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Maybe, Maybe Not...

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Chapter 6
Back to School

Adam’s POV

January 2nd, you know what that means!? School, ugh. The most dreaded place in the world to the children who are fortunate enough to attend. At least I appreciate an education, some of the people in this school think they can just drop out and it won’t affect them. What planet do they live on? Planet dumbass, that’s where.

I get out of my car and walk through the parking lot, stares everywhere, epically from the jocks: Sauli, Niko, and Mika. Of course there were more than them, but they were the only three who teased me, the rest just watched and laughed when they made a joke about my spiky, emo hair, and the fact that I wear black nail polish. Stupid assholes.

Sauli has a big smirk on his face, like he just got another surprise Christmas present. It’s more like a year-round present, him getting to bully me. Just lovely.

“Hey, you,” he yells, I look at him; big fucking mistake. “Yeah, the stupid faggot that cuts himself.” I don’t cut myself, you little bitch. God I hate that word, ‘faggot’, that’s the only thing that cuts me; cuts my soul. Geez, now I sound like those goth kids that write depressing poetry.

I stop walking, might as well take it now, if I don’t let him insult me when he wants to, he beats me up after school. And my parents wonder why I limp sometimes.

“Hey, Sauli,” I say in a monotone way.
“Adam, how was your Christmas?” he says in a smart-mouthed way. I’m Jewish, but whatever.
“Fucking fabulous.”
“Oh, good. By the way,” he kicks me in the shin. “Forgot to give you that,” he grins and walks away.
“Fucking merry Christmas to you too,” I say while clutching my leg.

The ten minute warning bell rings. At my school, we have three bells: the ten minute warning bell, the five minute warning bell, and the late bell that wrings at 8:30. I don’t even know why we have the ten minute warning bell, the only kids that are here before 8:22 are either the nerds who like to get to class early or kids whose parents have to get to work before 8:00.

As I walk into the main hallway, all is see is commotion; everybody is crowded around two boys fighting about something. I ask some random bystander what they’re fighting about; she told me that the tall one’s girlfriend was caught making out with the brown-haired kid during some Christmas party.

Finally, a teacher stepped in and separated the two boys. They were both escorted to the principal’s office by a teacher. The crowd dissipated and everything seemed normal again. Damn, it was like it never even happened.

I went to my locker and got my stuff for my first class, English. Not my favorite class of the day, Choir is definitely my favorite. I just feel so expressive when I sing; it’s a way to set my emotions free. It gives me a high like nothing else. It’s my whole life. I can pick music out of anything, someone tapping their pencil on their desk, or the speed a person walks. It’s everywhere for me. Like I said, it’s my life.

When I got to English class, it was the exact opposite situation than in the parking lot. Nobody even acknowledged my existence. Two kids nearly knocked me over while trying to get seats. God, no freaking respect around here unless you play a sport. It’s ridiculous.

Just then, Tommy and Ashley walk into the classroom, hand-in-hand.

“Dude, what’s up?!” Tommy says, he runs over and bro-hugs me.

The late bell rings, Tommy grunts. “Ugh, we’ll talk later.”
“Deal,” I say.

“Morning, class,” oh no, Mrs. Shephards walks in the room. She’s the princess bitch of all the teachers. The queen bitch is my math teacher, Mrs. Quaid. I’ll really introduce you later. “I know everyone is excited about the post-Christmas present I have for everyone.” Everyone took the seats they had last semester, mine was in the way back, left corner of the room; where no one would bother me.

The princess bitch brought us a Christmas present—

“Paperback copies of Romeo and Juliet!”

Spoke too soon. The whole class groaned in their seats. I was actually kinda happy, I’ve always wanted to read it but never really had the drive to. Huh, maybe she’s lightened her attitude after Christmas break.

“Now, I want you to go home and read the first two scenes tonight,” she said as she passed out books. “And I want you to write a two paragraph minimum summary on what they were about. And try to dig deeper, if you do a really good job, I just might give you extra credit.”

I take my copy with excitement, the other kids don’t look as happy, but I don’t care.

The rest of the class goes by faster than I expected. Next was science, blah. My second least favorite subject.

I walk into the classroom and see two familiar faces, one good, one bad. The first one is Ashley, I can tell because of her blonde and black hair. The second one is Sauli, at least he’s not with his bitches. He’s actually kind of a pussy when he’s by himself. Acts all high and mighty but when you trip him up, he acts like a scared dog; gets an embarrassed look in his eyes. It’s kinda funny to see, and a great feeling when you make him look like that yourself.

I take the empty seat next to Ashley, “Hey, Ashley,” I say.
She looks at me with a confused face for a few seconds, but then her face lights up with a warm smile, “Hey, you’re Adam right? I saw Tommy talk to you in English class. Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too. Tommy’s told me a lot about you. I can tell he really likes you.”
“Really?” she started to blush. “That’s good to hear.”

“Morning, class,” Mr. Donnalds walks into the classroom and puts all or his teaching supplies on his desk in the front of the classroom. “These next few weeks, we will be learning all about different elements and chemicals and how they react to other things natural or unnatural.”

Sweet, I’ve always been interested in chemistry. And now I’m gonna spend almost a whole month learning about it! I know, I know, I sound like a nerd; but I just like this part of science, okay?

The bell rang, and I went to French class only to find that I was the only person in my friend circle in the class. Right as the bell rings, Sauli walks into the room. Fucking fabulous.

“Hey, fag—I mean uh, Adam,” Sauli said is his little smart-ass attitude.
“Hey, Sauli,” might as well try to make conversation with somebody I actually know.
“Wow,” he moved a piece of hair away from my eyes. “Your eyeliner looks really good today; you must’ve practiced over the break.”
“Are you actually complementing me?” I knew he wasn’t, but he actually sounded sincere.
“No,” he hit me upside the head. “I’m not a dumbass.”
“Bonjour, classe!” Miss Durand walked into the class.
“Bonjour, Madame Durand,” the class said in unison.

The class went on as it normally would, and a stampede practically happened when the lunch bell rang. I went to my locker, put my French books away, and got my lunch bag. When a got to the café, it was madness, everybody was trying to get the best table inside the building, since it was a little cold outside and nobody wanted to supposedly freeze to death. My friends and I were always forced to sit outside, exiled from the warmth and regular flow of gossip that went on during lunch.

The café was total madness, boys bro-hugging each other, girls screaming OMG to all their friends. I swear to God some people are so obnoxious I swear to God if I didn’t love my hair so much I’d pull it out. I finally get to the refuge of the outside tables, and I am greeted with a huge hug from another one of my friends, Allison. We met in Choir class and we haven’t split since. In fact, over the summer we would go over to each other’s houses and cover classic rock songs, since we both love that stuff to death. Our favorite one to do is ‘Slow Ride’ by Foghat, we can sing that song ‘till our voices give out and then again we would still try to do it one more time. She’s like the little sister I’ll never have.
“Adam! How was your Christmas break?” she wouldn’t stop hugging for the life of me.
“Great,” I somehow got out of the death-grip hug. “How was yours?”
“Fantastic, thanks for asking,” she pulled me over to the rest of the group.
“By the way,” Tommy said. “Did Adam tell you about the girl he saw over break?” That little fucker.
“Tommy, shut up,” I snapped as I sat down.
“Why, Adam?” he asked, playing the innocent part.
“Whoa, hold up,” Allison chimed in. “When did this develop?”
“It’s nothing.” I explained. “I just saw a pretty girl walking down the street and I told Tommy I thought she was pretty, end of story.”
“Okay,” Tommy said. “Whatever you say, man.”

Our little outcast circle continued to talk about the usual stuff: what we did over break, new music coming out, and Tommy would occasionally bring up the girl-over-break story. When the bell rang, I checked my schedule for my next class. Yes! Choir is next; the teacher, Mrs. Windsor, is probably one of the kindest, most down-to-earth person you will ever meet in your life. Allison and I refer to her as an angel sent down to earth to bring beautiful voices to all who want them.

I practically ran to the music room. And of course, like always, I was the first one there. Mrs. Windsor was singing ‘Believe’ by Cher. I always loved her voice. I chimed in as soon as she saw me.
“Do you believe in love after love?
I can feel something inside me say
I really don’t think you’re strong enough

“Aww, Adam, you still got that voice made for fame.” She said.
“Yeah, and I hope I’ll never lose it.” I replied.
“It would be a shame.”

A somewhat steady flow of kids comes into the classroom. I see Allison come in and she decides to chime into Mrs. Windsor and I’s conversation. Another girl walks in and then the bell rings. We all take our seats.

The class goes by so freaking quick I can’t even believe it. My last class of the day is math, fucking great. At least I get to go home right afterwards. I won’t have to suffer through the rest of the school day. I walk in and the only seat available is right in the front of the classroom. Great, now it’ll be easier for Mrs. Quaid to pick on me. I take the seat without protest, I know I’ll get beat up if I try to ask one of the other guys to switch.

Mrs. Quaid walks in as the bell rings and I almost puke. Ever since freshmen year she’s made it her mission to make me look stupid and embarrass me in front of the class as much as possible. I kid you not when I say that. God I fucking hate her.

“Good afternoon class,” she says.
“Good afternoon, Mrs. Quaid,” the whole class sounds like a bunch of drones.

A girl with blonde, medium length hair walks into the classroom, “Sorry, Mrs. Quaid, I got lost,” she smiles.
“Oh, that’s fine, Ivy. Just take a seat next to Adam over there,” Mrs. Quaid motions to me.

Ivy walks over and that’s when I realize that it’s her. Ivy is the girl from over break, the one I’ve been dreaming about the entire time…