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Caught Underneath

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So Kukui is hosting a Christmas party. I'll put up some mistletoe and film whoever is caught under it. So soon after I put the mistletoe up, Kiawe went by knocking it over. Ilima asked, "Kiawe, what's that?"
"It looks like it's some mistletoe." Kiawe hung it back up while Ilima blushing madly. Thinking about what he was going to do. Kiawe noticed him blushing and quietly asked,
"What's wrong?" For about five minutes. More like the longest five minutes of my life, Ilima said redfaced,
"There has been something I wanted to tell you."
"Go on." Ilima continued, "You see, I really like you...Ah! I'm so sorry I shouldn't have said anythi-" His blabber was cut off by a kiss from Kiawe. I was ready to burst out into the biggest nosebleed since Karin. Kiawe broke off the kiss and said,
"I love you too." Both of them went upstairs after that and my nose started to bleed.
"Hey, Kukui, I need tissues!"
I caught the box of tissues he passed.
"I don't want to know why your nose is bleeding." said Kukui.