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What Is Right Is Not Always What Is Popular

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It was well into the evening before Steve saw Tony again. All of the Avengers were gathered in the living room watching a movie. Pepper had decided to join them, as she had already been at the tower to visit Steve (to gossip about Tony, but nobody needed to know that), and was sitting next to Natasha on one of the loveseats. Bruce rested slightly against Clint's shoulder on the other loveseat, while Thor and Steve sat at opposite ends of the large sofa in the center. They were watching The Wizard of Oz , partially for nostalgia and partially so everyone who wasn't Steve could laugh at the bad effects.

Tony stretched as he entered, looking far more well-rested than he had that morning.

“It's about time you woke up,” Pepper said as he walked in. Steve turned as she spoke and looked at Tony, offering him a small smile. Tony smiled back at Steve, ignoring Pepper's comment as he settled himself comfortably between Steve and Thor.

The Wizard of Oz? Seriously?” Tony asked as he finally gave the TV his attention.

Steve made a face that was most definitely not a pout, grown men do not pout, thank you very much, “I like this movie.”

“I seem to remember that coming up before,” Tony fought back a chuckle as he relaxed back into the couch to watch. Steve rolled his eyes, then turned back to the TV.

It took Steve a moment to realize that Tony was sitting quite close to him. Closer than usual. He flushed lightly at this realization, looking around to see if anyone else had noticed. They seemed not to have, to his relief. Or so he thought, until Tony stretched and rested his arm on the back of the couch behind Steve and Clint called out, “Jesus, Stark, could you get any more cliché?”

Tony simply flipped Clint the bird and moved the arm closer to Steve's shoulders. Clint returned the gesture lazily as he turned away.

Steve looked at the floor, “So, does this mean you've made a decision, or...”

Tony smirked at him, “What do you think?” He asked as he pulled Steve against him.


Steve blinked as he came out of his light slumber, looking around. It seemed everyone had fallen asleep at some point. Clint and Bruce were slouched against each other, and Pepper had somehow ended up with her head in Natasha's lap. Steve lifted his head a bit reluctantly from its comfortable place on Tony's shoulder.

Tony shifted his gaze from his tablet to Steve as he stirred, “Morning, Sleeping Beauty,” He said, ruffling Steve's disheveled hair. Steve frowned and batted Tony's hand away.

“Mm. What time is it?” Steve asked through a yawn.

“Just before one AM,” Tony answered, going back to messing around with data on his tablet.

Steve mumbled in response, then rested his head back on Tony's shoulder and closed his eyes.

Tony glanced at him, “You should go to bed.”

Steve shook his head, “Comfortable here.” Tony chuckled under his breath and tightened his arm around Steve's shoulders, “I swear you remind me of a puppy sometimes.”

“I'll take that as a compliment,” Steve replied lazily, “Surprised you didn't fall asleep. You didn't seem thrilled with tonight's movie choice.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “I slept all day, Cap. I probably couldn't fall asleep now if I tried.” Steve shrugged and made himself comfortable against Tony, already starting to drift back to sleep.


Tony was still there when Steve woke up, talking to Pepper. They turned to him as he sat up and stretched, both giving him a kind “good morning,” to which Steve mumbled a response, before going back to their conversation. They were talking over Stark Industries business, which bored Steve, so he stood up and headed for the kitchen.

Natasha and Clint were in the kitchen bickering over something, Steve wasn't sure what and didn't exactly care to know. Natasha gave Steve a faint knowing smile when he entered. Clint turned to Steve, “Oh, hey Cap. There's coffee in the pot if you're interested,” He said quickly before turning back to his argument. Steve smiled and headed over to the coffee machine to fix two mugs of coffee, then headed back out to the living room.

He sat back down on the sofa and held one of the mugs out to Tony, who took it eagerly, “Steve, you are a saint,” and took a large sip, “Pepper wouldn't let me move until I finished this damn paperwork.”

Pepper sighed, “I was trying to motivate him to work faster by denying him his coffee,” she said in a mock-irritated voice. Steve chuckled, “Sorry, Pepper.”

Tony grinned deviously, “Maybe you can convince Steve to motivate me another way.” Steve nearly spit out his coffee at that, turning to stare at Tony as Pepper bit back a laugh. Tony smirked back at him.

“Alright, Tony, stop flirting and get to work. You're almost done,” Pepper ordered, pushing another paper toward Tony. Tony groaned and took it, “Not my fault you can't motivate me like that yourself anymore.”

Steve and Pepper both got horrified looks on their faces. Tony blinked, “Okay, yeah, that came out worse than I meant it to,” he admitted. Pepper frowned, “Yeah. So, back on track then.”


Steve glanced up from the book he was reading as someone knocked on his door, “Who is it?”

“It's me,” Tony replied through the wood. Steve shut his book and called back, “Come in.”

Tony stepped inside and shut the door behind him, “Okay, what I said back there was not cool and I didn't mean it and I'm sorry.”

“Tony, I''m not worried about it. I know your mouth doesn't have a filter,” Steve teased, “Did she seriously use that to motivate you though?”

“Yes. She can be a manipulative bitch when she wants to be,” Tony said with a grin. He walked over and made himself comfortable on Steve's bed. Steve raised an eyebrow at him, but didn't say anything.

“So what did you come in here for anyway?” He asked instead, setting aside his book and moving to sit next to Tony on the bed.

“To make sure you weren't pissed at me,” Tony said with a shrug, “And to find out how I could make it up to you if you were.”

“So, are we... Dating, then?” Steve asked quietly, looking at Tony from the corner of his eye. Tony looked back at him for a moment, then sat up, moving closer to Steve, “Do you want to be?”

Steve nodded, “Y-yeah. I would like that.” Tony's brows furrowed. “What?” Steve asked.

“You know I'm shit at relationships, right?” Tony looked straight into Steve's eyes.

“And I've never been in one that's lasted more than a few days,” Steve countered, “I think we could manage to figure it out.”

Tony seemed to be somewhat comforted by that answer. He responded by leaning forward and kissing Steve soundly. Steve sighed into the kiss, his arms winding around Tony's shoulders. They stayed like that for a long moment, their lips moving together in slow, languid kisses. Steve's mind was hazy, unable to process that this was finally, really happening.

They broke apart, Tony smiling as he leaned his forehead against Steve's. Steve smiled back, his face flushed a light pink.

“Yeah, I think we can make this work.”