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kiss from a rose

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“chin up and back straight, rookies. no one wants you all looking lazy.”

a sigh, then a discreet roll of the eyes. jimin has had enough. he and the fifteen people around him had been at it for more than two hours, and his spine was starting to ache, unable to take a break until the choreographer said so. he could not complain and give up, his career being on the line at the very moment. auditioning for the main role of the most awaited ballet was the best and worst decision he has ever made, best because he would have a change to be collaborating with the most influential artists in the field, worst because kim taehyung, the one and only, was standing right behind him, with a smug expression on his face, looking at him through the mirror reflection as if he was nothing more than an ant. standing proudly at six feet tall, skin taught and sun-kissed, he easily towered over jimin, and the slightly older man needed to go en pointe to look at him in the eye.

“feeling tired, park? i can hear you complaining in your head from here. i think you should just take a break, or better, give up,” taehyung snickered, bending over then backwards as everyone — including jimin — did, one hand clutching the barre as he placed his feet in third position. he caught a glimpse of jimin’s bottom, plump and perky, and the younger wanted to grab at it just to see how he would react. the small man would probably start a fight, as he did on the very first day they met, five months prior to the audition; taehyung kept commenting his every move and jimin ended up kicking him right between his legs. it was funny, really. less fun for his balls, but funny nonetheless.

“do me a favor and shut your mouth,” jimin growled, trying his best not to pounce on taehyung and wrap his hands around that little pretty neck of his. posture after posture, he let out a small exhausted sigh, hands sweaty and hair sticking to his forehead. he’d never been someone with an extraordinary stamina off stage, so training periods were always a struggle as the hours flew by. his ability to learn choreographies in a record time had always been something he had been proud of and grateful for.

“nah. too entertaining,” taehyung stepped near jimin, mouth close to his ear and blew, cold hair making the smaller jump and turn to glare at him, dark eyes squinting and threatening. “you’re kinda cute when you’re angry,” the taller adds, leaning over so their eyes could meet. his brown hair was held back by his dark headband, and tied in the back, stray hairs framing his face.

“i’m gonna fucking show you how cute i can get when i fucking beat your a—”

“park! kim! if i hear you bickering one more time you’re both out,” the dance professor, tall, lean and gorgeous, called both men out with something akin to daggers in her eyes, and jimin was quick to turn away with a quick sorry and a scowl on his face. if he ended up being taehyung’s partner, or worse, if he happened to steal his role, there would be blood.



jimin was positively beaming.

he was standing among the other dancers after their warm up and learning period, arms crossed, and overjoyed as taehyung kept failing his landings, not putting enough emotion in his interpretation, having trouble lifting his partner, who was embarrassed and bowing profusely to him and the professors as she flushed from head to toe. sojin had kept her mouth shut all along, observing the pair meticulously and she silently lifted a hand to stop them. taehyung’s frown deepened, wondering what the hell could be wrong now. they completed the routine without much struggle the last time, why was she being so fussy about it?

“you guys have no chemistry at all. what we want here is passion— no inhibitions here, yet you’re holding her as if she would break at any time. you look at her like she’s a piece of cardboard, you have no emotions. let yourself be attracted to her, kim. you’re supposed to be in love with her, not treat her like a stranger,” sojin scolded him, scanning the small crowd in front of her, humming. then she pointed at jimin, beckoning him over.

“park, you’re replacing jung for the moment,” she finally said, eliciting a gasp from everyone.

“w-wait, what? but—” jimin spluttered, and the professor was quick to cut him off.

“no buts. come over here. you know the routine, and i’ve seen how you and kim look at each other. that is exactly what we need.”

jimin’s eyes trailed over to taehyung’s, and he was as shocked as him, though trying to hide it as well as he could. partners from the same gender were rare, if not nonexistent, so hearing that from one of the best ballerinas in the universe (as jimin liked to call her, he looked up to her since he was a child), was something he was unprepared for. so it was with a strange feeling in his gut that he padded to taehyung, the latter still staring at him with raised eyebrows, still attempting to wrap his mind over the newly made decision. sojin might have liked taking risks.

the woman clapped her perfectly manicured hands once, urging the two dancers and the pianist to start. jimin could not do anything but to obey, as he reluctantly reached a hand to taehyung. the taller took it, getting into character in a split second, not thinking about who was dancing with him. he could not let himself be affected by this and risk a rejection. so he turned his professional mode on. as much as he hated jimin, as much as he enjoyed poking him until he cracked, he had to admit that he was a good dancer.

he still found him extremely annoying with his high pitched voice, his tired sighs, his beautiful face, his wonderful thighs, his delicious b— no. he hated him. they were rivals. he was not going to pop a boner right fucking now because his partner happened to be extremely attractive.

as they went on with the routine, he realized how flawlessly executed jimin’s steps were. they looked effortless, light and feminine, as if he had been a ballerina all his life. how was we able to do it if he only had to learn the ballerino segment? the amount of effort jimin put in his work surprised taehyung. if he thought about it, he had never spent proper time with him. this had to be changed. even if it meant egging him on until he threatened him to chop his balls off.

jimin let himself be lifted by taehyung, big hands warm on his waist, his thighs, all over his body. he was sure that he was blushing at some point, if sojin’s satisfied smile was anything to go by. they were perfectly synchronized, as if they were one. jimin was not weightless like some girls he had seen performing, yet taehyung handled him as if he was, his strength impressing the smaller. what if he lifted him up as he took him up against the w— oh god.

as their routine ended, jimin had his left thigh wrapped around taehyung’s waist, as he bent backwards, breathless. taehyung was holding him at the wait, other arm lifted in the air, as short of breath as his partner was. they were quick to separate, standing at no less than two meters away from each other. this had to be the most embarrassing moment jimin had gone through in a long, long time.

sojin was clapping, more than happy, and she clasped jimin’s shoulders, a smile on her pretty face. “that was really good,” she told him, much to his pleasure, and he could not help but to beam at her, pride taking over him and warming up his cheeks. she also congratulated taehyung on his work, and she announced the end of the session, sending the dancers off to take some rest before they announced the results the next day.

fortunately, the day ended well for him, and the pent-up stress from the preceding weeks was starting to wear off. all jimin wanted was to take a hot bath, call his parents, and then sleep for the rest of the night. that sounded like a good plan.



as expected, sojin chose them as the main characters for her play, and jimin found himself alone one morning in the dance studio, stretching his limbs peacefully. he was on the ground, tight-clad legs spread and bust touching the hardwood floor, taking relaxed breaths. taehyung was supposed to be there thirty minutes ago, and he was starting to feel annoyed at the man being late for their very first practice. he felt his eye twitching, sign of an upcoming wrath coming for the younger man. if he decided to act like a diva, jimin was sure going to have to talk to him. read: scream at him until he felt too tired to deal with his stupid shenanigans.

said man appeared as fresh as a flower, twenty minutes later, sporting gray sweatpants and a black hoodie, and sunglasses on. who the hell wore sunglasses in the middle of winter? it was not even sunny. it was still dark, the sun not having peeked its nose yet as it was winter, the first day of snow getting closer and closer. jimin straightened up, giving a dirty look at the smiling man. “fucking finally, i thought your lazy ass would never show up.”

“my ass is doing well, thank you very much,” taehyung laughed, shameless and not planning on excusing himself for his tardiness. how was jimin supposed to handle him for an entire year, or more if the play was a success? he was surely going to die. rest in peace, park jimin, twenty-two, born in busan.

he stood up, walking over to taehyung, throwing him a judgmental look as he crossed his arms. “listen, kim taehyung. i’m here to work, not to play around. so, it’s either you show up here every single morning at seven am tops, or i’m asking sojin noona to change partners. got it?” he menaced. taehyung only scoffed, taking his sunglasses off and lifting his hands in a defensive manner.

“damn, kitty’s got claws. no need to be so rough with me, i prefer being coddled than manhandled,” the taller said playfully, gauging jimin’s reaction. the latter let out an exasperated sigh, pinching the bridge of his nose. today was going to be a very, very long and very, very tiring day.



“that’s good, keep it up like that, don’t leave him, hold him just like that, nice! you guys are in love with each other! keep your holds tight, be dramatic, it’s all about exaggeration, yes! let romance and lust take over your bodies,” sojin was encouraging them from the corner of the studio, snapping her fingers in time with the music as taehyung and jimin put their everything in their third full routine review. the both of them were starting to get sweaty and taehyung’s hands almost slipped from jimin’s waist twice, but they were so into it that it felt like they were in another world, just with the two of them as they sped up the pace towards the middle of the program. the second half was the hardest part, taking up most of their energy, and jimin’s head was starting to spin from all these pirouettes. taehyung was also getting tired, and as he lifted his partner up, he lost his balance and both men fell to the ground, jimin letting out a scream and landing right on taehyung’s lower half.

“fuck,” taehyung moaned in pain, his tailbone aching. “fuck, get off me, park, get off,” he grunted, pushing the smaller man off of him more violently than he expected. jimin fell backwards, his head almost banging on the wood, a scandalized gasp escaping him.

“hey, that wasn’t my fault! your feet were misplaced, if you actually looked were you walked instead of staring at your own reflection we could’ve avoided that, you fuckin—”

“if your huge ass hadn’t blocked my view we could’ve avoided that, you spoiled little b—”

jimin let anger course through him, and pounced on taehyung, his fist punching him scare in the jaw. they went at it for a few seconds before someone separated them, the smaller man still gesticulating in the choreographer’s iron grip. his blood was boiling and he was seeing red from how furious he was. the right side of his ribs was hurting, and he was certain that bruises would bloom in a matter of minutes.

“i’m gonna fucking kill you, you bastard!” jimin yelled, only to be forcibly escorted out of the studio.

taehyung just lied there with wide eyes an a hand on his jaw. he sure was not expecting jimin to quite literally punch him.



a few hours later, jimin was still sulking and giving taehyung the cold (more like icy) shoulder, refusing to talk to him, or to touch him whatsoever. the staff let them enjoy the rest of the day after how the events had turned out, deeming it too ‘dangerous’ to let both dancers in the same room for more than three hours. once the anger had died down, jimin had returned to the studio, rehearsing his postures by himself, earphones stuck in his ears. one leg propped up on the barre, he reached out for his toes, then bent backwards, before lifting his legs higher and returning in first position. he then worked on his arm postures, his pointés, his jetés, and the like.

as he tried to achieve one of the postures from the routine, eyes closed as the sensory deprivation helped him focusing, he kept stumbling and his frustration was starting to hit his peak until two warm hands found their way to jimin’s waist and he startled, taking an earbud off and opening his eyes, meeting taehyung’s through the reflection of the mirrored wall.

“your feet are too far apart from each other,” he murmured in jimin’s ear, slowly lifting him up and helping him get into position. he was so delicate with him, as if he was afraid of breaking him. what had gotten into him, jimin ignored it. but it felt strangely nice.

he does not say anything, letting the taller silently guiding him with a stern expression on his face. jimin rolled his eyes, almost laughing at how serious he looked. maybe he felt guilty about making him angry earlier? if it was the case, jimin was going to bring it up every single day.

“you sure look happy, kim,” he mumbled, no bite in his voice. he just found the situation funny; taehyung was much more mischievous than that. mischievous and exceptionally rude.

as he spun, taehyung’s hands tightened their hold and stopped him midway, their faces closer than the both of them expected, chests touching. jimin’s eyebrows rose as he saw the bruise on the taller’s jaw. good. at least he hit hard enough.

“aw, does it hurt?” jimin fake-cooed, voice sounding more poisonous than anything else. “serves you right. you shouldn’t have said my ass was huge,” he added, still angry, and taehyung visibly clenched his jaw— suppressing a whine as it still was painful.

“here is another thing that’s huge: your ego,” he retorted.

“oh yeah? you should see my di—”

“no thanks, i’d rather die than see it.”

“the way you look at me obviously tells otherwise,” the smaller man giggled, getting away from his grip and fishing for his water bottle in his sports bag. “you’re always saying rude stuff about how big my ass is but i know you love it,” he gulped down half of the bottle’s content, throwing his head back and doing the most, knowing taehyung was staring at him with fire in his eyes. “i see you staring at me all the time.”

“i’m not staring, i’m only looking at you because you’re loud and obnoxious and annoying.”

“you should speak for yourself, mister god complex,” jimin ended the conversation as he sat down and carefully removed his ballet slippers, curling his now free and numb toes before putting his sneakers on and standing up. he threw the studio keys to taehyung, winking at him.

“make sure to close the door, as well as your pretty little mouth. see ya later, kim.”

taehyung was going to be the one to wrap his hands around jimin’s neck. and not in a kinky way. how dare.



jimin was versatile when it came to dancing — name it, he knew how to do it. he had grown around dancers and musicians, art fulfilling his life. so it was obvious that he decided to make it his career, and he had always made his parents proud, being the only ballet dancer in the family. it had been hard, as every artistic path was, but he had never given up, and it had paid; he was now well known in the industry, people here and there needing him to represent their work. when someone said park jimin, they meant the small man with shiny black hair.

he and taehyung never saw each other outside of practice hours. they met there, worked on their routine, bickered more or less violently — often ending up in one of them leaving and slamming the door like children, bid each other goodbye and went to their own homes. if jimin had to be honest, he felt a little bit sad about not getting along with his partner, but said partner was kim taehyung. he was unable to get along with this asshole.

“you guys should fuck,” his friend, min yoongi, blurted out when he came over for take out and game night at jimin’s place. the latter almost choked on his beer, accidentally spitting some of it on the coffee table.

hyung,” he whined, embarrassed at yoongi’s words. “we’re not gonna fuck, we hate each other’s guts. he called me a spoiled little bitch. a spoiled little bitch! who does he think he is?!”

“well you know, the line between hate and lust is very thin,” the older man slurred, cheeks full of food. “maybe you’re just too frustrated because of work, and you need a good lay; and by good lay i mean our good ol’ kim taehyung. you told me he kept staring at your ass, so my advice is to go for it.”

“yeah, how about handing my ass on a plate for him while you’re at it,” jimin grumbled, throwing a stray noodle at yoongi with his chopstick. “he’s gotta work for it.”

“see, you want it,” the black haired man said triumphantly, gummy smile and all.

he really, really considered unfriending yoongi for a second.



one night, as he had the studio all for himself — god bless sojin noona, she was so nice to him —, he decided to practice blindfolded. it helped him becoming aware of surroundings, without having his vision bothering him. he was more sensitive to his own weight and steps when he did it, and it was the best way to notice any mistakes.

wearing a cropped sweater, some leggings and his slippers, all black, he tied the equally dark foulard over his eyes, fabric blinding him temporarily. he started dancing, music echoing in the room, and he was in his own little universe, careful not to step too close to the mirror or too far back. the first time he tried this technique, he earned himself a swollen ankle and a few bruises but now, as experienced as he was, it was graceful. he made one with the music, letting it possess his body, limbs moving on their own. despite not having his earbuds in his ears, he did not hear taehyung entering in the room.

said man was speechless, mouth wide open as he observed the small man moving effortlessly. it was quite the sight, and taehyung almost forgot that he was a violent little brat. he knew who jimin was, of course, he knew how talented he was, but he had never seen anything like it. he landed his jumps perfectly, without being able to see where he was going. how—

“hey,” taehyung’s reverie and inappropriate staring was interrupted by jimin, who was just removing his blindfold and taking a sip of his water bottle, proceeding on taking a short break. he propped up his ankle on the barre, quickly stretching his body out to keep it warm.

“hi.” very eloquent, kim taehyung. really.

“cat got your tongue?” the black haired man teased. “i thought you had a... richer vocabulary not so long ago. why are you here, anyways? i thought you decided to take a day off because ‘jimin is unbearable i’m gonna kill myself if i have to see his stupid face one more time’. you know, i heard that. that wasn’t very nice of you. it hurt my feelings.”

taehyung rolled his eyes, not pleased by the teasing tone of his partner. “aw, i’m sorry.”

he was not sorry. not at all, actually.

“at least you won’t learn it from anyone else and attack me for being a, quote, ‘two-faced bitch’, unquote,” he deadpanned. “i came here for a late night practice. but since you’re here, i’m just gonna come back l—”

“don’t be an idiot. practice with me,” jimin sighed, tired of this nonsense. sure, they couldn’t stand each other. but they had to work together, so might as well do something about it and stop acting like kindergartners.


“you heard me, jackass. stay. and practice with me,” the smaller man responded. he reached out to him, taking his jacket off and throwing it somewhere. taehyung raised his eyebrows at jimin’s action.

“you’re already undressing me? what about foreplay? i thought i was only here to practice,” he emphasized on the last word, laughing, and jimin shoved at him, turning around and putting his blindfold back on.

“shut your mouth and get to work, kim,” his voice was firm and professional and taehyung realized it was not the time to joke around anymore. he kind of liked it when jimin was bossy with him. he would rather get his fingers cut off than say it out loud, though.

the song that had been playing on repeat started from the beginning once again, and jimin involuntarily gasped at taehyung’s hand gripping his bare hip, not expecting it. the taller did not comment on it, too busy feeling how smooth the skin there was. they started moving, the initial shock gone.

it was strange, dancing with someone when you could not see anything. jimin was used to doing it alone, but with a partner it felt completely different, albeit erotic. taehyung’s touch on his body was amplified by the lack of vision, and even as he knew he routine perfectly, he still shivered whenever he had to be lifted up or step closer to taehyung. he sensed the latter’s breath closer to his skin, and an urge to press their lips together took over jimin, his cheeks taking a sublime shade of red. he hoped taehyung did not notice it, otherwise he would be in for an excruciating period of the latter teasing him for getting turned on whilst dancing.

but taehyung’s fingers on his thighs as he had him wrapping his legs around his waist was the last straw, and it was with short breath that he panted a brief kiss me, tae, kiss me, barely audible. taehyung heard it, of course he heard it, and it was with pleasure that he grabbed jimin’s cheeks — the smaller’s thighs had an iron grip on his waist and damn if it was not the hottest thing ever —, frantically pressing their lips together in a hungry kiss.

it was all teeth and tongue, pent-up stress and frustration taking the best of them; both men letting out a moan simultaneously, as jimin took a hold of taehyung’s hair, tugging at the soft strands. taehyung stepped over to the mirrored wall, pinning jimin hard against it and abandoning his lips to nibble at his neck, the still blindfolded boy panting as he tried to seek relief between his legs.

jimin could not stop wiggling his hips, and taehyung pressed his crotch down against his, eliciting a whine from the older, their lower bodies meeting in a delicious way. jimin had not felt so aroused in a while, and it only got worse when the taller grabbed his wrists and placed them above his head, holding them tight — he could circle both wrists with a single hand, and jimin’s head was spinning from the display of force taehyung was showing. he was certain his cock was fully hard by now.

“already all wet for me, park? cute,” taehyung mused, as he looked down— the front of jimin’s leggings was stained, and jimin had the audacity to blush. he circled his hips, grinding slowly against the smaller man, and the latter bit his lip, trying his best to muffle the moans.

“shut the fuck u— oh— oh my god, please,” he was already begging, shameless, but if he had to be honest, it had been a long time since he had been, well, properly laid. all he wanted was a good fuck and taehyung happened to be the perfect person to help him achieve that. he touched him like he knew exactly what to do, as if he knew his body better than himself, and it was driving jimin crazy.

taehyung tutted, leaving kisses and bites all the way from jimin’s neck to his lips, ghosting them against jimin’s, before murmuring, “we have all time, and i want to play with you. be patient, baby.”

the way taehyung called jimin baby had something vicious in it, filled with an underlying hate mixed with pure lust, and jimin’s fists were clenched so tight he was sure his nails would be drawing blood soon. he tried to escape from taehyung’s hold, and the taller grabbed his face in his free hand, a dark look in his eyes which jimin was unable to see.

“be careful, kitten. we don’t want you crying on my lap later,” taehyung let go of his face, still keeping his wrists stuck up there, and he breathed once before regaining control of himself, serious all of a sudden. “do you have a safeword?”

“a— a— uh—” jimin stuttered, attempting to wrap his mind around what taehyung asked him. “red, red is okay, taehyung, come on—” his thighs tightened around taehyung, and he kicked the small of his back with his slipper-clad foot. despite being extremely turned on, he still hated his guts. and he wanted to remind him that. “hurry up or i’ll beat your ass—”

“feisty,” taehyung chuckled, stepping away from the mirror and putting a very angry jimin on a stray chair, legs spread, and the black haired man sensed the cold air around him, turning his head left and right, as if he could see where taehyung went. he could remove the blindfold, his hands were not tied, but he kept it on just for the sake of how good it felt.

“kim, i swear if you left me alone and horny here i’m gonna kill you,” he screeched when he felt a hand slapping the inside of his still clothed thigh, and threw his head back, immediately trying to press his legs together. the same hands prevented him from doing it, and jimin gripped the sides of the chair, tempted to kick taehyung in the chin.

“gee, calm down, i just went looking for lube and a condom. ain’t gonna take you raw, as much as i’d love to,” taehyung said, playing with the hem of jimin’s leggings, before tugging them along with his underwear. the cold air hit jimin’s cock, and his breath was stuck in his throat before his hips mindlessly thrust up, silently asking taehyung to just touch him.

“what happened to ‘i’d rather die than see your dick’? it’s right in front of you now,” jimin’s voice was more raw than usual, full of desire.

“only fools don’t change their mind, my dear,” taking hold of jimin’s bottom, he brought him to the very edge of the chair, the black haired man almost falling to the ground if taehyung were not holding his bum so tightly; there would be bruises tomorrow.

when taehyung’s tongue made contact with jimin’s cock, licking a fat stripe along the shaft without hesitation and teasing the head with the very tip of his tongue, jimin almost screamed, seizing taehyung’s strands of hair and tugging on them violently. the latter let out a moan, voice reverberating on the other man’s member.

“—could’ve warned a guy, jesus fucking chr— ist— oh—” jimin keened when taehyung engulfed his length, letting it hit the back of his throat at the first swallow, the smaller man on the brink of slipping from the chair but it was the very last thing on his mind, lust clouding every single clear aspect of his brain. all he had in mind was taehyung’s hands, taehyung’s tongue, taehyung.



the taller man had jimin standing on the very tip of his toes, cheek pressed against the mirror, as he pounded into him, the heat around his cock surpassing any of his expectations. he was hot and tight, the curve of his spine and the small dimples on the small of his back had to be the most beautiful things taehyung had seen in his entire life — and his ass, god his ass. red from taehyung’s spanking mere minutes ago, fingerprints blooming purple and red marks on the supple skin. a thin layer of sweat covered jimin’s golden skin, cropped sweater still on riding up his back, and his dark hair was sticking to his forehead, covering his still silk-covered eyes. high pitched moans and whines escaped the smaller man’s lips, perspiration fogging up the mirror. all he was able to do was let himself be taken by the other man, bottom slapping against hips, and asking for more, more, more, harder, please, just like that

his head had been forcibly thrown back as taehyung removed the blindfold from his eyes, keeping his head on his shoulder by grasping his dark hair. jimin’s eyes squinted from the harsh light, trying to get used to it, pupils blown and lashes matted together, lips parted and whimpering.

“look at you, all pretty and bare, baby,” taehyung whispered in his ear, voice low and raspy, and jimin knew he was as far gone as himself. he tried his best to hide it, to no avail. “look at yourself, that pretty little ass of yours all spread out just for me. open your eyes.”

jimin struggled to do so, pleasure wrecking him and sending him towards the edge, but when he did it, the heavy blush already present from his cheeks all the way down to his cheeks deepened at how filthy they looked — him still in his sweater, hands gripping the barre, legs spread, cock heavy and bouncing along with his partner’s thrusts, features expressing utter bliss. taehyung looked as affected as him, completely bare, hair matted on his forehead and knuckles white from how hard he was holding jimin. he moaned loudly at the vision, tightening around taehyung, earning him another tug of his hair and a groan.

“you’re so fucking tight, so hot around me. want me to come inside you? or on that pretty little face of yours? you’d look so good with my come all over it. think you’d let me take pictures?” he bit down at the juncture of jimin’s neck and shoulder, and the latter’s toes were curling as taehyung’s cock hit his prostate dead on over and over.

“never in your wildest dreams, kim— holy shit— right there, i’m— i’m gonna—” before he could end his sentence, taehyung reached down to tug at jimin’s cock, stroking it in time with his thrusts, as he came all over the other man’s fingers, still stimulating him to the point where he had to beg him to stop because it was too much.

“on your knees, baby, come on, put that pretty mouth to work,” taehyung mumbled, slipping out of him, swiftly taking his condom off and spinning the man around, urging him to get down, which he did in a heartbeat.

he was good at oral, taehyung had to admit it, as he quickly reached his peak, pulling away from his mouth and coming all over jimin’s face, semen landing on his lips, his tongue, some of it reaching his eyelashes and apples of his cheeks. taehyung was really tempted to reach for his phone and snap a picture, but jimin would probably kill him. for real.

when the high died down, jimin looked away, getting back to his usual self and reaching for his baby wipes in his sports bag to clean himself up. once dressed, he stood up, bag on his shoulder.

“that was… fun, i guess,” he stammered, uneasy. sure, it was nice, if his limbs feeling like jelly and the ache in his lower half were anything to go by. but it was kim taehyung whom he had just had sex with.

“yeah,” taehyung answered softly, putting his shirt back on. “we should do that again, sometime.” a smirk, then a wink. yeah. jimin hated him.

yet he only snickered at his comment. “i was just desperate, kim. don’t start thinking that i’ll get on my knees for you whenever the opportunity presents itself.” he knew that was a lie.



as weeks passed, it became a regular thing — they would meet, practice, most probably fuck each other’s brains out, and then go back to being the typical hateful partners. it was always intense, rough, and sometimes one of them would wince as nails would sink in too deep, as hair would be tugged too hard, as hands would slap too forcefully, as teeth would bite too harshly. they made sure not to cross one another’s boundaries, though. as much as they both craved each other, there was still a significant amount of respect between them. unsaid, but still there.

jimin was hanging out with yoongi and his boyfriend hoseok, the blunt pair, after his very first costume try-on of the season, and they were being, as someone would so affectionately call, fucking assholes.

ooh are those hickeys? found yourself a boyfriend, jiminie?”

“no, him and his dance partner are fucking.”

no way!”

“yes way. he even told me his dick was so big he—”

“shut up, you two!” jimin shrieked, cheeks red as he tried his best to hide his marks with his scarf, bashful. he needed to invest in some full coverage concealer if it meant getting teased by hoseok and yoongi every time they hung out. he pouted, proceeding to slurp on his boba. he was never going to speak up about his sex life to yoongi ever again. might as well scream it at the top of a building.

“why did you tell hoseok, anyways. it’s none of his business,” he sulked, embarrassed to the core. oh god he hoped this would die down soon, he felt uneasy speaking about it in an open space such as a coffee shop.

“it is my business, let me remind you that we are best friends,” hoseok cooed, changing seats to flomp down next to jimin, wrapping his arm around his shoulders and pinching his cheek with his free hand, earning himself a whine and an attempt at shoving him away from jimin. “it was about damn time, i was getting worried about your stress level. you look much happier now,” hoseok ruffled his newly-dyed hair — a silver shade, required for the play. he had been skeptical about it at first, but now he loved it, as he felt like a prince, somehow.

“do i really?” he queried, looking at his friends, then frowning. did he?

“mhm,” yoongi hummed positively. “you look… healthier, somehow. i’m not implying that taehyung has something to do with it, he probably doesn’t, but you’ve been happier since you started working on this play.”

“oh,” jimin only answered, looking at his hands. he did felt happier, now that he thought about it. he was working with the staff of his dreams, managed to get the main role and stabilize his career until at least the following year. financial stability and steady work hours were rare in the field, and he felt more than grateful to experience it firsthand.

when he stepped into his apartment, drained from spending the evening with his hyungs, he checked his phone as he toed off his boots, sighing in relief. a few texts were waiting for him to read them, and it was with raised eyebrows that he saw that four of them were from taehyung himself, sent minutes ago. they rarely texted, only doing it when it was necessary and work-related, so it was surprising coming from him.

from: kim taehyung

hey park

am bored

wanna fuck?

we’ll use the bed, this time

he rolled his eyes at the straight-forward messages. he could not say no. especially if there was a bed involved.



jimin was already disheveled and thoroughly prepped — courtesy of himself, he had been teasing taehyung all night and fingered himself in front of him with a no touching rule, much to his partner’s despair — when he straddled taehyung’s hips, the latter comfortably lying on the mattress, leaning on his elbows as he stared hungrily at the silver haired man above him. he bit his lower lip, fire coiling in his belly, and it took all of his willpower not to grab him and take him on his back, or better, on all fours. but he liked seeing jimin on top, so he let him do just that, toned body and sun-kissed skin glinting in the dim light, single bedside lamp lit up so they could at least see something.

“can i touch you, now?”

“hm, it depends,” jimin said, all the while sinking on taehyung’s cock — letting out a pleased whine. it went deep, so deep, deeper than anyone had been, and he fought the urge to fuck himself until he came. he tightened his muscles, trying to stave off the upcoming orgasm. “do you deserve it?”

taehyung scoffed. “of course i do.”

jimin pinched his nipple in return, frowning, and taehyung winced, pupils blown wide.


taehyung thrust his hips up hard in revenge, jimin’s squeak turning into a deep moan, end the smaller man fell forward, face close to his, hand pressing onto taehyung’s throat; applying zero pressure, his hand just sitting there in an almost threatening manner. he stared at the man underneath him, silently asking for his permission, and taehyung wrapped his fingers around his slim wrist, nodding once. as jimin started grinding on taehyung’s length, panting, he squeezed his fingers lightly, thumb pressing into his artery, and taehyung swore he saw stars. his hips started moving by themselves, oxygen failing to reach his brain properly, and his hands fisting the sheets around him. he was so tempted to let his eyes fall close, but the way jimin looked at him made him forget about it.

when he released taehyung’s throat, the both of them fell into a steady rhythm, jimin boucing and taehyung moving his hips up, meeting his hips forcefully. they were breathing hard into each other’s mouths, eyes meeting and not leaving one another, and taehyung died to run his hands all over jimin’s body.

“jimin— jimin, baby— let me touch you—” taehyung whined, not daring to do it without asking first, afraid of being denied again. “please,” god, he felt so ridiculous, not being one to beg easily, but it was the only way.

“okay, okay,” jimin panted, thighs twitching from exertion, “go ahead, touch me, fuck me like you mean it,” and taehyung did not need to be asked twice.

he grasped jimin’s hips and easily flipped them over, jimin’s back hitting soft sheets and head throwing back in pleasure as taehyung pushed himself back into him, jimin's nails sliding down his back — taehyung was going to have red angry marks all over it, and saying it was bothersome would be a lie. he liked when jimin could not help but cling to him when the pleasure was too high. he loved when jimin was helpless under him.

as they reach their peak shortly, jimin coming untouched, he tugged the other man down so their lips could met, as his entire body shook from overstimulation, cock rubbing against taehyung’s taut stomach. the latter slumped down on top of jimin, catching his breath, face in the crook of his neck. they stayed like this for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow, before jimin started complaining.

“move, you’re fucking heavy,” he grumbled, making taehyung let out a quite ugly snort. the taller slowly slid out of him, leaving for a few seconds to take his condom off and fishing for a warm washcloth, helping them clean up before sitting back up on the bed and covering both of their lower bodies with the light sheet, hair wild, lips swollen and cheeks red. jimin knew he must have looked the same, marks littering his chest, matching taehyung’s angry ones.

said man was nibbling on his lower lip, and jimin furrowed his eyebrows, looking at him with interrogation in his eyes.

“are you, uh, staying the night? i mean, i don’t mind. it’s late, and i don’t think you’ll catch a cab at this hour.”


jimin was quick to sit up and grab his clothes, putting them back on and running his fingers through his hair, trying to make it look less like he just got fucked. “i’d rather not. i drove here, anyways, so. yeah.”




taehyung did not know what to do. should he talk to jimin? by that he meant having a proper conversation, from responsible adult to responsible adult, and not two kids fighting over the last piece of cake. they needed to talk, this could not last for any longer. he knew they were somehow hurting each other, this… relationship — if he could label it that — leading absolutely nowhere. he could see that both parts were getting tired of the mess. they needed to talk about it.

right now.

he took all the courage he had left to knock on jimin’s dressing room door, hands clammy and shaking; from both stage fright and anticipation. their play had their first show tonight, and they already had their costumes and makeup on, the staff having left them half an hour hour prior to the show so they could have some free time to relax.

a faint come in came from the inside of the room, and taehyung opened the door only to meet jimin’s back, the man focused on applying eyeshadow on his lids, brush moving in experienced motions. his sophisticated dark vest contrasted with his light hair, and he looked good. taehyung was also all pampered up, light costume complimenting his tan skin and dark hair, as they were supposed to represent the sun and the moon, a forbidden love, opposites attracted to each other. the resemblance between both fiction and reality made taehyung want to laugh whenever he thought about it. besides the love part. he was certain that there were no feelings between them.


“hey,” taehyung softly said, meeting jimin’s eyes in the reflection of the vanity mirror. the silver haired man put his makeup brush and palette back in his pouch when he was done, and stood up to face him, arms crossed.

“hi. need something?” jimin replied, perfectly shaped eyebrow raised.

“uh, yeah, actually,” the dark haired man stepped closer to him, looking him in the eye. “i think... i think we should talk.”

“about what?”

“you know,” he gestured between them with his hand. “this.”

jimin sat on the counter, so he would feel less small. he frowned, not sure about where this conversation was going. he had a faint idea, but he still needed confirmation. “this?”

taehyung was starting to feel antsy, as he fiddled with his fingers. “what are we?”

the smaller man chuckled and raised his hand, counting on his fingers. “lemme think, uhm… partners. dance partners. rivals. fuck buddies? there are plenty of labels that could describe us.”

“do you hate me?”

jimin looked at him, still confused. then he shook his head. “not really. i used to, though. now, it’s just…”

“just?” taehyung needed answers. so there would be no misunderstanding between them.

“you’re pretty cute, i admit,” jimin shrugged, making the taller man chuckle, smug expression all over his face. seeing it, the older shoved him, regretting saying it. “and nice. and you fuck me good,” he added, a faint blush on the apples of his cheeks. “you’re still annoying, though.”

“well, you’re annoying too!” taehyung blurted out, mock-offended. “we could be annoying together,” he mumbled, so low jimin almost did not catch it.

“what was that?” jimin questioned, smirking. he was going to egg him on until he cracked, just like he used to do for the past months.



“ah, fuck it,” taehyung grabbed jimin’s cheeks, and brought his face close to his, bringing their lips together in a surprisingly soft, lingering kiss. jimin’s eyes widened for a second, before closing and kissing him back. his arms went up to rest around taehyung’s neck, scooting closer to the edge of the counter, their bodies touching. the taller man’s hands circled around his waist, holding him tight.

when their lips separated, they looked into each other’s eyes, silent. a rough knock one the closed door interrupted their intimate moment and they both jumped, before laughing. taehyung lifted him up from the counter, putting him on his feet.

“it’s time to go.”



on stage, they were not taehyung and jimin anymore. they were not the eternal rivals, the men who argued over insignificant things, the men who left deep marks on each other as a way to prove who was superior. they were the sun and the moon, star-crossed lovers, meant to spend the eternity in each other’s arms, ready to fight for their love, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives. these were the emotions they worked hard on for months to convey them through their bodies, learning how to know each other, learning how to communicate without words. they were like one, limbs moving in sync, jimin putting all of his trust into taehyung, and taehyung doing the same. there was so much chemistry between them that they definitely stole the spotlight from the other dancers — the public entranced by the pair, struggling to leave their eyes from them. they were made for each other, no matter how often they argued. they were the star-crossed lovers.



“have you seen taehyung?” jimin was in a rush, post-performance adrenaline still pumping in his veins.

“no,” one of the dancers told him, genuinely sorry.

“fuck,” he walked through the loud staff, receiving the congratulations from time to time, and he quickly thanked them, mentioning to leave bouquets and other gifts in his dressing room, before he spotted him.

he was standing there, laughing with a tall dark haired boy, obviously younger than him and bunny smile contrasting with his buff frame, and jimin just went for it and ran towards his partner.


“so, i said to hi— jimin, hey, wh—” he started, but jimin did not leave him time to talk as he quite literally threw himself at him, and kissed him hard. he had no idea why he was doing that, but he felt the urge to do it ever since they finished the two-hour show. he was standing on the tip of his toes to reach taehyung’s height, and it looked like a cliché romantic movie moment, but he gave absolutely no fucks whatsoever.

“easy there, tiger,” taehyung laughed, holding jimin’s full cheeks. they were both out of breath, and jimin could not stop biting his lower lip, and taehyung reached for it with his thumb, freeing it from his teeth. jimin only sighed, bumping his forehead against taehyung’s.

“let’s do it,” he muttered, still not so sure of what was going to happen next. even if he regretted it later, it would still be worth it. that, he was convinced of it. “let’s be annoying together.”

taehyung could not refuse that.