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love is four walls

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Sasha avoids looking at the marks. They’re on her foot, so they’re easier to ignore than if they were on her hands, staring her in the face every day, but there are three of them, and she doesn’t like thinking about that.

It’s unheard of. She tells herself that it means there are three people dying to meet her and get to know her. At the same time, though, it’s three people who might one day see her vulnerable, and that’s frightening.

And what if they’ve found each other? What if they’ve found each other, and they’ve decided they don’t need her, that they can’t be bothered to look? She doesn’t want them, of course not, but she doesn’t want them to be without her.



Bayley’s never known anyone else who has three marks before. Three! That’s so many people to share your deepest thoughts – the innermost parts of yourself – with. So many people to get to know inside and out. Three different faces and bodies and voices and laughs and souls to memorise. If she gets to meet even just one of the people her soul is bonded to, she knows she’ll be lucky. She isn’t looking, because it’s got to happen, got to be something spontaneous and special.

And it will be. It will be hard and it will be complicated and it will be a little messy – it would have to be, with four people and all – but it will be perfect. She’ll make sure of it.



Charlotte really doesn’t see why people bother with something as insignificant and fanciful as soulmates. She can get by just fine – much more than just fine – on her own, thank you very much, and she is. She isn’t just a part, a piece of a puzzle, a cog in a machine, can’t be combined with anything else to make something more. She isn’t one half of a whole, or a third of one, either, and she certainly isn’t just a mere quarter. The three marks on the inside of her right ankle would have just about anyone else thinking differently, but not her, never her. Let them find each other, whoever they are, the three of them.

She is more than enough as she is.



Becky catches herself idly tracing over her marks whenever she’s barefoot.

It’s abnormal, she knows, having more than one. Especially having three. She’s met one person with two marks before, confided in them about hers, and even they thought it was strange.

Still – three people means there’s more chance that at least one of them won’t hurt her. Or more people who could hurt her, but she’s trying to look on the brighter side of things.

The brighter side of things means getting away from here. Why would a soulmate – soulmates – be just around the corner, anyway? She isn’t necessarily looking, but she doesn’t think she’ll find them at home.

Becky boards a plane to take her across the Atlantic, and she doesn’t look back.