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The Last Time

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It was another night at Albanya. Except this one was special. It was the night before the two couples that saved the kingdom would get married.

The soon-to-be ruler of Albanya was currently lying down on his bed. Florante's room was colder than usual, and he was thankful for that. Hey, saving an entire kingdom isn't easy. It requires a lot of work, time, blood and sweat.

Just right before Florante could close his eyes, there was a knock on the door. Without turning his head and keeping his eyes on the ceiling, Florante lazily gives a "Come in." as a reply to the knock.

Aladin, a muslim soldier who's bravery was as strong as iron, entered the chilly room.

Florante's heartbeat picked up and got a little faster. He didn't expect a visit from Aladin. It was a big day tomorrow and they needed a lot of sleep. But Florante doesn't mind.

"Hi.", a simple greeting from the soldier. Florante gestures to lie down the bed with him. Without a word, Aladin plops down the bed to be beside the man.

Yes, both of them are getting married to their beloved fiancés tomorrow. But Florante would be lying if he said he wasn't doing 'anything' with Aladin behind Laura's back.

Aladin hooks his arm around Florante's torso and buries his head on Florante's shoulder. "So this is our last night together, huh?" Aladin adds a small chuckle at the end of his sentence as Florante brings Aladin closer to him (even if they are like SO FUCKING CLOSE RIGHT NOW.)

He feels Aladin's hand slide down his arm. The soldier's fingertips entwining with his. "Florante..." Aladin's voice was low and husky and Florante could feel his breath ghost around his neck that sent shivers down his spine.

"Yes, love?" Florante keeps his voice down, afraid anyone might hear even though it was quite clear they were both alone. Aladin's hand transfers to Florante's chest. He brings his hand down to the man's stomach. Slowly, gently. Aladin's hand settles at Florante's stomach and his grip tightens. The hand, clutching the shirt. Now Florante is asking himself. 'What's happening? Is it what I think it is? Let's see. It's our last night together, we're both in a bed, we're getting married to our own lovers tomorrow, we're both in bed and--'

"Florante... Could we do it? Just once? Before tomorrow?"