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Your Eyes On Me

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"You're not coming back to skating, are you?"

Viktor looks up from his phone, his thumb resting on a picture of Yuuri's sleeping, jetlagged face, raising an eyebrow. Chris gives him a wry smile, tilting his champagne flute toward the rink not far from their hotel.

"It's a lonelier world without you on the podium, Viktor."

Viktor smiles, takes a photo of Chris looking wistful, and doesn't reply. Chris sighs at his reticence and finishes off his champagne, toying with the cherry as he looks over the glittering city. The silence isn't uncomfortable, but it draws Viktor back to his photo album, where his favorites of Yuuri are saved. The first few are precious to him; a bit blurry, but still hilarious when he thinks of how shy Yuuri is otherwise. Only a year has passed, yet his life has changed in ways Viktor never would have imagined.

"Shall we take a selfie together?" Viktor offers, holding up a pair of sunglasses with a smirk. Chris returns the grin, and soon the picture is uploaded to Instagram for everybody to enjoy. Viktor leans over Chris' shoulder to watch his feed, rolling his eyes a bit at the picture of JJ. It'd be so much more fun if Yuuri posted to Instagram more, but since he only follows everybody and rarely posts, Viktor tries to post enough for both of them.

Viktor sighs, shivering as the wintry air brushes his bare skin. Chris leans into him, his voice dropping a little, husky and teasing. "Too cold even for you? Shall I warm you up?"

The temptation is passing; instead Viktor has the thought of Yuuri waiting for him, sweet and sleepy and ready to cuddle Viktor back to warmth. He groans and covers his face for a moment. He is so far gone on Yuuri, it's a little ridiculous.

"I don't think Yuuri would like that much," Viktor sighs, and Chris laughs.

"He might not. But he might. He did share that charming pole dance with me last year," Chris says with a grin. Viktor remembers that night very fondly. He has a whole folder dedicated to videos and pictures of Yuuri at last year's GPF, half-naked and flirting so hard with Viktor that it's a surprise they didn't fall into the same bed that night. Only by Celestino's rescue of his poor student did Viktor fail to have Yuuri then, and he still isn't sure if he regrets it or not.

"He did do that," Viktor allows, and while he would trust Chris with his life, he's not sure if he would trust Chris with Yuuri. The thought burns him a little.

"Have you asked him to reenact those dances with you?" Chris asks slyly.

Viktor tilts his head back to watch the sky, aware of Chris watching him, but unable to meet his eyes. His cheeks are uncomfortably warm. Yuuri dancing at that banquet is one of his most precious memories. Unfortunately, Yuuri has never brought the banquet up, nor even hinted at the same erotic movements since -- except while he is skating. "Despite his Eros routine, Yuuri is a little... shy, in that arena."

Chris takes one look at his face and starts laughing. "You're completely in love with this boy, aren't you?" The warmth on Viktor's cheeks deepens, the denial silenced before he can even think it.

"It's Yuuri," Viktor murmurs, as if that explains everything. It does to him.

"I never thought I'd see the day that infamous playboy Viktor Nikiforov fell in love. It's sweet," Chris adds with a smile when Viktor shoots a look at him. "I wish I had bagged him last year. He was so far gone on you, though... and that drunk, it wouldn't have been right. I'm sure the two of you are a sight together... one I would like to see."

Viktor outright frowns at this, some part of him relieved that Chris didn't get to have Yuuri last year either. He isn't surprised that Chris is interested; Chris tends to view flirting and sex along the same lines as anybody else would friendship. It's easy with him, with no strings attached to any intimacy between them. He is sure that Chris would have the same lack of interest in anything deeper than a night of sex with Yuuri.

For Yuuri, it might be another challenge for their relationship, though Viktor has his own plans on how to affirm his bond to Yuuri. Maybe it's a small challenge to himself, too; to test how strong his attachment to Yuuri is. If he can handle seeing Yuuri with another person...

Somehow Viktor has the feeling that Yuuri, with his hidden erotic side, would enjoy someone watching them all too much.

"Only if Yuuri agrees," Viktor finds himself saying. Chris stares at him, briefly surprised, before a smile crosses his lips. After a moment, Chris pulls himself up to don his robe, then offers Viktor a hand, winking. Viktor shivers as he stands.

"Let's go downstairs, lover boy."

As Viktor suspected, the light is still turned off. It's getting late, close to dinner time, so he barges in without a care for his sleepy boyfriend. "Yuuri! I'm cold, cold, cold! Run a bath for me!" he whines, dripping cold water all over the floor, while Chris leans over his shoulder with a wink.

"How about you make some coffee too, Yuuri?" Chris suggests, as Viktor huddles into the warm room. On the bed, Yuuri pushes himself up in confusion, likely questioning Chris' presence, but Viktor is struck by his low-riding pants and his soft, rumpled look.

He can't resist. Without waiting Viktor launches himself across the beds to tackle Yuuri, nuzzling his cold nose into Yuuri's warm neck with a moan. Chris lands on the bed a second later, cuddling up to Yuuri's other side with nary a care. Between the two of them, they manage to completely cover Yuuri and get his clothes soaking wet.

Yuuri, predictably, shrieks. "Cold! Too cold! Quit clinging to me, you two!" He tries feebly to push both Viktor and Chris away, but both men are known for their octopus-like grip and hold firm, laughing.

"Oh, you're so warm, Yuuri, I was so cold, it was awful. Warm me up, please," Viktor begs, pouting up at Yuuri, who gives him a flat stare.

"You've gotten my clothes wet, Viktor," Yuuri replies, as cold and unforgiving as the December air outside, but a moment later he relaxes with a sigh, his struggling ceasing. "You two are ridiculous. Get off."

Viktor snuggles closer in response. Chris rests his chin on Yuuri's shoulder, blowing warm, champagne-scented air onto his ear, making Yuuri turn red, before he rolls to the side a little and stretches himself out. The sight of Yuuri blushing, damp and in his sleep clothes -- and with little underneath them, if he is correct -- is too much for Viktor, and he leans up to catch Yuuri's lips in a kiss, sliding his hand down Yuuri's side.

"If your clothes are wet, we should take them off," he murmurs into Yuuri's mouth, biting his bottom lip teasingly. He slides one hand down further, sneaking his fingers under the waist of Yuuri's sweatpants. Yuuri gasps a little, sending a throb through Viktor and making him forget he was ever cold. Then Yuuri's gaze darts to the side, where Chris is laying with a smile on his face.

"C-Chris is watching," Yuuri whispers.

Viktor leans in to nose at the soft skin under Yuuri's ear. He can't leave a mark, not a serious one, but he loves kissing and biting that part of Yuuri, knowing full well how it drives Yuuri to a stuttering, flushed mess. If he goes too far, it can even flip Yuuri's switch, which is one of Viktor's favorite things. "I really doubt Chris will mind." He squeezes Yuuri's hip a little, grinning when Yuuri squeaks. "He might even enjoy it. We could put on a show for him."

Yuuri goes still beneath him, and Viktor pulls back to look at him, wondering if he has pushed Yuuri too far. Yuuri glances between him and Chris, chewing on his lip, then meets Viktor's eyes, clearly confused and perhaps a little scared. Viktor melts, leaning in to kiss him softly because he cannot resist, before he sits up.

Painfully shy and still slow to embrace sex, Yuuri had admitted long ago that Viktor was his first. Viktor is hesitant to share him now, but sex would surely relax Yuuri before the Grand Prix Final begins, and he knows Chris will have no trouble with any boundaries Yuuri sets. He also knows that Chris won't be interested in anything further; Yuuri's heart is safe from him, which is by far the strongest reason Viktor even agreed to this.

"Yuuri, relax. I have no intention of anything more than a little fun. Only what you say is okay. Besides, I would never try to get between you and Viktor," Chris says before Viktor can try to reassure Yuuri.

Yuuri's gaze snaps over to Chris, and for a moment Viktor holds his breath, worried that Chris has said the wrong thing. Then Yuuri reacts in the strangest way -- he relaxes. A small smile touches his lips, flushed from Viktor's kiss, and perhaps Viktor was reading wrongly into Yuuri's anxiety. He knows how possessive Yuuri is, though he has seen it little outside of Eros. He should have known better.

"A little fun," Yuuri repeats, considering the words, his gaze sliding back to Viktor. The intensity of his stare sends a thrill through Viktor, and at once he wants to apologize for springing this on Yuuri without talking about it beforehand, to beg Yuuri for forgiveness, but then Yuuri is reaching up to touch Viktor's face, calming him. "You want to try this, Viktor?"

Viktor swallows, leaning into Yuuri's hand. "Only like this. Chris... is the only one I would trust with something like this." With you.

The silent message is heard. Yuuri's gaze softens, and he gives Chris another glance, this time shy and hesitant, before leaning forward to kiss Viktor. Drinking in his taste with a low moan, Viktor sighs out his tension, pushing Yuuri back down on the bed and running his hand down his body, not wasting any time in sliding his hand into Yuuri's sweatpants and seeking his cock. The first touch makes Yuuri jolt, his hands scrambling to hold onto him as Viktor begins to stroke him slowly, loving how he tenses and arches.

"Beautiful Yuuri," Viktor murmurs, kissing him again, and again. Yuuri turns his head a little, and then he lets out a sweetly embarrassed noise and turns his head away from Viktor, but that is no matter. It only gives Viktor better access to his neck.

Yuuri's skin tastes sweet, another favorite of his. Viktor kisses down to Yuuri's shoulder, the one that will be covered by the opaque material of Yuuri's Eros costume, and pushes his shirt collar aside to suck a mark into the hot skin. Yuuri's body responds brilliantly, as Viktor had hoped, the flesh filling and hardening beneath his hand. This is one of his favorite kinds of Yuuri, the responsive, erotic Yuuri who would give everything to Viktor, who would let him do anything he desires. Within limits, of course... but Viktor is happy to push those limits, to drive Yuuri further than ever before, because he knows Yuuri will meet him every step of the way.

"Damn, you two are hot," Chris murmurs, and the sound of his voice jolts Viktor. He had forgotten Chris was even there, for a moment. He lifts his head to look at Chris, catching the knowing expression on his face, which makes him flush a little. Yuuri has his gaze fixed on Chris already, and probably, Yuuri had not forgotten at all.

Chris gives them both a winsome smile. He catches Yuuri's hand and gently pulls him up, Yuuri's legs hooking over Viktor's knees, then kneels beside them both, reaching up to hold Yuuri's chin. Chris glances at Viktor for a moment, and Viktor swallows, realizing he will have to see Yuuri kiss another person. He isn't sure he can handle it -- but he nods, giving his permission, and Chris looks back at Yuuri, his other hand sliding back through Yuuri's hair and gently taking off his glasses.

"May I kiss you, Yuuri?" Chris asks, low and gentle, and Yuuri glances at Viktor nervously. Viktor meets his stare, not refusing, but keeping his gaze fixed on Yuuri, the way he knows Yuuri likes, and that seems to reassure Yuuri enough that he nods for Chris.

Then Chris leans in, and the kiss is -- raw. Erotic, sensual, and it drags Viktor back to last year's banquet, when Yuuri and Chris pole danced half-naked with each other. The sexiest moments he can remember of Yuuri, just scant moments before he had first fallen in love.

He is so far gone on Yuuri.

Yuuri is panting a little, his hands gripping Viktor tightly, though he accepts the kiss easily enough. In Viktor's hand, though, is the proof that Chris is a little too erotic; he feels Yuuri's cock throb, and seconds later, Yuuri moans breathlessly as Chris cards his fingers back through his hair again, his hips jolting.

"Okay, that's enough," Viktor hears himself say, and Chris pulls back, glancing at him with a raised eyebrow and leaving Yuuri a little dazed. Viktor returns Chris' stare helplessly, knowing he is lost, that Yuuri has stolen every part of him, and that it is bad that he is unwilling to share -- but Chris only smiles at him, accepting.

"That was fun," Chris says, brushing a thumb over Yuuri's damp lips before letting him go. "Your master has taught you very well, Yuuri." He winks, and Yuuri's face lights up with another flush, one that travels down beneath his shirt.

"C-Chris," Yuuri stutters, and that's about as much as Viktor can take. He reaches for Yuuri's shirt and drags it up over Yuuri's head, tossing it aside and pushing him back down to kiss him, taking away the burn of Chris' lips and replacing it with his love. He doesn't want Yuuri to think of anybody else, to look at anybody else, and he probably shouldn't have accepted Chris' proposal -- but then he thinks of Eros, of Yuuri's love for him, and he wonders if having an audience will flip that rare switch that Yuuri prefers to hide.

He squeezes Yuuri's cock, brushing a thumb over the vein throbbing under the head. "Say my name, Yuuri," he whispers, licking the last of the taste of champagne from Yuuri's lips. Yuuri gasps, choking on Viktor's name, grabbing at his wrist to slow his touch. Viktor allows it, because Yuuri saying his name in that sweet, pleading voice is music to his ears.

He hears a rustle to the side and casts a glance at Chris, who has divested himself of his robe, his arousal obvious in his swim briefs. He only leans back, though, content to watch, but Viktor has a feeling that Chris will try to push the limits again later. He is interested to see how far it will go.

"Looks like your pants are damp too, Yuuri," Viktor purrs, reaching under Yuuri's hips to squeeze his lower cheeks and enjoying the exasperated glare Yuuri shoots at him. In a moment he has pulled the offending garment off Yuuri, laying him bare for both Viktor and Chris to feast their eyes upon, and Viktor sighs, ignoring Yuuri's sputtering as he leans down to mouth at his hip.

"Viktor!" Yuuri yelps, pushing at his shoulder. "Chris is..."

Viktor flashes his gaze upward, and Yuuri shuts his mouth, his throat bobbing as he swallows. Chris chuckles but otherwise does not comment, but Viktor senses that he is straining not to touch both of them, his breathing a little harder now. He knows Chris is looking at them, is looking at Yuuri's body displayed luridly across Viktor's lap, and it turns him on something fierce, to know that his Yuuri is beautiful enough to capture Chris' attention -- Chris, who collects tallies on his bedpost like Viktor collects gold medals. Only the best, for both of them -- except Viktor plans to keep this one for himself.

"I'm showing you off, Yuuri," Viktor says with a sharp smile. Yuuri's eyes narrow, promising retribution later, and Viktor looks forward to it.

"There's just practice tomorrow, and the night is still young... and I can be gentle. Shall we give Chris a real show, Yuuri?" Viktor asks, sitting up a little and watching Yuuri's face closely. Yuuri freezes beneath him, a little shocked by the proposal, his gaze darting back to Chris, whose mouth has opened in surprise. Perhaps he sees the blatant want on Chris' face, or perhaps he hears the hesitation hiding behind Viktor's bravado; when Yuuri looks up at Viktor again, his eyes are a little wild. Viktor hides a smile against Yuuri's knee. He knew this would press Yuuri's buttons in all the right ways.

"If... if Chris doesn't mind watching," Yuuri mumbles, his face turning red again. "I'm not sure about s-sex, or... anything more than kissing or... touching, I guess, but... watching is okay. Just... like this."

Viktor stares at him for a long moment, taken by his beautiful blush, by the fervent passion in his dark gaze, by the fact that Yuuri trusts Viktor enough to allow Chris to see them like this. He sighs and leans down to kiss Yuuri deeply, drinking in his low groan with relish, loving how Yuuri arches into his hands.

Viktor reaches to the side without thinking, knowing he put condoms somewhere, and a small wrapped package and a tube are pressed into his hand. Viktor blinks and looks over at Chris, who grins -- always prepared. Viktor snorts and divests himself of his shorts, then rolls the condom over his aching sex, before spreading the slick lube across his fingers and reaching between Yuuri's legs. As he slides one finger inside, he hears Chris shift closer, leaning back against the pillow beside Yuuri, but not quite touching.

Yuuri shudders and turns his head, pressing his forehead to Chris' hip, then starts a little and looks up. Chris smiles at him and reaches down to trail a finger along Yuuri's chin, and Yuuri allows it, parting his lips automatically as Chris brushes his fingertips over Yuuri's mouth.

Viktor twists his finger within Yuuri, pressing a little deeper, and it startles Yuuri enough to close his lips around Chris' fingers. Chris sighs, but he makes no further moves, doesn't go any further against the boundaries Yuuri has set, though the feeling of Yuuri's soft, hot mouth wrapped around his fingers surely incites him. Viktor doesn't bother denying Chris this touch; otherwise, Yuuri will start begging, and Viktor would rather keep those pleas and cries to himself.

Another finger, a little crook inside Yuuri, a little stroke against the swollen gland there -- and Yuuri moans helplessly around Chris' fingers, sucking on them hard and making Chris groan. Viktor can imagine that he's thinking of those soft, pliant lips wrapped around his cock. Viktor knows how irresistible the idea is. He has the feeling that the fantasy alone will drive Chris wild, and he grins a little, pleased that Yuuri arouses Chris in such a way.

When he thinks Yuuri is stretched enough, Viktor reaches up to turn Yuuri's head toward him, Chris' fingers sliding out of Yuuri's mouth, slick with his saliva. He doesn't say anything; he doesn't need to, as Yuuri lifts his hips and settles his knees on either side of Viktor, waiting and wanting and ready. Viktor holds Yuuri's gaze as he glides into him, seeing Yuuri's breath quicken, his pupils dilating as Viktor opens him up and fills him. He burns around Viktor, soft and slick and velvety smooth, and Viktor shudders, aware that Chris is staring at both of them but unable to look away from Yuuri.

Yuuri told him to keep his eyes on him. It was a demand that Viktor has never forgotten.

I'm watching you. I won't take my eyes off you.

"Viktor," Yuuri gasps, reaching for him with both hands, but Viktor stays out of his reach, sliding his hand up Yuuri's leg and tugging his knee up to rest against his shoulder. The change in position lets him sink a little deeper into Yuuri, and Viktor grins wickedly, holding still for a moment and making Yuuri cry out, his hands grabbing Viktor's arms.

Chris moans as Yuuri's voice chokes out Viktor's name again. Viktor ignores him, setting a relentless pace of shallow thrusts and hard grinds, aiming as best as he can beyond his own pleasure for Yuuri's prostate. It won't be enough to give Yuuri an orgasm, no, but it will bring him to the brink, and Viktor loves seeing Yuuri on the edge of pleasure like this, desperate for Viktor to end it for him.

A hand touches his chin, and Viktor looks up to see Chris leaning in. He is surprised by Chris' kiss, though he should have expected it, and he groans as Chris invades his mouth, sensing that Chris is close just from watching Viktor act so boldly with Yuuri. He opens his mouth further for Chris, thrusting a bit harder into Yuuri as Chris slides a hand down his side -- and then Yuuri's voice breaks through his haze of lust.


Viktor breaks the kiss immediately and looks down at Yuuri, who is staring at them with wide, darkened eyes. Chris lets go of Viktor and leans back.

"Yuuri, I'm sorry," Chris says, stricken. "I'll leave --"

"No," Yuuri says again, this time a bit more gently, but his gaze is firm as he stares at Viktor. "You can stay. Just... don't touch Viktor. I don't want that."

Chris hesitates, glancing over at Viktor, but Viktor can't look at him. He had looked away from Yuuri. He knows how much trouble he's in.

"Yuuri," Viktor tries, but Yuuri reaches up to press a finger to Viktor's lips, silencing him with another look.

"It's okay, really. But I think we can give you a better show than this," Yuuri says, almost conversationally, and without missing a beat, he manages to separate himself from Viktor, then pushes Viktor back, hard enough that Viktor lands on his back on the bed. Viktor blinks a few times, dazed, and that is all the time Yuuri needs to straddle Viktor's hips and sink down on his cock, rolling his hips back as Viktor cries out.

Chris stares in shock, sitting back on the bed, and Viktor reaches to grip Yuuri's hips, his eyes widening as Yuuri stares down at him. Yuuri catches his hands, though, and pins them to Viktor's sides, grinding his hips hard against Viktor's, and Viktor bites his lip on a curse word.

If he had been waiting to flip Yuuri's switch, he need wait no longer.

"What Viktor doesn't like to admit," Yuuri says, a small gasp in his voice as Viktor meets his thrust downward, "is that whenever he pushes me, I always go beyond his expectations. I like what he brings to our bed." Yuuri lifts himself up on his legs, then sinking back down hard, making Viktor throw back his head, please at the back of his throat. "However, Viktor keeps forgetting one very important thing." He leans down to catch Viktor's chin in his hand, his thumb dragging Viktor's mouth open. Viktor shudders, not fighting him, loving how Yuuri's gaze softens, a smile playing on his lips.

"He can't look away from me."

"Yuuri," Viktor moans, biting down on Yuuri's thumb and sucking on it for a moment, his freed hand reaching to Yuuri's hip to guide him faster. "Please, I love you, I need you so much, Yuuri, Yuuri..."

Yuuri smiles softly, pressing his thumb over Viktor's tongue before sitting up again and riding him hard. Viktor shudders into his quick, shallow thrusts, feeling Yuuri squeezing him purposefully, and knowing that he cannot hide his desperation now. Chris has seen him begging for Yuuri, has seen him at his most vulnerable, his most submissive, unlike he has been with any other lover -- and Viktor doesn't care anymore. He just wants Yuuri, all of Yuuri, forever. Whatever the GPF brings, whatever Yuuri ultimately decides -- Viktor will give all of himself to Yuuri.

His vision goes white, gasping out Yuuri's name as every nerve in his body sings. Yuuri rides out Viktor's orgasm, rolling his hips firmly until Viktor's arched back sinks to the bed again. Then he takes himself in hand and brings himself off, clenching around Viktor's sensitive, spent cock as his own orgasm leaves streaks across Viktor's stomach.

Yuuri smiles in satisfaction, then looks over at Chris, who looks completely stunned, his own messy end dampening his shorts. "Did you like the show, Chris?"

Viktor closes his eyes, defeated, and smiles.