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Songfic OneShots!

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Based On The Song:

Meghan Trainor - Like I’m Gonna Lose You

Ft. John Legend



There Danny stood, next to another tall man Steve has never seen. Steve started walking, but could never move out of his spot. His breath picked up with worry, why couldn’t he move? Steve walked faster and faster, still no result. “Danny! D-Danny!” he panted, but Danny seemed to not notice. Steve  started sweating as he ran in place, his feet stomping hard against the concrete of sidewalk. “Danny!” he screamed out. Suddenly, the area around him became completely black, except for the sidewalk leading up to Danny and the unknown man. The stranger's face slowly moved around to look at Steve from his side-view. He gave a smirk as Danny leans into his arm. Danny looked up at the much taller man, gesturing for him to lean down. He kissed the man, smiling through it with his eyes closed, but his unknown lover just looked at Steve with an I know you’re jealous! look. Steve became infuriated, his steps now gaining movement. This was however, still useless. Because with each step, the two moved farther away. Steve picked up speed more and more, his legs hurt, but somehow didn’t. A mixed feeling of pain and relief, to be true. Finally, Steve reached the pair. He extended out his arm, reaching for Danny’s shoulder, but just like that, he turned to nothing. Steve turned his head and saw the man he was with, though. He took a swing at him, but it was like shadow-boxing. The guy would disappear every time Steve tried to take a punch to his face, then reappear. Steve did this for an endless amount of time.


Steve continued doing it, sweat was forming but never falling. In a flash, the scenery around them turned to the inside of a nice, clean condo. They stood in the living room. The guy stood there, a smirk on his face. Steve looked around there was a door near the couch, that was probably the only one he saw. Just then, Steve heard a voice call, “Hey babe! Are you coming back~?” in a seducing voice. It was Danno’s voice. Steve’s head jerked to the open doorway, there stood Danny in all his beauty. He was naked, his body being covered by a white sheet as light splashed onto a side of his face, “Huh? Yeah. Just getting prepared to shove it up there.” he winked. Danny laughed, walking over to the stranger, “You’re so inappropriate!” he exclaimed. “Let’s go, you had plenty of time to ‘prepare’” Danny finished with another light laugh. Danny walked ahead of his taller “lover” but the other man soon caught up, slapping Danny’s bare bottom as he passed. “You animal!” Danny giggled. Animal is what Danny calls me. It’s my nickname. Steve thought to himself. He was invisible to Danny, it seemed. Steve fell to his knees, tears fell to the floor, tears of defeat-loss-and sadness.


Steve bolted up in bed. His breath was rapid as he panted crazily, tears streaming down his face. He looked around the dark room, the only light from the bright moon. He grabbed his hair with his hands, pulling on it. He felt a warm and soft form suddenly touch his side. There he was. Danny. Danny was still their. Steve let out a sigh of relief and tears of happiness poured down. Danny’s blue eyes fluttered open, illuminated by the lunar night light. “Steve?” he asked in a scratchy voice. He saw the tears on Steve’s face, “Steve?” he asked alarmingly. “Steve, what’s wrong?” he asked again. “Nothing, nothing,” McGarrett said happily. “Then why’re you crying?” Danny asked with a serious tone, “I’m just happy to have you .” the taller man answered. Danny looked at him with soft, sweet eyes. “Ha, I’m happy to have you too. I love you.” Danny pulled Steve back down and curled into his side, “Love you too.” Steve answered. “Love you lots.” he ended with a whisper, grabbing Danny and pulling the blonde man closer, kissing his forehead.


The Next Morning~


Steve slowly opened his tired eyes, looking over to his side. He was ecstatic to see his partner still with him. Danny was asleep, so Steve pulled the covers back on the two of them, and fell asleep alongside his short lover. Danny opened one eye and smiled at Steve, leaning his head closer until their foreheads touched.


A While Later~


Steve woke up again, this time to sweet smelling air. Danny came into the room, with a tray of pancakes. Danno’s cooking is actually quite amazing. Danny walked to the bed and sat down, scooting in between Steve’s legs. “Open your mouth,” Danny smiled, “Hey, that’s what I said to you last n---” Steve’s inappropriate speech was cut off by the fluffy cake being shoved into his mouth. Steve chewed on them with a lazy smile. The blonde turned around and sat up against McGarrett’s chest as he at the pancakes, also giving some to Steve over his shoulder. Once they finished, Danny set the plate on the night stand and pushed back so McGarrett would lay down. Danny layed there, on top of his lover. He turned to his side and curled up. The sight of Danno made Steve think of a cat, or a small dog. A very small dog.


Danny woke up with Steve petting his head, “What am I? Your dog?” Danny asked sarcastically. Steve rolled his eyes and kept on the affectionate motion. And once again, for the last time until night, the couple fell asleep. Steve had defeated the evil boyfriend stealer in his dream and all was well.


A/N Heyo! I feel like no one reads notes, so I just put in Author Notes. Hope you liked the fanfic, leave kudos and a comment if you did. Also, put in a song that would be good for a McDanno fanfic, I need ideas! P.S. Sorry this was short!

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Based On The Song:

Surf Curse - Forever Dumb


A/N This is a HighSchool AU! So things are different. Also, in this chap. I’ll be quoting lyrics at times so the story makes sense! Listen to it before, while, or after reading.



Steve McGarrett is the school heartbreaker. He’s tall, handsome, athletic, everything you’d want. Except for he’s ruthless. He never stays with a girl, or boy, he leaves early on before there’s an attachment. Steve isn’t exactly proud, he isn’t ashamed either.

Then we have Danny Williams. Unlike Steve, he isn’t tall. Not close. He’s 5”2, and is stalky. Not necessarily fat, he has almost none of that. Most of that fat goes in the back, which is why Danny hates his body. His body is too feminine, so he makes it up with witty jokes and a harsh attitude. He’s a sweet, adorable, shy person on the inside. Past experiences make it hard for him to trust, but never stops once he’s locked his heart on someone. He has a small circle of friends, and envies Steven McGarrett. The guy with the girls and boys. But Danny has a bit of a crush on McGarrett. If McGarrett tried to date him, he’d “Yes” him in a second.


Steve walked down the halls, his little crew behind him. Girls stared in his direction, gay guys did as well. Steve had dated around 99.9% of the people here, not counting his football team, unattractive people, or close friends. That .1% was Danny Williams, the short haole from Jersey. Steven’s never admitted it, but he found Danny pretty adorable. From his blue eyes to small stature, especially that very round ass, Steve was ready to hit it. That’s all though. Pretend to have a nice relationship for a few weeks, then sex, then over. It might take a while with Danny, Steve’s heard around he has trust issues, or somethin’ like that. Chin ran up next to Steve, “Hey, brah. Where the heck are you going? You’ve been walking in circles.” he said in his always calm voice. Steve glared at him, he was looking for Danny. It was a break period, so where the hell was he? Steve stopped, he didn’t even know where his locker is. So he turned to Kono, his only close female friend he hasn’t done, probably because she’s like a sister to him. She knows everything about everyone. “Kono, where’s Danny William’s locker?” Kono raised her eyebrow and opened her backpack. “What’s that, Kono?” Chin asked his cousin, “Oh, just a list of every high schooler's locker, number, location, and code! Nothing much, brah.” she shrugged with a smirk. Steve stared with an amazed look. “It should be the next hallway, all the way at the end.” Steve just realized they’d only been going up and down one hallway. He was embarrassed so he quickly sped to the next hallway. He walked speedily to the end of the hallway. Danny was bent over picking up a book, so Steven got as close as he could to Danny’s rear without touching, so when he got back up he’d bump into Steve, he’d love to see Danny get flustered. Danny slowly got back up and bumped right into Steve’s crotch, “Hey watch it wou---” he was cut off when he looked around, “--Ahh! Sorry! I-I didn’t m-mean to.” he blushed profusely. Steve laughed, “Hey Danny, could you help he study tonight?” Steve knew Danny was smart and nice, so he’d probably accept.


“U-Uhm, okay!” Danny stuttered. Steve winked and turned around, his parents were fortunately out. Steve’s only night plans the past while were games, no girls left to do. Steve laughed about Danny’s adorable reaction all throughout the hallway.


It was the end of the day so Steve went searching for Danny again. “Hey!” he called out happily when he saw Danny putting books away. “Ready to leave?” he asked, Danny blushed, “Y-Yeah.” The two walked out to Steve’s nice car, Danny had walked. “Get in, bud.” Danny hurried in. “Have directions to your house?” Steve asked, staring off. “O-Oh um, it-it’s-- take a right on the next turn, then another, and down the row of houses, mine’s at the end.” Danny blurted out quickly. Steve nodded to nothing, he hardly remembered any of the directions. He was too focused on the fact he had the blonde of his dreams sitting next to him. Steve took the turns and forgot the fact they were supposed to be at Steve’s house. Danny said his parents were out too, so goodie.


They got to the house and the two walked into the nice house. Danny quickly rushed up stairs, gesturing for Steve to follow. They both had their backpacks, and quickly dumped them on Danny’s rug. Danny pulled out his textbook and they started studying. Danny’s finger traced along the text as he read, and Steve was soothed by Danny’s mild Jersey accent. He watched the side of Danny’s face, not listening at all. Oh, this one will be good, Steven thought with a devilish grin.

“Huh?” Danny asked, confused. Why was Steve grinning, “Oh, nothing!” Steve brushed off. Danny returned to his reading.


The studying continued for weeks. Steve didn’t know when to strike. He kept his friendship with Danny private, he didn’t want to exploit his catch~. It was Friday, and tonight Steve would seal the deal, then break it of course. It was hard not making any moves on the innocent Danny.


“Danno, we’re goin’.” Steve called, Danny ran up to him and they got in Steve’s car to Danny’s. Steve hummed along to the music as Danny yawned and dozed off a little. “Here.” he woke Danny and he was perfectly awake. They walked to Danny’s room. Danny sat next to Steve as he listed off some crap Steve wasn’t listening to. He was focusing on Danny’s mouth. Man the things it could probably do, Steve winked in his head. Danny set the book back in his lap as he looked to Steve, “You got all that, right?” Steve nodded lazily. He moved forward, brushing his lips on Danny’s, “U-Uh Ste--” he was cut off by Steve’s mouth muffling his own. Danno melted into the kiss as Steve dominated his mouth with his tongue. Danny moaned loudly, enticing Steve. The two made their way to the bed, Steve carrying Danny like a child. Steve pinned down Danny on the bed, “I--love---you.” Steve said in between pants. Danny nodded in a “me too” manor. Steve tore off his own and Danny’s clothes. They kissed passionately for a while, then Steve hovered over the much smaller form. “”Do you, like, wanna do it?” he asked. Danny nodded blushing. Steve realized this wasn’t as fun as he expected. Having a person in bed that doesn’t answer is boring. He rolled his eyes as Danny reached for him as Steve went to get lube from his backpack. Danny was embarrassed just from thinking about what he agreed to. He saw Steve take a long time getting stuff from his backpack. Just then, thoughts flashed in his mind. This meant nothing. Danny meant nothing. Love meant nothing. Memories together meant nothing. He couldn’t cry right now, so he set a mask on his face to hide his true feelings.

Steve went back to Danny’s nude body on the bed. He gave a small smile, he did look damn good though. He hugged Danny’s body close to his before rolling over so Danny was on top. Steve likes to top from the bottom. Steve closed his eyes and had a relaxed smile. He was waiting for Danny to do it himself, Steve already had a boner from seeing Danny naked, and the kissing, and moans. Steve waited patiently. That’s when he felt it. Water dripped down onto Steve’s face. He looked up as more dripped onto the space near his eyes. There he saw Danny’s face. He was crying harshly. He gave silent sobs and hiccups as he covered his mouth with his forearm. Steve’s eyes darted out, as he tried to sit up, which was kinda hard having someone straddling your legs and sitting by your “area”. Steve has made girls and guys cry during sex, from joy or because they were virgins. Maybe that’s why, Steve reassured to himself. “What’s wrong?!” the tall man asked worriedly.

I never had a spot for you in my life

which was true till I heard you cry

And your tears went down your face into my eyes

I'm sorry and I hate myself this time


Danny covered his eyes, but Steven put both his hands on his and removed them. “Hey, it’s okay.” he soothed, still not knowing why Danny was crying. Danny darted into his chest, nearly knocking the wind out of him. He nuzzled his head into his sternum, still crying. “Wha--? What's wrong?” he asked again. “Y-you-you a-are j-just go-gonna th-throw me-me a-aw-away.” he sobbed out. Realization struck Steven, Danny wasn’t one for quick hook ups. “Uh.” Steve didn’t know what to say. Once again, Steve realized something that was as easy to see as a 100 ft. Elephant. The reason he never chose Danny sooner. Why he acts uninterested.


He’s truly in love.


Steve proposed his feelings just then and there, “I-I LIKE YOU!” he blushed. Danny looked up and the tears slid off smoothly, “You don’t mean that.” Danny looked away. “I-I DO!” he said. He pulled Danny over and kissed him lovingly. Danny was convinced now, not knowing why. “Then I guess I like you too~!” Danny purred happily, placing his face in the crook of Steve's neck. “So why don’t we continue?” Danny giggled. He gently placed himself on the tip of Steve’s cock. “Mmm!” he moaned as he slowly sat down on it. Danny hugged close to Steve as the two had passionate sex for a very-very long time.


The couple lay next to each other cuddling. “I love chu.” Danny kissed Steve on the nose and Steve went for the forehead. Lucky Danny’s parents were far on a trip.

Weeks Later~


The joyous couple walked down the hallway, hands intertwined. Chin stood next to Danny and Kono was next to Steve. The bell rang and Steve and Danno had to separate. “Aww! I’m gonna miss you, nani.” Danny blushed at the comment as Steve whined. “Well bye,” Danny got on his tiptoes, waiting for a kiss. Instead, Steve grabbed him by his butt and pulled him up into a comfortable position. They kissed before Steve put him back down. Danny smiled brightly, “Love you!” they called to each other while walking away.

It was truly the best relationship both had ever had.

A/N Heyo! I feel like no one reads notes, so I just put in Author Notes. Hope you liked the fanfic, leave kudos and a comment if you did. Also, put in a song that would be good for a McDanno fanfic, I need ideas! P.S. Sorry this was short!