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Broken Bones

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Yuri and Otabek were happy. They probably shouldn't have been out so late, not in that area at least. But god, they were happy. So they stayed and talked for hours on end. Catching up on missed moments with each other. Making up for lost time. The streets were empty by the time they left the restaurant. They should’ve taken the subway, but they were happy. And people who are happy are fools.

Yuri and Otabek were walking down the sidewalk, Otabek's arm slung around the smaller ice-skater. He looked down fondly at the younger boy. Otabek said something, causing Yuri to laugh. The watching eyes went unnoticed by the happy couple.

“Look at them,” Someone sneered. “Disgusting. What's he doing with him?”

Yuri's temper began to flare, and he began to push himself away from Otabek so he could go over there and give them a piece of his mind.

“Its okay.” Otabek said. “I’ve been called worse.” Yuri frowned, his face scrunching up.

They turned left. Taking a shortcut to Yuri’s apartment. The alleyway was mostly empty, save for a lone man, who was leaning against the wall and smoking a cigarette. As they approached him, he stepped in front of them.

He dropped the cigarette he was holding and stepped on it. His foot ground the ashes onto the pavement.

“Hey.” He said, his voice raspy. “What's a pretty boy like you doing with a guy like him? He sneered. There was some unkind intent hidden within his eyes.

“Fuck off.” Yuri snarled. The guy grinned, all teeth. He clicked his tongue disapprovingly and stepped closer to them. Otabek stepped forward, releasing Yuri and putting himself between the two.

“Look, we don’t want any trouble. Just let us pass through.” Otabek said evenly.

“Sorry. I can’t do that.” The man flicked open a switch blade. Otabek backed away from him, only to run into another guy, who was a had a lot more muscle than the previous ones.

Buff-guy grinned and cracked his knuckles. “Don’t worry. We’ll take good care of your little boyfriend over there while we have a little chat.”

Otabek glanced back towards where Yuri had been standing, only to see that he was pinned against a third man who had a blade against his neck. The man pulled his hair harshly, exposing his neck even more. Something inside Otabek stirred, urging him to act.

He swung at the buff guy. Big mistake. Immediately both men pounced on him, not holding back any longer. Punches and kicks rained down on him. Dimly in the background he could hear Yuri yelling his name. He reached in the direction where Yuri was, only to have one of them kick his head, causing stars to explode before his eyes. His world spun, as he weakly tried to crawl away from his attackers.

He curled up hoping to minimize any damage done. Otabek prayed that Yuri would be okay. Cautiously, he glanced to where the man holding Yuri had been.

... Except they weren’t there anymore. Alarmed, Otabek searched between the legs of his attackers to see where they could of possibly gone. He was quick enough to catch sight of the man dragging Yuri around the corner.

The thought of what could happen fueled him as he lashed out grabbing one of the men’s feet. He fell down, momentarily stunned, and giving Otabek the opportunity he needed to stand. He quickly stood, and raised his arms, still wary of the smaller man who held the switchblade. All three men were wary, and ready to fight. Otabek threw the first punch.