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Our Little Omega

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“I can’t believe there was a secret medical lab under the base the whole fucking time. How did we not know It was there? ¡Maldito sea!”

“Gabe the base was huge. It wouldn’t be hard to hide something like that, even from us.”

“A year, a whole fucking year she was down there having god knows what done to her and we were right there, Joder!”

“Gabe…..I’m mad too and I want someone to pay for this just as much as you do, but for now let’s focus on the fact that we got her back ok?”

I swim In and out of conciseness for some time. At some point I think I remember the plane landing and being moved Into a car. Made since, the plane was trackable. I don’t know how long this went on, but at some point I noticed tingling coming back Into my legs, feet, arms and hands. The drug was FINALLY wearing off which means we must of been traveling for close to twenty four hours now.

Next time I wake up I have all of two seconds to enjoy having normal feeling In my body again before Jack Is yelling “Look out!” making my eyes snap open right before a small missile hits to the side of us making the car flip on Its side before settling upside down. If not for our seatbelts we could of gone flying out of the car. I groan looking around Jack and Gabe seem to be ok for what I can see anyway. With shaky hands I undo my seatbelt and fall down none to gently. Getting on my hands and knees I shake both of the men, but all they do is groan.

Trying to get them out of there seatbelts does nothing. No matter what I do I can’t get theirs off like mine. I look for something to cut the seatbelt strap with when hands suddenly reach In grabbing me by the ankles dragging me out of the car. I kick and scream and fight them as much as I can.

I kick the first guy hard enough to break his nose making him stumble back and he runs away screaming. The second guy goes to throw handcuffs on me and I kick him In the balls, making him fall to his knees. I grab a piece of broken glass and stumble up and stab him In the throat with It. He falls to the ground gurgling before he dies.

I stumble backwards as I feel my legs buckle under me from disuse for so long. I sit there panting, I turn my head to the car when I hear my name called out from Inside the car. “Alice!” both men yell now. I can smell their distress.

“I’m here, I’m ok.” I’m about to crawl over to them when Gabe calls out “Stay low by the car and don’t move ok querido?”

“Ok, ok.” There smell of distress goes down, but only alittle. I’m sure they can smell my sense of worry.

The sound of something cutting through the seat belts reaches my ears and I’m glad for It. The sooner we get out of here the better. And why the hell Is It so cold? I’m still just In the hospital gown and It Is offering me no warmth at all right now. I look around taking In the long stretch of highway and nothing around for miles. Just trees and more trees. At any other time I would've loved to be out In nature, but now was not the time to enjoy It.

I’m so focused on the guys slowly cutting through their seatbelts off I don’t notice that guy I kicked In the face behind me at all. Suddenly there Is a hand In my hair and my face Is being slammed Into the car dazing me as I fall back against the cold ground with a cry. My hands hold my face only for a moment before there Is a body on top of me and his hands go around my throat.

The guys yelling and swearing at the Talon attacker do nothing to make him stop, only when he thinks he has the upper hand do I try bucking him off of me. It doesn’t work, but It makes him loosen his hold around my throat enough for me to take In much needed air that turns Into horrible coughing. I punch him In the side of the face as hard as I can.

My knuckles hurt like a bitch afterward, but I’ll care about that later right now I use the distraction of me hitting him to kick him off of me and I scramble away panting and coughing. His scent disgust me even from further away. Just when he gets to his feet I gasp seeing Gabe tackle him to the ground growling. He doesn’t waste time breaking his neck like a twig. I can smell his fury.

Jack helps me stand, my legs shaky, but holding up a tad better then before. He holds me tightly to him, I breath In his scent and It calms me down. My hands shake as I hold him to me tightly In return. The adrenaline starting to wear off, my whole body shakes. Gabe’s panting gets closer as he suddenly holds us both tightly, almost too much so, but I don’t care. I need It. Jack smells like he does too. Slowly the fury subsides and all that Is left Is a calming scent. A protective scent. A loving scent.

I look up at them both as Gabe sweeps some hair out of my face lovely. I can’t wait anymore I grab him by the collar of his shirt and pull him down for a soul deep kiss. The solid weight of him and Jack pressed against me on both sides grounds me. I break the kiss just to give Jack one just the same.

The scent of possessiveness and want fill the air. I break the kiss with hunger In my eyes and It’s reflected back at me through theres. I lick my lips there's eyes following the movement before reminding them and myself that this Isn’t the time for that. As much as we want It. “We have to keep moving.” my voice all but a whisper from so long of disuse.

They nod their heads In understanding their soldiers after all. “Later cariño, later.” Gabe promises.

After telling them more then once that I’m ok they finally stop carrying me and let me walk. It’s slow going, but they never complain about my speed to which I’m very grateful. Along the way we steal a truck and keep heading north to Alaska. Jack has a old cabin there not even overwatch knew about. Only Gabe and I knew It was there. Which should mean Talon has no knowledge of It. I was back In Jack’s lap after a few hours. Seemed they couldn’t stop touching me like they thought I was a dream or something. I couldn't blame them. I felt the same.

We make pit stops for gas and food, but otherwise we are In the truck for days before we finally got to the cabin. We ditch the truck some ten miles back and walk the rest of the way or rather they walk and I ride piggyback on Gabe the whole way. His idea not mine. Not that I didn’t like It of course. If my face just happened to be pressed Into his neck most of the way so be It.

Once we get Inside the cabin, I finally feel like I can relax. The first day Is spent cleaning the place enough to be liveable. Plenty of canned good to last awhile. I’m still not a hundred percent so the first couple of days are spent resting for all of us. Just being In the same bed as them again Is soothing like nothing else. I’m always sandwiched Inbetween them In bed and I wouldn’t have It any other way. My protective alphas.

A month later my heat Is on me so strong I can’t even leave the bed. All I crave Is my alphas fucking my brains out over and over again. My scent screams breed me as If my pleas were not enough as It was.

“Please fuck me, breed me my beautiful alphas, please.”

There both on me In seconds and throughout the night they both take turns fucking me Into the mattress. At one point Jack is going to town on me when Gabe moves behind him and slams his cock deep In his ass all In one go. It ends up feeling more like Gabe is fucking both of us at that point.

“Look at you both so beautiful and all mine, mine for fucking, mine to hold, mine to cherish, my mates, mis amores ” Gabe’s sentence turns Into nonsense as he knots Jack biting his shoulder and cumming hard Inside him.

Jack gasp then growls as he slams Into me with renewed rigor before knotting me and cumming inside me filling me up so nice and full. He growls by me ear, “Gonna look so good carrying our pups Inside you.”

I gasp hearing his words I cum then arching my back Into his body as he bites my shoulder. “Yes, yes my alphas fill me up, breed me, give me pups.”

A whole week of this leaves me feeling blissfully fucked out and I couldn’t be happier. I hold my mates close as sleep claims me thinking life couldn’t get any better than this.

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