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You won't hurt me, Derek

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"Are you sure?" Derek asked.

"Yes, I am." Stile replied back.

Derek, however, was not convinced. Even though Stiles tried to sound nonchalant and completely sure the werewolf can perfectly hear the faint tremor in his voice. In addition, the boy smelled like fear. Derek could smell it all.

"We should stop" he said and moved away from Stiles a little.

"No, no, no. Why?" Stiles asked with worry in his voice.

Stiles looked at him with eyes wide open.

"You're not ready. This is your first time with a man, right? I don't want to hurt you." Derek explained.

"What? You won't hurt me, Derek. I know it. I trust you."

"And that's the problem," said werewolf. "You trust me too much and you have too much faith in me. It's unnatural."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I love you, you big idiot. It's completely normal to trust the person you love!"

Stiles grabbed his face in both hands and lifted himself on his elbows to kiss him. After a long moment they broke the kiss, but Stiles didn't move his face from Derek's.

"Come on, Derek. I don't know about you but I've been waiting for this moment for months. I literally dreamed about it!"

Derek frowned and clenched his jaw tight.

"But if after or during... you may complain and regret..."

"I won't, big guy" Stiles assured him, bumping the tip of his nose with his.

Derek kissed the teenager. He could still smell his fear, but it was slowly being replaced with excitement. The pure smell of Stiles astounded Derek's senses.

The werewolf, just like Stiles, couldn't wait any longer for their first time together. In fact, they could have done it earlier but he was scared of hurting Stiles. Derek loved him the most in the world. He never suspected that that would ever be possible. The werewolf didn't want to lose him; his wolf was whining when he even thought about something like that happening. So he never pressured.

When their simple kisses changed into something more and when he felt how tight his pants became. He interrupted the contact and pulled away. Derek felt like a horny teenager.

He tried as best as he could to kiss Stiles face and neck and touch his bare skin at the same time. He gently bit behind his ears. Derek was sliding the tip of his nose from the line of Stiles jaw to his navel. He looked up at Stiles with lust in his eyes when he took off his pant and boxers, trying to tell him without using words how beautiful and perfect he was and how desperately Derek wanted him.

They finally got closer as much as can be possible. Derek wanted this moment to never end.

That night they became one. Skin to skin, body to body. Stiles was tightly wrapping his arms and legs around Derek. If Derek was human, the teenager would have left him with bruises and bloody scratches on his back. Stiles was the human one. On his pale skin hickeys and bruises in a shape of a hand was easily visible but Stiles didn't complained. In fact, he was happy that he was marked by Derek and that everyone could see it.

Later that night they cuddled on the bed, soaked with their sweat and semen. Stiles, no longer attached to Derek, felt somehow empty but still happy as fuck. His body didn't hurt, he wasn't sure if it was because of Derek's experience or maybe Derek simply took away his pain. He didn't know but he also didn't care. Stiles felt too good and too sleepy to think about it.

So, he cuddled with Derek, his eyes closed, breath deep and steady. The man stroked his cheek gently, looking at him. Not once did he slept with any women or men. But he could honestly say is what he experienced with Stiles was the best moment he had so far. No one could match him. Maybe this was the power of love? Who knows.

He was just happy that he could be with someone he loved.

Nothing else mattered.