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Buffy had said all her good byes but one and stood now in the graveyard, alone, waiting for the portal that would take her home to open.  It was almost dawn and an icy wind chilled her.  She took a deep breath of the apple crisp air and released it slowly.  Everything was back to normal, except for the fact that in this dimension, not only was she dead but Willow was now as well.  She sighed. 


Angel watched Buffy, as she stood alone in the graveyard waiting for the portal to open to take her home.  He immerged from behind a crypt and slid his arms around her waist.

                ‘How are you?’ She asked softly.

                ‘Better,’ he replied as she melted in his arms, forgetting the past briefly. 

                ‘Good,’ she replied.  She turned in his arms to face him and placed her arms around him, resting her head on his chest.  ‘I’m glad I helped.’  Angel smiled.  They stood in silence for a minute then Buffy mustered up the courage to ask the question that she had been unable to ask since she had got there, but before the words came Angel spoke.

                ‘You want to know how you died in this dimension,’ he said simply.  She nodded.  He sighed, ‘you know you won’t remember once you cross back into your dimension anyway don’t you?’

                ‘I know.’

                ‘Still want me to tell you?’  She looked up into his dark eyes.  She shook her head and then replaced it back on his chest.  He rested his head on hers and they stood like that, holding each other until the portal opened a minute before the sun would rise. 


In the distance a black bird watched from the shadows.  Snuggled against the crook of her arm, his tiny amber eyes closed in sleep; a wolf pup lay.


Rest in Peace Umbra.


Welcome little Hope.