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Lucy the King of Heroes

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or Fate Stay Night, any resemblance to any other Fairy Tail or Fate Stay Night fan fiction is coincidental and plagiarism is not intended. No flames please constructive criticism only.

AN: Ok, so the first few chapters of the fic are very similar to canon but I promise they start diverging more and more later on. Also if Anyone can think of anymore tags that they think apply to this fic then please don't hesitate to tell me, this is my first time posting AO3. I decided to start uploading here because for some reason I can't upload any new chapters on So I'll probably upload some of my other fics here too.

The old shopkeeper was currently looking at his newest customer and she sent shivers down his spine. Long hair flowing down past her waist and an unamused look was upon her face. She was wearing an open black jacket, white tube top and black jeans.

“So you mean to tell me that there's only one magic shop in this entire town" she demanded glaring at the shopkeeper with her crimson coloured eyes.
The woman was nearly nineteen years of age, but one never would've guessed it by looking at her. Her name was Lucy Heartfilia and she'd come here to Hargeon seeking something. Lucy Heartfillia

She left her father’s mansion after he dared to try to arrange a marriage for her in order to get more money for himself, even though Lucy herself already attracted wealth naturally. The only reason she hadn’t simply skewered him was because she was certain her mother wouldn’t wanted that. Plus he was an idiot, he'd come crawling back eventually, he was decent businessman but without her he would sink himself eventually.

Ever since she was little Lucy had been different, her eyes were just one small thing and they made no difference. But whenever she talked to people she found that they became fearful of upsetting her no matter how gentle she tried to be in the beginning, as if just making her upset would mean their death.

Because of this the servants were reluctant to spend time with her beyond what was necessary. This resulted in Lucy looking down on others, she couldn’t help but look down on others, the children who came to ‘play’ with her ran from her the moment they saw her power. Many were simply uncomfortable just being in her presence, and eventually they all came up with excuses as to why they couldn’t come again. It only proved that anyone she encountered was likely undeserving of being allowed in her presence.

So Lucy spent as much time with her mother as possible, because her father only cared about the business and how much money Lucy could attract for him. He discovered that every decision she suggested to him always made lots of money and after mother died he became even colder to her if when it came to anything unrelated to business.

It was her mother to whom she had shown her ability to pull things from her Gate of Babylon. Her mother to whom she’d confided her memories of her past life as Gilgamesh the King of Heroes. Yet even after listening to her and watching her use Gate to summon weapons, and other things her mother still understood her. She was patient, kind, caring understanding. Unlike the many others that had run away from her at the first chance.

Ever since leaving her Mothers death Lucy had a feeling of incompleteness inside of her. Like something was missing, which was strange seeing as she had everything anyone could want inside of her gate. So she travelled Fiore for the past year seeking something, anything that could make the feeling go away. But nothing seemed to work, most of what she tried were, quick fixes at best.

Then for some reason Lucy had talked to a strange man a few weeks ago in another town. He was a tall, muscular man with shoulder-length orange hair and a stubbly beard, and for whatever reason she spoke about her problem to him, after proving to him that she had all of the worlds treasures in her Gate she asked him ‘What does one who has everything a person could want in possession possibly seek?’ After a while he had asked if she had any friends.

She thought on her answer for a while, her father was cold, uncaring so she did not count him and her mother was dead and the friend her past life had didn’t count either. In the end she replied with a negative. He suggested that she try joining Fairy Tail and trying to make some friends there to see if that helped. So Lucy decided to take his advice and left.

Unfortunately she had neglected to ask the man where Fairy Tail was located. This was why she found herself wandering Fiore searching for Fairy Tail now. That and her pride as the King of Heroes would not allow her to ask for directions, it would wound her pride too much to admit even to herself that she had no idea where she was going. That was how she found herself in Hargeon Port

"Y-yes. This is more of a fishing town than a magic town." The shopkeeper explained nervously. This girl….no woman set off all of his danger senses as if angering her would be a death sentence "Not even a tenth of people here can use magic, so I built this shop to sell magic to the wizards who happen to be passing through"

"So you mean to tell me that I came all this way for nothing?" Lucy glared

"No, no, no please take a look!" The shopkeeper reassured her. "I do have all the latest goods in stock I’m sure there’s something you want."

"I'm looking for gate keys" the blond said in a demanding tone “Do you have any?”

"Gates keys, why yes I think I do" The old man frowned. "That's a rare request." He reached behind the counter top and brought out a box containing a single, silver key.

"Canis Minor, Nikora" a gleam entered Lucy’s eyes one that scared the shopkeeper even further.

"That one's not powerful but it’s all I have.” the shopkeeper stuttered

"That's not important." Lucy glared at the shopkeeper taking hold of the key and turning around to leave.

“W-wait you have to pay for tha-”


Before the shopkeeper could finish a sword had buried itself into the counter and had partly gone right through its point was near his crotch, any further and he would have been castrated. He looked up and saw several golden ripples in the air behind the girl who was now scowling at him with a disdainful look on her face. She walked up to him and the atmosphere became even more dangerous, the shopkeeper was cursing himself for what he’d said instead of just letting it go.

“I am the one true king of the world” she growled “It is the law that all of this world’s treasures belong to me. Gate Keys are no exception that law. That makes you merely someone who was holding my treasure. The fact that you dare to charge me for what was mine in the first place makes you a filthy thief. Do you wish to learn how I deal with thieves?”

Weapons of various sizes, shapes and types began protruding out of the ripples all pointed at him; all of them began shuddering as if in anticipation of being used against the target of master’s ire.

“Wait, wait, wait” the shopkeeper exclaimed in a panicking tone “I just remembered that key is free. Yes its free, please just take it but don’t hurt me.”
Suddenly the weapons all dissolved into golden sparkles as did the one in the counter and the ripples disappeared as well. The woman seemed satisfied with his answer and he internally breathed a sigh of relief.

“Just one last thing. You’ll keep this to yourself unless you want me to ‘visit’ you again right?” she said as she was silhouetted by the light steaming in from outside after she’d opened the door.

The shopkeeper nodded rapidly and the woman finally left satisfied. He decided it was probably better for his health if he just pretended that this never happened. He had no desire to see that woman again if he could help it.


After leaving the store Lucy smirked happy that she’d acquired yet another gate key, she put the silver key away in her treasury for later. She came to a stop on a bridge and saw below, a crowd had gathered in the town square a short distance away; a horde of squealing women crying out in adoration. As the blonde wondered what the reason behind them making such noise was, two more women raced past them, also crying out in delight.

"The famous wizard is here!"

"It's Mr. Salamander!"

"Salamander eh?" Lucy raised her eyebrow "If my information is correct then he’s Fairy Tail wizard. I wonder what he's doing in this backwater dump. Looks like he’s not averse to fan girls, I it seems that he’s a real show off. I need to have a talk with this Salamander"

The crowd’s incessant fan girlish squealing grew louder as Lucy leapt from the bridge and descended to the ground; turning more and more intense as they approached. She approached crowd which parted like the red sea before her after she released some of her incredible aura. Apparently whatever they saw in Salamander hadn’t dulled their sense of self preservation. Eventually she head of the chaotic cries swelling the air around them. Occasional bursts of fire from the centre of the crowd accompanied delighted squeals from the fan girls.

"Mr. Salamander!"

"You're so dreamy!"

"And so hot"

Finally, she got through the crowd and saw him, and when she did Lucy was not impressed. At all. Standing in the centre of the fan girl who were swarming like insects, was the man that everyone kept calling Salamander. Purple hair, dark eyes, and ridiculous outfit that made him look like a he was a runaway clown. And for some reason every girl in this dump were becoming rabid over him. Hearts seemed to pulsate where their eyes should've been, love struck by the clearly idiotic poser of a mage standing before them.

It was only when he decided to pose for the women again that Lucy caught sight of his secret. She could see a ring of his index finger which was clearly charm magic ring and his middle finger had a ring with sleep magic.

“A fake just as I thought” Lucy snorted with annoyance “If there’s one thing I hate its fakers”

If she was correct then this man was likely charming the girls so he could lure them to another location later for another purpose. The sleep magic ring was likely for anyone who saw through the charm magic. Lucy was about to unleash her fury on him when a voice interrupted the commotion.


Lucy watched as a pink-haired boy forced his way into the clearing, shattering the tension and derailing her plan. His visage crumpled in disappointment when he caught sight of the man. The boy looked as though he'd just had a weight dropped on his shoulders. She wondered who Igneel was, she’d never heard of such a person.

"Who the heck are you?" The boy asked 'Salamander', frowning at him in clear disappointment

"I am Salamander, surely you’ve heard of me before?" the purple-haired mage grinned cockily.

The pink haired boy didn’t even acknowledge him and was already halfway across the street before faker could continue.

"Hey wait?!"

Lucy chuckled as the women pounced and began beating the pinkette for ignoring the man.

"Now now, that's enough my lovelies let him go. I sure the poor boy didn't mean anything malicious by it." 'Salamander' said pacifying the crowd and extending his signature toward the boy and causing his fan girls to return to admiration mode. Lucy was amused; this pink haired boy was good for a laugh at least.

"Here's my autograph kid. Now you can brag to all your friends." The faker held out an autograph toward the source of his ‘fans’ agitation.

"No thanks." Then pink-haired boy deadpanned at what he was being offered.


The purple-haired mage faltered, but recovered as his rabid fans smashed the boy into the garbage causing Lucy to laugh openly, something she hadn’t done in a very long time.

“I guess it wasn’t him after all” the blue cat said apparently able to speak, which also caught Lucy’s attention.

“Definitely not him” The boy groaned painfully.

"Well, I’m afraid I must be going ladies I have business to attend to, so I must be off."

“You’re leaving already?” The charmed crowd asked as one, like the hypnotised fools they were.

The fake snapped his fingers and he was standing on a spiralling column of flames "I'm having a soirée on my yacht tonight and you're all invited!" And with that he was gone; he had ridden his flame across the horizon and out of sight.

As crowd dispersed Lucy could see the pink haired boy talking to his cat, she kept her eyes on them for a moment. He seemed good enough for a laugh so she decided she’d

Lucy had decided to take the jester and his cat to a nearby restaurant to eat and let them order whatever they wanted. Natsu consumed as much food as he could while Happy helped himself to some fish.

"My name Lucy," Lucy introduced herself uncomfortably, not used to trying to be courteous to others. But if she was going to make friends she may as well practice on these two idiots. “Now name yourselves"

"I’m Happy" Happy said “And this is Natsu”

"Thanks a lot," Natsu said to Lucy "You’re scary but nice."

"You two might want to slow down before you choke on that food" Lucy told the two "Or before I might make you choke on it"

The seriousness of her tone immediately caused the two to slow down as they were reminded of a certain red haired swordswoman.

“So besides entertaining me what did you two come to this town for?” Lucy asked curiously “Weren’t you looking for someone named Igneel?"

"Yeah, that's right," Happy replied.

"We heard a rumour that a Salamander was going to be coming through town, so we came to see him," Natsu explained. "It turns out it was somebody else."

"Yeah, that guy didn't look like a Salamander at all," Happy agreed.

"No kidding," Natsu said. "I bet that poser can't even breathe fire like a real dragon."

"You two might want to slow down before you choke on that food" Lucy told the two "Or I might make you choke on it"

The seriousness of her tone immediately caused the two to slow down as they were reminded of a certain red haired swordswoman.

“So besides making me laugh, what did you two come to this town for?” Lucy asked curiously.

"We’re looking for Igneel" Happy replied.

"We heard a rumour that a Salamander was going to be coming through town, so we came to see him," Natsu explained. "It turns out it was somebody else."

"Yeah, that guy didn't look like a Salamander at all," Happy agreed.

"No kidding," Natsu said. "I bet that poser can't even breathe fire like a real dragon."

"You’re friend Igneel looks like a dragon?" Lucy asked, silently questioning the sanity of the duo.

"No you’ve got it all wrong. He doesn’t ‘look’ like a dragon. He is a dragon." Natsu explained

Lucy’s eye twitched as she pictured a large, fire breathing dragon in her mind.

"Aye! Igneel is a real live dragon." Happy insisted
Lucy’s eye twitched even more dangerously, she could only take so much stupidity at once, so her instincts took over. Her hands grabbed each of the two idiot’s heads tightly.

"You two" Lucy whispered dangerously at them while slamming their heads into the table “Are complete imbeciles, why would a dragon come to a small town? And wouldn’t you have seen this dragon before you even got here”

After they recovered Natsu and Happy stared at Lucy for a long moment as the realisation sunk in.

“You two idiots are just realising this now?” Lucy growled now having the entire restaurant as audience.

She stood up and rubbed her temples to try and stave off the oncoming migraine. She tossed some money onto the table to pay for their food.

“Whatever” Lucy scoffed “Enjoy the rest of your meal fools”

"Thank you, ma’am please come again." A waitress said as Lucy began to take her leave. The waitress froze and causing Lucy to sigh with annoyance look behind her.
Natsu and Happy were on the ground, bowing to Lucy in appreciation.

"Thank you for the food" Natsu said expressing gratitude

“Thank you" Happy parroted.

“Stop this idiocy at once! You're embarrassing me!" Lucy yelled in fury.

"I feel bad though because we weren't even trying to make her laugh" Natsu said to the blue feline.

"Aye. We owe her something"

"That's it!" Natsu yelled. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his Salamander signed paper. "Here this is for you"

Lucy glared at him before sending him crashing into a wall by sending a pair of finely ornamented war hammers at the two, after which she promptly stormed out.

“Mongrels” Lucy growled as she slammed the door shut.

“Man I hope she doesn’t ever meet Erza” Natsu groaned as the war hammers dissolved into golden dust “The two of them together would be a level of scary I don’t want to think about”

“Aye” Happy groaned in agreement.


“Looks like Fairy Tail is causing trouble again" Lucy commented as she read the latest Sorcerers Magazine in the park. "Devon bandit clan wiped out, but seven homes destroyed? Do these jesters know the meaning of the word overkill?"

Lucy chuckled to herself as she read the article. She flipped the page which showed Mirajane wearing a bikini.

"But how exactly does one join Fairy Tail?" Lucy asked herself. "Do you have to interview or apply. I really should have asked that person about that."

Lucy closed the magazine and began glancing up at the clouds that hovered in the sky “That man said that I should try Fairy Tail, it can’t hurt to give it a try I suppose.”

"So you want to join Fairy Tail?" a voice came. Lucy looked up at the source which was a bush.

"You’re that faker from earlier" Lucy said as ‘Salamander’ came out of the bushes.

"I was looking for you." He said unconcerned with the insult. "I wanted to invite you personally to the party on my ship."

"Your Charm magic won’t work on me" Lucy stated as she could practically feel the man pouring magic into the ring. "That magic's weakness is awareness! It doesn't work on people who know its being used!"

"Just as I thought.” Salamander sighed. “I guessed that you were a wizard the moment I laid eyes on you. No matter, the invitation still stands."

"There no way I'd go!" Lucy declared as she turned away from him. "Not to a party thrown by a mongrel like you!"

"A mongrel. Why would you call me that?" Salamander asked apparently hurt by her words.

"Using Charm magic to make yourself popular?"

"Don’t be mad my dear it’s all in good fun." Salamander said. "I just wanted to feel like a celebrity at my own part can you blame me?"

"It’s almost hard to believe that a famous wizard like you is such a moron." Lucy sighed with annoyance, this idiot was getting a bit too familiar.

"You wanted to join Fairy Tail, yes?" Salamander asked smirking at her with boyish charm. "Haven't you heard of Fairy Tail's Salamander?"

“Are you claiming to be Salamander?" Lucy asked while mentally rolling her eyes.

"That's right." He answered. "If you want to join, I'll put a word in with the Guild master."

"Your party sounds interesting, but will it meet my standards?" Lucy asked while trying to keep her anger from showing at his familiarity.

"Oh, I’m sure you’ll be real surprised" Salamander said.

"So you can get me into Fairy Tail?" Lucy asked hardly believing a word of what was being said.

"Of course. But in return, keep quiet about the charm, okay?" he proposed.

"Very well"

"We shall meet again at the party, then!" Salamander added before he conjured up his Red Carpet and flying away.

"Alright then the first step to Fairy Tail" Lucy muttered to herself. "And if he’s fake, which is most likely, then I’ll just pump him for any info on Fairy Tail that he might have and punish him for his insolence."

Lucy sat down and sighed putting her hand on her chest.

“I’ll soon see if Fairy Tail can help me fulfil my mother’s last request” she sighed to herself


There were times when Lucy truly hated being right and this was one of them. Apparently this Salamander was running a slaving operation. He used charm magic to attract girls to his boat then he used sleep magic to subdue them all and went off to Bosco where he sold them off. A tidy little operation and if she were like the rest of these girls then she probably would have been fooled as well. However she was not like the rest of these girls and despite being surrounded by these thugs and despite her keys being thrown overboard she was far from defenceless.

“So you’re a slaver who has to resort to using Charm magic to get your merchandise” Lucy said “I’d call you petty criminal but comparing mongrels like you to petty criminals would be an insult to petty criminals”

“Oh scathing I’m wounded” Salamander said with smug sarcasm “But a Celestial Wizard is useless without their Gate Keys everyone knows that”

“Unfortunately for you I’m not your average Celestial Wizard” Lucy responded with a grin crossing her lips.

She prepared to use her Gate to teach these fools a lesson they’d never forget; however before she could she was interrupted by something smashing through the roof. After the smoke and debris cleared away, Natsu was revealed glaring at the slave traders and Salamander.

“The dragon seeking boy what is he doing here?” Lucy asked just as surprised as the slavers

Suddenly the boat rocked back and forth causing Natsu fell to his knees and turn green.

"As I thought, this was a bad idea" Natsu groaned holding a hand to his mouth

"Another fool just as I thought" Lucy scoffed.

"Hey what are you doing here Lucy?" Happy asked flying just above the hole that Natsu had made with his entrance.

“I was information gathering but it would seem that all there is here is a mongrel and his lowly pack” Lucy explained

“I’ll give you lift out ok” Happy reply swooping down and wrapping his tail in a knot around her “Hold on”

“No need” Lucy simply leapt up onto the railing and jumped taking Happy with her. Out of a golden ripple emerged a golden and emerald ark. The Vimana, as Lucy took a seat in the
throne it began flying away with Happy still in tow.

“After them” Salamander ordered from below “We can’t let them report this to the Magic Council”

"Prominence Wind!" Suddenly Salamander unleashed a barrage of purple fire from his magic. The Vimana simply dodged the magical attack which converged and exploded like a firework.


The Vimana came to a stop a fair distance away from the ship.

“Alright this should a sufficient distance” Lucy mumbled as a Key appeared in her hand of her Gate as thanks to storing the Keys in her Gate when she acquired them she could summon them at will by sending them back to the gate. "Open! Gate of the Water Bearer! Aquarius!"

Lucy put the key into the water and a beautiful mermaid woman with light blue hair and wearing a blue bikini appeared out of a tornado made of water.

"A fish!" Happy shouted as his mouth watered.

"Not a fish " Lucy said smacking Happy on the head.

"That was awesome," Happy said impressed.

"This is the power of a Celestial Wizard," Lucy said to Happy. "Whenever I use my Gate Key's, I can summon other spirits from other worlds to help me and Aquarius is my strongest spirit currently"

“Ah….L-lucy how can I help you?” Aquarius asked with nervous look on her face.

" Aquarius!" Lucy told her. "I want you to push that ship back into the port using your water magic and try not to damage the port or any of the people."

Aquarius gulped and hesitated for a second.

“Do you have something you wish to say Aquarius?" Lucy asked looking at the spirit sharply causing her to flinch.

“N-nope nothing at all”

Aquarius started to use her water magic and created a gigantic wave to send the yacht back to the port. Lucy watched the wave carry the ship right into the shore, after it did she followed and dismissed her Vimana and landed on the beach surveying the wrecked ship.

“Your work is sufficient, thank you Aquarius you may leave now” Lucy said dismissing the spirit who gave a sigh of relief as she returned to the Spirit World.

Aquarius’s fear didn’t come from Lucy being abusive in fact she had never once abused her Spirits. It was just that ever since her mother Layla had introduced her to the little girl she felt like she was being overwhelming by an aura of power and sovereignty that seemed to emanate from her.

It was that aura that demanded respect and fear and the fact that it came from a child had shaken Aquarius to her very core. If hadn’t known any better then she’d have thought she was looking at the Spirit King. She had on several occasions witnessed what Lucy was capable of when she used the Gate of Babylon. For example Layla had once summoned her to stop a group of kidnappers attempting to take her and Lucy from the Heartfilia estate and they were unfortunate enough to get to Lucy first.
Layla and Aquarius arrived just in time to see them torn apart by a hail of weapons from the Gate of Babylon; each weapon was old and possessed unique powers. It was then that Aquarius’s fear of Lucy began to develop.

Meanwhile 'Salamander' and his gang pulled themselves together and found themselves being confronted by Natsu, who had serious look on his faces. Lucy and Happy watched to see what was going to happen.

"So you claim to be a member of the Fairy Tail guild?" Natsu questioned.

"So what's it to you?" Salamander asked “Go get him men.”

“Sir” two of the thugs nodded and charged at Natsu.

“Does he need any help?” Lucy asked the cat.

"Don’t worry about him" Happy told Lucy. "I probably should have told you this earlier but Natsu is a wizard as well."

Lucy was genuinely surprised by this because Natsu didn’t come across as someone who was particularly powerful.

“Well then lets see what this knucklehead can do then” Lucy chuckled

Two thugs came charging at Natsu, but he simply punched them out.

"My name is Natsu!" Natsu told Salamander. "I'm a Fairy Tail wizard! And I've never seen you before!"

"That Mark on his arm" one of Salamander's men said. "This guy is the real deal Bora"

“Don’t call me that you fool” the now named Bora yelled nervously.

"I know that guy.” Happy said suddenly “He's called Bora the Prominence. Rumour has it he was kicked out the Titan Nose Wizard guild a couple of years ago because of bad behaviour."

"I have no idea what you're trying to do here buddy.” Natsu said approaching Bora “And I don't care if you're a good guy, bad guy or what. I'm not going to let you dirty the Fairy Tail guild's name!"

“And what are you going to do about it? Stop Me?” Bora laughed “Prominence Typhoon”

Raising his hand, Bora unleashed his 'Prominence Typhoon' magic. A magical vortex of flames that aimed straight towards Natsu.

"That's the way it goes.” Bora laughed as the flames engulfed the boy. “The bigger they talk, the weaker the man."

"Ah, this is gross," Natsu complained still alive inside the flames, shocking Bora and his gang. "Are you sure you're really a Fire Wizard. Because these are the nastiest flames I've ever tasted."

Bora and his gang couldn't believe what they were seeing with their own eyes. Natsu was actually eating the flames like they were nothing. They watched and screamed in horror.

"Thanks for the grub, poser." Natsu said with a grin

"What's going on here? Who is this kid?" Bora shouted apparently freaked out.

"Fire magic doesn't work on Natsu." Happy explained

"Interesting" Lucy said with a smirk

"Fire Dragon Roar!" Natsu shouted after getting a stance and blowing out a gust of flames at Salamander and his gang. Some of them got hit while some of them dodged the flames.

"Hey Bora I swear I’ve seen this guy before, the pink hair and scaly looking scarf. There’s no doubt about it he’s got to be the real one"

“So Natsu is the real Salamander? Is he?” Lucy asked herself “This just gets more interesting by the second”

"I hope you guy's are paying attention, because this is what a real Fairy Tail wizard can do! Here I come!" Natsu shouted, as flames erupted from his hands, ready to take on Bora.
Natsu flew right towards Bora and punched him with a flaming fist.

"So Natsu eats fire and then attacks with it?" Lucy asked Happy. "But just what kind of magic allows him to do that?"

“He has dragon lungs that allow him to breathe fire, dragon scales to help him dissolve the fire, and dragon claws for attacking with fire. His brand of fire magic is one that his body to take on all the qualities of a dragon. It's an ancient spell that's rarely used anymore." Happy explained

"Now isn’t that interesting," Lucy smirked

"This particular magic was originally used to deal with dragons," Happy continued. "It's called Dragon Slayer Magic. Igneel was the one who taught it to him."

Natsu decided to step in and swallowed the ball of fire as his power increased even more.

"Now that was a hefty meal!" Natsu grinned. "You're not doing to bad. But I’m about to cook you like a smoked fish!"

"You're going to do what to me?!" Bora yelled with fright.

“Get ready” Natsu shouted, "Fire Dragon Iron Fist!"

Natsu charged at Bora with his flaming fist. Finding himself cornered, the fake Salamander was hit in the face and was sent flying. He bounced off several buildings, one of them being a certain magic shop before he hit the bell tower knocking him unconscious.

"He was certainly entertaining that was for sure" Lucy chuckled "However the idiot overdid it. He destroyed an entire port and fifteen houses."

"Aye," Happy replied.

That was when they heard somebody coming. They realized it was the army coming to investigate the scene and the damage.

“It seems the army is coming” Lucy sighed shaking her head

"Come on! We've got to get out of here!" Natsu said grabbing Lucy and running as fast as he could

"Let go of me you mongrel what do you think you’re doing?" Lucy demanded, sorely tempted to skewer Natsu. “Who gave you permission to touch me?”

"Just come on," Natsu insisted "You said you wanted to join the Fairy Tail guild, didn't you?"

"So let's go," Natsu said to her

Lucy sighed and calmed herself; she decided to just roll with it. Her past self was easily offended but his arrogance was ultimately his undoing and she had no desire meet an end because of it. So for the sake of trying to change she let her anger go.

The two of them and Happy bailed out of town going towards their next stop: The Fairy Tail Guild.


Over at the magic council known as ERA, they had recently received news of the damage caused by Fairy Tail in the port town of Hargeon.

"Those fools from Fairy Tail have gone and done it again. This time they've destroyed an entire port town."

"What is the matter with them?"

"I'm actually quite fond of those dimwits and their laissez faire attitude."

"They may behave like fools, but we mustn't also forget, they're an extremely capable lot."

"Yes, that's true. They present quite the quandary."

"I think we should leave them be. After all, if it wasn't for those fools, think how boring this world would be."


Natsu, Lucy and Happy arrived stopping in front of the Fairy Tail Guild.

"Welcome to Fairy Tail," Happy said.