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Cherry Meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Cherry and Atticus were inside one day as it was snowing endlessly and looked rather dull outside.

"Back to school next week..." Cherry sighed as their Christmas vacation was over and now the slow and long part of the school year would start.

"Yeah..." Atticus agreed dully.

Cherry and Atticus groaned as they looked bored out of their minds.

"Must find way to keep self from dying from boredom." Patch said dramatically.

Atticus chuckled.

Cherry fell flat on her back and folded her arms. "I'm ready for the afterlife..."

"Drell, please come and tell us that we have a mission!" Mo begged.

Cherry and Atticus groaned from boredom.

"That's it, I'm going over there!" Cherry climbed up the stairs to personally see Drell, not caring about what the consequences would be, especially since he enjoyed tormenting her.

"I'm coming with." Atticus said.

Mo and Patch waited behind. Cherry slammed the door open and wlked with Atticus and the door shut behind them which summoned the thunder and lightning.

"I wonder how it'll go?" Patch said.

"I'm sure it'll be fine with Atticus there." Mo soothed as she pet the puppy.

"So bored..." Patch sighed as he stared out at the very dull winter day outside.

Atticus and Cherry soon arrive at Drell's office. The secretary greeted them, but then noticed they were going past her desk and she ran to the office door and leaned on it.

"Come on, Margie, let us in." Atticus said.

"I can't let anyone in the office unless they have a scheduled appointment." Margie folded her arms at them as she prevented them from going to see the warlock in person.

"Either get out of our way or else we'll have to move you out of our way ourselves." Cherry said.

Margie glared.

"Atticus, if you would?" Cherry smirked.

Atticus soon grabbed Margie and tied her up on to a magic proof pole that he created.

"Let me out!" Margie demanded.

Atticus and Cherry ignored her and barged into the office.

Drell looked up. "Ah, Atticus, Cherry, what a surprise."

"Your secretary wouldn't let us in." Atticus said.

"Oh, she wouldn't, would she?" Drell looked angry at that. "Well maybe I should see her before she goes home tonight."

"I left her tied up on a magic proof pole." Atticus said.

Drell then made a note of that.

"Drell, it's boring at home..." Cherry sighed. "There's nowhere to go, there's nothing to do, we're absolutely bored to death until school starts next week."

Atticus nodded in agreement.

"Oh, you guys are bored to tears..." Drell frowned.

"Please tell us that there is a mission for us." Atticus said.

Drell hummed. "Well... You have all been so good lately and since this is a very dull, dull winter, how about we travel instead?"

"Travel?" Cherry asked.

"I'll take you all on a nice vacation to Paris," Drell smiled. "When Hilda and I were younger, there used to be the Feast of Fools every January 6th when we weren't visiting Adam."

"That sounds perfect." Atticus said.

"Will it be snowy?" Cherry asked. "All this winter is depressing me."

"But Cherry, you like being depressed." Atticus reminded.

"That's not the point," Cherry narrowed her eyes. "I'm dying of boredom over here."

"Don't worry, there won't be any snow." Drell said.

"Score." Cherry smirked, hating the winter for a change when she normally didn't mind because it gave her an excuse to stay inside, but the cabin fever often got to her if it was too much even for her.

"Give me about an hour," Drell told them. "Go back to where you were and I'll take you back in time to have fun."

"Great." Atticus smiled.

Drell roughly patted them both on the heads. "Now, get outta here, you scamps."

Atticus and Cherry soon went back to where they were.

"So, when are we going?" Mo asked excitedly.

"Whenever Drell's ready which could be forever..." Cherry replied.

"Oh, come on!" Patch groaned.

"I know..." Cherry said.

Mo banged her head against the wall. "This winter is NEVER going to end!"

"Oh, Mo, don't say that, of course it will..." Atticus soothed.

"When?!" Mo exclaimed.

"Mo, please calm down..." Atticus tried to relax her.

"This winter has been going on too long!" Mo sounded hysterical. "I'm sick of snow! Everyday, it's snow, snow, snow! HOW ABOUT A LITTLE SUN FOR ONCE, IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK, IS IT?!"

Atticus soon splashed her with water to calm her down. Mo blinked.

Atticus smiled nervously. "Better?"

"Much better." Mo nodded.

Atticus smiled and then hugged her.

"I really hate winter though..." Mo pouted. "I prefer Spring."

After a while, Drell finally appeared.

"Drell, I never thought I'd say this, but I'm so happy to see you!" Cherry ran to the warlock and kissed his feet.

"Wow." Drell said.

Cherry continued.

Drell smiled, then kicked her in her stomach which flung her back. "Okay, who wants to go to the Feast of Fools?"

"We do!" the four cheered.

"Come on!" Drell took out his wand.

"Lead the way." Atticus said.

Drell then kept his wand secure as he took them into the closet and brought them into a different part of the Other Realm.

"Where are we?" Patch asked.

"The Timestream." Drell replied as there were doors of every century.

"Timestream?" Patch asked.

"This is where all the times in the world come together..." Drell said as he came in front of one door to open it to show a group of dinosaurs with cave people. "Such as the Stone Age."

"So, which one are we going to?" Mo asked.

"Right this way." Drell said as he led them the 15th century.

"Ooh." Patch smiled.

Drell put his hand on the doorknob.

"So, there's no snow here?" Mo asked.

"Not this year." Drell nodded.

"That's a relief." Mo smiled.

Drell then opened the door which made a bright light cast over them.

The four flinched from the bright light as they were given appropriate clothes for the time period and they were in the year 1428. They were in front of Notre Dame Cathedral as the bells were being rung in the morning.

"Maybe we should go to where the bells are." Mo said.

"What about the festival?" Patch pouted.

"We'll worry about that later, I've always wanted to visit Notre Dame." Mo smiled before dashing off.

"Mo, get back here!" Atticus went after his girlfriend as Patch and Cherry then followed.

"They have plenty of time to get to the festival." Drell said.

A younger Hilda was walking with an old friend, Belle. "So, read anything good lately?"

"I'm in the middle of this book where there's a beanstalk and an ogre and this boy who trades his cow for the beans, but they're actually magic," Belle explained. "Hilda, do you believe in magic?"

"Oh, I believe it has to be seen to be believed..." Hilda chuckled shyly.

This certain voice seemed to stop Atticus, Mo, Cherry, and Patch in their tracks.

"Are you coming to the festival?" Hilda asked Belle.

"I'll have to see what's going on with my father first..." Belle replied. "I'll see you around."

"See you, Belle." Hilda smiled and waved.

"Was that Belle?" Mo asked.

"It couldn't be..." Cherry replied. "...Could it?"

"I guess this was before she met the Beast." Patch guessed.

The others nodded as Belle seemed to be the isolated bookworm in town like she was before they all went to the castle to switch places with Maurice to save his life.

Hilda giggled as she then went off to visit the festival. They simply shrugged before going to where the bells were.