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The Hero That Saved The Cat

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16 year old Yuri Plisetsky walked through the door of his home after school, and slammed it shut. He has had a rough day at school, and was feeling rather pissed off. “I’m home,” he called out. His adoptive father Yuuri came out of the kitchen cleaning his hands on the dish towel, “Welcome home, Yurio. How was school?”

Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov had adopted him two years ago, after his grandfather had passed. Even though they had no idea what they were doing when it comes to raising a teenager, the couple were doing a good job. Yuri set his bag down on the couch, “Terrible, horrifying, just plain fucking bad.” He sat on the couch, and glared at the wall. Yuuri came over, and sat next to him.

“Want to talk about it?” Yuuri knew what that glare meant, and it was usually a lot of them with his son. This glare meant that a certain someone had him pissed off again. ‘Here we go again,’ Yuuri thought rolling his eyes up to the ceiling.

“There’s a rumor going around that JJ is cheating on me with this ugly ass bitch.” Yuri started out, getting more pissed off than before.

‘Yep, knew it.’ Yuuri and his lover Viktor had this conversation many times before with Yuri, and every single time Yuri would be angrier by the end of the talk. “Is this the same rumor that was going around two months ago, or the one before that?”

“No all those times they were actually true. It’s a whole different person now.” Despite the immense anger that he felt, Yuri was hurt deep down inside. He couldn’t understand why his boyfriend continue to do this. Yuuri saw his son gaze turn from angry to that vulnerable state that he doesn’t like to show people. He honestly wishes that Yuri would break up with Jean, but he knew that it wasn’t up to him to make that decision. Yuuri sighed, and wrapped his arms around Yuri. Surprisingly, Yuri didn’t push him away.

“Yurio, the only advice I can really give you is don’t make any drastic decisions. The rumors may NOT be true this time around.” Yuuri knew better than that, but he didn’t want Yuri to feel more hurt now. “But if the girl comes to you, and tries to start with you by all means put her in her place okay?”

“Even if the rumors aren’t true, I still hate it that everyone is whispering when I walk down the hall.” Yuri shrugged his father off him, and his tone turned solemn, “I don’t even feel happiness when I see him at all anymore.” Yuuri heard his son say this more than once, and every time he goes right back to being all loving towards the guy.

“Yurio, if you feel like that, then maybe it’s time for you and Jean to part ways.” Yuuri waited for the barrage of excuses as to why he can’t.

“I know, but it’s not that easy.” Yuri told his father
“Well then Yurio, the other advice that I can give you is that you’re strong and sooner or later when you finally get tired of Jean taking you like you’re weak you’ll know what to do.” Yuuri stood up from the couch, and held his out to Yuri. “I’m going to also take your phone until you calm down.” Yuri looked like he wanted protest, so Yuuri quickly added, “You tend to throw your cellphone whenever you get angry. I know Viktor owns a skating rink and all, but we can’t afford to keep buying you a new phone.”

Yuri couldn’t exactly disagree with that, since he had broken about three phones in the past month. He took his phone out of his pocket, and gave it to his father. “Good, now go get washed up. Dinner will be ready in twenty minutes.” Yuuri walked back into the kitchen, and Yuri stood up from the couch and went into his room. Instead of getting ready like he was told, he laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling. All his thoughts were focused on the one source of his problems, JJ.

Yuri had met the Canadian exchange student when he was fourteen, and was a new student at the school. Even though JJ pissed him off to no extent, the two hit it off and had been inseparable since then. That had been about two years ago, and Yuri had started to notice things as the two grew apart. Like how JJ would come over smelling like cheap perfume, and he would excuse it as his mother’s or when Yuri would clearly notice lipstick marks on his shirt. It was no secret at their school that JJ was cheating on him with his latest bedposts. Even his childhood friend, Otabek, noticed it.

On more than one occasion, Yuri had to restrain from fighting JJ’s little floozies whenever they try to start with him. Thankfully, his friend Mila had no such restraint and usually handled it for him. ‘I’m such a fool,’ Yuri thought to himself, ‘Why do I keep letting him get away with this.’ Yuri began to tear up at the memories, and he turned into his pillow and began to softly sob.

Twenty minutes later, Yuuri went to Yuri’s room to tell him that dinner was ready. When he got there, he heard sobbing noises coming through the door. ‘Oh, that’s it.’ Yuuri thought to himself his parental instincts coming out full force. He made a mental note to talk to Viktor about this when he came home later. Yuuri raised his hand to the door, and knocked. The sobbing stopped, and the door opened a minute later. Yuuri looked down at his son, and saw that his eyes were puffy and red. “What,” Yuri said wiping his eyes.

Yuuri’s heart clenched at the sight of his son, ‘This must have been building up for him to break down and cry.’ “Dinner is ready, Yurio.”

“I’m not feeling hungry now, Yuuri. Put it in the microwave for me okay?” Without waiting for a response, Yuri closed the door and went back to laying on his bed. Yuuri stood there looking at the closed door for a good ten minutes. He sighed, and went to go put up the food. ‘There’s no use in me eating alone.’
Viktor walked through the door thirty minutes later, “I’m home.” To his surprise his lover nor his son didn’t greet him like they usually do. Going into the kitchen, he saw Yuuri cleaning the dishes. He creeped up behind him, and wrapped his arms around his waist. Yuuri jumped slightly at that, and when he realized who it was he moved out of his arms.

“What’s with the lukewarm greeting?” Viktor asked him with a slight pout. Yuuri gave him a terrifying glare, a look that was only seen when he was truly pissed, and went back to doing his duties. “Yuuri?”

“Viktor, our son has been crying his eyes out for the past forty minutes.” Yuuri said with his back towards him still, “All over that jerk that keeps taking him for granted.” Yuuri started to put the dishes away, while Viktor was standing there a little miffed about what to do. The room in a tense silence for about a minute or two before Yuuri finally spoke up again, “I’m sick and tired of Yuri coming home upset over some guy who doesn’t deserve him.”

“Well what do you want me to do, Yuuri?” Viktor asked him. Yuuri looked at him again, and instead of the glare from earlier his eyes was one of sadness, “Talk to him, Viktor. My son is in there hurting right now, and I’m ready to go to Jean’s house and give him a piece of my mind.” Yuuri shoved the dish towel onto Viktor’s chest, “Dinner is in the fridge.” Yuuri left the kitchen, and went to their bedroom. Viktor went to Yuri’s bedroom, and knocked on the door. When he didn’t get a response back, he opened the door and peeked in.

Yuri was laying on his side sleep, with his stuffed lion held close to him. Looking more closely at Yuri’s face, Viktor could see that he had cried himself to sleep. It didn’t take much for Viktor get angry, but at that moment he felt like punching Jean in the face. Taking a couple of deep breaths, he walked over to the lamp in the corner of the room and cut the light off. He pressed a kiss to Yuri’s forehead, “Goodnight, Yurio.” Viktor left the room, and close the door softly behind him.