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Maybe, Maybe Not...

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Ivy's POV


Moving to another state and school halfway through your Junior year is not fun. My parents and I were actually happy in New Orleans until a job offer for my dad in Los Angles that promised higher pay made us move. I guess it was for the better. By the way, my dad is a lawyer, so my family is loaded.

Meanwhile, I was unpacking my clothes and shoes into my huge walk in closet. It's like a quarter of the size of my bedroom, which was also huge beyond belief. Actually...the whole house was huge beyond belief, like I said, we're loaded.

It was a few days after Christmas when we moved, so that means that the high school I'm goin to is still on break. Good, because we have a ton of stuff to unpack, maybe I can walk around and get used to the area.

Once I was done putting away the stuff that went in my closet, I went to the box that had my bedding in it. It's a king-sized set that had a not-to-girly white floral pattern on a black background. That was the comforter's design, the sheets were just white, and the pillowcases alternated between solid white or black.

After I put all th bedding on, I fell on the bed, facing the ceiling. I let out a sigh, I was so tired. It was 10pm in California which meant it was 12am in Louisana. I decided to just sleep and try to get used to the time zone change. I stripped out of my clothes and just slipped under the covers in my bra and panties. I closed my eyes and began to feel the numbness of sleep wash over me.