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Chris laughed as Yuuri squirmed, trying to free himself. He shot Victor a dirty look. “Your suit is still soaking wet!”

“Oh! I’ll take it off then.” Victor moved away just long enough to peel the wet fabric from his skin. He tossed the swimsuit to the floor and plastered himself to Yuuri’s side again.

“I already took good care of you, baby.” Chris said, shimmying his hips, which were bare except for the short robe he wore. He burrowed tighter against Yuuri’s other side and slipped a hand possessively around Yuuri’s back.

Yuuri sighed and struggled free just enough to catch the edge of the blanket and draw it up over all three of them. Chris rubbed gentle circles on Yuuri’s low back, and said quietly, “Yuuri, your skin is so soft.”

“I know!” Victor said, “He doesn’t even use lotion. I’m so jealous.” He flopped his head dramatically across Yuuri’s chest and peered up from beneath the sweep of his silvery bangs.

Chris smiled and slid his fingers through the silky strands, then along Victor’s clean shaven jaw. “I think the hot springs have agreed with you, too, Vitya. You’re practically glowing.”

“Love agrees with me” Victor murmured dreamily.

Chris had been feeling a little lonely without Victor competing this season, but he hadn’t seen his friend so truly happy in years. Maybe he never had. He wasn’t really the jealous type anyway, and Yuuri’s soft blush was beyond adorable. Of course a man as lovely as Yuuri had captured Victor’s heart.

“I’m glad.” Chris said. “Even if I’ll miss some things.”

Yuuri quirked a perfect eyebrow and Chris. “Or maybe not.” Chris gave a sly smile and gyrated his hips against Yuuri. His surprise was too cute. “How can you be so sexy and so innocent at the same time?”

“I know, right?” Victor said. “Ask him, if you want.”

Yuuri obviously wanted to shield his burning face in his hands, but neither of his bedmates would let him move enough to do it.

“Yuuri,” Chris said leaning forward and brushing his stubbled cheek against Yuuri’s throat. He was greeted by a very pretty little gasp and he didn’t miss Yuuri’s fingers digging hard into Victor’s hip. “Vitya and I dated a long time ago. We both decided we were better off as friends, but friends are always better with benefits.” Yuuri had tensed up, this time in alarm, and Chris forged ahead. “I could be your special friend, too. I don’t want to interfere in your relationship, but I would like to get between you.”

Chris giggled at the way Yuuri’s eyes widened even further. It looked like his brain had stopped for a moment. Victor gently caressed Yuuri’s cheek and turned Yuuri’s face toward him. “Yuuri, only if you want to, okay?”

Chris was surprised at just how relieved he felt when Yuuri relaxed and nodded a little. “Maybe just this for now?” Victor released him so he could roll towards Chris and nuzzle against his chest. “I’m not really against more at some point, but not right now.”

“Sure.” Chris was fine with that. It wouldn’t do either one of them any good to over exert the night before a competition in any case. Their little nest had warmed up nicely, and truth be told, as much as he was always up for sex, so to speak, he mostly felt sleepy at the moment.

“I promise Yuuri is worth the wait.” Victor said. “His stamina is something to be reckoned with.”

“Stop!” Yuuri said, once again blushing fiercely.

“But it’s true!” Victor exclaimed happily. “You should be aware of your strengths, Yuuri.”

“If you don’t shut your mouth I’m going to make you aware of them again.” Yuuri muttered darkly. “So aware you won’t be able to walk right for at least a day.”

“Now, now, as your coach I can’t approve of that much exertion before a competition.” Victor said with a bob of his head that was reminiscent of a bow, “But when the final is over, by all means.”

“Yeah,” Chris said sleepily, feeling his eyes grow heavy. “You two are going to be way more fun together.” And he gently drifted off to sleep in the warm embrace of the cutest couple he’d ever seen.