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Playing With Fire

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Tomorrow would be the first day of your new college and you had to admit, you were really excited. You hoped tomorrow you would finally meet some vampires. You have never met nor talked to one before, since your dad decided to live in a city were only humans lived and you were sent to an only-human school along with your brother Yuuichiro.

Your dad always talked about how much he didn’t like vampires, to say the least. You understood his feelings though. When he was younger, he used to fight them, they were his enemies.

But not anymore, because it had already been 20 years since the peacemaking between humans and vampires.

You were always told that vampires were just nasty bloodsuckers and that they only wanted to keep humans as their livestock and have all the power. But you never believed it. And besides, it wasn’t even possible because there were laws now.  You just wanted to know how they really were. How they really thought of humans. You wanted to know about their culture and if they also celebrated christmas.


You realized you spaced out when you heard Yuuichiro talk.

“(Y/n), is everything okay? You look creepy when you smile like that.”


You grabbed a pillow from your bed and threw it at his head.

“I’m just excited! We are finally going to leave this shitty town to explore the world.” You said with sparkeling eyes.


“I don’t want to destroy your dreams, but we are only going to college in another city. And we are not moving out of the house or something.”


“Good enough for me, it’s a miracle Guren let us go to a school outside of Shinjuku. A school in Nagoya on top of that! Nagoya is like a chinatown but with vampires.”


“Well, Nagoya does have the best schools. When you apply for a job and they see you went to one of the schools in Nagoya, there is a 80% chance you will get hired.” Yuu said, while standing in front of the mirror holding two shirts.

“Which one shall I wear tomorrow?”


“Are you, Yuichiro Ichinose, seriously picking an outfit for school the day before?”


“Yeah, I want to make a good impression on the first day. So which one?”


“Wear the black one, the striped one makes you look fat.”


“But I don’t want to come over as an emo or something.”


“Then just wear the striped one.” You said while you already lay in your bed, eyes closed.

“Why are you so worried about making a good impression anyway? You never really cared about that kind of stuff.”


“Because there may be some nice girls I can seduce.” He said jokingly, and you were sure he was wearing a smirk on his face.


“Aw, you don’t want to be a cherryboy anymore?” You said teasingly.


“What? No! And stop calling me one!”


“Yo, are you kids still awake? There is school tomorrow so go to bed now. It’s already 11:30.” You heard Guren say from behind the door.


“You heard him, go to sleep Mr. Fancypants. Girls will like you, even as an emo.”


“Fine.” He muttered, stuffing both shirts in his closet and turning of the lights.



The next day you woke up by something that sounded like glass breaking.


“Yuichiro, what are you doing!” You heard Guren yell from downstairs.



Quickly you ran downstairs to see what had happened. You saw Yuichiro crawling on the floor picking up some glass shards while Guren sat at the dining table pinching the bridge of his nose.


“Well you are up early. You know your train leaves at 8?


Wait, what time is it then? You thought while searching for your phone. When you finally found it, you quickly turned it on. “7:30?! Why did my alarm not go off?” You said to yourself while racing to the bathroom to get ready.


You thought you did a pretty good job because it only took you five minutes to brush your teeth, tame your bedhead and put on a little bit of make-up. You were glad you had already taken a shower the night before, but you still had to pick some clothes to wear.

You just threw some things together, hoping it would look a little decent and you ended up with some skinny jeans, an oversized turtleneck sweater and your Doc. Martens.


You grabbed your bag and ran downstairs again. Glancing at the clock you saw that it was 7:40. It takes fifteen minutes to get from here to the nearest train station, so that gives me five minutes to eat my breakfast and grab my bicycle. You thought while you quickly drank your already cold tea and grabbed some biscuits for on the way.


“I’ll drive you kids to the station, so you don’t need to hurry.” Guren said while reading the newspaper.


“Really!? Thanks dad!” You said with a big smile while you hugged him tightly.


“Yeah yeah, now eat your breakfast, we’re leaving in 10 minutes.”


 Though you really appreciated it that your dad decided to drive you and Yuu to the station, you still missed your train due to the heavy traffic on the go.


“Great, the next train leaves in 30 minutes.” Yuu growled. “We are definitely going to be late.”


“And that on the first day.” You sighed.


When you finally arrived in Nagoya you and Yuu practically ran to your schoolbuilding, hoping you wouldn’t be that late. But when you walked into the schoolbuilding, the opening ceremony had already started.


You were searching if there were still some free chairs, when you saw a girl with purple hair waving at you, sitting at the back. You and Yuu quickly ran to her and saw that there were two empty seats next to her.

“Ah Shinoa, thank you!” you whispered.

You and Yuu quickly went to your seat and listened to what the schoolmaster had to say.