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Ace Attorney | Strange Character One Shots

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Miles was finishing up his work at the Prosecutor's Office when Officer Meekins burst in the room. "Sir! Another package, sir!"

Miles sighed, clutching the bridge of his nose in exasperation.
If this is another Wendy Oldbag thing, I swear-

"It's from Wendy Oldbag, sir!"


Miles Edgeworth shut off his desk lamp light and took the package from the officer.

The two stared at the yellowish/brown cardboard box.

The color nearly matches her teeth.

"You can leave." Edgeworth flicked his hand in a dismissive fashion. He didn't need the whole force hearing about Wendy's undying love confessions for him.

Opening the box without care, Edgeworth pulled out a small plant.

Obviously a growing flower. The note inside it read;

Back from the dead

-Love, Wendy.

Back from the dead is unfortunate. Maybe she should stay there.
Miles thoughts were negative, but he couldn't help himself. This old bag had been chasing him for nearly ten years now, showing up in the middle of crime scenes nearly every time he investigated. He had begun to think that she purposely sought out crime to be a part of it - to see him.

Shuddering as he put the plant behind his desk, along with all of Wendy's other gifts he switched off the master light, shutting and locking the door behind him.

He felt a twinge of sympathy for old Wendy.

She'd never been married - chasing men her whole life without the thought of settling down. Now she was in a despair stage and wanted a man - fast.

Even if it meant resorting to sending notes to a man... most likely 50 years her junior.

Miles chuckled to himself.

Maybe one day he'd give her a chance.