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Maybe, Maybe Not...

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Chapter 5
Time To Head Home

Ivy's POV

I had a very nice day in L.A., I went to a nice coffee shop, visited a nice boutique, and even stopped by my new school. There was a teacher there who saw me, and she even gave me a tour. By the time I was done, I decided to go home at 4:30pm.

When I stepped into the front door to see my parents sitting on the couch watching TV and drinking wine. It was 5:10 when I got home. I heard my mom make a comment but I wasn't sure what it was.

"Well, why don't you go tell that to Ivy?" My dad yelled. He stood up from the couch, "It seems like she trusts you a whole lot more than me!"
My mom also stood up, "Maybe that's because I spend more time with her instead of being cooped up in my office all hours of the day!"
"Well, she needs to stop being a stupid pussy and learn that you're going to not have people there for you 24 hours of the GODDAMN DAY!" He looked up at me and the remorse instantly fell on his face. "Honey, I-," I ran off before he could finish.

They're fighting again! They do this all the time, slam doors so hard the whole house shakes, scream so loud I can hear it all the way from across the house, complete chaos. I'm honestly surprised they aren't divorced by now. They're probably just waiting until I go off to college, that way they won't have to deal with a custody battle.

I slammed the door to my bedroom and ran over to my bed; I jumped under the covers and cried a little, I am not a pussy! I have to stop crying, it'll only back up his point if I keep crying.

After 2 hours later I heard a knock on my door, "Ivy, dinner's ready if you want some."
"Nah, I'm not hungry," I sat up and started checking the emails on my phone.
"Okay, well, you can get something to eat when you want to."

I rested my body back down on the mattress and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I saw that it was 9:15pm, so I decided to take a nice, relaxing bath. I stepped into the bathroom and turned on the bath faucet. I took my clothes off and stared at myself naked in the mirror. I liked my body, I was considered beautiful by many people. But I've always wanted to have bigger breasts, not REALLY big, just like one letter size bigger. And maybe get rid of the small mole on my right cheek. I've never really liked it.

I sank myself into the warm bath water and let out a sigh of relief. I don't know when the last time I took a bath was. I grab the luffa and squirted some of my favorite, peach-scented body wash on it, dunked it in the water, and started to clean my body. I rinsed off, drained the water, and dried myself off with a towel.

I walked into my closet and put on a tank top and my favorite pair of black and white stripped pajama pants. I heard my phone ring. TASHA! I ran over and picked up the call.

"Tasha, I'm SO glad you called!" I yelled into the phone, I bet I sounded WAY to over excited.
She laughed, she always did when I got excited, "Hey, girl! How's L.A.?"
I lay down on my bed and looked out my window, "It's great, I walked around the city and there are a ton of stores here that weren't in Baton Rouge."
"Aww, lucky. I bet the prices are higher there though."
"Yeah, but I can make do if I get an after-school job and do some extra chores around the house."
"Speaking of houses, what does your new one look like?"
"It's huge and absolutely beautiful. My bedroom has an en suite bathroom, double doors, and a freaking balcony!"
"Sounds fabulous, I gotta go, I'm SO tired."
"Oh, yeah, it's about midnight there, isn't it?"
"Yeah, night girl."
"Night," and I hung up the phone.

I checked the time, 10:30pm. Ugh, I'm so bored. Might as well go to bed, my body’s still not adjusting well to the time zone change.