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Money can't buy happiness (except when it does)

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Jimin is just a kind hearted person. It comes naturally to him, just as it is natural for someone to breath. Kindness is easy. Kindness takes literally nothing. And kindness makes people feel good, it makes you feel good so, really, kindness is just fucking amazing and Park Jimin loves it.

And yes, Jungkook teases the hell out of him for that one time he cried in front of an abandoned puppy that wasn't actually abandoned, because the owner was just inside the shop buying grocery, but Jimin still loves kindness and being kind.

Which is why that morning, when he leaves his tiny flat to go to college, the moment he sees the green mint haired boy sleeping on a piece of cardboard right next to the school's entrance, Jimin can't help himself. He walks back from where he came and he spots the coffee shop where Taehyung works.

-Chimchim! -Taehyung chirps as soon as he enters, fluffy lilac hair covering his forehead, emphasizing huge brown eyes -Usual frappuccino?

-Two, actually. -Jimin takes his wallet -There's a homeless guy sleeping next to school.

Taehyung hums and he then gives the order to Seokjin, the owner of the coffee shop, a pink princess, coffee conosseur, throwing kisses diva.

-Look at you being all nice and stuff. -Taehyung says, sitting back behind the cash register -Buying frappuccinos to cute boys.

-I didn't say he's cute. -Jimin mutters.

-But he is, isn't he?

-I didn't even look at his face, he was sleeping.

-Stop harassing the clients, Tae. -Seokjin says, returning with the two frappuccinos -Not all people do something nice just because they're after a booty. Some people are kind.

-Are you saying that I do nice things only if I'm on a quest searching for the booty? -Taehyung asks, accepting the money that Jimin is handing him.

Seokjin raises an eyebrow.

-Isn't that how you managed to get Jungkook to be your boyfriend?

-Excuse me! -Taehyung fakes an offended expression -Kookie is with me because of my many virtues and lack of gag reflex.

-And that is my cue for leaving. -Jimin smiles at the two boys -I'll see you later Tae.

-Sure thing, sweet cheeks.

Jimin rolls his eyes and exits the coffee shop, almost power walking back to the school so that he can give the drink to the sleeping boy.

Jimin knows that it's kind of stupid to be all worked up about giving a frappuccino to a stranger, but kindess is his drug, damnit!

Oh, he really is ridicolous, he's a loser.

When he arrives to the school gates, the boy is still asleep, his face hidden behind a grey scarf that looks bigger than him, so Jimin slowly approaches him and gently puts the frappuccino next to the guy. At that exact moment, said guy snaps his eyes open and stares at him. Jimin freezes.

-What are you doing? -the green haired asks, voice hoarse and a little intimidating. Maybe a lot intimidating.

-I... -Jimin clears his voice -I got you something? For breakfast?


Jimin shrugs.

-Just 'cause?

The boy slowly gets up and tugs the scarf under his chin. And okay, the guy might be cute. Maybe more than just cute, maybe fucking handsome and hands down gorgeus, with the fairest skin Jimin has ever seen and the prettiest eyes in the world, but that isn't relevant.

-Look, just drink it, it's not like it's poisoned. -Jimin's expression tightens -Oh God, you thought it was poisoned?

The boy squints his eyes.

-No. -he replies.

-Oh, good. Right, have a good day! -and Jimin stands back up and promptly leaves.

Wait. Did he just say to a homeless person to “have a good day”? He's homeless for God's sake! He sleeps on a piece of cardboard in December, he probably won't ever have a decent day, let alone a good one!

Jimin quickens his steps and, cringing inside, heads over his first lecture of the day.




-You know, you're unbelievable.

Jimin throws an offended look at Jungkook. The boy is grinning, sitting on one of the benches of the campus, whilst Jimin is looking for his cellphone that, obviously, managed to disappear in his backpack.

-Thanks. -he grits.

-Come on, you know I mean it as a compliment. -the younger boy rubs at his neck -It's just that there are no people like you. Still, I can't believe you told a homeless to have a good day.

-It was a reflex! -Jimin whines -You always wish a good day to someone, so I just said it, I wasn't thinking and where the hell is my fucking phone?

-Is he hot?

-Jungkook, not now.

-He is, isn't he? -Jungkook's grin widens -I bet that you panicked because he's hot.

-I didn't panic. -Jimin replies firmly.

Jungkook shrugs, twisting in his finger a lock of black hair.

-You know, as much as I admire you for being kind and everything, I'm still missing the reason why you do what you do.

-Because it's nice.

-Nice? Hyung, you once bought an ice cream cone for a girl that was crying in the park and everyone thought you were some kind of creep!

Jimin's lips twist at the memory.

-Yeah, I know.

-That kid's father tried to beat you with a branch.

-I know, Kook. It's still nice. The little girl was happy when she got the ice cream.

-So that's why you do it, because it makes people happy.

Jimin nods.

-Mostly. Honestly, where the hell is my phone?

-So, was he happy when you got him the frappuccino?

Jimin freezes. Well, he didn't exactly look happy. He seemed confused. Maybe even a little pissed. Ok, maybe he looked fifty different shades of pissed and confused.

-Not really. -he mutters in the end.

-You know, not all homeless people like it when we buy them stuff out of pity.

-It wasn't out of pity. -Jimin replies, forgetting about his phone -I don't do stuff out of pity.

-I know. -Jungkook smiles at his friend -He doesn't, though.

-So you think I offended him?

Jungkook nods solemnly.

-He got offended over a fucking frappuccino? -Jimin grimaces -Really?

-Look, I don't know if he got offended or not, but if he did it was probably because he didn't want your pity. -Jungkook gives him a sympathetic smile -Pride is weird, you know?

Before Jimin can say anything, Taehyung is suddenly in front of him and is launching himself on Jungkook's lap.

-Do not worry bitches, for I am back! -he chirps -Where's my goodmorning kiss?

-It's three in the afternoon. -Jungkook says, and Taehyung raises an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

-Did I fucking stutter?

Jungkook chuckles but pulls Taehyung in for a kiss, the older boy humming blissfully.

-You missed the morning lectures. -Jimin tells him and Taehyung whines.

-Yeah, there was a little accident at work.

-What accident? -Jungkook asks.

-Well, first of all a client tried to get my number.

-I'll kill him. -the black haired boy says, dead serious -Describe him to me. One word from you and he's dead.

-Oh my God, you guys are disgusting. -Jimin mutters, and decides to look for his phone again.

-No murders, Kookie, I can't fuck you if you're in prison. -Taehyung shoots him a boxy smile -Anyway, after the guy left the actual accident happened. So, I'm behind the counter when I sniff the air and I go “Jin-hyung, I'm pretty sure something is burning” and Seokjin loses his mind because “SWEET JESUS, THE BROWNIES, OH MY GOD MY BABIES NO” so he runs to the oven. Except that the smell wasn't coming from there but from the coffee machine. So I approach the threatening piece of technology and the thing is fucking fuming. Like, actual smoke is coming out of it. So I call Jin back, I tell him that our coffee machine is in full volcano mode... and then it explodes.

Jimin takes his eyes off the inside of his backpack and stares at Taehyung.

-The coffee machine exploded?

-Damn right it did. -Tae giggles -Oh, it was so funny! Jin-hyung was screaming his lungs out, there was coffee everywhere and everyone in the café was laughing, me included. Although, I stopped laughing when I noticed that the coffee was fucking hot and definitely burned Jin-hyung's hand. He's fine, though, don't worry.

-You know, I feel like your life is really weird. -Jungkook says, and strangely enough Jimin can hear only fondness in the words.

-You can bet your sweet ass it is. -Tae then turns to Jimin -So, did the cute homeless boy like the frappuccino?

-You don't know if he's cute or not.

Taehyung's eyes widen.

-Oh, no, trust me, I know. I've seen him whilst I was coming here, that guy is a 10 out of 10. Nice catch.

-I'm not catching anyone! -Jimin sighs out of pure despair -I'm not going after him, for God's sake.

Taehyung clicks his tongue.

-Yet. -he says.




Thing is, Jimin really doesn't want anything from the boy with green hair. He just wanted to give him something sweet to begin the morning with.

Which is why after his classes are over, Jimin is well set on ignoring the homeless boy and heading straight to his apartment.

It's evening, the december air chilly against his skin; Jimin stuffs his hands in his jacket's pockets and walks with a quick pace. The moment he surpasses the university's gates he does not look on his right where he knows the guy was sleeping that, but he stops the moment he hears a familiar hoarse voice.


Jimin freezes and, slowly, turns around.

The green haired boy is still sitting on his piece of cardboard, headphones around his neck and a worn out notebook lays on his thigs.

-You're the kid who gave me that thing, right?

Jimin frowns.

-The frappuccino?


-Yeah, that's me.

-What's your name?

-Park Jimin.

The boy nods.

-That thing tasted like diabetes. -he deadpans -And I hate caramel.

Jimin lets a few seconds of silence pass.

-How? -he asks.


-How do you hate caramel? It's delicious.

-Not for me, it isn't.

-Oh. Okay. Sorry, I guess? -Jimin throws a quick look at the boy's notebook. The pages are filled with ink, words over words written in a messy hand writing. Every single inch of the pages is occupied with what the boy has been writing, up to the edges of the paper. Jimin's heart clenches.

-Thank you, though. -the green haired man whispers, without looking at him -It was nice of you.

Jimin feels a weight lifting from his chest. So he isn't offended...

-I won't buy you anymore frappuccinos if you don't like them. -Jimin tousles his orange hair -What's your name?

-Why do you want to know?

-You know mine, it's just fair.

The homeless boy tilts his chin up, his eyes look like half moons and they are dark under the dim lights of the stree lamps.

-Min Yoongi. -he answers.

Jimin smiles, he sees Yoongi clenching his jaw.

-So, what do you like if you hate caramel?

Yoongi shrugs.


-I'll remember that.

-You don't have to buy me stuff.

-I'll also remember that. -Jimin waves a hand at him -I guess I'll see you tomorrow.

Yoongi snorts and shakes his head.

-Whatever, kid.



Except that Jimin doesn't see him the following day. Jimin sees Yoongi exactly half an hour later.

When Jimin gets back to the university, backpack heavy with his new purchases, Yoongi is sitting on the floor, his legs crossed and his head resting on the wall behind him, headphones isolating him from the noises around him.

Jimin approaches him quietly, he sits in front of Yoongi and waits for him to notice his presence.

After a few seconds, Yoongi opens his eyes and sets them on Jimin, taking his headphones off.

-I thought I smelled candy. -he says.

Jimin knits his eyebrows together.


-You smell fruity.

-It's my shampoo. Peaches.

-Of course. -Yoongi grants him a tiny smile -What are you doing here again? Did you get me another frappuccino?

Jimin smiles and shakes his head. Under Yoongi's gaze, the boy takes out of his backpack a plastic back and lets it fall on Yoongi's lap.

-Ouch! -the older boy screeches -This is heavy as fuck! What is it, a life supply of frappuccinos?

Jimin rolls his eyes.

-Just open it.

Yoongi looks from the plastic back to Jimin, then back to his plastic bag, clearly not entirely sure about the whole situation, but in the end he checks inside the bag anyway.

Jimin looks at the way Yoongi's lips part slightly, at how his breath catches in his throat when he takes out of the bag the six new notebooks.

-I noticed you write on the margins of the pages of your notebook, so I got you new ones. -Jimin points at the bag -There are some pens in there as well. I got them of all sorts of colors, because I don't know which one you prefer. I'm pretty sure there's also a pink one somewhere... on a second thought, maybe don't use the pink one, it doesn't suit...

Jimin's words die in his throat the moment Yoongi slowly lifts the notebooks to his chest and clutches them tightly as if his life depends on them.

Yoongi closes his eyes, eyebrows knit together, and Jimin can't help noticing that his bottom lip is quivering. His heart almost breaks at the sight.

Those are just six notebooks. Six cheap, plain notebooks that costed him a misery, they're nothing.

When Yoongi finally opens his eyes, they are shiny and hazy with tears.

-Thank you. -he whispers, his voice breaks -Thank you so much.

Jimin swallows the lump in his throat.

-It's nothing, oh God, why are you crying? Please don't cry.

Yoongi shakes his head.

-No, you... you don't understand, this isn't nothing. I... fuck. -the boy takes a deep breath and he rubs his eyes, still holding the notebooks tight to his chest. When he looks at Jimin again, he's smiling. And it's that kind of smile that could probably melt anyone's heart, with his gums showing and his front teeth are a little crooked in the most endearing way -Thank you, Jimin.

Jimin can't do anything but smiling back.

-You're welcome. -he says, and in that moment he makes a decision. He will do anything in his power to make Yoongi smile like that again.







-Here you go, hyung. -Jimin hands Yoongi the paper cup -A warm, nice cup of coffee.

Yoongi takes a gulp of the beverage.

-It's cold. -he states blankly.

Jimin looks at him for a second before speaking again.

-A nice cup of coffee.

-It tastes like shit.

-A cup of coffee.

-I'm not even sure this is coffee.

-A cup.

Yoongi chuckles and shoots Jimin a quick gummy smile.

-Thanks, Jiminie.

-No problem.

-But really, this coffee is awful.

-Yeah, last week the coffee machine broke and they got it fixed but the coffee tastes terrible now. -Jimin smirks -Are you regretting the frappuccino?

-Absolutely not, this coffee tastes exactly like my soul, I feel a personal connection to it. -Yoongi says, he takes another sip of the drink and grimaces -Fuck, it really is poison.

Jimin giggles before waving a hand at Yoongi.

-Gotta go to class, I'll bring you lunch later.

-If you bring me that shitty sandwich again I'll kick your ass!

-You know, for being homeless you're really ungrateful.

Yoongi grins.

-Excuse you, I'm a classy homeless person. I may be sleeping on cardboard but I have standards.



It's been a week since their first encounter and, somehow, Jimin managed to befriend Yoongi. And it wasn't easy.

Yes, Yoongi might have softened a little after Jimin gave him the notebooks, but the mint haired boy was still very defensive around him, not entirely gracefully accepting the things Jimin bought him.

“Honestly, I appreciated the notebooks, really, but you don't have to feed me” Yoongi said the second day Jimin got him coffee and a donut.

Jimin just shrugged.

Thing is, Jimin can brag only about two things: his kindness (because yes, he takes fucking pride in it), and his stubborness. He had set his mind on becoming friends with Yoongi and he was not going to give up.

“It's like looking at a hyper puppy trying to play with a grumpy cat.” Taehyung said during lunch “It's adorable, really”.

So Jimin persisted, for four full days, buying meals for the homeless boy, and everytime Yoongi would have rolled his eyes, muttered something about not being a fucking kid, but in the end he still accepted the food. Jimin came to the conclusion that Yoongi truly didn't want Jimin to buy him anything, mostly out of pride, but he took the presents just so that the money Jimin had spent wasn't going to be wasted.

It was almost as if Jimin was guilt-tripping him into taking the meals he offered him, but at least in this way Jimin knew that Yoongi had two decent meals a day. That was enough for him.

Or maybe it wasn't.

Jimin liked Yoongi. Really, really, liked Yoongi. It wasn't about attraction, though. Not that he wasn't attracted because, truly, Yoongi is just beautiful. Jimin just likes him. He likes the way Yoongi speaks, voice heavy with an accent that made his words a little bit slurred, he likes watching his slender fingers, enjoys the low and hoarse sound of his voice and the way his eyes disappear when he smiles.


It finally happened the first time Jimin sat down next to Yoongi and had lunch with him, ignoring the older boy's protests.

-Can you please explain to me why you're so fixated on becoming my friend? -Yoongi asked him, mouth half full with his sandwich -Like, I'm a pain in the ass.

Jimin giggles and takes a sip of his coke.

-You're charming. -he replied, almost as if he was stating a fact.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him.


Jimin nodded, slitghly tilting his head to the side and taking in Yoongi's sharp features.

-You have very fair skin, and I also like your hair. But it's your eyes that really take someone's attention, they look like those of a fox. And your voice sounds nice. -The boy smiled -So yeah, charming. You're pretty. I like pretty people.

Yoongi looked at him for what could've well possibly been a full minute, speechless, his pretty eyes wide and his mouth hanging open.

-Park Jimin. -he finally said, face tight with amusement -You're a really strange person. And fluttery will take you everywhere.

Jimin's lips quirked up.

-So does that mean we're friends?

Yoongi shrugged, taking a bite of his sandwich.

-Sure. -he answered -After all, I like pretty people as well.



So, yes, they're friends.

-Except that you're totally falling for the guy. -Namjoon says.

Jimin groans and hides his face behind his hands.

-I feel like I'm taking advantage of him. -the boys murmurs -That I'm taking advantage of our friendship just so that I can be around him.

-Well, duh. -Namjoon fixes his round glasses on his nose -That's what humans do, Jimin, we take advantage of people for our benefits.

-I'm not like that, hyung.

-You might be kind, Jimin, but you're not Mother Teresa. Also, to be honest, the fact that you buy him stuff actually makes you look more like a daddy than a friend.

Jimin looks at Namjoon from between his fingers.

-He's homeless. -he states -And I'm not rich, I'm broke as well, except that I have a roof. And I'm younger. I am no daddy.

-But you still have more money than him and you buy him goodies. A daddy.

-I buy him food.

-A daddy, as I said.

-You're intolerable. -Jimin hears his phone buzzing in his pocket, so he takes it and checks the text he just received -Hey, Taehyung asks me if we want to go to the café later and say hi.

-No, I'm busy. -Namjoon replies, flipping a page of the book he has opened in front of him.

-He also says he'll buy us food.

Namjoon sharply shuts the book close and stuffs it in his bag.

-What are we waiting for, let's go and be good friends for Taehyung.

Jimin takes his stuff shaking his head and following his friend to the college gates. As soon as they're out, Jimin sets his eyes on Yoongi, sitting in his usual spot and scribbling on his new notebook.

-Let's invite your crush. -Namjoon says.

-Wait, hyung, I don't think...

-Hey! -Namjoon almost shouts and Jimin cringes -Homeless kid!

Yoongi slowly lifts his eyes from his notebook, throwing an annoyed look at Namjoon, who was now approaching.

-What? -Yoongi asks.

-Come with us to Taehyung's café.

-Who the hell is Taehyung, who are you, and who is us?

Jimin quickly catches up to Namjoon, shyly waving a hand at Yoongi, who visibly relaxes when he sees him.

-Oh, hi. -the mint haired boy says -So, who's Taehyung?

-My best friend, he works at the coffee shop where I buy you coffee. He's offering us food.

Yoongi nods and closes his notebook, he then puts it inside his backpack and stands to his feet.

-I never say no to free food. -Yoongi says -Obviously.


Jimin, at first, feared that the situation might have been awkward with Namjoon and Yoongi. After all, Namjoon is that kind of man who either doesn't speak at all or waxes poetic about anything (literally, once he managed to talk about squids for three whole hours and everybody's eyes were glued to him), whilst Yoongi is... well, Yoongi. Bitter, cinical, caramel hater Yoongi.

Instead, the two boys hit it off right away.

-What were you writing in the notebook? -Namjoon asks.

Jimin groans internally because, really, you don't just ask stuff like that. Even he didn't ask anything to Yoongi, fearing that maybe the mint haired boy would've just shut him out.

But, against all odds, Yoongi's answer is immediate and simple.


-Really? -Jimin asks with a smile -Namjoon-hyung writes songs too!

-He does? -Yoongi looks at Namjoon, with curiosity in his hooded eyes.

-Yep, I'm majoring in composition and production.

At that Jimin can see in Yoongi's gaze something that horribly resembles melancholy.

-I've always been interested in music production. -Yoongi admits.

-Yeah? -Namjoon nods -I can give you some of my notes if you're curious about the class.

-Wait, really?

-Yeah, man, no problem.

For the rest of the walk to the coffee shop Yoongi and Namjoon talk about music, writing, composing, artists that they both love and Jimin happily lets that happen.

Yoongi is alone. Jimin knows that. If Jimin can, somehow, give him new friends, some company, even the tiniest moments of happiness, then he's happy with himself. This is what he loves doing, after all.

And now that Yoongi is on his feet, Jimin notices stuff. He notices that Yoongi is sligthly taller than him and that his leather jacket is not warm enough for the harsh winter that hit them. That Yoongi always looks like he's about to shiver because of the cold, that there are dark circles around his eyes, that if before Jimin thought that Yoongi was slender, now he thinks he's way too thin.

He realizes that what he's been doing is not enough and that he needs to do much more. Jimin has to help Yoongi. He just doesn't know how. He doesn't even know if he has any right to do so.


When they finally get inside the coffee shop there are already a few people, mostly students, lazying around in the little couches and at the tables.

-This is nice. -Yoongi says.

-Jin-hyung really cares about this place. -Jimin explains, he then spots Taehyung behind the counter, Jungkook by his side -Taetae, we're here.

Taehyung spins around, almost knocking down a jar of almonds, that Jungkook catches without even sparing it a look.

-Ayo bitches! -Tae chirps -Oh! Homeless hottie is here!

-Did he just call me a hottie? -Yoongi mutters.

-Is it a date? -Taehyung wiggles his eyebrows with a wicked grin on his face.

-I'm here too, so how the fuck can it be a date? -Namjoon asks.

-A threesome then?

-I'll kill him. -Namjoon sighs -You promised us food.

-I sure did! -Taehyung turns to Jungkook -Doesn't he look good in an apron?

Jimin rolls his eyes.

-Yes, he's a vision. Since when do you work here anyway?

-I don't. -Jungkook answers -But the client that tried to get his numbers keeps coming back, so I'm here to keep an eye on the fucker.

-He's marking the territory. -Taehyung adds -And Jin-hyung said that he can stay behind the counter with me as long as he wears an apron.

-I'm confused. -Yoongi says.

-They're together. -Jimin replies.

-Oh. -Yoongi gives them a little smile -That's nice. How did you...

-Oh, God, don't ask. -Namjoon closes his eyes and shakes his head.

-Oh! Did he ask how me and Jungkookie met?

-No, Tae, you must have heard wrong. -Jimin quickly distracts him -Ah, wow, I'm so hungry, aren't you guys hungry?

Taehyung pouts, but points a table to them.

-Go sit there, you horrible people. I'll tell Jin-hyung to make you something. -Taehyung then puts his hands to the sides of his mouth and shouts -Jin-hyung! Food! For friends!

Yoongi slightly winces at the sudden scream, wereas both Namjoon and Jimin are totally unfazed by the situation.

-You need to stop screaming! -Jin shouts back from the kitchen -Damn it! Now I'm screaming too!

-Food is on it's way. -Taehyung informs them, winking.

The three boys go sit at the table Taehyung assigned them, taking their jackets off. Yoongi keeps his on. And the scarf as well. Jimin tries his best to ignore the wave of concern that hits him.

-Your friends are crazy. -the mint haired man says.

-Nah, just Taehyung. -Namjoon fixes his glasses on his nose -This Jin guy must be crazy as well since he hired him.

Jimin smiles.

-That's right, you never met him. Jin-hyung is like a princess, really.

-How can a guy be a princess?

-No, he is. Truly. He also looks like one.

-Is he attractive? -Yoongi asks.

Jimin's eyebrows furrow.

-Why? Are you interested in him?

Yoongi gives him an amused look, whilst Namjoon is trying his best not to snicker.

-I mean, I never met the guy, so... no?

-Oh. Right. Yeah. -Jimin clears his voice, far too aware of the blush coloring his face -Well, either way, Jin is attractive and...

He stops talking the moment a loud bang resonates in the coffee shop, followed by a shriek and a gasp. They turn around to look at what happened, and they are met with the sight of a smoking coffee machine, a drenched in coffee Taehyung and an incredibily concerned Jungkook.

-Oh my God! -the younger boy gets next to Taehyung -Babe, are you okay?

Taehyung stays still and then sighs.

-Fool me once, shame on you. -the boy hisses -Fool me twice, shame on you again for taking advantage of my compassionate and forgiving nature! How dare you?! -Taehyung turns around, livid with rage, and from behind the counter he takes a rolling pin, and then turns to the coffee machine again -Well, square up then hoe! I will deck you, you piece of shit!

-Oh my God. -Jimin whispers.

Taehyung is about to hit the coffee machine with the rolling pin when Jungkook puts himself between his boyfriend and the offending machine.


-You can't destroy the coffee machine!

-Fucking watch me!

-Taehyung, stop!

-Why are you taking it's side?! Don't you love me?!

-I do, that's why I'm not letting you fight a coffee machine! You're covered in boiling coffee for God's sake, I'm worried as hell, did you get burned?!

At that Taehyung seems to relax and he lowers his weapon.

-I mean, my chest feels like it's on fire.

Jungkook rolls his eyes and takes Taehyung's wrist, pulling him to the toilet and mumbling something like “if you did get burned then I will fight the coffee machine”.

Yoongi looks around.

-Why is no one leaving this place? -he asks, staring at the totally relaxed customers.

-Taehyung's shows are one of the reasons why they even have customers. -Jimin answers.

-I want to get back to my piece of cardboard.

-I don't blame you, my dude. -Namjoon sighs -So no coffee?

-I'm afraid so. -Jimin says.

-Really, my cardboard is fine. It's a nice piece of cardboard.

-So, Namjoon-hyung, how is your composition piece going? Oh, wait, you haven't started it yet.

-I don't know, how is you love life going you little smartass?

-I also have a nice blanket, you know? It's warm, and it keeps me from meeting people who want to beat the shit out of coffee machines.

-That was low, Namjoon-hyung.

-Not as low as you, that's almost impossible you midget.

-Okay, I feel like I need to intervene 'cause Jimin is as tall as me, so I feel like this concerns me.

-This conversation is weird. -Jimin sighs and slumps back on the chair -I'm hungry.

Namjoon hums, taking his phone from his pocket.

A few moments later, Jin arrives carrying a tray with plates full of food on it, an everlasting smile on his face and he's rocking a pink apron.

-Food is here! -he says, placing the plates in front of the three boys -Coffee isn't because life hates me, but still. I made some sandwiches, they're really good, I'm also working on a dessert. And... -he sets his eyes on Yoongi -You are?

Yoongi smiles.

-Min Yoongi, the homeless guy.

-Oh, right! Jimin always talks about you.

-I don't. -the boy quickly says, but Jin is already ignoring him.

-And he is?

Namjoon takes his eyes off his phone and he looks like he's about to answer, but instead he just stands there with his mouth open, staring at Jin.

Namjoon's round glasses slowly start slipping down his nose, the silence is long and tense, his eyes take in Jin's face, then Jin's height, then his pink apron.

He then finally speaks.

-Who are you?

Jin frowns.

-Kim Seokjin. The owner of this place.

-Kim Seokjin. -Namjoon fixes his glasses back on spot -Marry me.






-I'm never going out with your friends again. -Yoongi says, chewing loudly on his sandwich.

Jimin looks at him with a raised eyebrow, whilst they sit on Yoongi's cardboard, eating their lunch.

-You don't mean it.

-I absolutely do. Jungkook is a fuckboy, Taehyung is just crazy, and Namjoon asked a man he had just seen to marry him. -Yoongi pauses his chewing -The craziest part is that Jin just said “at least ask me out for dinner first”. Like, what kind of young adult novel is his life?

-Admit it, you like them.

-Over my dead body. -Yoongi shakes his head -Food is good though. Can I ask you a question?

-You just did.

-Listen to me, you orange headed smartass...

Jimin chuckles, covering his mouth full of food with the palm of his hand.

-I'm sorry, hyung. Come on, ask away.

-Your friends are absolute nutjobs, so how come you're like this?

-What do you mean? And don't be so quick to judge, you haven't met Hoseok yet, he's the really crazy one.

-Oh, great, another one. -Yoongi takes the last bite of his sandwich -I mean that you're some sort of angel that buys things to homeless people whilst your friends are... whatever they are.

Jimin snorts.

-I'm not an angel. I'm just kind. Being kind is easy, and I like helping people. Also, I don't buy things to every homeless person I meet. Sure, I usually get them a coffee or give them some money, but with you it's different.

Yoongi tilts his head to the side.

-What is different?

Jimin takes a breath, looking at anything except Yoongi. Yeah, what is different? Everything is. Everything about Yoongi is different. His feelings for Yoongi are different.

-You are. -Jimin answers, in the end. He's pretty sure he's blushing, but it's cold enough to blame the color of his cheeks on the wind.

Yoongi hums a satisfied sound, and when Jimin turns to look at him, the older man is smirking.

-Shut up. -Jimin mutters.

-I didn't say anything. -Yoongi gives him a soft look, pretty lips stretched in a smile -You're right, you're kind. Probably the kindest person I've ever met. And surely, sooner or later, this kindness of yours will bite you in the ass, but you do you, kid.

-Thanks... I guess? -Jimin frowns -I'm not sure that was completely a compliment.

-It was, you ungrateful brat.

Jimin giggles and he can kind of see the way Yoongi stops breathing for a second, and how the older man's eyes widen, but Jimin also kind of knows that he's probably imagining it.

The boy takes the last bite of his sandwich and he takes a sip of his coke before speaking again.

-Since you asked me a question, can I do it too?


-If you don't want to answer it's fine.

Yoongi rolls his eyes.

-Damn, Jimin, just get on with it. What, are you asking for my hand in marriage?

-Really funny, hyung.

-Because if you are you must know that my dowry is kind of a zero right now.

-I'll keep that in mind. -Jimin bites his bottom lip -How did you end up sleeping on a piece of cardboard?

Yoongi visibly stiffens, but he keeps his expression blank.

-Are you curious?

-I told you, if you don't want to answer it's fine.

Yoongi nods.

-Well, Jiminie, there is something you need to know first. -Yoongi clears his voice -There are only three things that I truly love. The first one is music. And music will always be my first everything. The other two things go hand in hand.

Jimin listens carefully, gulping down some coke.

-Those two things are coffee and dick.

Jimin brutally chokes on his soda, and he's pretty sure that some of it went right to his nose.

-Don't die on me, kid.

Jimin coughs, trying to get back some of his composure.

-I'm good. -he croaks.

-Nice. Well, let's just say that my parents did not like two of those things, and it wasn't the coffe. -Yoongi rubs the back of his neck -When I told them that I wanted to do music they weren't exactly happy. Hell, my father was fucking fuming. So it probably wasn't the best moment to mention that I was also not into women, but I live life on the edge.

-You ran away?

-Hell no, they kicked me out.

-Are you kidding me?

Yoongi shakes his head.

-My dad literally packed my bag in front of me, saying that “we don't raise fairies in this family”. So here I am. My mom gave me some money, but it didn't last long. I have, like, 1000 won left. This happened six months ago. -Yoongi stuffs his head in the jacket's pockets -I'm not gonna sugar coat this, it sucks. It's horrible, really, and fuck if it's cold during the night. I mostly sleep when the sun is out, I feel like I'll freeze to death otherwise. Shelters are a fucking mess, I tried staying in one and I got almost robbed of my underwear. And let me tell you, after a while washing yourself at public toilets gets uncomfortable, but it's still better than smelling like garbage.

Jimin can feel his jaw clenching, his breath stopping in his throat. This isn't right. Yoongi is young, talented and full of passion, he doesn't deserve this. No one does. But Yoongi deserves so much more, he deserves everything. At least, in Jimin's mind, he does.

-I'm sorry, hyung.

Yoongi snorts.

-Why are you apologizing, it's not your fault.

-I know, it's just... -Jimin shakes his head -You said it's cold, do you want me to bring you some blankets?

-I have blankets, kid.

-I'll bring you more.

Yoongi lets out a small laugh and it sounds a little forced, but it's still a laughter so Jimin can't help but smile back at the man.

-Okay, bring me blankets.

-I'll bring you so many blankets you won't know what to do with them.

-Wow, I feel like a rich man.

-So, music. Is that what you want to do?

Yoongi seems to be thinking about it, hooded eyes narrowed and eyebrows knit together.

-I don't know. -he replies -I mean, it would be great, you know, to make my own music. But it's not just that. It's that composition allows you to see music, not just hear it. It's wonderful, you know? Seeing the body of a song you're listening to instead of just imagining it. -there's a soft smile that Jimin has never seen before on Yoongi's lips -It's almost as if you're meeting your lover for the first time.

And that's the moment when Jimin wishes he could become a song just so that Yoongi could see him with the eyes of a lover for the very first time.

That simple thought almost tears him apart.

-I gotta go to class. -Jimin croaks, standing up abruptly and taking his backpack -I'll see you later?

-Yeah, sure. -Yoongi frowns -Are you okay?

-I am, of course. -Jimin manages a smile that must look like a horrible grimace -I'll see you later.










Jimin is not aware of Hoseok's presence until a cup of hot cocoa is placed in front of him.

-Talk to me. -the man says, sighing -You've been staring at our kitchen wall for the past hour. What's wrong?

Jimin takes the cup between his hands, warmth slowly making it's way to his skin.

-I told you about Yoongi, right?

-Homeless hottie, yep.

-You guys need to stop calling him that. -Jimin pouts -Well, he might not be my crush as I told you before.

Hoseok frowns, passing a hair through his brown hair.

-So what, you don't like him anymore?

-No, that's the problem. I like him too much. -Jimin sighs before taking a sip of his cocoa -I think I'm falling for him.

Hoseok stares at Jimin for what feels like ages until he nods solemnly.

-Tough shit, man.

Jimin groans.

-Wow, thank you hyung, now I feel better.

-Oh, I'm sorry, did you expect me to give you advice? I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not doing so great in the whole “love department”.

-You're my friend, of course you're supposed to give me advice!

-Well, okay... -Hoseok straightens his shoulders -Here goes. Tell him.

On a second thought, maybe asking for advice from Hoseok isn't exactly the best idea, but it's too late to take it back now.

Jimin can basically feel his face twisting in a pained expression.

-Wow, hyung, that was... really helpful. Thanks.

-You know what? Namjoon is right, you're a smartass. -Hoseok crosses his arms -Sure, okay, keep your feelings hidden from the world, see if I care. But I won't always be here making cocoa for you. You should tell him, and that's it. Keeping your feelings all bottled up isn't healthy.

-A rejection isn't healthy either. -Jimin mutters from behind his mug.

-You don't know if he'll reject you. But you do as you want, Minnie, I can't force you.

Jimin manages a smile and nods, Hoseok gives him a sympathetic grin before squeezing his shoulder and he starts leaving the kitchen.

-Ah, hyung! -Jimin calls.


-Do we have blankets?






-These are way too many blankets.

-Blankets are never enough, Yoongi-hyung.

-No, Jimin, I mean it. -Yoongi looks with wide eyes the gigantic pile of warm blankets set next to him -Like, this is not Russia in the middle of World War, these blankets are too many.

-They are not!

-How many did you bring? I want an exact number.

Jimin stiffens.


-Jimin, don't bullshit me, these are at least fifteen.

A pause.

-Actually, thirteen. -Jimin says.

-I will actually die with all these blankets. I will suffocate to death.

-It's not like you have to use all of them! Geez, hyung, those were heavy to carry, you know?

-Oh, so now I should feel bad for you?

Jimin raises an eyebrow.

-A “wow, thank you Jimin, you're such a precious human being, literal angel who fell from heaven to grace us all with his presence” would be nice.

Yoongi lets out a chuckle, still shaking his head at the amount of blankets that now cover his cardboard.

-You're so demanding. -he whispers, but there's fondness in his voice -Thank you, kid.

Jimin smiles, satisfied with the response.

-You're very welcome.

-Now, do you wanna hear some good news?

-Aren't the blankets already good news?

-I found a job.

Jimin's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

-Really?! That's great, where?

-Well, it's a long story.

-Why is it always a long story with you?

Yoongi rolls his eyes, but he's still smiling.

-So, the coffee machine from Jin's place broke again right? So I went back there and told him I could try and fix it, 'cause I'm good at fixing stuff. Jin gave me his permission and I fixed the thing, Taehyung almost choked me to death when he hugged me and Jin said that maybe I could start working at the coffee shop in case the coffee machine breaks again. Which was his way of saying “I'm giving you this job so you can buy something to eat” without making it obvious.

-That's amazing hyung! -Jimin smiles wildly, squeezing Yoongi's shoulder -When do you start?

-This afternoon, actually. -Yoongi replies, a content smile on his face.

-I'll come and see you then.

-No, you don't have to.

-Of course I have to! I'll be one of those really annoying clients that want to speak with the manager because the soy milk isn't warm enough.

-Wow, can't wait to see you then.



That afternoon, as he promised, Jimin makes his way to the coffee shop.

Jimin also realizes, the moment he steps inside the café, that he made a big mistake. It is fair to say that Jimin is a weak human being, and he's especcially weak to certain things: puppies, starry nights, cheesy dramas (he loves them, fight him), cute bumblebees and aprons. He is so fucking weak to aprons.

That's why the moment he sees Yoongi behind the register his legs almost give up on him. A pink apron. Yoongi is wearing one of those pink aprons that Jin is so fond of, and Jimin kinda wants to kill Seokjin, kinda wants to thank him for the years to come.

God give me strength.

Jimin takes a deep breath and starts making his way to the counter, Yoongi is busy typing something on a calculator, but the moment he senses someone approaching he leaves it being and puts on a polite smile.

-Welcome, what would... -when his eyes meet Jimin's, the smile disappears. Yoongi grits his teeth -If you say one word, Jimin...

The orange haired boy grins, Yoongi's threatening gaze absolutely ineffective on him.

-Why, should I say something? -he asks, voice dripping with sarcasm.

-Jimin, I mean it.

-Maybe I'm missing something? Something I should make a remark about?

-Listen, kid, I'm warning you.

Jimin's grin only widens.



-Pink really suits you.

-The moment my shifts ends I will destroy your perfect ass.

Jimin smirks, raising an eyebrow and he leans on the counter.

-Is that a threat or a promise?

-Did you want something or are you here just to ruin my day? -Yoongi's facial expression remains completely blank, but Jimin can still see the pink that is slowly covering his cheeks.

-Frappuccino, Tae knows how I want it.

Yoongi nods, typing on the register the amount due, hands Jimin a receipt and accepts the money the younger boy is holding. He then takes a paper cup and starts scribbling something on it, probably his name, with a marker.

-Go there and take your daily dose of diabetes. -Yoongi says, pointing him to the counter in front of the coffee machine.

-Is that the way you talk to customers?

-Yes, if the customer is an asshole.

-This is absolutely unacceptable. I want to speak with the manager.

At that, Yoongi's lips turn into a disgusted grimace.

-Trust me, you don't, Jin has been in the back of the shop with Namjoon for the past thirty minutes.

Jimin hisses.

-God, now the image will haunt me forever in my sleep. -Jimin shakes his head and starts moving towards the area where Taehyung is serving another client -You're doing great, pink-apron boy!

-Respect your elders!

Jimin chuckles and waits for Taehyung to serve him.

-Chimchim! What is up, my homie? -Tae greets him, taking the cup Yoongi left for him on the counter.

-I'm good. How is he doing? -Jimin asks, tilting his head towards Yoongi.

-He's doing great, actually! And girls love him! -Taehyung giggles, already preparing the frappuccino he knows Jimin wants -He gives off this bad boy vibe that all teenagers can't help but falling for.

Jimin swallows the annoying lump in his throat and does his best to not seem fazed by the news.

-Is that so?

Taehyung smirks.

-Are you jealous?

-Wow, this frappuccino sure takes a long time to prepare.

-Aww, you're jealous. Cute. -Taehyung finishes preparing the drink and puts a lid over the cup, he's about to hand it to Jimin but he stops, looking at the paper for a few seconds, before chuckling -Honestly, both of you are adorable.

Jimin is about to ask him what the hell he's talking about, but Taehyung just shoves the cup on his chest.

He frowns and inspects the cup, whilst walking towards a free table, looking for what Taehyung found so funny. When he does find it he almost trips on his own feet.


For the cute asshole


He looks back at the counter, and Yoongi looks absolutely annoying (and fucking hot) with his smug and satisfied grin plastered on his face.







Jimin knows very well that Yoongi can take care of himself. He's been living like this for a while, he got accustomed to it, he knows what he's doing. That's why Jimin isn't concerned about his safety. Sure, he gets worried sick when the temperature drops and he wonders if the thirteen thick blankets he gave him will be enough, but he's not exactly concerned. Yoongi knows how to take care of himself.

That sense of safety disappears the day Jimin is walking to the university, Yoongi's coffee in his left hand, and instead of seeing a beautiful pale face, he sees blood.

-Oh my God. -Jimin runs to Yoongi, who is sitting on his blankets, and falls to his knees in front of the older boy -What happened?

Yoongi rolls his eyes.

-Good morning to you too. Is that my coffee?

-Yoongi, what the hell happened to your face?!

Jimin stares at the cut on Yoongi's eyebrow, the scratched cheekbone and the split bottom lip, dried blood sticking to white skin and Jimin is trying really hard not to lift a hand and wipe it off.

-It's nothing, kid.

-No, this isn't nothing! -Jimin shouts and he can see that his reaction must have startled Yoongi -What the fuck happened to you?!

Yoongi lets out a sigh.

-A bunch of kids threw rocks at me.

Jimin can literally feel the way his heart stops beating for a second.

-They did what?

-Listen, they were like ten years old or something, kids do stupid shit. It's not the first time something like this happens, it's fine. I'm fine.

-It's not fine, stop saying it's fine. -Jimin takes his bottle of water from his backpack, opens it and pours the liquid on the sleeve of his jacket. Slowly, he starts rubbing it on Yoongi's cheekbone, carefully as to not hurt him, and wiping off the blood.

-Ya, stop it, you'll get it dirty. -Yoongi grumbles, trying to shove Jimin's hand away.

-Shut up. -his voice is shaking -Shut up and let me do this.

And Yoongi does. He drops his hands on his lap and lets Jimin wash the blood off him, looking at him through his lashed, with the faint trace of a smile tugging at his lips.

-You don't deserve this. -Jimin whispers when he starts cleaning Yoongi's eyebrow -Does it hurt?

-I told you, I'm fine.


-I am. It doesn't even hurt, really, stop being so worried, you'll get wrinkles if you do.

Jimin ignores him and he moves to Yoongi's lips, slowly passing his wet sleeve over the split cut. Yoongi winces and Jimin decides to not make any snarky remarks. Under other circumstance he would've been a smartass about it, but now it's not the time. Under other circumstances he would've also tried to kiss Yoongi but now it's not the time, Park Jimin.

-I'm done, but I'll bring some disinfectant later.

-Thanks, nurse. -Yoogni gives him a soft smile -You don't need to be worried about me, I can take care of myself.

Jimin snorts, his hand is still touching Yoongi's bottom lip but none of them seem to care.

-Yeah, is that what you told a bunch of toddlers before they beat the hell out of you?

-I was sleepy and they had weapons! It was a battle lost in the beginning. I just hope that this won't be a problem at work.

-Don't worry, Jin-hyung won't say anything.

-Okay. -Yoongi pauses -Are you gonna go to class or are you just going to caress my face until you're happy?

-What? -Jimin glances at his hand and he realizes only now that he's been drawing circles on Yoongi's skin with his thumb. He quickly retrieves his hand -Right, sorry. I'm gonna go now, you have your coffee.

-I sure do.


He doesn't move. He's not sure he can.

-Jiminie. -Yoongi gently squeezes his wrist -Don't worry about me.




Except that Jimin worries. He does nothing but worrying. He loses sleep over it, and really he should not be doing that because exams and university and just life in general, but he can't help himself.

Jimin is constantly concerned that something might happen to Yoongi, that those kids will come back, or maybe someone else, someone who is actually dangerous, will do something to him.


It's almost 9 P.M. when Jimin decides to bring Yoongi dinner. The older boy usually buys his own dinner, and lately Jin has been giving him food as well, but Jimin doesn't want Yoongi to be alone that night. At least, not all night long. If he can be there with him for a while then he can also be sure that nothing happens to Yoongi. Also, the meals he has for dinner are probably not healthy at all.

When he arrives at the university Jimin frowns at the sight he's welcomed with.

Yoongi is there, leaning wih his back on the wall, a lit cigarette between his lips, grey smoke crating weird shapes in the air. And in front of him there's a man, dressed in a business suit, way older than Yoongi and also way taller.

Jimin immediately doesn't like the situation and he quickens his step, until he can hear what the two are saying.

-For the last time, buddy. -Yoongi breaths out a cloud of smoke -I'm fluttered, but I don't do shit like that.

-I'll pay you well.

-I don't give a fuck.

-Oh, come on. -Jimin can hear the man snorting -I'm not sure you have any right to be picky when you live in a shitty street. I'll make sure you have a good time.

-Hey! -Jimin shouts, finally reaching them -He said no!

From the corner of his eye, he can see Yoongi looking at him with a mix of awe and utter confusion.

-Who's this, your boyfriend? -the man asks Yoongi, with a raised eyebrow -You've got shitty taste. You're giving up good money for this? You're dumber than you look.

Now, Jimin isn't the kind of person who enjoys violence. Hell, he's like the less threatening human in the entire world, a pink butterfly would be more menacing than him. Yet, he has no control over his body when he steps between Yoongi and the stranger and brutally shoves the man away.

-Fuck off. -he snarls, ignoring the loud beating of his heart echoing in his ears -Now.

The man gives Yoongi one last look before he takes a step back.

-Whatever. -he says -You're not worth it.

He turns around and starts leaving, whilst muttering “unbelievable” under his breath.

-Thanks for the cigarette, asshole! -Yoongi exclaims, before glancing at Jimin with a sort of proud look in his eyes -My knight in shining armor.

Jimin rolls his eyes.

-Are you okay?

-Please kid, I'm peachy. -Yoongi throws the butt of the cigarette on the ground -It's not like it's the first time something like this happens. Creepy dudes who offer you money so that they can get laid is a thing that is included in the whole “I'm a homeless twenty-something package”. -Yoongi shrugs -It's fine.

And suddenly, just like that, there's rage. Concern is gone and Jimin is just utterly angry, pissed and fucking fuming at this point.

-Fine? -he hisses -Stop fucking saying it's fine!

-Ya, Jimin...

-This is not fine! You should not be experiencing this and you should not say that it's fine! Christ, Yoongi, have some fucking self respect!

Jimin knows what he said was a mistake the moment Yoongi's eyes narrow and his gaze becomes impenetrable.

-Listen to me, kid. -Yoongi's voice is cold, distant and Jimin hates it -You don't get to spit fucking wisdom on me when you have no idea of what this feels like, okay? I'm the one who sleeps on a piece of cardboard and doesn't freeze to death because of the blankets you gave me. I'm the one who had to find food in the fucking garbage before you started giving me meals. You think I'm enjoying this? You think it's funny not being able to take one goddamn shower when you want to? Or getting rocks thrown at me by some shitty kids?! Do you know how many times middle aged men came up on me?! That one you just met was one of the nice ones, because the others weren't so keen on just leaving it being, so don't you dare come to me and talk about self respect! I'm fucking doing my best here, I'm surviving, enduring humiliation that I never thought I'd have to face and all of this added to the fucking shame of basically being the kept man of a kid!

Jimin takes a step back, silence falls between them, broken only by Yoongi's quick and ragged breath.

-Well, I didn't know that me helping you was reasons of shame to you. -Jimin nods -It's good to know that this has been cleared.


Jimin drops the plastick bag with the food containers on the ground.

-That's the dinner I made for you, but you can throw it away if the thought of being helped disgusts you so much.

Jimin walks away, swears to himself that he's not going to fucking cry on a street, then Yoongi's hands are grabbing his arm and it takes all his strength not to shove him away.

-I'm so sorry. -Yoongi whispers -Please, don't... I'm so sorry, I don't mean what I said, I swear.

-You know what, Yoongi? -Jimin turns around to face the older man -I might not know what it is like to be homeless, but I know that I'm doing my best as well. I don't do this shit out of pity, I help you because I want to.

-I know.

-I help you because I want to be sure you're safe 'cause, believe it or not, I actually care about you.

-I know. -Yoongi takes a deep breath, looking at Jimin -I'm sorry. I don't know why I said that stuff, it's just... -Yoongi lets out a shaky breath and now he looks like he's about to cry and Jimin is about to cry and, really, the situation is quite messy -It's been a shitty week, Jiminie.

-Oh, fuck it. -Jimin yanks Yoongi against him and hugs his waist, resting his chin on the older boy's shoulder -I'm sorry.

-Why the fuck are you apologizing now? I'm the shitty friend. -Yoongi sniffs and hugs Jimin back.

-You're not shitty, you're just a grump.

-Wow, thanks. -he chuckles, and it sounds a bit forced, but it's better than nothing -You know I don't mean what I said, right? I am grateful to you. More than you'll ever know.

-Okay. -Jimin feels himself relaxing a little -Okay, good. Because if I'm bothering you then I'll stop.

-No, don't. You're not bothering, you never bother me. I'm just a grump, right? -Yoongi pulls back from the hug -Didn't you bring dinner?



So they sit on the ground side by side, their legs touching, blankets covering both of them and eat what Jimin made in silence, ignoring the looks that the people who walk by give them.

-This is actually good. -Yoongi says at some point.

-Why do you sound surprised?

-Shut up, it's just that it's the first decent meal I get in a long time. -Yoongi giggles, and it's a sound so endearing that Jimin thinks he fainted a little inside -Honestly, you can also cook, what even are you?

Jimin smirks.

-I'm boyfriend material.

Yoongi snorts and noodles go flying from his mouth.









-So, Hoseok-hyung.

Hoseok, who's laying on their worn out couch, raises an eyebrow at Jimin.

-Right, you only call me hyung when you need something.

-Well, that's just plain rude.

-What do you want, Jimin?

Jimin bites his lips.

-Okay, you know we have a spare room, right?

-Considering that i live here, yes, I am aware that such room exists.

-Stop being a smartass.

-Learn some manners and I will.

-Anyway, I was thinking that maybe we could give it to someone.

Hoseok frowns, sitting up on the couch.

-You want to rent it?

-No, just... give it to someone.


-Because, you see, it's getting really cold real fast and soon there will be snow, so I was thinking...

-To give it to the homeless hottie you're in love with and you can't shut your mouth about?


-The plain truth. God... -Hoseok chuckles, his lips forming a heart shape -Oh, you're so smitten.

Jimin looks at his hands.

-Shut up.

-Our Jimin is in love.


-Yoongi and Jimin, sitting under a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

-Hyung, please, can you not? -Jimin whines, hiding his blushing face behind his hands -Just tell me if it's fine to ask him if he wants the room.

Hoseok looks at him for a few seconds, eyes narrowed and lips tight in a thin line, before he sighs.

-Who am I to stop a young love coming to life? Sure, ask him.




The next day is a Sunday, Jimin has no classes, so he waits for the afternoon when he knows Yoongi has his shift at the coffee shop.

He's gonna do it. He is well set on asking Yoongi to move in with him. And Hoseok. Of course, him and Hoseok, right.

The moment he walks in the coffee shop he wonders why he even gets surprised anymore. Jungkook is holding Teahyung up, the boy's feet not touching the floor, a client looks at them with terrified eyes, Jin is softly laughing at something Namjoon said and they're holding hands. In all of this, Yoongi is sitting behind the register, seemingly unfazed by the whole deal.

-You are not welcome here! -Taehyung says at the poor man, who probably just wanted a coffee and instead found Taehyung, his feet are still not touching the floor.

-You people are crazy... -the man says, turning around and quickly making his way out of the coffee shop.

-So, what did I miss? -Jimin asks, reaching the group.

-That man is not welcome here! -Tae repeats -He said... Jungkook, babe, can you put me down?

-Oh, yeah, sure. -Jungkook lets go of Taehyung.

-So, Jimin, listen to this! -Tae looks absolutely upset -That guy comes in and he sounds allright, you know, kind, he smiled and was polite so obviously I told him that we're thinking of getting a puppy, and...

-Wait. -Jimin looks at Jungkook -You're thinking of getting a puppy?

-No. -Jungkook replies.

-Yes, we are, he's just trying to keep it a secret because it's supposed to be my Christams present and he doesn't want me to know.

-Tae, I am not giving you a puppy.

Jimin smirks because, really, Jungkook is not capable of telling lies so of course he's buying a puppy for Taehyung.

-Whatever floats your boat, sweetie. -Tae turns back to Jimin -Anyway, I tell him of the puppy and he goes “I don't like dogs”. Like, how dare you? You come into my coffee shop...

-It's my coffee shop. -Jin says, but he's completely ignored.

-You order my coffee, munch on my cookies and then you disrespect dogs in such manner?! The nerve! The audacity!

-Well, this was fun. -Jin claps his hands once -Back to work, people.

Taehyung is still grumbling about dogs and how precious they are and really, we don't deserve them, so Jimin walks over to the register.

-I have news. -Jimin says and no, he's not nervous.

-Me too. -Yoongi smiles -I'm taking you out for dinner.

Jimin freezes, the words flying in his mind over and over, slowly processing them.

-Wait, what?

-I'm taking you out for dinner and it's gonna be my treat. I got my first paycheck and I want to pay you back for what you've done for me so far.

-Oh, no, you don't have to.

-I want to. -Yoongi almost kills him right there with a gummy smile -And you have no choice in the matter. I'm off in an hour, go sit and wait for me.

-Why are you bossing me around?

-Sit your ass down, Jimin. You'll tell me your news at dinner.



One hour later, Yoongi and Jimin walk out of the coffee shop and Jimin is not nervous.

Jimin is about to throw up.

Is this a date? Is Min Yoongi asking him out? Oh God, he's going out for dinner with Yoongi.

-Hyung... -Jimin clears his throat -Where are we going?

-It's a fancy place.

-Wait, really?

Yoongi nods.

-The fanciest place I know.

-Are you kidding me? I'm in my sweatpants!

-Are you? -Yoongi glances at his legs -Doesn't matter, you look good anyway.

Oh, great, compliments. Nice. Fantastic. He's blushing now, wonderful.

Yet, Jimin can't find it in himself to ask Yoongi if this is an actual date. Probably because he already knows the answer, so he doesn't bother pushing. It's fine like this.

It is safe to say, though, that there are no fancy restaurant in the area. This is a university district, there's nothing but cheap bars and pubs, so he has no idea as to where Yoongi is leading him.

They pass a convenience store and stop in front of a vending machine.

-Here we are. -Yoongi says -So, what do you want?

Jimin looks at the vending machine full of snacks, then back at Yoongi.

-This is the fancy place?

-Damn right it is.

Jimin can't help the fit of laughter that attacks him as he throws his head back, covering his mouth with the palm of his hand under Yoongi's amused eyes.

-Oh God, this is too funny!

-Excuse me, are you mocking my taste in food? This vending machine is a goldmine, Park Jimin. And I finally can buy stuff from it with actual money, I usually just kick it until something falls down. -Yoongi eyes the snacks -And that damn chocolate bar never fucking falls. I want it. I ache for it.

-You're unbelievable.

Yoongi shrugs.

-You still like me.

Jimin's stomach turns into a knot.

-Yeah, I do.

Yoongi nods.

-So, what do you want? Oh! And here's the best part! -Yoongi points the convenience store -We can even buy cheap alcohol.

-This truly is a magical place, hyung.



After two hours, way too much chocolate, two sandwiches, four boxes of strawberry Pokis and an undefined number of bottles of beer, the two boys are back at Yoongi's cardboard and they might be just a little tipsy.

Maybe a lot tipsy.

Jimin is sitting with his back leaning on the wall, and he probably looks like a burrito since he has three blankets tightly put around him. Yoongi made himself clear when he started throwing blankets at him, there is no way that my Jimin will get a cold, no fucking way.

On the other hand, Yongi has his head resting on Jimin's lap, four blankets covering him, and he's sighing with a content smile whilst Jimin runs his fingers through Yoongi's green hair.

-So cute. -Yoongi coos -Such a cute person.

-Who are you talking about?

-Obama. I'm talking about you, idiot.

Jimin smiles. Now, Yoongi might be, like, really drunk, but Jimin is kind of exaggerating the whole act. He is tipsy, that's for sure, but he's still quite lucid and he intends on taking full advantage of the situation.

-Am I?

-The cutest. -Yoongi whines -So cute. Precious human being.

Jimin giggles at Yoongi's slurred words.

-Ah, this courtship is really straightforward, hyung, I'm just a poor maiden, you should not play with my heart in such a manner.

Yoongi closes his eyes, lips stretched in an amused smile, teeth showing and Jimin's heart race speeds up almost ridiculously.

-If I'd actually start courting you, you'd fall for me in a matter of seconds.

I already did, you absolute fucking oblivious asshole.

-You said you're a Dance major, right?

-I sure am.

-Dance for me.

-No way.

-Why?! -Yoongi's eyes snap open -Dance for your hyung! I even bought you dinner!

-I'm too drunk to dance! -Jimin lies. He could very well start dancing his whole contemporary routine if he wanted to -But I can show you this.

Jimin stands up and Yoongi's head fall on the hard cardboard.


-Okay, are you ready?

-Go for it.

Jimin takes a deep breath before relaxing his body and performing a perfect side split. Yoongi's eyes widen at the sight of Jimin's spread legs, the orange haired boy giggles and he leans forward his torso until he's almost touching the ground with his chest.

-Holy shit! -Yoongi weakly claps -It's like you don't have bones!

-I'm bendy.

-I can see that! Wow. How bendy are you actually?

Jimin smirks.

-Really bendy.

-That's actually fucking hot.



He can dig hot.

He's fine. Totally fine.

-Now get back here, I want my pillow. -Yoongi makes grabby hands at him and how the hell is he supposed to say no to him when he's that cute?

So Jimin gets back to his spot, Yoongi rests his head on his legs again and he takes Jimin's hand and places it on top of his head, urging Jimin to pet him again. And Jimin, the oh so head over heels in love Jimin, complies.

-You said you had news. -Yoongi says.

-Oh, yeah. -Jimin coughs and hell, he's nervous now -So, me and Hoseok have a spare room in our flat. It was Tae's room, but then he moved in with Jungkook.

-Good for him. -Yoongi says before closing his eyes.

-Yeah, well, we wanted to ask you if maybe you'd like to have that room?

There's silence, Jimin is pretty sure that the whole district can hear his heart beating so fucking loudly in his chest.

-I don't have money to pay the rent. -Yoongi finally says.

-We wouldn't ask you for money. That room is just empty and we don't use it, so...

-So you want to give a room to me?

-Yeah, pretty much.

Yoongi sighs.


-Because you sleep on cardboard?

-That's fair, I'll give it to you. -Yoongi starts biting at his lips -I don't know. I mean, I have to think about it.

-What's there to think about?

-I don't want to be a burden to you guys. I'm doing fine, you two probably have a routine and I don't want to disturb you or cause you any trouble.

Jimin snorts.

You wouldn't bother me, you idiot, I'm so in love with you that your presence alone would be a blessing.

They fall in what Jimin considers a comfortable silence, until he notices how stiff Yoongi is now, and that his eyes are open and Yoongi is staring at him like Jimin is holding a whole galaxy in his hands.

-What did you just say? -Yoongi whispers and Jimin stops breathing.

-Oh fuck. Did I say that out loud?

-Yes, you fucking did. But that was because you're drunk, right?

Oh, there's no going back from this point.

-No, I'd say that even if I were sober. -Jimin manages a smile -I'm definitely in love with you.

There are these few moments that feel like a miracle, where Yoongi is just looking at him with those hooded eyes and there is so much love in them. But then Yoongi abruptly stands up and when he looks back at him his eyes are as cold as snow.

-Go home, Jimin.

-What's wrong?

-Go home. I'm not moving in and you're going home. And you'll stop buying me coffee and don't come when I'm working shifts, just... ignore me. Completely.

Jimin stays quiet for what feels like a century, holding Yoongi's gaze, trying to break down the wall that the older boy put between them but it doesn't work.

So Jimin stands up and gathers his stuff.

-There are better ways to reject someone. -he grits.

Yoongi is looking at his hands now.

-Go home.

-Yeah, you already told me.

-Hey, you don't get to be pissy about this! -Yoongi snarls -I'm doing you a favor! I'm a fucking mess and you don't want to be with me!

-You tell yourself whatever you want, hyung. Have a goodnight.

Jimin starts walking away, his limbs feel heavy, his eyes are burning.

-Fuck, Jimin! I don't want to break your heart!

Jimin spins around.

-Well, congratulations, you just fucking did! -he shouts, before leaving Yoongi alone.



Jimin doesn't cry.

Not immediately, at least, and he takes some pride in that. He does, however, cry until his chest hurts with each breath he takes the moment he gets back home and it gets to a point where Hoseok wakes up and he's worried sick that Jimin is having a heart attack or something.

It's not a heart attack.

Jimin always thought of “heartbreak” as a really silly thing. Your heart can't break, it's impossible.

But fuck, it hurts so much that maybe it is possible. Maybe his heart really broke. It feels like it's fucking bleeding.

-I'm sorry, Minnie. -Hoseok murmurs, holding him and caressing his head -I'm so sorry.



Days kind of blend in. It's pathetic.

Jimin learns to avoid looking at Yoongi when he gets to the university, that doesn't mean it hurts any less. He stops going to Jin's coffee shop alltogether, because he's terrified he might see Yoongi there.

The worst part is that Jimin can't bring himself to hate Yoongi. Maybe he loves him even harder, if that's even possible.

Slowly, he stops crying himself to sleep, he stops taking showers that last two hours and he starts eating decent food again.

Slowly, he thinks that maybe his broken heart it's healing, or that at least he managed to put some stiches over the wound.

Doesn't mean it hurts any less.



Jimin is buried in his text books, trying to get that essay of that particularly annoying class done. It's hard to focus, his mind keeps floating back to those short moments where Yoongi just looked so fucking happy when Jimin said he loved him, but he forces himself to get back to the inked pages in front of him.

-Hey, kid. -Hoseok calls -Stop giving yourself a headache and drink some cocoa. Take a break.

-No, I'm...

-Take a damn break, Jimin.

Jimin looks at Hoseok with a pout.

-Don't boss me around when I'm sad.

-Well, you're always sad, so...

-Wow, thanks. -Jimin stands up from the couch anyway and joins Hoseok at the table where the older boy put two mugs full of hot chocolate and there are even marshmallows floating in there.

-Wow, it's really coming down. -Hoseok mutters, looking at the window.

-What is? -Jimin asks, taking a sip of the hot drink.

-The snow.

Jimin hums distractedly, enjoying the warmth of the chocolate and then he freezes.

-Wait, snow? It's snowing? -he looks at the window and yes, there's definitely thick snow coming down from the sky.

-Hell, kid, how focused were you to miss that?

-How long has it been like this?

Hoseok shrugs.

-Like, four hours? Why are you... -Hoseok pauses and then his face tightens with concern -Oh, shit.

Jimin stands up and runs to his room, grabs his jacket and scarf and then he runs out of the flat. He's not even sure he closed the door and, frankly, he doesn't care.

Outside there are already several inches of snow covering the street and Jimin wonders if someone can die of worry.

It's almost midnight, it's fucking freezing, and Yoongi is out there. Jimin runs so fast he can feel his muscles shouting in pain, the blood pumping hard in his veins and even though it's so cold he's sweating.

He's pretty sure he just got to the university breaking some time record and he only runs faster when he sees a heap of snow right next to the gates.

Jimin gets on his knees as soon as he's close enough and quickly dustes the snow off until he sees the blankets, that he quickly tear away. Yoongi is there, his skin has the exact color of the snow, and he's not moving.

-Yoongi, please wake up. -Jimin shakes him roughly -I need to get you home, please wake up.

Slowly, Yoongi opens his eyes.


-We need to go, can you get up?

-What are you talking about? Hey, what the... -he looks around -Is that snow?

-Yoongi, get up! -he knows he sounds desperate, but he doesn't care. Yoongi looks dizzy, and he's probably not even aware of how much he's shaking right now and Jimin has to get him home.

So he grabs his arm and yanks him forward, until he has his arm around his shoulder and he manages to bring him to his feet.

-I can't... feel my legs. -Yoongi says, words cut by the shaking of his teeth.

-I got you, don't worry. -Jimin says so, but he's worrying like a crazy man. He finds in the snow Yoongi's backpack and he takes it, then he starts moving back to his place.

Walking whilst basically carrying a shaking Yoongi isn't easy, and it's tiring, but he doesn't care, not when Yoongi looks like he's about to faint on him.

When they finally reach Jimin's flat, the boy is out of breath, but thankfully Hoseok is already running down the stairs towards them.

-Is he okay? -he asks, before taking Yoongi's free arm and putting it around his shoulder.

Jimin nods and the two of them carry Yoongi up the stairs and inside the flat, then in Jimin's room. Yoongi sits on the bed, body visibly shaking, the tips of his fingers crimson red and his eyes worringly glassy.

-I'll make him something warm, you take those clothes off of him and give him dry ones. -Hoseok says, before leaving the room.

Jimin follows the instructions, quickly removing Yoongi's cold and wet clothes until the boy is just in his boxers briefs, shaking like a fucking leaf.

Jimin takes out of his wardrobe the warmest sweater he has and a pair of sweatpants, and immediately puts them on Yoongi, who sighs at the sudden change of temperature. Jimin gently pushes him on his back so that he's laying on the matress, then he lifts Yoongi's legs up on the bed and tucks him in.

Yoongi curles up on his side, legs close to his chest and blankets gripped tightly, still shaking as before, if not even harder.

-Hey. -Jimin calls -Are you okay?

Yoongi looks at him before slowly nodding.

-I'll go see if a hot chocolate is ready for you, okay?

-No. -Yoongi grits between his teeth -Please.

-What do you need?

-Cold. Please.

-Okay. Okay, don't worry.

Jimin takes off his jacket and kicks off his boots before getting under the blankets next to Yoongi, and the older boy immediately tugs at Jimin's shirt to pull him closer.

Jimin shivers when Yoongi's body is close to his, because damn if the boy is cold, but he just hugs Yoongi and lets him hide his face on his chest and tangle his legs with his own.

Jimin starts caressing Yoongi's damp hair, softly pressing his lips on the older boy's forehead.

-You'll be okay, I swear. -he says.

Yoongi hums, his eyes fluttering close.

-You're warm. -he says, voice low and hoarse, before he falls asleep.

Jimin hears Hoseok's footsteps and then the boy is in the room.

-Is he okay?

-He's still shaking.

-It's normal, I think. It's the aftershock. -Hoseok places the mug on Jimin's bedside table -I'll check in later, okay?

-Thank you, hyung.

Hoseok waves a hand dismissvely.

-Don't mention it, Jimin. -Hoseok is about to turn around, but he pauses and looks back at the two boys -What are you going to do?

Jimin doesn't answer. There's not much he can do, right? Yoongi doesn't want him, nor does he want his help, the only reason why the older boy is safe now is because of his inability to send away Jimin.

-I don't know. -the boy sighs -I just want him to be safe.

Hoseok gives him a small smile.

-I'll leave you alone and maybe I'll give Jin-hyung a call, inform him of the situation.

Hoseok leaves the room, and Jimin holds Yoongi just a little tighter, wondering if it's possible to increase your body temperature just by sheer force of will so that Yoongi will be less cold sooner.

And slowly, really slowly, Yoongi's body stops shaking, and his breath evens, his face relaxes and his skin starts getting some color back.

-You know I don't want you to love me back, right? -he whispers -I don't need that right now. I just need to know you'll be safe.

And then, Jimin allows himself to fall asleep.









When Yoongi wakes up he's the warmest he's been in the last few months. He's also awfully comfortable, which is weird considering that cardboard is not comfortable under any circumstance and that Jimin's blankets, no matter how warm they are, don't keep him this hot.

That's when he remembers the snow.

He opens his eyes and he's met with a sleeping Jimin, his orange hair a complete mess, lips agape and he looks just absolutely beautiful. His sleepy face is quite different from the distressed expression he had the night before and Yoongi decides that this one suits him far better.

Yoongi wants to fall back asleep, to enjoy the warmth and security that radiates from Jimin's embrace, but he also realizes he doesn't have any right to want such a thing, not after what he did.

He takes a deep breath and the peachy smell of Jimin's shampoo reminds him that he could actually have this. He could have Jimin. Beautiful, kind Jimin that somehow, because of some sort of miracle, cares about him.

Jimin stirs a little and opens his eyes, looks at Yoongi and sighs.

-Did you know you're ridiculously attractive when your hair is dishevelled? -he asks, his voice just a tiny bit lower than usual.

-I'm always ridiculously attractive.

-Of course. -Jimin smiles -How are you?

-Really warm.

-Do you have a fever?

-Most likely.

Jimin hums.

-If you move in I'll play nurse for you.

-Really? Is that the best you can do to convince me?

-I think that I wouldn't even have to convince you if you'd get your head out of your ass for a second.

-Respect your elders.

Jimin giggles and that's a sound that could actually inspire him great songs.

-Why are you here? -Yoongi asks.

-This is my house.

-I know, why are you still helping me?

Jimin frowns.

-What did you expect me to do, leave you dying out in the snow because you don't love me back?

Yoongi closes his eyes, he just now realizes that he's been clutching at Jimin's shirt.

-I never said I don't love you back.

There's a tense silence before Jimin speaks.

-Why the hell did you send me away then?

-Because you're that kind of person who deserves more than a homeless grump. You... -Yoongi struggles to find words, which is ironic considering that coming up with words is the only thing he's good at -You deserve someone who spoils you, and I can't do that.

-That's it?

-And I'm a mess.

-I know. You're also a jerk.

-Fair enough. But, honestly, what did you expect? I've never met kindness in my life, then you show up and you're like a bubble of gentleness and care, and you smell of peaches and when I think about you the first thing that comes to my mind is “shelter”. You arrive and you bring goodness with you so for me it's almost impossible to believe you can actually love me.

-But I do.

-Yeah, and that's scary as fuck. I'll fuck it up. I always fuck it up and I don't want to do it with you as well.

Jimin hums, his fingers grazing the top of Yoongi's head.

-You know, hyung, that's a really shit excuse.

Yoongi rolls his eyes.

-I'm being serious here, Jiminie.

-Me too.

-You don't get it! -Yoongi says, snapping his eyes open, cursing himself mentally because he really doesn't want to get upset or shout at Jimin. Fuck, he never wants to shout at Jimin, never -This is scary for me! The thought of fucking something up with you scares the crap out of me!

Jimin locks his eyes with Yoongi and, for the first time since Yoongi met him, Jimin looks vulnerable.

-Why is it scary?

-I don't know.

-You do. You just don't know how to say it, so find your own words and tell me.

Yoongi sighs, completely defeated and he realizes that he's never had a chance of winning against Jimin.

-You know that there are only three things I love, right?

-Music, coffee and dick, as you so gracefully told me.

-Music is always first, right?


Yoongi crawls up on the bed a bit more, just so that he can touch Jimin's forehead with his own.

-It scares me because music is not my first everything anymore.

Jimin smiles, his eyes turning into crescents, it's still the most breathtaking view Yoongi has ever witnessed.

-I love you too, Yoongi.






Yoongi allows himself to be loved by Jimin, and this is what he gets in return:

-a room to sleep in (except that he sleeps in Jimin's and Hoseok is just done with the entire deal and wants to move out as quick as possible);

-a shelter;

-a group of friends made out of completely insane people (and really Jungkook? Did you actually buy a puppy for Taehyung are you insane? And no, Tae, you can't bring the puppy to the coffee shop!);

-kisses. At every given moment. Really, it's unbelievable and a little overwhelming, but he loves it anyway;

-new notebooks that he can buy with his own money;

-cuddles, because Jimin is needy and always in the mood for cuddles and Yoongi will be a grump about it only for five minutes;




-happiness. And he really never thought he would have that.