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The Life of Stiles

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Deltas primarily look like human males, but internally they're female wolves, and they're directly descended from LYKAON. Zeus turned HIM and his family then proceeded to slaughter his children where they lay semi-conscious from the change. Only the nine sons he had with the goddess Aphrodite, a water goddess, survived. This gave them magic. Water based magic.

Those nine create the werewolf race. It quickly became apparent, bitten wolves aren't as strong, fast, or powerful as born werewolves. The new ones are tied to the phases of the moon.

The originals can't mate with humans, only bitten wolves and later on, born wolves, keeping their bloodlines pure. They're breeders of superior werewolves. LYKAON wants one of those lines set above the rest as the ultimate example of pure wolves. The unofficial kings or elites. All wolves want a Delta as their mate. It's the ultimate status symbol to have one choose you.

LYKAON's favored son Agapitós mated with him when he came of age, and their son, ADRASTOS meaning "not inclined to run away," was the first born Delta, the unofficial Delta King. As time passes, Lykaon returns to this bloodline and mates with his descendants every five generations or when they don't find a mate. This bloodline grows stronger while the others stay the same.

In Poland, 1993, LYKAON mated with Claudia when she couldn't find a mate at 18. She was pregnant with his child when hunters attacked and killed her pack. The other wolf packs decided to send her somewhere safe to have her baby and raise him in safety.

They send her to the United States with an armed escort from the American Army, Special Forces. His name was John Stilinski. He swore to protect her, took her to his base, married her, knowing she could never mate with a human. He chose to stay human. Sex wasn't what drew him to her.

young stilinski

John took her to his hometown of Beacon Hills where she gave birth on the Wolf Moon, January 27th, 1994. She named him Wilkksiezycawyc which is Polish for Wolf Moon Howl. She identified the Hale's as werewolves immediately.

Talia wanted to arrange a marriage between the newborn and her daughter. She badgered Claudia for months before she lost her temper and revealed "My son and I are Deltas, and we need a male mate, besides it doesn't work that way for us. We'll be wearing amulets to hide our wolves, and I forbid you to tell another soul we're werewolves." She had to obey a direct order from a pureblood.

In 2004 hunters killed Claudia with a lucky shot to the head with Nordic Blue Wolfsbane. They told the story she died in a car accident. 

John's devastated she's dead, and he didn't save her. He went a little overboard seeing to Stiles safety but at the same time doesn't know how to raise a werewolf so lets him raise himself. 

Due to Talia wanting a pureblood mate for her kids, she makes sure they're friends and get to know each other. She never notices young Peter, not much older than Laura, is enthralled with Stiles' wit and intelligence and finds his moral ambiguity enticing. He wants the boy for himself and thinks if only he were a wolf. He smells so good.

peter and derek

Stiles's drawn to his intellect, his gray morals are icing on the cake for him, and he notices Peter has the mate smell. He feels perfect, but he doesn't trust Talia much. She always seems to have ulterior motives. He's got about ten years before he can act on it. He got a lot closer to him than anyone ever realized.

Two days before his 11th birthday most of the Hales die in a tragic fire. Peter's in a coma while Laura takes Derek and runs away. Stiles sneaks in and visits Peter once a month, always a week before the full moon.


Six years later Stiles nearly gets his head caved in when he startles Scott. He persuades him to look for a body in the preserve.

They're searching in the preserve when Scott asks "which half of the body are we looking for?"

Stiles forgot to check. He also didn't think about if the killer's around, but he's pretty sure he can take them. He IS a Delta after all. Helps to have a dad that was special forces teach you all of the hand to hand he's NOT supposed to know. It also helps when your father's the very first werewolf in creation. He smiles to himself.

Stiles knows by the scent they're close, but the smells muddled up and hard to pinpoint. That's when he hears the dogs barking and sees the flashlights. Crap! It's his dad and the other cops. The split up to hide and Stiles gets nabbed by his dad.

"Dad? Fancy finding you here!"

"Stiles? What are you doing here? Is Scott with you? Get home and stay home."

"No, dad, he couldn't come because he wanted to rest up for lacrosse practice tomorrow. I was just heading back." He doesn't notice the red eyes watching from the underbrush at the bottom of the hill, downwind, where he can't smell it.

The only thought going through its head is PACK. It needs a pack to heal and grow stronger. It's operating almost entirely on instinct.

It spots a herd of deer and drives it towards the boy as a distraction. Once they knock him down, he gets close enough to catch and bite him. The boy screams in pain as he runs off with a little howl of triumph. He hears a dog whistle in the distance. The nurse's calling him back.

Won't she be surprised to find out he's an alpha now? He's decided to continue playing the comatose human or animal controlled werewolf running around the preserve late at nights.

The bitch wants the bite. That's why Jennifer lured Laura here. So he'd kill her and be an alpha. Her attempts to seduce him and his wolf haven't worked because both sides of him hold the image of Stiles in their mind and heart. The other boy grabbed by the cop looks and smells like him. This boy is his friend. He'll eventually give me Stiles. He smiles in anticipation.



At school, Scott's telling him about a wolf biting him and he found the body but lost his inhaler. His scent smells a little off. Musky. More animal. Satomi's not recruiting. There are no other alphas around, and he knows HE didn't bite Scott.

Stiles makes a joke about werewolves to see how he reacts.

In their first period class, Stiles hears a cell phone outside ringing and notices Scott looking everywhere for it before locking in on it.

Scott's a werewolf now, and the full moon's in four days! This is so, not good. He'll never be able to handle the full moon on his own. He doesn't know a werewolf bit him. That means it was feral and won't be around to guide him through it. Crap!

The girl with the phone comes in and is introduced as Allison Argent. Argent?! First Scot's bit and now another Argent. Either history is repeating itself, or this is the Twilight Zone.

Scott hands her a pen, and he looks smitten.


After school, they head back to the preserve to find Scott's inhaler. They find where he thinks he dropped it. The body's gone. It wasn't discovered last night, so someone moved it. He scents a werewolf and looks up to see a grumpy werewolf. Smells familiar.

Stiles gets Scott's attention and points out the guy confronting them. They tell him they're looking for Scott's inhaler. Grumpy tosses the inhaler at Scott's head, and he miraculously catches it. Grumpy walks off and then it clicks. Derek Hale. If one's an incident, two's a coincidence, and three's a pattern. What's going on?

"Dude that was Derek Hale." Scott gives him a blank look. "His family burned in that big fire five to ten years ago."

 Scott goes to work and Stiles goes home. He's walking upstairs thinking about Scott and how he's going to help him. The best thing may be to wait until he uses some werewolf abilities and confront him. He may have to lock Scott up on the full moon Friday, so he doesn't hurt anyone.

Later that night Scott's closing up at the vet's office and borrows some supplies to redress the bite. When he removes the bandage he finds the bite's totally healed. He's shocked and can find no scars or open wounds, not even by feel. He hears a panicked knock on the door.

He opens the door to find Allison in the rain. She tells him she hit a dog and it's in the trunk. He goes to get it and it's scared and attacking. He makes eye contact with it and his eyes glow golden, and the dog goes passive. He takes it inside and treats him.

Allison takes the chance to change into a dry shirt. Scott asks her if he can take her to Lydia's party Friday night. She says yes. He silently and internally air fists. He can't wait to tell Stiles tomorrow.