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An Actor’s Alliterative Alphabet of Watson’s Woes

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A is for Arthur [Lowe], who was Destroyed by his Dimness ("The Strange Case of The End of Civilization As We Know It", 1977).

B is for [David] Burke, who was made Wretched at Reichenbach (Granada Holmes, 1980s).

C is for Colin [Blakely], who was Nibbled by Nessie ("The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes", 1970).

D is for Dudley [Moore], who was Dampened by a Dog ("The Hound of Baskervilles", 1978).

E is for Edward [Hardwicke], who Fainted in Fits (Granada Holmes, 1980s).

F is for [Martin] Freeman, who was Harried by Hobbits (“Sherlock” BBC TV, 2010).

G is for [Warburton] Gamble, who was Shot in the Shoulder ("A Study in Scarlet", 1933).

H is for Howard [Marion-Crawford], who was Beset in his Bath (Sheldon Reynolds TV series, 1954).

I is for Ian [Harte], who was Flattened by a Foot Fetishist ("Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking", 2004).

J is for Jude [Law], who was Groped by Groupies ("Sherlock Holmes", 2009).

K is for [Ben] Kingsley, who was Saddled with a Sot ("Without a Clue", 1988).

L is for LeVar [Burton], who was Asphyxiated by Antimatter (“Elementary, Dear Data,” Star Trek: The Next Generation, 1987).

M is for [James] Mason, who was Squeezed by a Squid ("Murder by Decree", 1979).

N is for Nigel [Bruce], who was made Irrelevant by Idiocy (Sherlock Holmes films, 1940s).

O is for [Reginald] Owen, who was Forgotten by Filmographers ("Sherlock Holmes", 1932).

P is for Patrick [Macnee], who was Undone by an Umbrella (“Incident at Victoria Falls,” 1992).

Q is for [David] Q. [Dawson], who was Captured by a Cat (“Great Mouse Detective,” 1986).

R is for Robert [Duvall], who was Flummoxed by Freud ("The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, 1976).

S is for [Athole] Stewart, who was Stung by a Snake ("The Speckled Band", 1931).

T is for Thorley [Walters] , Pecked by Pigeons in the Park (“ The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother,” 1975).

U is for LUcy LiU, who was Beset by Bees (“Elementary,” CBS, 2012).

V is for Vitaly [Solomin], who was Trampled by a Troika (Russian Holmes, 1980s).

W is for [Michael] Williams, whose Voice was Vanquished (BBC Radio Productions, 1980s).

X is for [Alan] CoX, who Choked on a Chouquette ("Young Sherlock Holmes", 1985).

Y is for [Roland] Young, who was Tied to a Track ("Sherlock Holmes", 1922).

Z is for HeinZ [Rühmann], who was Smothered in Sauerbraten ("Der Mann, der Sherlock Holmes war", 1937).


Now you've learned your A B C's,
So go to Netflix, if you please!