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Nathan was having a nightmare. He saw himself killing Charlotte. He woke up and panicked. Charlotte woke up and saw that Nathan was panting.
“Nathan, it’s alright.” Charlotte whispered. She grabbed Nathan’s hands. “Nathan, look at me.”
Nathan looked at Charlotte and then stopped panicking.
“It happened again.” Nathan panted.
“I know. Just go back to sleep” Charlotte shushed.
“I can’t.”
“Come here.”
So Nathan wrapped his arms around Charlotte. They laid down and covered themselves up. Nathan and Charlotte kissed passionately. When they pulled away, Victoria started crying. They sighed.
“I’ll go get her.” Nathan sighed. Nathan got up and went to get Victoria. He picked Victoria up and shushed her. “Calm down, Victoria.”
Victoria calmed down and went back to sleep. Nathan smiled at Victoria and kissed her forehead. Then he put her back in the cradle. He went back to bed. Charlotte comforted him and helped him fall asleep. When Nathan was asleep, Charlotte sighed. She went to sleep hoping that Nathan would be able to sleep peacefully. The next morning, they woke up hearing the rain pouring outside. Nathan got up and looked out the window.
“It’s raining heavily. I hope no one goes outside and no one has holes in their roofs.” Nathan sighed. He looked down in the cradle and saw that Victoria was awake. He picked her up and put her head on his shoulder.
“Was she awake?” Charlotte whispered as she walked over.
“Yes. The rain must have woken her up.”
Charlotte used her thumb and rubbed Victoria’s cheek. Victoria smiled at Charlotte.
“She’s smiling.” Charlotte said. Nathan moved Victoria and saw that Victoria was smiling. Nathan smiled back and kissed her forehead. Victoria grabbed his nose. Nathan and Charlotte smiled.
“Let’s get dressed and go downstairs.” Nathan answered.
“Ok. I need to feed her.”
Charlotte tried to get Victoria but Victoria didn’t let her. Charlotte sighed.“Come here, Victoria.” Charlotte sighed. Victoria hid her face in Nathan’s chest. Charlotte looked at Nathan.
“Victoria, your mother needs to feed you.” Nathan said. Victoria buried herself in Nathan’s chest.
“I’ll wait till she starts crying because she’s hungry. I just can’t believe that in 4 months, she’ll be 1 years old. I want another baby.”
“I know. Me too.”
“I’m going to go get dressed.”
Charlotte went to another room and got dressed. Nathan sat down and held Victoria who was smiling away.
“You need to let your mother feed you or you’ll be hungry.” Nathan sighed. Victoria cooed at Nathan. “Why do you have to be so adorable?”
Several minutes later, Charlotte came out. Nathan handed Victoria to Charlotte and then went to get dressed. Charlotte put Victoria and went to Nathan. Nathan didn’t have his shirt on. Charlotte rubbed his back.
“Are you feeling alright? I know that you’re exhausted and afraid. I want you to tell me how you feel.” Charlotte whispered.
“I just wish I could sleep for once since all the chaos happened. I haven’t slept all night in months and I can feel it drain me. I barely have the strength to get up in the morning. But the problem is, is that the more exhausted I get, the worse my nightmares and the more I have in one night.” Nathan explained.
“I know. I really wish you would be able to sleep. I wake up every morning and go to bed every night looking at you and seeing the dark circles under your eyes. I know that one day you’ll fall very ill and I don’t want that to happen.”
“I know but maybe it will help.”
“Let’s not think about it. It scares me.”
Nathan and Charlotte kissed passionately.Then they heard Victoria start crying.
“I’d better go get her and you’d better get dressed before you catch a cold.” Charlotte whispered. Then she left the room. Nathan finished getting dressed and went back to the other room where he saw Charlotte holding Victoria. They went downstairs and had breakfast. Victoria was being held by Nathan. She tried to eat Nathan’s breakfast.
“She’s growing up.” Nathan sighed.
“I know. I’ll go get her something to eat.” Charlotte answered. Charlotte went to the kitchen. Nathan ate his breakfast. When he was almost done, Charlotte came in with Victoria’s breakfast. She feed Victoria. Nathan finished his breakfast and went to the study to finish some paperwork. When Victoria and Charlotte were finished, they went to the study. Charlotte sat on the floor and played with Victoria. When Nathan was done working, he went to the two girls. Victoria smiled and cooed at Nathan.
“Hey, Victoria.” Nathan said. He picked Victoria up and kissed her cheek. Victoria laughed. They played with Victoria till it was dusk. Then there was a knock at the door.
“Who would be outside in this weather?” Charlotte asked.
“Let’s go see.” Nathan sighed. Charlotte held Victoria and they went to the door. Nathan opened the door.
“Please, I need help. Someone is after me. They’ll kill me.” The girl said.
“Charlotte, take her upstairs.”
“But her shoes? If someone is after her, they see the shoe prints in the house.” Charlotte wondered.
“I can take them off.” The girl suggested.
The girl took her shoes off and followed Charlotte upstairs. Nathan closed the door. A few minutes later, Charlotte came downstairs with Victoria. Nathan was looking out the window.
“I hid her in one of the guest rooms. She’ll be safe there.” Charlotte said.
“Good. I see some men coming. Let’s go to the study.” Nathan answered. SO they went to the study. Then someone knocked on the door. They went to the door and opened it. “Yes, what do you want?”
“Have you seen a girl with blonde hair? She’s wearing a white dress. She’s dirty and is pregnant.” The man asked.
“No. We haven’t. May I ask why you are searching for her?”
“She ran away. We’re trying to find her and take her back to London.”
“We’ll tell you if we see her but I’d doubt she’d come here. If she knows you are following her, she would hide in the woods.”
“Thank you, sire.”
Then men left. Nathan closed the door and sighed.
“Nathan, what are we going to do with her? What if they find out?” Charlotte questioned.
“They won’t but we can’t abandon her. She’s pregnant. They will most likely kill her and her baby.” Nathan replied.
“I know.”
“Let’s go make sure, she’s alright.”
SO they went upstairs. They went to one of the guest rooms and saw the girl near the window.
“Thank you for helping me.” The girl said.
“Your welcome. What’s your name?” Charlotte wondered.
“Isabelle. Isabelle Appleby.”
“How do you know?”
“Because I have a blanket with my name on it. It’s from my grandmother. It couldn’t have been from my mother.”
“Because she sold me into slavery when I was born.”
“Who’s your father?” Nathan asked.
“I don’t know. All I know is that my mother hates me while my father doesn’t even know that I exist.” Isabelle sighed.
“My name is Nathan Appleby. This is my wife, Charlotte and our daughter Victoria.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“I’ll go get you a dress to change into.” Charlotte said.
“Thank you, Charlotte.” Isabelle thanked. Charlotte left the room.
“DO you know the name of your mother?” Nathan questioned.
“Not really. I lived with a man in London who hated me and used me as a slave. He had a friend who cared for me. He made sure that I got an education. He said he knew my parents. He said that my mother’s name started with an O.”
“That was my first wife. She gave birth to a boy a couple years after we got married. She died giving birth to him. His name was Gabriel. He died several years ago.”
“I’m sorry. That would mean that you’re my father.”
“Yes. I’ll be right back.”
Nathan left the room and went to Olivia’s old room. He looked in a crate of stuff. He pulled out a letter addressed to him. He opened it

Dear Nathan,
You will most likely hate me for this but I did it for a reason. You have a daughter named Isabelle. I sold her as a slave because she wasn’t a boy. I know you wanted a child but to me, it had to be a boy or else it wasn’t worth living. Your mother knew but I told her that I lost the baby. No one knows the truth. I will take it to my grave. The only way you’d be reading this is if I’m dead. If you find her, let her suffer and die. She’s not worth loving.
Love, Olivia

“How would you know, Olivia?” Nathan sighed.