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Whistle-Stop Tour

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Fandom: Last 5 Years
Characters/Pairings: Cathy Hyatt/Jamie Wellerstein
Prompt: “Didn’t know I starving till I tasted you.”
Warnings: None

She didn't want a man, didn't need a man, wasn't going to let herself be tethered to a man. A mantra repeated, the music to the dance of Cathy and Jamie spiraling ever closer. She paused to lick her lips before she kissed him, and then the room was still and silent around them.


Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters/Pairings: Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Charity Burbage
Prompt: how muggle technology affected their friendship
Warnings: None

Muggle Studies was the one class where Hermione wasn't always taking notes with rapt attention. Some days she was her usual knowledge-thirsty self, but as the term wore on, Harry would glance over sometimes and see a fidgeting, quill-tapping ball of manic frustration (an almost comic contrast to him next to her, slouched back in his chair and bored out of his mind). One day, she actually raised her hand and protested "Excuse me, Professor Burbage, but could we perhaps talk about something more recent, say electronic library management systems?" with a level of personal ire so strong Harry couldn't help but snort.


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters/Pairings: Pepper Potts/Natasha Romanov
Prompt: heat
Warnings: Sexual themes

As much as Pepper wants to take up kickboxing and as much as she prides herself on her impeccable time management skills, she could never possibly clear out enough of her schedule to keep up with Natashsa's seemingly constant workouts. Still, even when Stark Industries calls and there's work to be done, Pepper likes to sit off to the side, computer in lap, feet crossed at the ankles, Louis Vuitton bag stuffed with papers aside her chair, dressed far too smartly to be in a gym.

She's hoping for osmosis, she jokes, but the glances she steals are not to analyze Natasha's tactical advantage over her punching bag, and when Nat takes a break to come over and chat, Pepper doesn't ask for pointers, merely marvels at the heat radiating off of the other redhead, disheveled and sweaty but still so sleek and so, so beautiful it almost burns to be this close.


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters/Pairings: Steve Rogers/Wade Wilson
Prompt: friends do not approve
Warnings: None

People have a lot of ideas about Captain America, even those who know Steve well; the kinds of ideas that you get from meeting an idea of a man before the man himself. Wade is no exception--had an action figure once, saw some of the still-circulating morale-boosters with the legend's face on them while he was in the military--but Wade has never had a sense of reverence or propriety; he sees a boundary to push. When he finds that there are not, in fact, walls of puritan modesty where he'd been sure there would be, he is delighted (though he is decidedly the only one, aside from the deviant Captain America himself).


Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Prompt: god-like entities and/or chips
Warnings: None

A colossal, nearly-skeletal being which still somehow manages to have bumpy, disfigured skin breaks slowly and haltingly out of the planet's rocky ground, leaving giant, cracking rifts marring the surface, and from some hidden sound-making orifice it bellows "You have stolen the patronage owed me, and for that you shall pay!", but Rose and the Doctor are looking only at each other, smiling like buffoons with relieved laughter erupting past their lips. "Potassium!", Rose guffaws, and the Doctor returns the favor with an excitedly shrieked "Potatoes!"

He pulls a cold, greasy bag of neglected chips out of his jacket pocket, and the two mad adventurers turn to face their world-shattering foe with undeterrable grins.


Fandom: Pokemon Go
Characters/Pairings: Blanche/Candela
Prompt: Morning rituals
Warnings: None

Blanche wakes up before Candela, no alarm needed, no fanfare, but by the time they're about to step into the shower, Candela has awoken thunderously, energetically, and is not-so-gently knocking on the bathroom door, every time, saying she needs in. Blanche will sigh and ask if she can't just wait until they're done, just once in her life, if she could either wake up earlier or be in less of a rush to run headfirst into the day. Then Blanche will open the door, steam spilling out of the room to meet Candela's smiling face and disheveled hair, Candela spilling into the room to give Blanche an excited, morning-breath ridden kiss, and they will stand with foreheads together for a long moment, drinking each other in like coffee.


Fandom: Homestuck
Characters/Pairings: Kanaya Maryam/Rose Lalonde, Kanaya Maryam/Vriska Serket
Prompt: dangerous magic
Warnings: Unhealthy relationships

Vriska with her mind control and Rose with her magic from sources ghastly and unspeakable--neither inherently dangerous on its own, merely powerful. Even the chaotic, destructive, dedicated personalities of their wielders are not at the core of the matter. The trap is that there's enough kinship there, enough attractive confidence, that Kanaya convinces herself she can tame them, time after time, that she's in control as she seals in her fate in a pact with a witch.


Fandom: Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale)
Characters/Pairings: Little Red, The Big Bad Wolf
Prompt: dangerous magic
Warnings: Blood, gore, animal sacrifice

She wears a red hood and nothing else, a wolf sprawled out before her with stomach cut open and blood surrounding, not haphazardly splashed, but meticulously painted, runes encircling the ground and running up her legs like she has put down roots, or like the blood-soaked earth is putting up roots into her. She stares, cold and wild, at the carcass before her, foul yet familiar parts spilling from its guts, as she raises a knife to her palm and takes a deep breath.

She does not let the world take anything from her unless it's on her own terms, and the wolf learned that the hard way.


Fandom: Cinderella
Characters/Pairings: Cinderella
Prompt: it's not so easy with a missing limb
Warnings: None

The ball was exquisite, the practically infinite space of the ballroom seeming to be composed entirely of captured stars in the form of candles and crystals, the glowing, thriving oasis throwing nimble music out into the cold, dark night. And the prince, the magic of the way he looked at her as they danced, like nothing and no one else in the whole ballroom full of wonders existed, like he was hanging on her every word and thought her laugh could cure the world of all its ails.

Yet she couldn't help but wonder, during the long one-legged hop home, if it was really worth the loss of her one good prosthetic leg.


Fandom: Star Wars
Characters/Pairings: Han Solo/Leia Organa
Prompt: and the decades disappear like sinking ships but we persevere
Warnings: None

After the parties, after the accolades, after the celebratory sex leading to celebratory pregnancies to raise up a celebratory child in the new galaxy, one of the natural rules of the universe reasserts itself and it slowly becomes apparent that things are never going to be as simple as they seem. A different darkness rises with the same face, or maybe the same darkness with a different face, swallowing up a child wholesale into the ways of the past they'd thought they could leave behind; a friend leaves; they part and go back to old ways of their own, to leading the revolution, to outrunning cops and cons and consequences, to what they both will always do, when it comes down to it, no matter how much things change or stay the same.

Even estranged, even when on average half a galaxy apart, being each others', slotting into each others' lives in nigh-imperceptible ways, existing in the core of who the other is, will always be a part of that.


Fandom: White Collar
Characters/Pairings: Neal Caffrey
Prompt: In New York, you can be a new man
Warnings: None

Even though Caffrey has been to New York before, has lived in New York before, hasn't even really been outside of New York in prison, it doesn't have to be a coming home--New York is the city of new starts. At least, that's what Peter hopes as he leaves Neal at his dingy new apartment and Neal is already off on the lookout for a faster way back up in the world.

Yes, in New York you can be a new man--however, New York isn't the only factor at play, and Caffrey has never been interested in being new.


Fandom: Hamilton
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Burr, Philip Hamilton
Prompt: anyone's horrified reaction to "Gotta be my own man, like my father, but bolder"
Warnings: None

Aaron Burr met Philip Hamilton when he was barely yet born, obviously, but the first time he met Philip Hamilton the young man was a much more notable story. The boy stood before him, uncannily familiar, with his father's defiant smile and his father's determined eyes and his father's infuriatingly cocky posturing, and Burr told him what he'd told his father: "Be smart, young man--don't let them know what you're against or what you're for."

Philip shook his head and proudly proclaimed "Mister Burr, sir, I gotta be my own man, like my father, but bolder," and in the eternal moment before Eliza walked back into the room, Burr felt his soul leaving his body, displaced by the dread of knowing that this cocky little Hamilton meant it.


Fandom: Night Circus
Characters/Pairings: Original Characters
Prompt: a shop that wasn't there yesterday
Warnings: None

Last, there was the Night Circus, and before that, the ill-fated dancers faced off against each other in a long, slow performance, but Alexander and Hector are old men, and there were other challenges that came before: once, the two old men selected for themselves two young men, craftsmen of great skill, to showcase their talents in a shop of impossible wonders.

It would arrive without fanfare in a building that had always existed but wasn't in use, or in just the right spot, the one you'd never really looked at too closely with a building on either side, so it would make sense for one to have always been there as well, and only a few truly curious or truly bored souls would ever trickle in, where they would find a room on the cusp of being a museum, full of extravagant items in equally extravagant displays (sometimes difficult to tell the two apart) and manned by a thick-necked man, slow to respond and sparing with his words, who would eventually take your money in exchange for goods but seemed just as content to carefully scrutinize the customers, almost as if he were keeping score.

Then, after a few days, it would be gone, and while a few might remember the oddity, or have a curious impulse purchase, it never left a trace behind more substantial than a months-removed memory of a fever dream.


Fandom: Homestuck
Characters/Pairings: Terezi Pyrope, Karkat Vantas
Prompt: What flickers red and warm like a flame, but is not fire? Blood.
Warnings: blood mention

Terezi had always thought Karkat smelled warm, found something sugary and familiar other than just bland grey when she'd managed to get a lick in, but no matter how systematically she tried to deduce, no matter how many other colors she licked looking for a trace of Karkat, she could never quite find it, and that drove her mad. It felt like she was missing a crucial piece of information about the troll she was travelling with, but he clearly went out of his way to hide it and demanding an answer outright, even if threatening him might work, seemed like giving up.

But no one can be careful forever, and eventually the smell of burning, sugar-syrup red flooded her nose with an explosion, a traitor slipping through Karkat's desperate fingers like smoke to curl heavy in Terezi's lungs--for once, knowing something she wasn't supposed to didn't taste so much like a victory.


Fandom: Hamilton
Characters/Pairings: Alexander Hamilton, George Washington
Prompt: anything inspired by this Hamilton parody.

Hamilton was not one to be held back, no matter who was doing the holding, no matter how much respect he may have for them--King's College was dropped like a hot sack of rocks when they said no to him, and his admiration for Burr did not translate into tacitly taking his advice. Washington's refusal to let him join the fight against the injustice of the British was no different.

By candlelight, he was Washington's loyal aide, penning letters and treatises and generally writing like a madman; by day, when time for a battle came, Hamilton took up his musket, pulled on his mask, and ran screaming onto the battlefield like a bat out of his own personal hell.


Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Pairings: Madame Vastra/Jenny Flint
Prompt: the wisdom of serpents
Warnings: Age difference, interspecies romance

Vastra has been around for a long time, has not been able to watch the world grow but has the unique perspective of one who saw it in what some now might ignorantly call its infancy and she would call the twilight before its first regeneration, and has adapted anew to a world which does not remember nor care for her. Vastra is feared, has a mighty reign as the last hope of the desperate and eventually even the powerful, exists as a hot commodity because of her unique perspective and sharp reptilian eyes.

But Vastra's eyes are caught by a girl much more mundane, much less exceptional, without the wisdom of a whole different world in her head--because Jenny didn't have to be of a different world to still be hated by this one, to still hold her head tall and fight her way up and keep her eyes out for clues, for opportunities; because precious, bright-eyed Jenny isn't overly attached to this world or any other, and when presented with the ancient, serpentine Vastra, she smiles.


Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters/Pairings: Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes
Prompt: longest day
Warnings: spoilers for Civil War

Wilson was in the sky, watching, as Rogers rose up to match his height and then pulled up even higher, even further away--there was nothing tethering him there, no more stopping him from flying off into the wide open sky than there was the escaping Rogers and Barnes (which was to say, everything--Steve's former friends pitted against them in a standoff both dreaded and inevitable, everyone wishing it wouldn't happen but no one willing to change course). Though the mission was a technical success, there was nothing victorious about the moment, as Wilson was still fighting good men, could see no end to the fighting, could not leave because success had never meant everyone going free, had never meant Sam Wilson getting to fly away with Steve because everyone else still had to stay and fight not for their own freedom, but for the freedom of these two men.

He hadn't meant to go this far, he thought as he dodged a vicious blast and watched it pop Rhodes out of the sky like a downed bird, he hadn't meant to go back to war--but apparently, these were the lengths he'd go to for Steve Rogers and the complete stranger the Captain trusted most.


Fandom: Homestuck
Characters/Pairings: Rose Lalonde, Dirk Strider, Alpha Dave, Beta Roxy
Prompt: Rose and Dirk, guardianswap
Warnings: Death mention, alcohol/alcoholism mention

Rose did not get along with her brother--she would be trotted out on the red carpet for every shitty movie he made and give it backhanded praise a bit too thick and too subtle to be picked up as disingenuous by the media, and would answer every mention of how inspirational their story was, the orphaned boy raising his young sister whilst striking out a successful career in the movie industry, with trite and saccharine disgust.

Dirk, on the contrary, had a fierce admiration for his mother and her intellect, in spite of her drinking problem--he refused to acknowledge it was a problem, really, every time Rose would bring it up he'd insist that all mothers drank, she was an adult, she had a respectable job, it was just her way of loosening up after the end of the work day, it's not like obsessive personalities run in his family.

When the meteors come and they both find themselves guardianless, Rose is the one who won't stop eulogizing, with weeping and gnashing of teeth, while Dirk is the one who goes quiet and plasters on the closest he ever gets to a smile, for the cameras.


Fandom: The Little Mermaid
Characters/Pairings: Ursula
Prompt: villains aren't always wrong, heroes make mistakes
Warnings: child neglect kinda

Ursula was too loud and too brash, born a monster in a kingdom of demigods, so she was ignored, and when her escalating charade of confidence was met with escalating cold shoulders, escalating sidelong glances and harsh stage-whispers, she felt emboldened and compelled to reach further, for a position where she could not be ignored: for the crown. As is often the sad story of a woman against the world, she was subdued, cast out, flung far from the city reaches where she could not continue to poison the haven they had carved out to raise their children, but as is often the story of a woman scorned, it was not the end of their back and forth.

As it turns out, you cannot stop the tide without blowing up the moon.


Fandom: The Nanny
Characters/Pairings: CC Babcock/Niles
Prompt: I tolerate you
Warnings: None

There is a brief while--any shorter and it would've been nothing at all--in the transitioning from enemies with a grudge to enemies with a crush when things were oddly calm. CC and Niles would be in a room together, Niles loading up the dishwasher and CC sipping her coffee with a pastry at the kitchen table, not looking at each other, Niles not commenting on the unnecessary calories and CC not bothering to take a dig at the menial housewife work Niles had to do, and when the empty coffee cup was set back on the table and pushed away, Niles would wordlessly cart it over to the dishwasher, as if its drinker wasn't even there.

There was almost a tension in the air from the utter lack of tension, from the way neither was quite driven to mock the other but couldn't yet begin to imagine saying anything else, didn't yet have any deeply-hidden words of affection to cover up with stale old barbs, and then someone would walk in, and they would effortlessly snap back into old routine.