive. “Now, as a servant you are required to put him on the phone. Just because you are with the Hiiragi’s, doesn’t mean you should forget your duty as a servant to your betters.” The blond hated having to say things like that to a person, but at this point it was unavoidable. He needed to speak to his brother.


When the servant finally spoke again, he sounded like he was just on the edge of seething. “Very well. I will transfer you to Master Tenrii.”




There was more ringing, before a deep, rough voice answered the phone. “What?”


“This is Shindou Mikaela speaking, I would like to speak to Sh- Hiiragi Shinya.”


“And what business does a Shindou have with a Hiiragi? There is currently nothing that suggests we should have anything to do with Shinya. We are not returning him if that’s what you think.”


Mikaela grit his teeth. His brother wasn’t an object to be returned! He was a person! “This is not about anything of the sort,” Mikaela somehow managed to keep his voice steady.


“Then why do you want to speak to him?” Tenrii’s tone was suspicious, and Mikaela almost rolled his eyes. For Christs sake offering Shinya was supposed to be a peace offering between the two families, not some scheme.


“Because he is my brother, and I have private matters to discuss with him. Don’t worry, they don’t concern you or your family.”


The silence that followed after that was so long Mikaela thought the older man had hung up on him, before more ringing started in his ear and the voice that Mikaela had been hoping to hear all along echoed in his ear. “Mikaela?”




“Why are you calling? Did something happen?” Shinya added immediately after, not allowing Mikaela to answer the first question. He sounded concerned, and Mikaela wasn’t sure how to say this without his brother storming over to the Bathory household. Then the omega remembered where his brother was and felt… both disappointment and relief. Mikaela opened the door slightly to look out. Ferid appeared to be nowhere around. Mikaela let out a sigh of relief and closed the door again, locking it and going to the other side of the room again just in case.


The silence on Mikaela’s end must have worried Shinya even more. “Mikaela? What’s wrong? What happened?”


“Sorry, I’m fine,” Mikaela said, his voice low. “Just… checking to make sure Bathory isn’t around.”


“Oh… so, what was it you called about?”


“I…” Mikaela hesitated. “I don’t… feel… uh… safe here.”


Shinya’s voice seemed more sad then concerned when he answered. “Oh, I know Mikaela, Bathory is just… he has that vibe. But you’ll get used to it, nothing will happen.”


“No, no not like that. I can deal with that.”


“Then what? Did he hurt you?” the voice on the line demanded.


“No! Nothing like that!”


Now Shinya seemed confused. “Then what?”


“… I think… no I know… Ferid’s murdering his slave’s.”


There was a gasp. “What?”


“I know. He was going on about how none of his slaves have ever been elders, he only wants beauty, and when it’s not beautiful anymore…” Mikaela bit his lip, the fear starting to seep in again. “What if he thinks the same about me? Shinya I… I’m scared…” Mikaela didn’t think he’d ever admitted that out loud before. There was silence and the omega knew, just knew that his brother was absorbing this and trying to find words of comfort, because that’s all he could do.

“Mikaela, he won’t do that to you.”


“But how do you –“


“I just do.” Shinya cut him off, sounding completely confident. Mikaela blinked, not sure how he felt about that. “I don’t understand…”


“Call it brotherly intuition,” Shinya said. “I’ll make the Hiiragi’s stand in if he ever tries to k… do that to you. Okay?”


Relief flooded through Mikaela like a wave. “Okay… That’s not it.”


“There’s more?” Mikaela could tell from his tone that his brother wasn’t sure if he was shocked or not.

“He’s got kid servants here… the oldest is probably in her pre-teens. You should see what he’s got these children dressed in,” Mikaela shook his head, disturbed.


“Kid servants aren’t that rare…” Shinya tried, although he sounded unsure of himself.


“No, you don’t understand. These kids are doing the work that adult servants should. They’re barely dressed. I’d understand if this was the Roman era – and even that would be cutting it – but there’s a line. And all he wants them for is to act like normal servants before killing them when they get old enough,” Mikaela scoffed in disgust.


“Bathory is a sick man. It’s why I didn’t want you anywhere near him,” Shinya sighed. “I’m sorry this happened.”


“…” Mikaela cleared his throat, not sure how to respond to the apology that seemed so sincere even though it wasn’t Shinya’s fault, “So, how about you? Are the Hiiragi’s as bad as they sound?”


Shinya gave a strange little laugh that had Mikaela raising an eyebrow. He’d never heard that noise before. “Oh no, they’re great!”




“Mahiru and I get along well!” he added cheerfully, even though Mikaela hadn’t asked about that yet.


“That’s um… good? But I thought you and Gu-“


“I think I’m in love with her!” Shinya cut him off loudly, and Mikaela almost dropped the phone in shock. “Yeah everything’s great here! No need to worry.” What?


“That’s… I’m glad you’re okay…”


“Of course I am!” He gave that odd laugh again. “Why wouldn’t I be?”


“Um, because the Hiiragi’s are supposedly abusive bast---“


“What? No way! Hahaha you’re funny when you’re joking. Look, I’ve gotta go. I’m sorry. I’ll call you later!”




“Great! Bye!”


The line went dead and Mikaela pulled the phone away from his ear, staring at it. What was that? He shook his head and put it back before leaving the office, stumbling across one of the children. He recognized the pre-teen from before.


“Oh no!” Her eyes went wide and frightened. “I – I’m so sorry Master Shindou! Please forgive me, I hadn’t seen you there, please forgive my –“


“Hey, hey,” Mikaela cut her off, alarmed. He placed a hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay. You’re fine. I forgive you,” he said, and she gave an audible breath of relief. “If anything it was my fault,” he continued, but she cut him off. “Don’t blame yourself Master, it was I – oh no,” she looked close to tears. “I didn’t mean to speak out of turn, especially talking over you!”


The blonde was at a loss. This really shouldn’t be such a big deal, but the young girl seemed as though she were about to break down.


“… Call me Mikaela,” he said, and she froze, looking up at him, for the first time her eyes meeting his. “Not around Ferid though,” he added quickly, and she nodded firmly. “What’s your name?”


She hesitated for a moment before shyly answering, “A-Akane.”


“Akane, what a pretty name,” he smiled at her and her eyes widened. “Y-You don’t need to compliment me out of pity Master Shi- Mikaela,” she quickly fixed. Mikaela immediately put his hands on both of her shoulders, crouching to her level. “I am not doing it out of pity Akane, I am doing it because I believe it.”


Akane’s eyes flickered down. “T-Thank you Master Mikaela.”


Mikaela stood up again. “Where is Ferid?”


“Master Bathory went out, he said he would be back in an hour, and that you could look around the manor.”


Mikaela hummed, before deciding not to. “I’m feeling rather tired, I’m going to retire. I have school tomorrow, and I can’t be late.”


“Very well,” Akane replied, and followed Mikaela to his room. He found this odd, but didn’t comment until he was ready to change into his nightclothes. “Akane?” he questioned, and she looked at him, although her eyes were still on the floor. “Yes Master Shi – Mikaela?”


“I was planning on changing…” he said, a bit awkwardly.


“… Didn’t you want me to change you?” she seemed confused, and suddenly Mikaela got why she’d followed him. He knew that in some households, servants often dressed, undressed and even bathed their masters. He just hadn’t expected it here. “Oh, no it’s fine,” he gave her a smile. “I can do that on my own. You’re dismissed,” he added.


Akane gave a small bow and a hesitant smile before leaving the room. Mikaela watched her leave. For some reason the encounter didn’t seem like a servant-master one would, but rather a family one. Like he would sometimes have with his brother. Mikaela sighed as he changed and lay under the clean sheets. My brother…


Shinya didn’t call that night like he’d promised.

Chapter Text

 The next morning couldn’t come quick enough. Mikaela had hardly gotten any sleep the prior night despite his exhaustion from his heat. All he could think was ImgoingtodieImgoingtodieImgoingtodie. It only got worse when Ferid finally joined Mikaela in bed, wrapping his arms around him and pulling him against his chest. The blonde had to try his hardest not to freeze up in the alphas grip. It wasn’t a comforting embrace. It felt restricting, possessive, and everything else that Mikaela wanted nothing to do with. He just wanted to be back home. He didn’t care anymore about how his parents treated him – it was way better than this. Sure, Ferid hadn’t hurt him yet, but there was something about the alpha that had Mikaela’s senses all screaming on alert. He didn’t feel safe. At least in his old home he knew what was coming to him. He knew what to expect every day and night. But here… everything was new and scary and he hated it. No wonder Shinya hates Ferid, he had thought to himself, then winced, as though scared Ferid was suddenly a mind reader, but the alpha didn’t even flinch. He just continued on sleeping.


Maybe I’m just being paranoid, thought Mikaela the next day as he pulled his school uniform on. I mean… it is possible that I misunderstood what he was saying. And he wasn’t cruel when he helped me through my heat.


Despite these thoughts, he still had a negative feeling that he knew he had to push away. Even if he does turn out as evil as I’ve made him in my mind, there’s no use wallowing about it. I just need to continue on as I always have. I’m strong.


He faltered for a moment as he remembered that book about omegas, but quickly shook himself out of that mindset. No book is going to define me. I’m my own person, even if I am an omega. I know myself better than some stupid dead trees with bullshit ink on them.


Feeling slightly better, he allowed a small smile as he walked over to the sturdy gold vanity on the other side of the room. The mirror was luckily not pointing towards the bed, where Ferid was still sleeping, so Mikaela could fix up his appearance in peace. Not that there was much to do. His hair was a perpetual mess that refused to be any other way, and his face was smooth enough to not need cover up. He was one of the lucky few in his class that had never gone through the acne phase. He grabbed a brush from the vanity and brushed his hair as best as he could. It helped to untangle his curls, but it also made his hair even poofier. With a soft sigh he put the brush back down and left the room, almost crashing into Akane – again. She held out his bookbag to him, looking at the ground with a small blush on her cheeks. “Mas- I mean – Mikaela, I got your bookbag for you. I… hope that’s alright…” she said hesitantly. Mikaela offered her a smile and took it from her, putting one arm through and letting it hang from his shoulder. “Thank you very much, Akane. That was thoughtful of you.”


Her blush deepened and she gave him a bow. “It’s the least I could do… I-I need to go help the others prepare breakfast,” she stammered, before racing off at a speed Mikaela knew Ferid wouldn’t approve of had he been awake. The blond blinked in confusion. She was acting a bit strange… then again he barely knew her, she might act like this constantly. He’d ask Ferid, but he was afraid that if this was new behavior, it would draw negative attention to her.


Shrugging this off he made his way into the kitchen. Waiting for him in there was the traditional breakfast of Gohan, Miso Soup, Natto, Tsukemono and Kobachi. It was mouth-watering and the smell was amazing. There were no children in sight for Mikaela to thank, so he simply sat down and ate. It took all of his control not to start gobbling it up like some wild animal would. Who knew that kids could cook so well? I wonder who taught them, or if they had help from an adult.


Despite starting to get full half-way into eating it, he made sure to leave nothing behind. Those children cooked this food for him and he wasn’t going to make their hard-work go to waste – or worse yet, have them think he didn’t like it. Now completely full, Mikaela put his backpack on all of the way and headed out, letting the servant (an actual adult – Mikaela had been starting to wonder if Ferid had been lying about having adult servants) open and close the door behind him. He hadn’t failed to notice how beautiful she was, with her chocolate-colored eyes and hair braided up one side. “Hey wait!” he said, and the servant immediately stopped her attempt to close the door. “Yes Master Mikaela?”


“I… what’s your name?”


At this, her eyes widened, and it seemed to take a long time for her to answer. “It’s Sayuri, Master.”


Mikaela gave her a smile, “Thank you, Sayuri.”


She seemed surprised at this, but also smiled back, though her eyes didn’t meet his. “There’s no need to thank me, I’m only doing my job.” Her words were spoken kindly, no trace of bitterness hidden.


“Even so…” Mikaela trailed off before turning and leaving. Now that he wasn’t in agonizing pain, he could appreciate the beauty of the manor. Flowers were everywhere – and in every color. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen. He walked until the intricate black gate that gave access to the grounds was looming above him, where a man dressed in a black suit met him.


“I’m here to drive you to your school,” he said in a deep, monotonous voice. Mikaela just nodded and slid into the car, ignoring the man as he closed the door behind him in favor of rummaging through his bookbag to make sure he had everything. After assuring himself that he had everything he needed to start the day, he gave his chauffer permission to start driving.


The blonde gazed out of the window, his mind miles away as trees, cars and houses passed by in a blur. This would be his first day in school as an omega. He half wondered why he wasn’t transferred to an all-dynamics school, but he figured that his parents considered him above all of the ‘average’ dynamics.


There was not a single person in Mikaela’s school that was a dynamic, save his brother back when he was still in high school. However they were too far apart in age for Mikaela to have ever been in the same school at the same time with him. Will things change?


Probably not. Normal humans had no way of sensing dynamics. They weren’t even aware of their existence – and for good reason. The last time humans and dynamics had mingled was in the Dark Ages, and a war soon broke out between them due to their differences. Dynamics kept assuming they were superior to humans, whilst humans were motivated by fear to attack the dynamics, mostly due to their appearances. Back then dynamics had slanted eyes, their pupil’s mere slits. They bore sharp fangs, and possessed an unearthly speed. Everything about them radiated foreignness, and the humans were scared by it. The war ended only when the dynamics numbers began to dwindle, and they went into hiding until they became but a myth. As time went on, dynamics evolved to take on a more human appearance, until it was almost impossible to tell human from dynamic. Only dynamics could make distinctions, and that was due to their keen ability to scent others of their kind. Once again, dynamics and humans lived together, but this time it was in secret – one that the humans must never find out about, lest they want another war. And this time there was no retreating. The war would only end when one species was completely annihilated. The humans showed no mercy before, so the dynamics would show no mercy now if it came to a war.


Mikaela sighed. That train of thought was becoming very depressing, and was also very unlikely. If it did happen, it most likely wouldn’t be during his lifetime. Dynamics nowadays still remembered what had happened because it was their history, but in the future that might not be the case.


“We’re here,” the chauffer announced, and Mikaela gave a quick ‘thank you’ before getting out of the car, his bookbag slung over his shoulder. He looked up at his school. It was grand, and proudly stood three stories tall. The brick-work was a beautiful maroon color, and the grounds had many trees and flowers decorating it, along with a small courtyard that contained a marvelous fountain. He followed the line of students into the magnificent building, which was equally as gorgeous as the outside. One step inside brought him to an open room with white marble floors and white pillars. There were four archways, each one led to a different place. The archway on the left led to where to Freshman studied, the one on the right led to where the Sophomores studied, and the two archways in front of them led to the Junior and Senior study halls respectively. Mikaela made his way through the right archway, which led him through a beautiful hallway. The walls were dark, but the pictures adorning them plus the chandelier gave it character. He stepped through the first door on the right and his eyes immediately searched out a familiar pinkette. It was a daily routine by now. He’d look at her and she’d ignore him. No matter how many times his gaze found her, she pretended that he didn’t exist. However she made sure to flirt with others in his vicinity, or talk to friends loud enough so that he could hear. He knew she did it on purpose, but he didn’t know why. If she hated him so much, then why did she keep doing things like this? Hasn’t she tortured him enough? Why was he still in love with her even knowing how cruel she was being?


He knew that he’d been staring a bit too long when her friend turned and caught his eye, then whispered something to Krul and they both giggled. Knowing it had to be about him, he turned and made his way to his desk on the far side of the room.


Just ignore her. She was only using you anyway. Plus she’s obviously moved on. So why couldn’t he?


He mulled over this until his teacher came in the room. Instead of starting the lesson, however, she cleared her throat to get their attention. They all turned to her and she gave them a false smile. “As you all know we’re having a new student today,” she said, much to Mikaela’s confusion. Then he realized they must have announced it when he was in his heat. “Treat him as you’d want yourself to be treated. You can come in now,” she gestured at the door.


Mikaela smelled him before he saw him, and all thoughts of Krul left his mind. He could recognize that scent anywhere. A male his age walked into the classroom, tan skinned with messy black hair. Before the male could introduce himself, his head snapped up to look at him, and Mikaela was met with brilliant green eyes. A beta!



Chapter Text

One Week Ago

Yuu came to with a sharp stinging across his face. He groaned in pain, and in response the stinging sensation whipped at his other cheek. His eyes slowly blinked open to take in the – unsurprisingly – enraged look on his father’s face. At first he wondered what he’d done wrong this time (or if he’d even done anything wrong. Everything he did seemed to set his parents off), before remembering last night.


Images of trying to drown himself and passing out flooded through his mind. Oh god, I’m so dead, he thought, staring up at his dad, this time in fear. His father just scoffed, “What the hell did you think you were doing you freak?”


For a moment Yuu couldn’t respond, and his father shook him. Yuu could have sworn all of his organs were being rattled from the force, not to mention he was gripping onto a couple of the child’s bruises. “I – I was – the bath – I passed out –“ he stammered out.


“And what possessed you to take a bath at that time of night? Especially knowing our financial situation? Do you know how much money costs in this fucking neighborhood you brat!?”


Yuu averted his eyes. Despite it being a shitty neighborhood, his dad was right. Water here did cost a lot of money – money they didn’t have.


“I’m sorry,” he murmured, and hissed as his cheek was slapped yet again.


“I didn’t hear you, care to repeat that?” His father snarled, and Yuu had to resist the urge to glare.


“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” he said, louder this time. His father gave him an unreadable expression before standing, yanking Yuu up with him, his grip tightening on his scrawny arm so hard that Yuu knew he’d had even more bruises.


“You’d better not, or there will be consequences,” his father said darkly, threateningly, and Yuu had to fight the urge to tremble.


Eventually his arm was released and Yuu stumbled a bit before managing to straighten himself out. He knew he’d get in trouble if he fell. His father was giving him a very judging look. “And put some fucking clothes on, nobody wants to see that,” he said, disgust lacing his voice, before storming out of the bathroom, leaving Yuu to stare after him.


It took a few moments for Yuu to get his bearings. He was feeling a bit dizzy from both being manhandled by his father and passing out. He rubbed his head and stumbled into his room, grabbing some clothes off of the ground and throwing them on. His parents didn’t really care too much about his appearance, so he wore whatever he wanted. Today it was a simple red hoody and jeans, along with slightly ratty sneakers and Grumpy Cat socks. He fell back on his bed, ignoring the loud growl from his stomach. He was certain his parents weren’t in the mood to cook for him, and he didn’t much feel like eating with them anyways. No, he’d wait until they were done before getting a snack himself. Ignoring hunger was kind of a skill at this point for Yuu – he’s gone hungry often enough that it barely bothers him anymore. A part of him wondered why he wasn’t skinnier – he should be judging by the small amount he ate – but somehow he was more broad shouldered and even had small muscles, despite his lack of working out. He never understood why his body seemed determined to give him a shape suitable for a guy his age, but he wasn’t complaining. At least he wasn’t being called ‘shrimp’ anymore by bullies. He wondered if his father went through the same thing. He knew from reluctant stories that his dad grew up almost the same way he did, so maybe he had that weird growth spurt thing too.


Not that he’d ask him. If his dad didn’t then he’d just get called a freak again for something that he couldn’t even control. The ravenette sighed and stared up at the ceiling, lost in his own dark mind. Only two more years and then I can move out, he reminded himself. He’d lasted a whole sixteen years already, two wasn’t so bad, was it?


If there was one thing that Yuu enjoyed, it was thinking about the future. He was a bright kid and had a lot going for him, so he had no doubts he’d get into a good college, and if he didn’t get into college there was an abundance of well-paying jobs for someone with his skills. During college he’d be living on-campus, but if he couldn’t manage that he’d get a job and pay for some cheap apartment or something. Anything was better then where he was now – or more, the people he was with now.


He closed his eyes and let himself drift off, the darkness swiftly bringing him to a much better and happier place.



The school was very intimidating. He’d been instructed to go in after the students got situated, so he was waiting outside on the school grounds whilst watching the students file inside of the ginormous building.


It was gorgeous, the scenery was beautiful, but it was so… so… high-class… that he almost felt like turning around and running back home. One look at the school and more importantly the students told him that he didn’t belong here. Everyone had their hair neatly combed or slicked back, they wore their uniforms tucked, they even stood like they were ready for a photoshoot at any moment.


Yuu, meanwhile, was the complete opposite. His hair had refused to work with him this morning. His bedhead was seemingly permanent, no matter how much he brushed it, it just stood straight back up. He’d tried putting gel on it, but it was cheap and looked absolutely ridiculous smattered on, so he’d had to take a shower and accept the fact that his hair looked like a rats nest. His uniform was untucked (he hated things tucked in, it was so uncomfortable) and the bag slung across his shoulder was obviously a lot cheaper than the other ones.


He could already tell life here would be hell. It didn’t matter what school he was at – if it was as nice as this, a ragtag outsider like Yuu was definitely going to become a target for bullies.


A few minutes after the students went into the building Yuu followed after them, letting out a whistle of appreciation when he entered. There was a girl waiting by the right archway, and she gave him a slightly irritated look at the sound, but a moment later plastered a fake smile onto her face. “Are you Amane Yuuichirou?”


“Yuu is fine,” said the ravenette, rubbing the back of his neck. He hated being called Yuuichirou – it was too long and formal.


“Alright Yuu, follow me please,” she said pleasantly, although it was obvious she didn’t want to be here. Sighing, Yuu trailed behind her and they stepped outside of a classroom together.


“As all of you know we’re having a new student today,” he heard, and groaned out loud. No no, no introductions please. He ignored the glare he received from the girl next to him. He hated having to introduce himself to classrooms. “Treat him as you’d want yourself to be treated.” Yuu almost snorted. Yeah, as if anyone ever listened to that. “You can come in now,” it took Yuu a second to realize she was talking about him, but he quickly stepped into the classroom.


As he stood in front of the class, he opened his mouth to introduce himself, but before he could even speak he was overwhelmed by a sickeningly sweet smell. He immediately looked to the other side of the room, where a blond boy was staring at him intensely. He couldn’t explain it, but somehow he just knew the smell was coming from him. But… why wasn’t anyone else reacting to it? It was almost overpowering, how could they all act so… normal? Something deep in Yuu’s belly lurched, but he wasn’t sure what it was.


He heard the teacher cough, and he was snapped out of his daze. He suddenly realized that the entire classroom had their eyes on him while he’d been busy staring at one of the students. A blush of embarrassment immediately took over his cheeks and he let out a small huff. “My name is Amane Yuuichirou, but you can call me Yuu,” he said dully. Nobody said a word until a girl with pink hair raised her hand.


“Yuu, would you like the sit with me?” She batted her eyelashes and gave him a sweet smile that took him by surprise. “Uh… yeah… sure…”


Immediately he felt a pang, although he wasn’t sure why. As he sat down at the empty desk next to the pinkette, he glanced back over at the blonde. The blonde no longer was giving him a surprised look, now it seemed cold and… hurt? Why would he be hurt though? Before Yuu could try to think anymore on it, the male ripped his gaze away in favor of glaring at the chalkboard.


“My name is Krul,” the girl said in a friendly manner, before she noticed what Yuu was staring at. “That’s Mikaela. He’s… not the friendliest person,” she giggled, and he noticed that Mikaela tightened the grip on the pen he’d been holding at the sound of it. “Just ignore him, he’s not worth the trouble,” Krul reassured him, and Yuu sighed, tearing his eyes away from the blonde. “Thanks for the warning, I guess,” he muttered, and she let out another giggle.


That was the most they were able to talk, however, before the teacher cut in by beginning her lecture. Krul seemed to want to keep the conversation going, but quickly realized that it wouldn’t work upon seeing him ignore her for the rest of the lesson. Yuu wasn’t the type of person to slack off in class - that was what got him into such a good school after all. If he were to be kicked out of here… his father would murder him. Not only that, but he’d be disappointed in himself as well.


Yuu wasn’t sure if he was relieved or annoyed that he already knew everything the teacher went over in the lesson. He’d learned it from his old school. It was weird how a grand school like this was behind compared to his old, plain and boring school. Whatever. He wrote down notes anyway to jog his memory and study when he was at home. It’s not like he had friends to hang out with, or an Xbox to play with, so doing homework and studying was a pretty good way to pass the time.


The entire lesson he couldn’t shake that smell though. God how was nobody else noticing it!? Were they used to it? They must have been – or they somehow all lost their sense of smell because it was all Yuu could focus on. His gaze drifted again and again towards the blond who seemed to be radiating it, but Mikaela didn’t seem to notice him staring, and if he did he ignored it.


By the time the lesson ended Yuu stood up and stormed over to where Mikaela was sitting. The blond barely had time to look up before Yuu demanded, “Why are you wearing perfume?”


The blonde’s eyes widened in surprise and he openly gaped at Yuu. The ravenette heard a few giggles coming from behind him, but he ignored it.


“… You can’t be stupid enough to think that’s perfume,” Mikaela replied incredulously.


“W-Well,” now Yuu was starting to feel a bit embarrassed, “what else would it be? And I’m not stupid!” he added as an afterthought.


“… You really don’t know…?” The incredulousness from before seemed to have left Mikaela’s voice, but his words confused Yuu.


“Know what?” He demanded. Mikaela stared at him for a moment. “About… about me?” he said, his voice lowering so that only the two of them could hear.


“What? That you’re not friendly?”


“What?” The blond was looking truly perplexed.


“Yeah that’s what Krul told me. Everyone thinks you’re not friendly or whatever.”


Mikaela’s blue eyes seemed to ice over at his words and he stood up quickly, giving Yuu a cold glare as he gathered his things. “Yeah well maybe you shouldn’t listen to gossip,” he snapped, before storming past Yuu, bumping him on the shoulder in the process.


Yuu turned back to say something but Mikaela was already gone. The ravenette huffed, annoyed. What’s his problem? He thought irritably. All he’d done was ask if he was wearing perfume. He was even nice enough to tell him that people talked about him behind his back. What an asshole.


When he made his way into the hallway, a short girl that he immediately recognized as Krul came up to him, smiling. “I told you that he wasn’t friendly,” she said, a laugh in her voice.


“Yeah,” Yuu scoffed. His eyes focused on the blond that was walking in front of him. He was out of earshot, but he sort of wanted to shout just so that the blond could hear him. “He’s a total dick.”


“You shouldn’t associate yourself with him,” Krul suggested, and Yuu looked away. “Associate? I don’t care for friendships. I just want…” he trailed off. Krul looked at him expectantly but he didn’t say anything more.


They walked to his next class in silence.