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Stay on the Payload: An Overwatch Ficlet Collection

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“Come over here and make me.“

Angela’s jaw dropped. She might have expected the reply from someone who was perhaps under ten. Nineteen was far too old for such sass.

“Hana you will come over here this instant and take this shot and this medication and these vitamins.” She could see that she had backup she could call upon if the reluctant teenager continued to be willful.

The teenager rolled her eyes. “I got a stream to do, Doc.”

Angela bowed her head. “Then so be it.”

Hana smirked and turned away, surprised when she ran into a wall of cyborg. She looked up in surprise. “Genji?”

“Hello, Hana.” He tossed her over his shoulder and began walking towards the room where Angela had set up the impromptu clinic.

“Traitor!” Hana said, pounding her fists ineffectively against Genji’s back.

“Thank you, Genji,” Angela said, smiling. “On the bed please.”

“Of course, Doctor Ziegler,” he replied, the warmth in his voice making her blush like a girl Hana’s age instead of her own.

The teenager in question appeared to be pouting on the bed, her arms crossed as she angrily snapped at her gum.

“Do you require anything else?” Genji asked.

“Ah, no. Thank you. Uhm. If you wait a moment I can check if you too are caught up in maintenance?” She placed a hand lightly on his arm as he turned to leave.

“Then I shall await you here,” he said, covering her hand with his own. He took up a spot leaning against one of the other beds they’d wheeled in.

“Heh,” Hana said.

Angela looked up from the pair of sterile gloves she was putting on. “Hm?”

Hana grinned. “I ship it.”