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[Podfic] The Meanest, Toughest Sonofabitch

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Title: The Meanest, Toughest Sonofabitch
Author: profcricket (Cricket)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Speirs dreams about the distant past, all mingled up with the present war; it gets a little complicated and very, very dirty.
Lead Characters: Speirs (as Tercius), Lipton (first called Equus, then Liptonius), Winters (as Rufus Hiberna aka Red Winter), Nixon (as Atra Barba aka Black Beard).
Pairings: Speirs/Lipton, Winnix, because I am NOT translating Latin names into pairings; hints of OT4 action.
Word Count: 10,557
Disclaimer: I’m not making any money from this, and I intend no disrespect.
A/N: 1. Dream!fic. Based on a freakin’ throwaway line in garnettrees’ picspam The Church in Rachamps: Meanwhile, Ron spent last night having a very interesting dream about the conquering hero Tercius and his scantily clad comrade-in-arms, Liptonius. 2. I’m sure I’ve messed up quite a lot of Roman History. It’s a dream!fic, so I don’t care. 3. I am aware that Matthew Settle played (plays?) a character called “Rufus” on a show I have never seen, and hope never to see, “Gossip Girl.” My use of that name here is NOT a shout-out or an in-joke; I needed a Latinate first name meaning “Red,” and “Rufus” was the only decent candidate. 4. Easily the sappiest, most romantic thing I've ever written. EVER.


Reader: Tito11
Length: 63:15

Download here at Mediafire or here at Sendspace or here at the audio archive