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Life and Lies of the ROR frat house

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Randall wandered the streets of the campus aimlessly, mind a mess and in a mild state of shock with he what had done, well, more like he just couldn’t believe he really stood up to Johnny. It was the first time he really stood up for himself, at first he felt a rush of adrenaline but when Johnny turned violent his responses went into flight mode, which was how he found himself wandering the campus. Spying a bench he sat down to collect his thoughts when he felt that peculiar sensation of being watched, it sent an itching sensation down his spine and then he spotted them. A couple of the PNK girls were looking in his direction and giggling. Well that’s odd? I mean I’m still invisible right? Looking down he saw in fact that he was not invisible at all but changing colours rather rapidly. His colour changing abilities must have changed with his mood without him noticing. How embarrassing!

He adjusted himself quickly and waited for the girls to pass by. He wondered what the guys were doing back at the house and whether or not their leader had cooled off yet, which he knew was very unlikely, he dreaded going back there now, he would have to eventually of course but Randall knew he was going to be in for an awkward situation when he did, like that time the guys found his pot brownie stash his first night in the house. Randall was surprised with how well they took it when they came down from their high, thinking he would be in for a scolding but it never came. Actually it probably benefitted him as the whole incident acted as the perfect ice breaker for his joining the ROR’s. This incident would be entirely different though, Randall could foresee no way how this would benefit him. Causing a rift between himself and his frat leader? What was I thinking? Ugh!

Location Johnny’s room 00.55 am

Johnny Worthington felt like an ass. Not that he’d ever admit that of course, his pride wouldn’t allow it. Even so he felt a bite of regret with the way he had acted. Randall’s words had struck a chord in him and he blew up because he knew he couldn’t argue back. And in an embarrassing display, almost destroyed the house. The guys didn’t deserve to deal with that or the mess he’d caused, it was so Un-Worthington the way he had acted and he felt ashamed (again not like he’d totally admit that or anything) but even worse was the way he had treated Randy.

The purple lizard was something of an odd topic for the indigo monster. In his first semester he appeared to him as a glasses wearing nerd, the kind of guy he would wail on because he found it amusing. But then he displayed his potential in scaring 101 and he looked at the guy in an entirely new light; and that ability of his! It was pretty damn cool and he needed that kind of talent in his fraternity, he knew it. Or at least that was what he told himself; it was partially true but Johnny really wanted to observe this strange monster and get to know him. Randall was an enigma, he became a ROR and was still an enigma. Now he had revealed a whole new side to him with this fiasco and the layers of mystery kept peeling back. Johnny couldn’t categorise him and that’s what frustrated him so. His life was structured pretty good. He was the top scarer of the top fraternity. He was popular, good looking and always threw the best parties. Now he accepted Randall into his life and he was and is an anomaly. Different. Doesn’t fit the pattern. It wasn’t right.

But he would make it right.

He hated to even think it but maybe just maybe he could possibly apologise to the little lizard. Just a teensy sorry to dispel whatever happened tonight and then never look back on it. After all he was the ROR’s leader. If he didn’t resolve issues within his house that wouldn’t really reflect well on him at all. Can’t let down his Worthington name after all.

A light tapping sounded on his bedroom door, letting out a huff he called for whoever it was to come in. Chet hastily entered the room looking a little uneasy.

“Uh hey Johnny, can I talk to you pal?”

“Sure, take a seat.”

Chet scuttled over and sat on the edge of his bed. “Uh, don’t get angry dude but I think it would be totally rad if maybe you kinda said sorry to Randy.” He then rushed into his explanation before Johnny could say anything. “I just mean, it’s cool to have spats and all but as a group this will probably be … uh, bad.”

“Chet, has anyone ever told you that you have such a way with words?”

“Hey thanks man.”

“I was actually joking there fella.”

“Oh, ok.” Chet’s face clearly showed his confusion. He was so sure that Johnny would be taking this the wrong way and yet the guy seemed calm, like his Worthington mask had slipped back into place and the angry Johnny spell didn’t happen. He was making light banter like it was nothing. “You ok dude? You’re taking my suggestion surprisingly well? Well it was Javier’s idea really but don’t tell him I said that.”

Johnny bit back a chuckle, Chet really knew how to cheer a guy up, he had the best case of foot in mouth syndrome he had ever seen on a monster. Johnny wondered what it would be like to say his thoughts as they came to him without having to think first. The simpleness of it all seemed refreshing to him at that particular moment, but then he realised he was staring and quickly spoke up.

“Look Chet, I’ve been thinking about it too and as our leader I need to set a good example right? So I’ll make up with Boggs in the morning and we can put this whole ordeal behind us.”

The crab-like monster blinked a couple times, processing what his best friend just said. He wasn’t mad, he agreed to apologise. … what was going on?