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Dazai and Chuuya are not ready for adulthood

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“I can’t believe we’re having this talk right now, Dazai!” Chuuya stormed down the busy afternoon streets with an expression that had people diving to get out of his way.


“Chuuya~ You’re worrying way too much. We’ll be fine~”


“HOW ARE WE GOING TO BE FINE WHEN WE HAVE-” The petite mafia quickly pulled out his wallet and peeked into it.




“You’re overthinking this.” Dazai laughed casually while mashing away at his handheld game, until a wad of receipts was shoved into his face.


How do you spend ninety percent our first paycheck on bandages alone?!”


Dazai finally put his handheld away when they stopped at a street crossing and sighed heavily.


“Chuuya, you can’t pin all the blame on me when you bought that bottle of Romanée - Conti while you were drunk.” Dazai smirked and hummed in triumph when Chuuya snapped his mouth shut. Right... they were both equally guilty of splurging on their first paycheck.


“But like I said, don’t worry about it. I’ll think of something.” Dazai patted Chuuya roughly on the back, but his partner only tilted his head down and pouted, lashes fluttering as he stared at the sidewalk in melancholy. Man, Dazai wish he hadn’t broken his phone last week trying to commit suicide with it.


“What plan could you possibly have to bail us out of this...”


“Hmm~” Dazai lifted his head and looked up and down the street, then spotted a limo approaching. His eyes lit up with stars as he smiled and turned around.


“Hey, can you play along?”


Chuuya glanced over to the limo, and then back to Dazai, immediately catching on.


“Sure...” He said a bit hesitantly.


Dazai turned back around with a grin on his face, while Chuuya clenched his eyes shut and prepared to activate his ability. As the limo approached, speeding fast, he shot out a hand and pushed Chuuya into the street.


Screeeeeeeeeeech! CRASH!!!


“Kyaaa!!” Screams resounded about as people gathered to look over the scene in shock. The front of the limo was dented, and just ahead was Chuuya, laying face down in the street.


“Oh my goodness! What happened?” A woman dressed fancily in expensive clothing and jewelry rushed out next to her chauffeur, gasping when she saw Chuuya laying there. Suddenly, Dazai rushed forward and slid to a stop on his knees next to him.


“Chuu!” Dazai cradled him in his arms, clutching his bloody hand and staring down with despair. The growing crowd gasped and murmured among themselves. Chuuya coughed weakly and lifted a small, trembling hand as he gazed upward, eyes scrunched in pain.


“Agh... Big brother, it hurts so much.”


“Stay with me, Chuu! Please!” Dazai’s voice cracked as he lowered his head, dry sobs stuck in his throat.


“You’re all I have left, after mom and dad passed away.” The crowd gasped in unison.


“Y-you know how we always said... we’ll escape to a nice island... and live a life where no one can hurt us again...” Chuuya winced and writhed in Dazai’s arms, coughing as he struggled to speak.


“I’m sorry... I think I’ll be heading to that paradise... f-first.” His breath hitched as he fell limp, Dazai’s voice quivered in shock as people around them teared up. Finally, with a painful sob, he raised his head to the sky and cried in despair.




“Oh no! I’m so sorry!” The woman from the limo clutched her hands to her mouth and cried profusely, along with most of the crowd. Suddenly, Dazai looked downwards and gasped.


“He’s still alive!” The crowd gasped again.


“Ah! Thank goodness! If there is anything I can do to make this up...” The woman rushed forward with her heels clicking, eyes shimmering with tears. Dazai looked up to her, still cradling Chuuya, and whispered.


“If there is anything that can rescue my brother now...” A sudden shadow dropped over him as his eyes became ice cold.


“It’s the money to pay the medical bills that will save his life.”


“Of course! Of course!” The woman cried and took out stacks of cash from her oversized purse, then cried loudly in guilt as she began to shuffle cash into the air over them to make it rain.