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snapshots [yuri!!! on ice]

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“Do you have to,” says Chris resignedly. He’s watching Victor hold up a monogrammed scarf that— it’s not ugly. Really, its only fault is that it’s monogrammed. But Chris hates anything that has even an iota of monogram in it. He’d probably burn all of Victor’s luggage if he could. Burn 'that hideous Neverfull' that Victor has to hide whenever Chris visits because Chris does not hold with that sort of basic accessorising.

“It’s cold in Japan recently,” Victor whines, cheerfully pretending to misunderstand.

“On your own head be it,” Chris says, “and don’t come crying to me when the wrong sort of magazines feature you.”

“At least I only have one vice, unlike everyone else.” They share a quiet moment of despair for the state of fashion in men’s figure skating. Because everyone looks perfect on the ice, but once they get off the ice you start to see why they should just stay on it. Except Victor, of course, he is impeccably dressed, and so is Chris (most of the time).

Victor puts the scarf down, looks out the window to where Yuuri is having an awkward conversation with Chris’ boyfriend (whose name he still does not know). “Your boyfriend’s dressed fine.”

“That,” Chris says, as he checks out his ass in the full-length mirror, “is because he’s not a figure skater, and also I dress him.”

“Yuuri never lets me dress him,” says Victor, pulling a face.

“You always want to put him in suits and put his hair back. I keep saying, just let the boy breathe a little, show off that delicious—”

“Yuuri looks good in suits!” Victor says very loudly over whatever inappropriate thing Chris had wanted to say. “He can show off his nice shoulders! Also you’re only two years older than him!” Chris huffs, motions to the attendant, who comes to retrieve the clothes Chris has picked out.

“At least he dresses better than J.J. Did you see that tacky Gucci thing he was wearing at his press conference last week?”

Victor magnanimously refrains from mentioning the Gucci belt Chris’ boyfriend is currently sporting. “I did. I’d rather tacky Gucci than Yurio’s closet, though.”

“Yuri is 16, he’s just going through a phase. An offensive phase, but still. A phase.”

Then the same thought occurs to both of them at once, and they glance at the distinct animal print bag among Victor’s shopping bags. It’s very animal print.

“Lingerie is different,” they agree, and briskly drop the subject.