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The Son of Hades

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Darkness. It wasn't always my best friend. Or my worst enemy. But for as long as I remember it's been a place to hide in. Even before finding out I was a demigod the shadows hid me. I could hide from my life. Then I found out I was a son of Hades. And my sister died. And I was alone in the world, with powers and feelings I couldn't control. So I fled. I ran into the darkness, the place where no one would judge me. No one but myself.

For years I hid from people. Only the dead respected me, and they did that out of fear. My story's long and painful. It contains so much suffering, for me and for others around me. And I'm still fighting.

Everything flashes through my mind in a painful whir as I slip back into the shadows.

My story, my life.

There are a lot of places I could start. The day my mother died, the day Percy rescued me, even the day Bianca and I escaped from the Lotus Casino. But I think the best place to start was the day Percy came back to camp from his quest. Which one? The one my sister died on, his quest with the hunters, his quest to free... Annabeth.

I'm Nico di Angelo, and this is my story.