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Last Chance

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Yay, my posting day for the inaugral j2_reversebang has arrived! My prompt was claimed by the lovely amypond45, who wrote this engaging story - click on the banner to go read it on LJ! AO3 link here.
Last chance banner-1 b&W
I did two versions of this banner, this blue one was the first, then I thought I'd try inverting it, and we both liked that one better.
Last chance banner-1 600
This is the original prompt that sparked off the story
I just fancied the idea of Jared being in some straightened circumstances, and Jensen being his (possibly less than competent) guardian angel - plus it was an excuse to have both of them nearly naked, so...

I did one more piece for the story, because this pool scene conjured up such lovely images. I'm not sure I did it justice, but I like the overall effect. Again I ended up with two versions with different colour schemes because I couldn't decide which I liked best.
This is the red/sunset one
Last chance pool scene-2.1
And this is the blue one
Last chance pool scene-1.1

The process part!

Starting with the last one, the pool scene. I created the abstract-Hockney-esque water in Affinity Designer, which I just bought. This was my first use of it and I'm not sure what I'm doing, but it looked ok enough to use. The rest of the pic was created in PS6.
This is the drawing of the boys, using photo refs of Jensen and Jared, and photo I found of two people kissing. Jared's body's come out too squished and I'm less than happy with his face, but overall it was passable.
water experiment-2 prog
The pool tiles are from a photo I found on the web. I used PS filters on the photo to create that painterly effect, and I changed the angle a lot (as you can see from the orignal photo below).
Here's the background in blue and then in red, so you can see how I put my Affinity water together with the photoshopped tiles.
water experiment-2blue
water experiment-2
For the prompt pic, I used a statue of an angel as the pose reference for Jensen, a photo of some random sleeping nude for the guy on the bed, and one of the Brazil beach photos for Jared's body; slimmed down as this Jared is younger.
Here's an irritating animation to show the pic taking shape. LOL!
 photo Last_chance_J2_RBB.gif

Some of the reference photos I used (including NSFW peen pic):
pool tiles (101)
Naked dude - beware penis!
naked man asleep