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It's the Little Things

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“Are you sure this looks good?” Sawamura groaned, tugging at the shirt he had just pulled on, his eyes narrowing at his outfit, waiting for his friend to reply.

"Yes, Eijun-kun. You look great in it.” Haruichi said from the bed, where he sat next to a pile of clothing that Sawamura had deemed unwearable for his date. Sawamura frowned, staring at his reflection in the mirror that hung on his wall. He wanted this night to be perfect; it had to be. It was their first real date that they got to go off campus for. The baseball season had been busy, and they had agreed before starting their relationship that baseball would come before dates and the like. Today was the first day they had off since it all started two months ago.

After trying on a few more shirts, Sawamura settled on the original choice he had made, a red and black flannel-like shirt over a black form fitting t-shirt. Grinning at his appearance, he thanked Haruichi boisterously and ran to where they were supposed to meet for their date.

As he approached the front gates, he could see his dates. Miyuki was leaning against the pillar, laughing at Kuramochi, who was pointing a finger at him. Sawamura grinned and sped up, feeling a bit bad he was the last to arrive, but he was glad he did. Miyuki and Kuramochi looked amazing, not that they didn’t always look good to Sawamura. He normally only saw them in school and baseball uniforms or workout clothes though. Tonight however, they both looked absolutely stunning, which probably meant that Kuramochi had told Miyuki what to wear, because they all knew how bad Miyuki’s fashion sense could be. Kuramochi had on a black jacket over one of his favorite t-shirts and Miyuki was wearing a red form fitting v-neck baseball shirt.

As he got closer to them, they both turned and watched him as he came to stop in front of them.

"It’s about time Mura,” Kuramochi grinned, “we thought you’d forgotten about us.”

“I’d never forget something this important!” Sawamura gaped, feeling bad for making them think that.

“Hey now, don’t make him freak out before our date.” Miyuki chuckled, reaching out a hand to pull Sawamura into a hug, causing the younger to blush a bit, and Kuramochi to cackle. “We better go or we’ll miss the movie.” Kuramochi said, looking at his phone. Agreeing, they all set off for the movie theatre, making small talk along the way.

The movie had been amazing, even with Sawamura freaking out a bit when they got there about who would sit where. Miyuki had calmed him though and pushed him into the middle, stating that it didn’t really matter and if he was so worried about it, he should be in the middle. The movie was a comedy that Kuramochi had expressed interest in when the trailers first came out. It was downright hilarious, and had all of them in stitches by the end.

“Oh my God, did you see the way her face looked when the door fell down?!” Kuramochi cackled, holding his gut as he laughed.

“My favorite part was when the cake exploded!” Sawamura laughed breathlessly. “What was your favorite Kaz?” Kuramochi asked, throwing an arm around Miyuki’s shoulders.

“Probably when you both fell out of your seats laughing when the police showed up.” Miyuki replied, chuckling at them both. Sawamura and Kuramochi started laughing again as they made their way to a ramen shop Miyuki knew was good and cheap.

They ate their fill, which was a lot considering they normally had to eat three bowls of rice and their actual dinner. Then they started their walk back to campus, grinning and talking about anything.

“I am sorry I was late today.” Sawamura said suddenly, chewing on his lip. Miyuki frowned and looked over at Kuramochi.

“You know I was joking earlier, we knew you hadn’t forgotten.” Kuramochi said, throwing an arm around the younger boy.

“I know, but I wanted to look good, because you two always look good, and that’s what took me so long.” came a mumbled reply, causing Kuramochi to pull Sawamura to a halt and off the sidewalk, with Miyuki following.

“You do look good Sawamura, and you always do too. Not that it really matters, we like you for who you are, not what you look like.” Miyuki said staring at Sawamura with a look in his eyes that the younger couldn’t quite place.

Sawamura hadn’t always felt like this, but lately people had been talking about how the two older boys were way out of his league, and he had to sort of agree. They were amazing baseball players, and they were both very good looking. And while Sawamura could try to match up with them in baseball, he couldn’t do much about his looks.

A kick on the butt brought him out of the reverie and back to the present. “You idiot, you’re so transparent sometimes, you know that?” Kuramochi groused, “We all agreed to be in this relationship, and we’re all here still. Kaz and I like you for you. You’re an amazing person, and you bring so much energy to the people around you. We’re just as lucky to have you as you are to have us. And anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they’re talking about.”

Sawamura couldn’t help the grin that popped onto his face at those words, Kuramochi was right. He didn’t know how it all happened, but they both had said yes just like he had. And things were pretty amazing with them both.

“Aww, Mochi actually does have a heart.” Miyuki chuckled, before jumping away and dashing off to avoid being pulled into a choke hold by the other boy, who quickly followed him, shouting the entire time. Sawamura laughed and grinned, chasing after them, feeling entirely better about himself and their relationship. Kuramochi was right, they had all said yes, and they were all still here, together. And that was all that mattered right now.


Miyuki hit the ground with his fist, laughing as Kuramochi pulled on his legs harder, holding him in the wrestling move. Sawamura was not too far away from them, laughing so hard he was hunched over and holding his gut, causing the two older boys to grin at one another. Things didn’t feel right when their sunshine boy wasn’t his happy self.