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Our Little Omega

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“Harder baby harder. Right there….yeah...just like that my alpha….fuck Gabe….it feels so good….shit baby...Jack please don’t stop I need it.” My words only spurring the men on.

It earns me duel growls of lust as there thrusting speeds up. Jack behind me stretching my hole so wonderfully. Gabe in front of me filling up around my walls so good, all I feel is bliss. As we all reach our peak together each men bite over the mating marks they made long ago making me scream their names loudly. They just press their bodies closer and hold me tightly as they pulse inside me. Once our bodies have calmed down we fall asleep just like that.

Month’s pass and as my tummy grows so does the protectiveness of the guys. It’s almost smothering, but honestly it’s cute too. They want this baby so much. We still don’t know if it’s a boy or girl and we don’t care. We just want the baby to be healthy. Jack is afraid the baby will be a omega. Making him or her a easier target. I would be lying if I said I didn’t share the same fear, but I didn’t wanna freak myself out needlessly. Besides I turned out just fine.

“So what if the baby is a omega? Alice is a omega, is there something wrong with her?” Gabe’s voice getting higher as him and Jack argue for what feels like the third time today alone.

“Of course not!” Jack’s voice even higher.

They don’t argue much anymore, but when they do it almost always ends with them throwing fist at each other, which then turns into fucking wherever they are. And it always just makes me roll my eyes fondly. I swear sometimes they are as bad a rabbits. I’ve lost count of how many times I have caught them in the act. On the kitchen floor, on the kitchen table, out in the garden, the list just goes on and on. Half the time I get dragged down with them and boy it’s so, so good.

By month nine I’m so ready to have the baby. Walking helps thankfully. Today however I find myself in our garden which has grown to a good size now thanks to Jack. Making our trips into town even more spread out. As I pick some corn for dinner I hum to myself and the baby. Jack not to far away picking his own vegetables while Gabe starts dinner inside.

Jack’s relaxing and content scent relaxing me while I work. It had been a fight to allow me to help. They didn’t want me doing anything even remotely taxing, but I got my way in the end. Dam men can’t boss me around all the time as much as they like too. I know my own limits. I know it comes from a place of love so I don’t get mad at them for it. Mostly. Besides doing this gets my mind off of the fact that Gabe is going to be the one delivering the baby. I hope he’s ready for it.

Am I ready for it? Not that I don’t trust Gabe, but his medical knowledge never covered bringing a baby into the world. Not that he hasn’t taken it all very seriously. I lost count of how many books we have on babies now. I’m over thinking this. It’s all gonna go fine.

And it was indeed fine. My water broke before I even got back to the house. Jack admittedly went into protective alpha mode and got me inside while alerting Gabe to what was going on. Words were almost unnecessary our scents making it very clear what was going on. I thought I would be scared, but with me men with me I wasn’t so scared. There calming scents surrounding me as they got me into our bed. We had prepared for the labor to last awhile with it being my first baby, but my body was out to prove us all wrong. With one final push, screaming out through the pain holding Jack’s hand enough to crush it if it was anyone else. The baby was born just three hours later. I look on as Gabe goes about cleaning the baby and doing everything needed after birth.

Jack kisses the top of my sweaty hair tenderly. “You did it sweetheart” he whispers. I smile at his words. I tip my head up to get a loving kiss from my alpha.

Jack helps to clean me up the best he can before Gabe is bringing the baby over. Sitting on bed with us he slowly hands the baby over in a tiny blue blanket. My eyes move over my sons face feeling so much love looking into his tiny eyes, the same shade of blue as Jack’s eyes. His skin color the beautiful darker shade of Gabe’s. His little red hairs matching mine perfectly.

I look up into Gabe’s eyes and smile before leaning over and kissing him softly. “He is so beautiful mi flor.” he whispers against my lips.

The baby starts crying, only having books to go off of I learn how to feed him. The men help as best as they can. Before long the baby is suckling on a breast happily and I sigh contently leaning back against the headboard of the bed. The men on either side of me watching the baby feed. The love shining in their eyes and in their scent is so strong I smile feeling like the luckiest woman in the world right in this moment.