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Kurt Grimes

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Kurt Grimes Bio

Full Name: Kurt Elijah Grimes

Age: 19


  • Rick Grimes (Father)
  • Carl Grimes (Younger Half-brother) 
  • Judith Grimes (Younger Half-Sister) 
  • Lori Grimes (Step-Mother; deceased) 
  • Elizabeth Hummel (Mother; deceased)
  • Burt Hummel (Step-Father) 

Sexuality: Gay


  • Sam Evans (Boyfriend; in love with)
  • Blaine Anderson (Ex-Boyfriend)


  • Supply Runner for Alexandria
  • Former College Student


Kurt is Carl and Judith's older half-brother, and he is Rick and Elizabeth Hummel's son.

Rick and Elizabeth had a one night stand when they were 19, and Elizabeth then found out she was pregnant. She went to tell Rick but found out he had been engaged to Lori since they graduated high school, and he told her that it was just a fling, but hoped that he would get to see his future son or daughter.

Heartbroken that he was seeing another woman, she went to her friend's house, Burt. He was super supportive of her and along with her parents helped raise the baby, but she did let Rick see his Son, who she named Kurt Elijah Hummel. 

When he was growing up Kurt adored his mother, he thought that Burt was pretty cool for a step-dad. He did get to see his father on a regular basis though, and got to play with his little brother, Carl.

Sadly when Kurt was eight years old, Elizabeth Hummel died in a horrific car accident.

At first Kurt, was originally going to be taken to Rick, as he was his rightful father. But, Lori, Rick's wife, didn't want to have Kurt living with them as he was a constant reminder to her of Rick's betrayal. 

So, in that case, Burt was assigned as Kurt's legal gaudian and caretaker. Although high school, Kurt called and texted his father and his half-brother, telling them how life was in Ohio.

When Kurt realised he was Gay, he sat down with his phone and talked to his dad and told him he was Gay. Rick was okay with it, but sadly, Lori overhead them talking about it and didn't want Kurt coming to their house ever again, she didn't want Kurt to spread his 'gayness' to her son. 

But, Kurt and Rick still managed to keep in contact as often as they could. 

Now that the end of the world has happened Kurt is trapped in New York City with Santana, Rachel, Sam and Blaine. 

He is determined to find his family and be reunited once more. 

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I'M BACK!!! 

Sorry its been a long. 

It's been extremely hectic and busy these last two years, but I promise that I will update on a regular basis. 

Do NOT panic.