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Maybe, Maybe Not...

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Adam's POV

It was December 29, 10pm. That meant I had about 5 days of Christmas break left. And then back to that Hell the call high school. Ugh…

The worst part was math, I just didn't get it. I mean, I wasn't failing, I got grades ranging from low B's to high D's. But I still didn't get much of it. The worst part of it was that I was in a class where just about every person got A's and B's 95% of the time.

5 days. 5 more glorious days of freedom. I think I might go out tomorrow, maybe meet my best friend Tommy at the park or something, try and enjoy the nice California weather.

Tommy has been there for me since the beginning of middle school. All through the shit that people have given me for being different. Most people would've not even talked to the stupid kid who sits in the back corner of the class and gets bullied on a daily basis. But yet, here he is, taking some of the judge mental blows and not giving a shit about them.

He's even been there for me when I was questioning my sexuality…

That's right, I'm gay. Well, more like bi-curious. I've always thought women were beautiful, but I haven't really found one that I'd have a relationship with. And if I did, I don't know, maybe I'd consider it.

Anyway, back to Tommy. I've been there for him too, I'm not just take, take, take. When his parents died a little over a year ago, I was the first one he called and I ran over to his aunt's house where he lives now. Luckily, his aunt also lives in L.A., so we could still see each other. When I knocked on the door, he swung it open and threw himself into my arms sobbing. We went inside and he basically poured his feelings out to me. And ever since we've been as close as two friends could be.

I picked up my phone and texted him 'you wanna hang out tomorrow?'
He replies almost instantaneously 'sure, what time?'
'Noon sound good?'
'I was thinking we could go to the park or the movies'
'Park sounds good'
'Okay, see you then :)'
'See ya :)'

Plans settled, now I can sleep. I went into the bathroom, bushed my teeth, and washed my face. I go back into my bedroom and take off my shirt and pants, only going under the covers in my most comfortable pair of boxer-briefs. I fall asleep thinking about what Tommy will be like, we haven't seen each other throughout all of Christmas break. He could've dyed his hair or gotten another piercing for all I know! Oh well, I'll find out tomorrow…