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She hears the radio 

"Shots fired: officer down..."

Her foot stops shaking, her breathing gets shallower

the address

the address where the vigilante killer is

the case serious and serial are on

where DS Ripley and DCI Luther would be

She runs, grabs her coat

hands fumbling, trying to find her keys in the dark

hands fumbling, trying to start the car

pulling up, police tape, big crowd, blue lights

she flashes her badge

chokes and stumbles as she sees him

sees the white sheet covering

sees the trail of the blood

the path the shotgun pellets took

after they travelled

through him

she catches John's eye, walks over

he stands up

with this look


apologetic look in his eyes

his tear-filled red eyes

two paces and she's enveloped

wool fibres tearing at her face

and she turns her head into his chest

and doesn't hear the difference

from his sobs

and her own.