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Unquiet Dolphin

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Max worked at a video gaming company along with a few of his friends, being of slightly above average height with a thick black beard and sharp Mexican features, his dark chocolate orbs had a distant look and lips were pressed together, he wasn’t listening to his friends as they ate lunch, his mind instead focused on a man that was driving him up the wall crazy, heart thumping in his chest he blinked back to reality as Ze bumped his shoulder and offered an apologetic look to his friend “Sorry, I got to get back to work, I’ll see you tonight.” He waved half heartedly to the rest of the group before walking away.

It had started at work one day with Adam brushing against him innocently enough in the hallway, Max tried to shrug it off and ignore the effect it had on him, he liked the older man but they worked together (though that certainly didn’t stop others in the office). He would bite his lip when Adam leant over his shoulder to look at something on the computer screen always seeming to be too near, Adam’s fingers seeming to brush against his shoulder in a manner that sent shivers through him; Or the warm feeling that had a smile on his lips when the other laughed in his ear. He would occasionally catch the other looking at him, sly glances with a smile that seemed to hold a hint of something more.

Not wanting to say anything though it was driving him wild and now he was walking back to his office where he found Adam inside sitting on his seat.
He looked over the man that only came to his shoulder, hair close cropped and sinful pale lips, eyes that were always dancing with suppressed laughter, skin a natural beige lighter than Max’s own. Taking a deep breath he stood in the centre of the room with his arms crossed against his chest, giving the other a frown. “What cha doin’?” He asked, pushing his inner turmoil aside, he wanted to ask him out but hesitated each time.

“Oh nothing, just thought I’d see if you needed any help with anything, ya know the usual.” A cheeky grin on the others face, his voice sounding like his balls had never dropped, stuck permanently in the higher registers, his reply innocent except for something in his eyes that had Max swallowing hard.
He kept his voice level as he spoke “Riiight, well I have work to do, so leave please.” He managed while cursing silently at himself.
Adam let out one of his small dolphin laughs. “Ok Maxy, let me know if you need anything.” The shorter man rose from his chair and as he stepped past Max in the small office, the back of his hand seemed to by chance brush against the others crotch. Max bit his lip to hide a groan, everything coming into focus and he knew he needed to do something, he snaked a hand out to grab the others arm, before pushing Adam against the wall.

His hands grabbing the other man’s and pinning them above his head, the smirk on Adams lips had Max licking his own lips breath heavy to his own ears, he leant forwards as the other made no move to get away, seeming to enjoy it as Max pressed his chest against the smaller man’s, he whispered into his ear. “Is this really what you want Adam? Hmmmm?”

Adam gasped at the warm breath on his ear, a shiver of excitement running through him as his eyes slide closed. “Yesss, it’s exactly what I want.” The words dripping from his lips in a honeyed tone, as he pressed his hips against the younger man’s.

A quiet groan left Max’s lips and he bite softly into the others ear lobe, chuckling against the skin at Adam’s moan, his own hips pressed forwards to pin the other fully against the wall, he could fell how hard they both were, his voice was husky as he took both the others mans hands in one of his larger ones, his other sliding light fingers down the slender body to rest against Adam’s hip. “Are you sure this is what you want Nanners?”

Breath catching in his throat, the older man could only nod with a small whimper, his eyes darkened with lust as they peaked at him. Chuckling softly, Max whispered “My house tonight then.” Before stepping back suddenly, he watched the other lean against the wall trying to compose him self for a moment, a shudder running through him and Max wonder for a moment if he had gone too far; before Adam fled his office with red cheeks.

After shutting his door, he walked to his desk and tried to think of anything else but the throbbing erection that was making his pants tight, tried not to think of what he would do if Adam had the balls to actually show up tonight.

Needless to say it was a long afternoon.


Adam walked rather quickly back to his room, trying to regain some semblance of self control. He shut the door before falling into his seat, eyes wide as he swallowed hard, he had had a crush on the younger man ever since the other started working in the office.

His teasing of the other though was a way to control how he felt and cover up his feelings, he could always say he was only joking and because of his nature most would believe him. Resting his arms on his desk he let his head flop onto them, he could still see those liquid chocolate eyes that he wanted to drown in, he couldn’t resist taking it a step further today and suppose he got what he deserved.

Rubbing a hand over his head without raising it he bit his lips, could he really show up tonight, he wanted to but; A shudder ran through him at the thought, his past was not something easily forgotten, normally the hurt was hidden behind a wild laugh and fake show of bravado. It wasn’t til his best friend knocked on the door that he realised the day was done and they headed home, Adam still nervous and unsure what he would do tonight.

“You okay Bud, you seem out of it today?” The Italian asked, frowning as he flicked his friend a look. Adam nodded and spoke without his normal humour. “Yeah I kinda have a date tonight.” Snorting as he concentrated on driving the other said “With Max? Well Finally about time, what’s the problem Adam?” He saw his friends eyes roll and shot him a look “Really? At least I’m not in denial about mine.” Shaking his head some of Adam’s humour returned.
Chilled stammered out as they drove up to their house. “Come on, mine is totally different and you know it.” He scowled as they got out and walked inside.
“Oh Whatever.” He giggled and finally made up his mind.

With worried eyes he watched his friend walk into his bedroom as he walked to the kitchen to get a snack, chewing the broccoli as he wondered how this was going to turn out.