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The doors closed behind them and the elevator dropped. Light illuminated Cassian from behind, casting his face in greys and browns. He wavered and Jyn braced him with a strong arm. He leaned into her strength, grateful for it. She stared into his eyes and their breaths caught. His pain ebbed away. In her celadon green stare, he heard all the words she wanted to say.

We did it. You saved me. We did it.

She said.

We did it. I couldn’t live without you. We did it.

He answered.

His eyes were the color of the earth, of life. They were the color that stained her fingers when she helped her father on their homestead as a girl. They were the color of their new fields, ready for seeds, ready to grow into something beautiful. They were the color of home. She wanted to wake up every morning to that color.

She knew they weren’t going to make it off the planet alive. Every second the elevator dropped brought them closer to their graves.

Even weak and wounded and shaking, his body felt alive against hers. She could feel his heart pounding in their silence, the rhythm was music in her limbs. She wondered what it felt like to listen to the sound with her ear to his ribs.

His hair curled over his ears, wild and thoughtless. She wondered what it felt like to have his hair in her fingers.

His lips curled in the ghost of a smile, the smile that followed her around at every turn, the smile she swore he wore only for her. She wondered what it felt like to have that smile against hers.

The elevator fell, the ground grew closer. Time was running out. There were so many things about him she would never know. But they had time to learn one last thing. Jyn brought her lips to his.

His touch ignited her. She burned hotter than their bodies were about to be as they were scorched away by the unholy power of the Death Star. His hands clutched hungrily at her hips, dragging her closer, and when he wound his arms around her, closer still. His fingertips left her molten everywhere they moved – across her jaw, through her hair, at the base of her spine.

Jyn forgot the elevator. She forgot the Death Star hanging in the horizon. She forgot their mission. There was only Cassian and her, melting together.

The elevator jolted to a stop and they separated with a gasp. The doors hissed open and blinding sunlight poured in. She stared through the doorway with a question. How does one greet death?

Cassian sagged against her, a reminder of his waning strength. She twined her arm around his waist and they stepped into the sun together.

“Get in!” Cried a desperate voice. They both jumped, heads whipping towards the sound of the cry and a whining engine. A small Rebel ship hovered inches from the ground, its docking ramp still open. A Rebel soldier stood at the base, motioning wildly to them.

Jyn grasped Cassian’s shirt with stunned fingers and he covered her hand with her own.

“We’re going to make it out of here,” he said, looking at her. His wide brown eyes searched hers.

They ran for the ship together.