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Ash's PokéPornographic Adventures

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~ Chapter 1 ~
Pokémon — I Choose You!

Ash watched in awe and fascination as the intense battle between Gengar and Onix raged on — Gengar had avoided Onix’s Tackle attack, but was quickly slammed into the hard ground by a ferocious Iron Tail. “Ouch,” Ash commented, standing in front of his small television set, his eyes glued to the screen. “That had to hurt. Poor Gengar.”

He was getting ready for bed — his mother had just barged in and demanded that he be asleep in the next two minutes — as it was already nearing midnight and he would have to get up at the call of the Dodrio early tomorrow morning. Quickly, not wanting to miss the end of the battle, Ash peeled off his black shirt and tossed it into his hamper; his bare chest rose and fell at an amped-heartbeat as Ash watched the battle — a war, in his mind — continue through the thick of it. Gengar had just fired a barrage of Shadow Balls at the Rock Snake Pokémon, who managed to dodge the first two before being pelted by the next four, just before the Trainer called for Onix to use Stone Edge.

Two rings of rocks, criss-crossing over each other, surrounded the head of Onix, before the giant Pokémon released a mighty roar, and hurled all forty-something forehead-sized rocks at the Ghost Pokémon, who easily went down after being hit with the majority of them. “And Gengar’s out for the count!” The battle’s commentator yelled into his microphone, just as Gengar glowed red and vanished back inside its Pokéball.

Ash undid his belt, sliding it through his belt loops until it was fully off and tucked away inside his drawer for safekeeping. He unzipped his fly, and shimmied his jeans down to his ankles, revealing his pale blue briefs to the inanimate eyes of his Pokémon memorabilia around the room. From his Poliwag-pencil sharpener to his Snorlax-bean bag chair to his Clefairy-penny bank. Ash didn't mind — the thought of their eyes on him made his stomach tingle and his briefs tighten. Without a second thought, Ash chucked his discarded jeans into the hamper and stepped over to his dresser to pull out his pajamas.

The Gengar’s trainer had already sent out her Vileplume — the small dots across its petals indicated to Ash that this Vileplume was indeed male — which released a fury of pink petals, his signature Petal Dance, at Onix.

Onix! Evade!” Onix’s trainer yelled, but the Pokémon was too large and couldn't avoid the onslaught of fatal pink petals. Onix roared in pain, before slamming hard on the ground, defeated. A red flow wrapped around the giant beast, before it too vanished into its trainer’s Pokéball.

Now Onix is out, too!” The commentator bellowed. “What Pokémon does Bruno have in store for us next?!

Bruno, shadowed from the night sky and the bright lights on the screen, chucked his Pokéball out. Hitmonlee came out kicking, surging his foot down at the ground, shattering it into rocky pieces, and lunging high into the air. “Hitmonlee! Hi Jump Kick!” The Pokémon came barrelling down at high speed, straight into the thick petals atop Vileplume's head. Hitmonlee jumped back across the area, and waited.

Vileplume lifted his head, eyes shining under the ray of light, and a smirk across his face. He wasn't defeated.

Solar Beam, Vileplume!” Agatha shouted, her eyes narrow. Her Vileplume nodded, and began absorbing light into it’s center stem, making it glow bright and white.

Hitmonlee! Mega Kick!” The brown Pokémon charged for the dual Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, and sent its foot, sparking with a red aura of power, straight at Vileplume. But it wasn't quick enough.

Agatha smirked, “Let. It. RIP!

Vileplume bent down, aiming its petals directly at the mid-air Hitmonlee, and released its Solar Beam. Ash watched in utter amazement as Hitmonlee was engulfed in a yellowy-white beam and sent back across the field, directly into the ground. The light faded and Hitmonlee had been brutally defeated. As had Bruno.

And that’s it! Elite Four Agatha completely destroys fellow Elite Four Member Bruno in a toxic landslide! All six of his Pokémon lost to her three — Arbok, Gengar, and Vileplume did an amazing job at grabbing that victory!

Ash vibrated in excitement. “Awesome!” He gasped out, smiling like a Mr. Mime. He didn't notice the extreme erection that pressed against the front of his briefs as he pulled up his pajama bottoms — a light green pair of shorts with a yellow stripe going down either leg. He pulled on his pajama top — a light green button-down shirt with a yellow stripe going down the chest and back — and then reached for the remote and turned off the television.

Why do all the amazing battles happen so late at night?, Ash thought bitterly as he climbed up into his bed. The Voltorb-clock said it was already 11:54PM. His mom would check up on him soon, to make sure he was in fact in bed and asleep. She had a strict rule about bed-time — a fact Ash learned very early on in his life.

His deep, chocolaty-brown eyes slowly sealed shut, letting his long eyelashes brush against his freckled-skin as he quickly began to doze off, dreaming of which Starter Pokémon he’d have in less than twelve hours. He couldn't wait to see all three — Bulbasaur, the Grass and Poison-type Pokémon; Charmander, the Fire-type Pokémon; or Squirtle, the Water-type Pokémon — laid out before his very eyes…

Ash grinned down at his Pokéball, and without thinking, took his pose and shouted: “Bulbasaur, I choose you!”

His aim had been perfect — the Pokéball had perfect form and, before his very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of light, before fading into the Grass Starter. Bulbasaur blinked up at its trainer, and smiled. “Alright, Bulbasaur,” Ash began, “use Tackle!” He pointed at the opposing Squirtle, owned by none other than his rival — Gary Oak.

Bulbasaur charged for the turtle Pokémon, gaining speed.

“Squirtle, dodge it, quick!” Gary yelled, but it was too late, and Squirtle’s fate had been sealed. Bulbasaur crashed into the Pokémon, sending Squirtle flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with tears beginning to stream down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Squirtle. “I can't believe I lost to an amazing trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered. “Way to go, Bulbasaur!”

“Bulb…! Bulba…! Bulbasaur-saur…! Bulbasaur!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Bulbasaur looked up at its trainer and licked his cheeks, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the battle. Ash’s smile faded, and he stood their confused as Bulbasaur took another lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest; Bulbasaur smirked, and suddenly two vines emerged from somewhere under the bulb on its back. “B-Bulba…”

The twin vines stretched up to Ash’s collarbone, before sinking down the neckline of his shirt, across his chest and towards each nipple. Ash stilled, catching his breath, as the tips of the vines gently poked and prodded his dark, pink nipples. “Bulbasaur… what’re you…?”

Bulbasaur licked across its trainer’s lips again, cutting his words off and managed to connect their tongues for a moment; Ash sealed his lips and sweat slowly began to form at his temple again — which the Grass-type gladly swept back up with its tongue. The two vines pressed hard into his nubs, earning a tender groan from Ash’s throat.

“Oh… o-oh, Arc-Arceus…” Ash moaned, and—

Ash blinked open his eyes, grunting at the suddenness of it. “Mm…” His nipples were hard under his button-down shirt, and he experimentally reached inside between his buttons and gently pinched his pink nubs. “Mmhm…”

Without much happening, besides the nipple-pleasure, Ash’s eyes slowly grew dark as he was lost in sleep once again; Delia had already come in an hour before, making sure he was asleep, and kissed his forehead goodnight. The Voltorb-clock read 1:47AM.

Ash grinned down at his Pokéball, took his pose, threw, and shouted out: “Charmander, I choose you!”

His aim had been spot on — the Pokéball had a perfect arc and, before his very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of bright, white-light, before fading into the Fire Starter. Charmander blinked up at its trainer, looked him up and down, and smiled. “Alright, Charmander,” Ash began, “use Scratch!” He pointed at the opposing Bulbasaur, owned by none other than Gary Oak — his Pallet Town rival.

Charmander charged for the turtle Pokémon, gaining speed as his clawless-fingers glowed white.

“Bulbasaur, dodge it, hurry!” Gary yelled, but it was far too late, and Bulbasaur’s defeat had been sealed. Charmander crashed into the dual Grass/Poison Pokémon, sending Bulbasaur flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with watery tears beginning to streak down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Bulbasaur. “I can't believe I lost to an awesome trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered, jumping up and down. “Way to go, Charmander! You were great!”

“Char…! Char…! Charmander…!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Charmander looked up at its trainer with confidence and licked his cheeks, rubbing his semi-prickly tongue across his freckled-skin, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the intense, yet short, battle. Ash’s smile shrunk, and he stood their confused as Charmander took another curious lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s silent lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest; Charmander smirked, and suddenly his fiery tale began to grow in heat and size. “Ch-Char…”

Charmander pulled free from Ash’s arms and dropped down to the ground, eyes locked with Ash’s stiffened-crotch. “Charmander… what’re you…?”

The Fire-type smirked to itself, before jumping up slightly and yanking Ash’s jeans down, belt and all. Ash immediately felt his face redden to a similar shade as Charmander’s tail flame. He hadn’t been wearing underwear, apparently. Charmander gripped Ash’s thighs, digging its clawless-fingers into his skin, and lathering its warm tongue across the underside of its trainers cocklett.

Ash gasped loudly, “Oh… o-oh, Arc-Arceus…”

Ash’s body stiffened in annoyance as the dream was cut short, yet again. He’d stopped playing with his nipples in his sleep, but his hand was still pressing against his bare skin, on the inside of his shirt.

“Ugh…” He mumbled, simply pulling his hand free and rolling over on his stomach — only to feel some pressure at his crotch. He was as hard as the Onix he’d seen on television earlier. Ash barely ever noticed his erections — which certainly didn't help when someone else did — and didn't have much knowledge in how to make them soften back up besides his usual tactic of waiting it out.

Maybe his dreams were telling him something. Eh, probably not, Ash thought, who does that with their Pokémon, anyway? Gross. Ash closed his eyes and drifted back off to sleep, hoping to have a dream that didn't get him as hard as an Onix this time. His Voltorb-clock read 4:13AM.

Ash smirked down at his Pokéball, took his pose, threw, and yelled out: “Squirtle, I choose you!”

His aim had been spectacular — the Pokéball had a perfect spin and, before Ash’s very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of light, before fading into the Water Starter. Squirtle blinked up at its trainer, looked him up and down, cocked its head, and smiled. “Alright, Squirtle,” Ash began, “use Tackle! Full force!” He pointed at the opposing Charmander, owned by none other than his true rival — Gary Oak.

Squirtle charged for the Pokémon, gaining speed as his head ducked down in preparation for impact.

“Charmander, dodge it, now!” Gary yelled, but it was too late, and the Pokémon’s fate had been sealed. Squirtle crashed into the Fire Pokémon, sending Charmander flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with watery tears beginning to streak down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Charmander. “I can't believe I lost to an astounding trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered, jumping up and down. “Way to go, Squirtle! That was awesome!”

“Squir…! Sq-Squir…! Squirtle…!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Squirtle looked up at its trainer with high confidence and licked his cheeks, rubbing his wet tongue across Ash’s freckled-skin, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the intense, yet short, battle; now replacing it with his saliva. Ash’s smile shrunk, and he stood their confused as Squirtle took another curious lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s quivering lips. The trail of shining wetness followed Squirtle’s tongue over his lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest, it tasted somewhat Oran-y; Squirtle smirked, and suddenly its blue body disappeared into its shell. “Squirt…” Squirtle’s voice echoed through the holes in the shell.

Squirtle’s tail popped out of the hole its head had previously been, and, before Ash could stop his partner Pokémon, Squirtle’s head poked out of it’s former tail-hole and gently wrapped its watery-lips around the stiff bulge of Ash’s jeans. Ash jumped, gasping, before water quickly seeped out of Squirtle’s mouth, wetting Ash’s crotch and dripping down his thighs. His entire bottom half was now soaked. “Squirtle… what’re you…?”

Squirtle’s delicate fingers quickly forced Ash’s heavy, wet jeans down Ash’s legs, exposing his slippery hard-on the air, earning a gasp from its trainer. Squirtle plunged down onto the wet cock, taking all four-in-a-half inches inside its watery orifice. “Squirtle!” Ash hollered, gasping, tightening his grip on Squirtle’s shell.

The Water-type wouldn't let up, soon it was bobbing it’s round, upside-down head up and down Ash’s dick, engulfing all of in one slick motion, before pulling back and releasing with a gentle pop!

Ash’s balls tightened, and, before Ash could blink, he was yelling out his Pokémon’s name as he shot his jizz deep down Squirtle’s soft throat. “SQUIRTLE!”

The young, soon-to-be trainer jumped up in his bed, “Gahhhh!” He yelled, feeling his underwear and shorts quickly soak up blast after juicy blast of his first-ever cumshot. “Oh-h, Arceus…!” Panting, Ash swallowed down heaps of musty air; his chest was rising and falling and heaving and puffing and tightening and loosening over and over again… One glance down under his covers told him what he didn't want to know — his jizz was already staining through his shorts.

He glanced down at his Voltorb-clock. 8:16AM.

“No!” Ash shouted, “I'm late!”


Delia had barely seen the green and yellow blur that descended down the stairs and out the door in just about two seconds flat. It would have easily knocked her on her ass had she not gotten a semi-notice while Ash was up in his room yelling about him being late. She felt terrible about it — she had overslept herself, after reading a very naughty, very true book about two lovers from Kanto and Johto, respectively, while the two regions were at war, nearly three-hundred years ago, until nearly four-in-the-morning. It had made her sob uncontrollably as well as touch herself tenderly throughout the night. She hadn't woken up but five minutes before — having to pee so bad it hurt — and was just closing the bathroom door when her son had come barreling down the steps.

She just hoped Ash could get there in time — it was only 8:19AM, now. He was only nineteen minutes late.


Ash was running faster than he’d ever ran before; a poor woman lost all of her groceries after she stepped onto the sidewalk after exiting the PokéMart. He yelled: “Sorry!” and kept running. He felt bad, yeah, but not bad enough to miss his first Pokémon.

He was still wearing his pajamas — his cum-stained underwear and shorts were awkwardly squishing and sloshing around his crotch and he hated it, but that wasn't deterring him. Professor Oak would just have to pretend to not notice anything; or, as Ash really hoped, Professor Oak would just not notice at all.

An annoying feeling in the back of his head was telling him to slow down a bit and register the fact that he had just had his first cumshot. Him. At ten-years-old. Beat that, Gary, Ash thought bitterly, Beat that.

A quick glance at the town’s clock tower told him it was already 8:26AM — and he still another three miles to go.

He quickly remembered him and Gary cutting through the wooded park in the center of the town to cut their trip from his house to Gary’s — who happened to live just down the street from his renowned grandfather — down to just one mile. Ash kicked it into high gear and took a sharp right, straight into the thick part of the woods. His mother always did say he could climb like a Mankey — now it was time to show it.

Ash jumped over a large root that jutted from the dirt; before ducking beneath a stray Kakuna that hung low from a tree branch; before then skipping across the thin creek, mildly caring that his slippers were now soaked and soggy and squishy beneath his feet; before squeezing through a pair of boulders wedged close together…

In no time, Ash emerged from the woods, directly in front of Gary’s house. He glanced up the street, and saw the Professor’s signature windmill over a patch of trees. “Finally!” Ash sighed in relief, before jump starting back up and dashing up the hill.


Ash arrived at Professor Oak’s lab just as a huge crowed left to follow a red, fancy car. Probably Gary, Ash fumed, what real Pokémon trainer uses a car to get around? Half the fun is exploring! You can't do that in a car!

“A little late, are we?” I know that voice. “You seem to be ready for bed, not ready to go on your journey.”

Ash twirled around, smiling, “Professor Oak! Hello! Uh… I'm sorry I was late — I accidentally overslept — and I didn't have time to change my clothes… or take a shower… or anything.”

Professor Oak looked the boy up and down, noticing fairly quickly about the, uh, sticky situation. “Ah. I see.”

So much for pretending not to notice, Ash thought. He is definitely Gary’s grandfather. “I'm ready for my Pokémon, I swear. Just… please. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life!”

The man sighed, and rubbed his chin. “Very well… follow me.”

Together, they climbed the stairs up to the main entrance of the laboratory. The building itself was beautiful on the inside — tall walls lined in colorful stained glass depicting Pokémon that Ash had never seen before: Legendary Pokémon. Arceus was high in the clouds, emanating shining beams of light down on the other Legendaries. Dialga and Palkia — the Legendaries of the Sinnoh Region — flanked all of them, with a dimensional rift behind both of them, with Dialga’s Time Rift being a dark bluish-purple while Palkia’s Space Rift was a dark pinkish-purple. Mew was in the center, while a looming, bigger shadow with the relative same shape lurked behind it. Lugia and Ho-oh flanked Mew’s sides, and beyond Lugia sat Kyogre, while beyond Ho-oh held Groudon. There were other Legendary Pokémon spread out across the stained glass, but Ash didn't have the slightest clue as to who they were.

Ash blinked back towards the direction Professor Oak had headed, and realized he was way behind in the tour. He sprung into the next room — Professor Oak was rambling about an ancient tiki head his cousin from the Alola region had sent him, not at all noticing Ash hadn't been with him for the most of it.

I guess my first cumshot just isn't as important to Professor Oak then it is to me. Pff. Ash gave an annoyed look down at his crotch; anyone could see the dark, sticky stain that seeped from his crotch to the middle of the his left shorts’ leg. This is so embarrassing, Ash thought, why did this have to happen to me? He scratched at the back of his head as Professor Oak stopped short and glanced at the three picture frames across the wall — one of Bulbasaur, one of Charmander, and one of Squirtle. “I assume you’re awake enough to know that these three Pokémon are the usual Starter Pokémon for beginning trainers, yes?”

Ash gave him a look, “I'm not that dumb, Professor.”

Professor Oak chuckled, “Yes, I suppose you aren't that dumb. Come now, follow me, the room’s right this way.”

Ash nodded, before glancing back at the three pictures. Instantly his dreams — which he had nearly forgotten about, until now — came rushing back. Bulbasaur’s vines… Charmander’s heated tongue… Squirtle’s wet mouth… Ash, once again, failed to notice his sticky shorts and underwear tightening up as his erection pressed against the fabric.

He followed Professor Oak into the next room — computers and all kinds of expensive technology lined one side of the room, while the other presented a comfy leather couch and a small refrigerator. “Sometimes,” Professor Oak began, gesturing to the couch and fridge, “I get carried away with research and end up staying the night.” He smiled, and rubbed the back of his head. “You know, I'm pretty sure I spend most of my nights here, anyway.”

Ash chuckled lightly, before locking eyes with the machine at the far end of the room. It was circular, and had three red, white, and black Pokéballs presented on top, beneath the glass dome. “Are… are those…?” He wanted to stick a hand out and touch it, but forced himself not to.

Professor Oak nodded at him — a little longer than anticipated; the Professor had just noticed Ash’s election. He coughed audibly, before clearing his throat. “Um, uh, yes. Those are… well, the Pokéballs.”

He pressed a button and the glass dome split apart and sunk down into the machine, forcing the Pokéball stand to raise up a few inches. “Wow…” Ash mumbled, “I can't believe it…” Before Professor Oak could tell him, Ash was already reaching for the Pokéball that had a small blue dot above the button. “Squirtle, I choose you!” The ball sprang open with a click, but was empty. I bet Gary got this one, Ash bit his bottom lip. He couldn't stop the thoughts of Squirtle doing the same thing to his rival that it had done to him in his dream; his election unknowingly throbbed.

“Squirtle was already picked by a trainer that was on time.” Professor Oak confessed. “And properly dressed.”

Ash breathed in deeply. Okay. No problem. There’s still two more left. He reached for the next Pokéball, the one with the orange dot above the button. “Charmander, I choose you!” And… nada. The ball sprang open, but no Pokémon appeared in a mystical ray of light.

“I'm afraid Charmander was also picked by a trainer that made it here on time.” Professor Oak sighed.

“That’s fine, then.” Ash smiled up at the professor before the man could continue on. Ash grabbed the Pokéball with the green dot above the button and threw it into the air. “Bulbasaur, I choose you!”

The ball opened, revealing no Pokémon inside, before smacking into the nearby wall.

“There are those of us who have the Early Bird-ability, and those that don't; I'm afraid that Bulbasaur, too, was already chosen by another Early Bird-trainer.” Professor Oak sagged his shoulders, “I’m sorry, Ash. Maybe you can come back in a few weeks — by then the eggs for the next batch of Starter Pokémon will have already hatched and been properly trained for beginning trainers—”

Ash turned to the professor, begging. “Professor Oak, please! I need to have my partner Pokémon! I’ve been waiting for this for as long as I can remember — any Pokémon’ll do! Just, please, gimme a Pokémon!”

Professor Oak grumbled to himself, glancing up and down Ash’s body before sighing in agreement. “Fine. I'll give you a Pokémon if you give me what I want.” A smirk etched across his face. The late trainers always did get a little extra attention.

“Sure! Anything! I'll give you anything!”

A stray chill ran down Ash’s spine as Professor Oak grinned down at him; “Not that you had much of a choice in the matter.” A second passed before Gengar — one of the three Ghost-type Pokémon found in the Kanto region — appeared at the man’s side. Ash gasped in delight, and reached out to touch the dark-looking Pokémon. The only Gengar he'd seen had been on tv. “Gengar, use Hypnosis, please.” Ash glanced up at Professor Oak with worried eyes, What?, before turning back towards the Pokémon, who’s eyes glowed red. Ash’s mind grew fuzzy, and his pupils expanded — he was in no control, now. “Strip naked, newcomer.”

Ash did as ordered. Quickly, he unbuttoned his pajama shirt and tossed it on the ground, before kicking off his still-soggy slippers and discarded them next to his shirt; Professor Oak raised an eyebrow in fascination as Ash finally lowered his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop. The boy stood there, naked as the day he was born, with an erection and a glazed-over look in his half-lidded eyes.

Professor Oak chuckled to himself; he reached for the remote and snapped on the video cameras hidden in all four corners of the room. “Four videos of four new trainers all in one day — you’d think an old man like me would be drained at this point, wouldn't you? Ha-ha.”

The ten-year-old gave no expression. He stood rigid, save for his cock, which was throbbing tentatively as the professor edged closer and closer. “Answer truthfully, now,” Professor Oak began, “when did you first start ejaculating? You’re mighty young for this to be happening so soon — something must have really turned you on; tell me, what was that?”

“I had my first ejaculation this morning, it woke me up and that’s when I discovered I was late.” Ash’s voice was monotone, but nonetheless still Ash’s. “I was having erotic dreams about my potential partner Pokémon. Bulbasaur had played with my nipples, Charmander had licked my penis, and Squirtle had sucked my penis until I ejaculated in its mouth.”

Professor Oak marveled down at the naked boy, eyes glistening. “You’re horny for Pokémon?”

“Not all Pokémon, no.” Ash stated, matter of fact. “At the moment, the only ones to achieve such a reaction are the three Starters. Hence, why I wanted one so badly.”

“You were gonna have some dirty fun with your Starter, eh?”

“It was in the back of my mind.”

The older man smirked, “You know, Ash, I may have an opportunity for you.” Ash’s face showed no emotion. “Other Pokémon Professors in the community — namely Elm and Kukui — have been discussing a new routine for up-and-coming trainers like yourself. Now, say, instead of only being able to carry six Pokémon at a time… you’ll be able to carry twelve.”

“Twelve Pokémon…?” Ash asked, his eyes glassy in expression, his cheeks were now a warm-pink color.

Professor Oak noticed the boy’s cock bounce a little in enthusiasm. “Does that interest you?” He smirked at himself; Ash was being even easier than Gary, at this point.

“Greatly, Professor.”

“Oh, Ash, from now one there’s no need for formal titles like that. You will here by call me Master. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Professor Oak smiled, “Perfect.” He clapped his hands together, “Now, Ash, would you want to participate in this experiment? If you say yes — I’ll give you six Alpha Pokéballs, which should be the first Pokéballs used to capture your first six Pokémon. The next six — the Beta Pokéballs — should be used to capture your extraneous six Pokémon. It’s a simple system, really. Do you say yes or no?”

“Yes, Master.” Ash’s eyes glinted slightly, giving the impression that Gengar’s Hypnosis would soon wear off, and defog his mind.

“Good, good.” Professor Oak ran his hand down Ash’s smooth chest. “Now, Ash, whenever you reach the next Pokémon Center, I want you to call me on the video phone there, and show me just how you’ve bonded with your new partner Pokémon. Okay?”

Ash nodded, “Okay, Master.”

“You will also suck the cocks of the next ten male humans you come across after officially starting your journey on Route 1, understood?”

“Understood, Master.” Ash’s nose twitched, and his fingers started to curl in his palm. The Hypnosis would be gone in a matter of minutes, now. “Anything… else, M-Master?” He was beginning to resist calling the man his master.

Professor Oak nodded quickly, “Yes. Should one of the ten males you come across want to fuck you, let them.”


“Now, hurry up and get your clothes back on. I have my video.” The man glanced back up at the four individual camera’s. “Professor Elm and Kukui will love this.” Ash was already pulling his underwear back on, slightly grimacing at the stickiness once again. His shorts were next, and then his shirt, which he managed to button-up just in time for his pupils to shrink back to normal and his mind to clear up.

Ash rubbed his temples, “Whoa… um, what just happened?”

Professor Oak smiled, Ash still didn't notice the leaking erection in his pajama shorts. “You must’ve dozed off… I did say you looked ready for bed, after all.” He chuckled lightly, “Now, back to business, are you truly interested in the experiment?”

Ash’s eyes widened — that particularly memory flooded back into his brain — “Oh, oh, yeah! Definitely!”

“Perfect.” Professor Oak smiled, “That means you get three special partner Pokémon for your journey.”

“Three?!” Ash said with awe, “Are you serious?! That’s so cool!”

Professor Oak nodded, “Indeed. Indeed. Now, these three Pokémon are, well, they might be a little difficult for a beginning trainer like you.” He pressed a button on the pedestal holding the empty Pokéballs, which flipped itself over, revealing another three Pokéballs — Alpha Balls. The first one had a red, fiery-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. The second had an orangish-brown, fist-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. And, lastly, the third had a yellow, electricity-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. “There’s the Fire-type: Growlithe; the Fighting-type: Machop; and the Electric-type: Pikachu.”

“Holy Shinx!” Ash smiled brightly up at the man, and then back at the three Alpha Balls. “I can't believe this is happening!”

Professor Oak chuckled again, “Well, Ash, believe it.” He picked up the Alpha Ball with the electric-yellow jewel, and gently placed it in Ash’s small hands. “Give it a try.”

Ash nodded, and turned towards the rest of the massive room. He took his stance, smirked, and yelled out: “Pikachu, I choose you!” He threw the Alpha Ball and a bright, white light emerged; Ash blinked through the shining twinkles and watched as his first partner faded in. Pikachu blinked from its spot, quickly sniffing the air with its nose and twitching its ears.

“Pika…” Pikachu glared at Ash, raising its tail and making its red cheeks burn with static. “CHU!”

Ash had never experienced a Thunder Shock before — his body raddled in pain as electricity coursed through him, grazing just below his skin to feel like a million tiny pricks and pinches everywhere around his body all at once.

Professor Oak jumped back just in time to avoid the attack, but Ash wasn't so lucky. By the time the electric-assault was over, Ash was reeling in pain. His hair was staticky and sharp — his skin and clothes a little too crispy for his liking, and his fingers shook as the last pulses of energy slowed down just beneath his now ultra-sensitive skin.

“I probably should have warned you.” The man rubbed the back of his head and chuckled, “The good thing is now anytime you get Thunder Shock’d again, your body will be somewhat used to it.” He rubbed his chin, “It’ll still hurt, but a lot less over time.”

Ash grumbled a wavering: “Thanks for the info…”

Pikachu gave a knowing smirk at Ash, telling him that he would be in a world of hurt throughout this journey. The Pokémon’s red cheeks sparked to life at the thought. Ash, paranoid, returned the yellow electric mouse. He shrunk the Alpha Ball and buried it in his pajama-shorts pocket. Ash then grabbed the next Alpha Ball — the one with the fiery-red jewel. “Will Growlithe burn my face to a charred-crisp?” Ash asked, sweat beading at his temple.

“I doubt it; this Growlithe is fairly well-mannered.”

Ash swallowed, Fairly?, before striking his now-signature pose and threw the ball. “Growlithe, I choose you!”

The Fire-type emerged from the Alpha Ball with a happy roar of confidence. It wagged its tail and stared up at its new trainer. “Gro… Growlithe…?”

“Hi, Growlithe. My name’s Ash Ketchum. I'm your new trainer.” Ash smiled down at the Pokémon, before gently reaching down and nuzzling his gentle hand under Growlithe’s chin. Growlithe sighed in relief; the warmth of its body was already radiating heat across Ash’s hand. “Wow, you’re hot.”

Professor Oak smirked. Naturally, after what was happening mere minutes ago with a hypnotized-Ash, that statement only made the man purr in his head. He coughed, “Well, Growlithe is a Fire-type, after all.”

Ash giggled, “I know, I know.”

Growlithe was soon returned to his Alpha Ball and stuffed in the same pocket Pikachu’s was in. Ash reached for the last Alpha Ball, the one with the orangish-brown, fist-designed jewel. “Machop!” Ash called out, “I choose you!”

The Fighting-type appeared before Ash’s eyes and grinned. “Ma-Machop!” The Pokémon crossed its arms and slowly licked it’s upper lip in excitement.

“Hey there, Machop.” Ash pressed his hand against his own chest, “My name is Ash, and I'm your trainer. It’s nice to meet you.” He bent down a little and got eye-level with the gray Pokémon. “You like battling, Machop? I know you probably haven't been in an actual battle before, but still.”

From his position, Professor Oak could perfectly see the rounded, plump cheeks of Ash’s ass. Oh, how he wished his Gengar’s Hypnosis lasted longer, and could be used repeatedly when needed. He’d have taken the boy’s virginity so quickly if it weren't for all the things he had to get across so Ash would later do them during his journey. Gary and the other trainers that came today had been fun — really fun; he’d managed to spare enough time for the boy that got the Charmander to get him to suck him off — but this was different. Ash didn't strike Professor Oak as a normal, run-of-the-mill trainer. Like Gary, Professor Oak thought, and bit his bottom lip. Gary had been trained since he was seven-years-old to be nothing but a cum-slut for men and Pokémon. So many cocks that boy has worshipped… So many he’s taken in his mouth… against his bare skin… inside his ass…

Professor Kukui had had a particularly wonderful time with his grandson a year prior — Oak had volunteered to take Gary to the Alola Region for the entire winter — it was nice and warm down in the Alola Region at the time, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pimp him out even more. Of course, Gary doesn't remember any of that. He never does.

Professor Oak barely managed to return to reality in time to watch Ash return Machop and turn back to him. “Thank you, Professor.” Ash made a face, “Huh, that word felt weird coming out of my mouth.”

The man hid his smirk, “Oh, I wonder why.”

Ash shrugged, and glanced down at Machop’s Alpha Ball, still in his right hand. “I can't believe I got three Pokémon. Did Gary or any of the other trainers join the experiment?”

Professor Oak nodded; “Of course. You four young trainers are of the first batch here in the Kanto region with Alpha Balls and Beta Balls. Other select trainers in the nearby Johto region and the far-away Alola region have started their journeys with the same experiment in mind.”

“So what Pokémon did Gary end up getting?” Ash asked, “If it’s alright for you to tell me.”

“It’s alright. Gary chose Squirtle at his Starter Pokémon.” I knew it!, Ash thought bitterly. “And his extra two were Abra and Geodude.” Professor Oak clapped his hands together, “Oh! I almost forgot! I need to give you your Pokédex.”

“My Pokédex?”

Professor Oak nodded, “Mhm. It’s a device I created that lets you record data from any Pokémon you catch automatically. It’s linked to your Pokéballs — Alpha Balls, in this case — and easily reports back to me what Pokémon you’ve caught, their ability, their size and weight, their sex, their move-sets… everything, basically.”

Ash’s eyes lit up, “That’s so cool!”

“Pikachu, Growlithe, and Machop are already registered and ready to go.” Professor Oak smiled, “Now all you need is a fresh pair of clothes and you’ll be all set.” He handed the Pokédex, red in color, to the young beginning trainer. “You also might want to tell your mother; I doubt she’d want you to leave without saying a goodbye. I made sure Gary properly said goodbye to me before leaving, as well.”

Ash nodded, “Of course. Alright, thanks a lot, Professor Oak!” The words still tasted foreign on Ash’s tongue.

Without thinking about it too much, Ash waved farewell and made his way back outside. His journey was just about to begin, and Ash couldn't wait one more second. The boy high-tailed it home like a Tauros and got his backpack, supplies, and necessities ready. A quick, final shower and a change of clothes did the trick. Delia was already crying — practically sobbing, if Ash was being honest — by the time he made his way downstairs, his backpack strapped on and looking determined for the adventure.

“I love you so much, Ash.” She said through her tears, before kissing her son on the forehead.

“I love you, too, Mom.” Ash was starting to tear up, as well. “I’ll call you as soon as I reach Viridian City, okay?”

She nodded, and they both hugged. “The Champion better watch out for you,” she told him.

Ash smiled; his eyes grew watery again and he quickly went back in for one lasting hug — she rubbed the back of his head and wiped away the tears that stained his freckled-cheeks with her thumb, “Hey now, don't cry… Today’s your special day. Don't worry about me, I’ll always be here.”

“I love you, M-Mom…”

“I love you more.”

“Not possible.”











Chapter Text

~ Chapter Two ~

Route 1: From Pallet to Viridian

Route 1 was only a few aching steps away as Ash tentatively breathed in and breathed out, trying to calm his nerves. This is it, he thought, this is where my journey begins… in just three steps. Ash’s fingers slid across his belt, feeling for the three Alpha Balls that held his partners just inside. This is where our journey begins.

Ash quickly glanced back at the full of Pallet Town, down the hill. His house and his mother were in the far distance, on the other side of the town; Professor Oak’s lab and windmill was as clear as day — it was the closest building to the start of Route 1.

“Let’s do this,” Ash smiled at the sign that read: “You’re Now Leaving Pallet Town!

Forget walking!, Ash broke out into a fast-paced run, charging into the beginning of his soon-to-be amazing and unforgettable adventure. I wonder what Pokémon I'll catch first!


The open field lined with small and medium-sized oak and maple trees was a sight to behold. He’d been along this route before, sure, but now that he was alone; now that he was looking at it with the eyes of trainer, this really took his breath away. Ash immediately saw the flock of Butterfree floating over the winding stream that flowed to the right of the field, intertwining between the already-mentioned trees.

“Alright, Dexter,” Ash pulled out his Pokédex, “do your thing.”

The red device buzzed to life and showed a still-image of Butterfree. ‘Butterfree: the Butterfly Pokémon, and the evolved-form of Metapod. Butterfree’s wings contain a water-repellent dust that enables it to fly even in the most severe of rainfalls; the same dust is also highly toxic, which it releases into the air during battle. Butterfree has a superior ability to search for delicious honey from flowers, which Butterfree can extract and carry from flower to flower for over six miles of distance.’ Ash clicked another button, and listened. ‘Normal Butterfree have the ability Compound Eyes, which raises the bearer’s accuracy in battle by 30%.’

“Sounds like my kind of Pokémon!” Ash smiled, and gripped one of his Alpha Balls. “Growlithe, I choose you!”

The Fire-type emerged from its Alpha Ball and growled at the flock of Butterfree. Dexter buzzed back to life. ‘Growlithe: the Puppy Pokémon. Growlithe is very friendly and loyal to people, but it has a tendency to be overprotective of its territory, and will bark and bite to protect it from strangers. Growlithe also has a superb sense of smell, ensuring that it won't forget a scent, no matter what. Growlithe can use this exquisite ability to detect the emotions of others. This particular Growlithe is currently at Level 5, is male, and has the ability Intimidate. His current moves are Bite, Roar, Double Kick, and Flame Wheel.’

One of the fluttering Butterfree floats into range, and glances down at Ash. “B-b-b-b!” The purple Pokémon flaps its wings at Growlithe, catching the winds and hurling them towards the Fire Pokémon, using Gust.

“Growlithe, dodge it!” The striped Pokémon jumped to the left, avoiding the onslaught of rapid winds. “Use Flame Wheel, now!” Growlithe’s mouth erupts into flames, before it swirls around and creates a natural fire ball, which singes the grass below as it barrels towards the dual Bug/Flying Pokémon.

An eruption of bright pink, blue, green, and purple shoot from Butterfree’s eyes, directly at Growlithe. Psybeam, Ash thought.

Ash watches as his Pokémon recoils back, just as Butterfree unleashes another Gust, forcing Growlithe all the way back on the other side of the field, near his trainer. “Growlithe, don’t give up!”


“Use Flame Wheel, again!”

Butterfree countered with another Psybeam, hitting dead on and forcing the spinning-Growlithe to fly up into the air, at Butterfree’s malicious mercy. “Butter… free!” Another Gust strikes Ash’s mid-air Growlithe and slams it into the ground. As the dust quickly clears, Ash’s stomach drops upon seeing his first battle was a loss.

The wild Butterfree quickly flew off before Ash had a chance to send out Pikachu as his next Pokémon.

Ash blinked back the line of wetness that threatened to spill over his eyelashes, and bent down to gingerly rub the top of Growlithe’s head, who was bowing in defeat and shame. “It was fun while it lasted,” Ash said, giving the best smile he could muster, which wasn't much. “You did an amazing job, Growlithe, don't be disappointed.”

“Grow… Grow…”

Ash pulled out his Alpha Ball and returned the Pokémon. “Take a good rest, buddy.”

After rubbing his nose, Ash stood back up and glanced back over at the stream. The Butterfree had vanished; the one they battled probably warned the others. Ash sighed, and kept walking further down the main path of Route 1…


It’d been just a little under an hour before a water droplet struck the tip of Ash’s nose. He blinked, and glanced up at the gloomy sky. Perfect, he thought, why not? Another raindrop. And another. And soon a whole sheet of them poured down from the dark clouds above. Ash ran for cover — the underbelly of a large, titling oak tree — where only a few small drops of rain managed to pass through the thick leaves at the top of the tree.

There were no signs of lightning, so Ash didn't worry about any possible strikes striking the large tree above him.

His stomach growled and groaned and whined for Ash to just feed it already, so Ash threw all three of his Alpha Balls and out came Growlithe, still sullen with defeat, Machop, ready to go, and Pikachu, bored. “Alright, guys,” Ash began, “we’re gonna have to wait out the rain, okay? In the meantime, I thought we could eat some tasty grub my mom made for us. Sound good?”

Machop tightened his fists and nodded, “Ma! Machop!”

Growlithe wagged his tail, “Gr-Growlithe!”

Pikachu shrugged, and slumped back onto its rear. “Pi-Pi-Pika…”

Ash reached into his backpack and pulled out four sandwiches. He handed them out to everyone, and yelled: “Go on and dig in!” He took the first bite, and quickly melted into the taste of the deliciousness. “Ahhh…”

All three Pokémon sighed in content, as well. Even Pikachu. After about ten minutes of solid food-cramming, Ash pulled out Dexter and aimed it at Machop. ‘Machop: the Superpower Pokémon. Machop’s whole body is composed of strong muscles, which it continuously loves to build up to become even stronger. Machop partake in strenuous training to master all kinds of martial arts styles. Some Machop are strong enough to lift a sumo wrestler. This particular Machop is currently at Level 5, is male, and has the ability Guts. His current moves are Leer, Low Kick, Focus Energy, and Ice Punch.’

Ash’s eyes twinkled, “Wow, Machop, you know Ice Punch?”

Machop smirked, and nodded; he pumped out his fist, which quickly cooled the air around it until a frosty, snow-dripping ice fist was made. “Ma! Machop!”

“Amazing,” Ash commented. Machop’s Ice Punch faded and he sat back down to scarf down the last of his sandwich. Ash turned Dexter towards Pikachu. ‘Pikachu: the Mouse Pokémon, and the evolved-form of Pichu. It has been documented that a group of Pikachu alone can cause lightning storms. Pikachu stores energy in its electric sacs in their cheeks, and when they release that pent-up energy, it can be as powerful as a lightning strike. This particular Pikachu is currently at Level 5, is male, and has the ability Static. His current moves are Thunder Shock, Growl, Disarming Voice, and Thunder Punch.’

“And you know Thunder Punch, Pikachu! That’s awesome!” Ash pinches Pikachu’s cheeks, somewhat expecting to get a little taste of just how powerful Thunder Punch really was. But, surprisingly, Pikachu comfortably rubbed its cheeks against Ash’s warm hands.

“Pika… Pi…”

All was quiet, save for the gurgle of the rain, until a very shrill, very loud voice came from the distance, somehow drowning out the torrential downpour and hurting Ash’s ears. “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!” Growlithe snarled at the sound, while Machop put up his fists and Pikachu raised its tail, his red cheeks glowing with static. “Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

A silhouette formed beyond the wall of water pouring from the leaves on the edge of the canopy of the tree, looking… human?, Ash thought, that voice sounded just like a whiny Pokémon. Huh. The silhouette’s arms were flailing back and forth, getting taller and taller until it burst through the wall of water, into the dry underbelly of the giant oak tree. Red hair and bright eyes were the first thing that caught Ash’s attention; the second being that this other human was a girl. She was tall, was wearing short-shorts and a loose, yellow crop-top with red suspenders overtop.

She was huffing her lungs out, wide-eyed and kneeling down, clutching her side. “Cramps,” she grunted, “so many cramps…”

Ash stared at her, then silently stepped closer. “Um… are you okay?”

The girl sucked in a deep breath, and stood up, nursing the pain in her side with her hand sliding up and down her skin. “Oh, you know, besides being soaking wet and cramping in just about every place that can cramp, I'm just peachy.” She rolled her eyes, then huffed, and took another deep breath. “Yeah. Sorry,” she rubbed her temple with her other hand, “I don't mean to be rude. Thanks for not kicking me back out in the rain.”

“What kind of person would I be if I didn't help out others?” Ash asked.

She smiled, “I guess you have a nice point. Thanks.”

Ash nodded, before placing his hand against his chest, “I'm Ash,” he pointed to his Pokémon, “this is Pikachu, Machop, and Growlithe.” He blinked back up at her — she was a little taller than him, and looked a little older. “What’s your name?”

“Misty,” she ran a stray hand through her dripping red hair and sighed. “Nice you meet you, Ash. Oh, and you three as well, Pikachu, Machop, and Growlithe.”

“So, Misty, are you a Pokémon Trainer, like me?”

She smiled, “Sure am. In fact I was heading all the way down here to try and snag that Squirtle that Professor Oak was handing out, but by the time I got to Pallet Town a trainer had already claimed it. Tough luck, I guess.”

Gary, Ash thought. “So, um… do you have any Pokémon at all?”

“Of course. Professor Oak wasn't going to just leave me hanging after my trip down here — he let me in on this Alpha Experiment thing and gave me three Pokémon.” Misty smiled, “And I'm guessing since you already have a Pikachu, a Machop, and a Growlithe, all of which aren't normally found all the way down here on Route 1, you’re doing the same thing I am. Is that true?”

Ash nodded, “100%.”

“Isn't it just the coolest thing?”

“Sure is.”

“Wanna see my Pokémon?”

Ash smiled, “Oh, yeah! Definitely!”

Misty grinned, “Good. Alright,” she reached for her bag and pulled out three dark Alpha Balls. One had a dark, venomous-purple jewel, the second had a watery-blue jewel, and the third had a light pink, mystical-looking jewel. “Come on out, you guys!” One by one, a small, blue Nidoran appeared, then an even-darker blue Poliwag, and then a bright, light pink Clefairy. “Ta-da!”

“Oh, wow!” He pulled out Dexter, and aimed it Nidoran. ‘Nidoran: the Poison Pin Pokémon. Female Nidoran are blue and have smaller horns than male Nidoran. But that should not comfort you; it's highly toxic barbs were developed over time to protect the small-bodied Pokémon, and, when enraged, Nidoran will release horrible toxins from these toxic horns. This particular Nidoran has the Poison Point ability.’

“Pretty cool, huh?” Misty asked, smirking.

Ash nodded, “Super cool!” He pointed Dexter towards Poliwag. ‘Poliwag: the Tadpole Pokémon. Poliwag’s newly grown legs prevent good mobility on the land, and much prefers to swim its way to its destination. Poliwag also has very thin skin, so thin, in fact, that you can easily see its spiral-like organs on the white of its belly. The skin is also very slippery and wet, making it near-impossible to land a good hit against it while in battle. This particular Poliwag has the ability Water Absorb.’ Ash then turned Dexter to Clefairy. ‘Clefairy: the Fairy Pokémon, and the evolved-form of Cleffa. Clefairy is very popular as a precious pet, even despite being an extremely rare Pokémon and difficult to find. It is said that on every night of a full moon, many Clefairy come out and play in the shining moonlight. When dawn arrives, the tired Pokémon go to sleep, nestled up close deep and hidden in their quite mountain homes. This particular Clefairy’s ability is Cute Charm.’

“So,” Misty began, “have you and your Pokémon had any battles yet?” Her eyes shimmered — Ash could easily tell this girl liked to battle, and was definitely going to be an awesome rival in the future.

Ash nodded, “I’ve had one battle. Growlithe and I tried catching a wild Butterfree a little while ago.” He glanced down at Growlithe, who whimpered slightly. “But we lost.”

Misty nodded, “I battled this wild Beedrill, and I lost, too. In retrospect, I guess I should have known Poison-type moves are super effective on a Fairy-type, like Clefairy. By the time I reached for Poliwag’s Alpha Ball, the Beedrill was already gone.”

“I guess since it happened to both of us, it happens to most trainers just starting out on their journey.”

“Oh, yeah.” Misty balled her fist, “But it won't be happening next time! The next battle I have against a wild Pokémon, I'm gonna catch it!”

“Same here!”

“Now that’s the spirit!”

Misty looked out into the downpour, and sighed, “The weatherman and his Castform on tv said today was supposed to be as sunny as it can get.” She rolled her eyes, “I guess that shows how gullible I am.”

Ash nodded, “Yeah, my mom had told me the same thing. It was supposed to be clear skies and warm weather all week — ‘the perfect week to start an adventure,’ he said.” Ash puffed out his chest, “Even his little Castform agreed. It was in it’s Sunny Form, or whatever it's called.”

“You know…” Misty whispered, “This unexpected downpour could be the work of a Pokémon.”

“One Pokémon can create this giant rainstorm?” Ash asked, in disbelief.

Misty shrugged, “Maybe it’s a powerful Pokémon.”

“You mean… like a Legendary? Here?”

“I mean, here’s as good as any, amiright?” Misty smiled, “I know it’s probably unlikely — Legendary Pokémon are, well, legendary, for a reason. But you never know.” Nidoran, Poliwag, and Clefairy supported her with a cry of their own. “Maybe it’s a Zapdos!”

Ash chuckled, “A Zapdos?” He nodded towards the sky, “I’m pretty sure we’d be seeing countless lightning strikes all over the place if it was actually a Zapdos.” He laid back against the tree, “It’d be freezing and snowing non-stop if it was an Articuno, and it’d just be extremely hot if it was a Moltres.” Ash made a scrunched-up face, and then smiled. “Maybe it’s a Suicune!”

“I doubt it,” Misty stated, “Suicune cleans and purifies water with just one touch, all while riding with the northern winds — it doesn't just create rainstorms at the blink of an eye.”

“Maybe it’s an angry Suicune.”

“You’re delusional.”

“You’re skeptical.”

“This coming from the kid who thinks Zapdos — a Pokémon actually native to the Kanto region and is notorious for creating unexpected storms — is a stretch.”

“I'm not a kid!”

“Right, right.” Misty chuckled, “And I'm not a redhead. Ha-ha.”

Ash turned away from her, sulking. “Hmph.”

Misty did the same, and glared out into the downpour. An awkward minute of silence soon passed, with the Pokémon just exchanging worried looks between the two. The minute turned into five, but was now accompanied by Ash and Misty’s sighs of boredom. Misty’s stomach was growling, and Ash realized he had to pee.

“I’ll be back,” Ash stated, matter-of-fact. “Nature calls.”

Misty made a face, “Gee, thanks for the information.” Ash rolled his shoulders and walked around to the other side of the tree — it was soggier on this side, the rain could land on the grass due to the slant of the giant oak. He could hear Misty eagerly rummaging through her bag in search of her food, and gave a little: “Aha!” once she discovered it. Ash pulled out his cock without another thought and did the do. Once he was finished, he tucked himself back into his pants and stuck his hands out in the rain, gently washing them.

He returned to the other side with a smile, and sat down. “Have fun?” Misty asked, grimacing.

“No,” Ash replied, annoyed, “it just feels a whole lot better not having a pint of urine and pressure inside your bladder.”


Misty glanced down at her watch and sighed, “It’s gonna get late pretty soon. Maybe we should get some sleep. It’s not like this rain will let up anytime soon.” She pushed her bag against one of the large roots jutting out of the ground and gently laid her head on it. Clefairy snuggled up against her shoulder, while Nidoran was behind her, between her back and the tree, and Poliwag nestled itself against Misty’s bag, on the root.

Ash nodded, “Yeah, I guess so.” He placed his backpack against the trunk of the tree, and laid flat on his back, with his hatless-head lying atop of his backpack. His hat was resting next to him, just barely grazing his right shoulder. Pikachu laid against Ash’s right side, while Machop laid against his left, and Growlithe made its bed against Ash’s left shoulder, with its head propped up on said-shoulder. The warmth radiating off his Pokémon — especially Growlithe — made Ash smile in comfort.

Just before Ash’s eyes blinked close in a dream-filled sleep, he glimpsed up at the dark, watery-sky and could have swarm he’d seen a large, light blue Pokémon flying through the rain…


Lugia danced across the sky in a way that made the rain and clouds swirl in all directions. It roared to the mighty heavens above — creating a horrid onslaught of skin-piercing rain — and flew off, happy. As it distanced itself, the rain grew calmer and calmer, until only a pattering drizzle was left, which soon vanished, too, as the sunlight began reigning across the heavens...


Ash woke up with a stir, as he awoke from his dream. Wait, Ash thought, that was a dream, right? He’d dreamed that the torrential downpour had indeed been a Pokémon’s doing — like Misty had said. But it wasn't Zapdos, like she thought; it wasn't Suicune, like he thought. It had been Lugia, one of the two big bad Legendaries from the Johto region. I shouldn't get my hopes up, Ash chewed on his bottom lip, it must’ve just been a dream.

He was still groggy — his eyes hurt from the intense sunlight and made him blink non-stop. Dry drool stained his left cheek and chin, and his hair was a mess. Growlithe woke up quickly, hearing Ash’s movements, as did Pikachu and then, finally, Machop. “Hey, you guys,” he whispered, his throat dry. He rubbed the tops of their heads and slowly sat up, getting a quick fix of the weather.

The downpour had ceased, and a massive rainbow laid in its wake, coloring the dull, bright blue sky.

“Hey, Misty, look.” Ash turned to where Misty should have been, and discovered she was gone. A small parchment of paper laid in her spot, instead. He picked up the note and read it: ‘See you in Viridian City, kid. It’s been a pleasure, but me and my Pokémon are definitely going to be getting that badge first. Oh, and P.S. ~ You’ll never guess what Pokémon I saw flying over the massive rainbow this morning!

Ash sighed, and grumbled to himself. “I bet it’s not cooler than seeing Lugia.”


After getting everything situated, and refilling his canteen with more water from the stream, Ash was back on the move; he planned on reaching Viridian City by the evening. These were the steps to becoming a Pokémon Master, it was definitely going to be challenging, but with his Pokémon by his side, Ash knew he could do it.

I’ve got two rivals, now, Ash thought, Gary and Misty. I wonder which one’s stronger.

Unfortunately, Ash’s thoughts were cut short when a massive gust of wind surged across the entirety of the route, swiftly pulling Ash’s hat along with it. “Hey!” Ash cried to no one, watching helplessly as his favorite hat was taken away, back the way he came. He charged for it, running nearly as fast as he did the day before, after discovering he was late to get his Starter Pokémon. “Come back here!”

The hat bobbed up and down along the current of the never-ending wind, before snatching the edge of the branch with its strap and holding on for dear life.

“Oh, come on!” Ash yelled out, panting from the intense run. He reached for his belt and plucked an Alpha Ball free, before throwing it. “Pikachu, I choose you!” The yellow Pokémon blinked up at the hat, high in the branches. “Pikachu, I want you to climb up and get my hat, okay?”

“Pi… Pikachu.”

Pikachu climbed up the tree and into the thick of the leaves. Every so often Ash could see Pikachu’s yellow tail poking out of the branches and leaves, before ducking back down below. He could hear chirps and squawks from high in the branches, some sounding alarmed and others sounding upset or angry. A zap of electricity quickly made the tree vibrate as a bright, yellow light glowed from between all of the leaves. “Pika!”

“What the…?” Ash began, sweat forming at his temple, “Pikachu?”

The Pokémon jumped out from the leaves, snagged Ash’s hat, and jumped down into his trainer’s arms. “Pika! Pika! Pi! Pikachu! Chu!”

“Row!” A loud, lurching squawk pierced Ash’s ears, forcing him to look up. “Spearow!”

From Ash’s first glance, at least thirty Spearow were flapping their wings and squawking out their anger, “Spearow! Spearow! Row! Spearow! Spear!” Their beaks, sharp and dangerous, aimed straight for the trainer and Pokémon below their tree. “Spearow! Spearow!”

“Whoa…” Ash stepped back, “Look at all the Spearow…”

One particular Spearow, frazzled and crispy from Pikachu’s Thunder Shock, had a dangerous, foreboding glare that made Ash’s pants tighten, ever so slightly. That particular Spearow lunged off the branch and straight for Ash and Pikachu. “SPEAROW!” The others quickly took flight after, their sights on the same target.

“Oh, sweet Arceus…” Ash breathed out, “Run!”

He and Pikachu made a mad dash for it, running back the way they came. The flock was spread across the entire tree line, stretched thin so Ash and Pikachu couldn't swerve back around to evade them. “Spearow! Row! Spearow!”

“Just keep running… just keep running… just keep running…!” Ash was yelling out to Pikachu, thinking immediately of Finding Goldeen and how Finneon’s catchphrase was ‘Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!’. He’d heard that the sequel, Finding Finneon, was amazing, and he really wanted to see it before he died by this flock of Spearow.

“Pi… Ka… Pika… Ka… Pika… Pi… Chu… Ka… Pika… Ka… Pi…” Pikachu was high-tailing it faster than a Sneasel, and Ash was sort of jealous — at least I can die an honorable trainer’s death, getting Pecked to death so Pikachu has enough time to flee, Ash thought, Mom would be so proud.

Ash jumped over a fallen branch, and yelled for Pikachu to take a sharp left, directly into the patch of woods separating the open field and the raging river. Pikachu did as asked, and followed Ash into the brush. But that didn't deter the Flying-types, who either flew over the trees or through them. “Spear! Spearow!”

One of the low-flying Spearow managed to snap its beak shut on the edge of Pikachu’s tail, quickly causing the Electric-type to send out just about a million zaps of lightning in every direction. The Spearow on Pikachu’s tail was practically fried to bits, as was the three Spearow that had flanked the Pokémon’s sides and top. “Way to go, Pikachu!” Ash yelled, just as the woods came to abrupt end and the river began. “Whoa!” Ash lurched to the right, trying, and failing, to stop himself from falling into the rapids. He managed to suck in a large gulp of air before plunging in.

The water was freezing, thus making his skin rigid with goosebumps as he emerged back at the top of the water. Pikachu had fallen in, too, and was a few feet behind him. The flock of Spearow were flying over the river, eyeing their prey. The original Spearow — the one Pikachu had Thunder Shock’d in the tree — was still at the forefront, glaring at them like they were nothing more than fresh meat.

Ash had swallowed about ten gallons of rushing water by the time he slammed into his first rock, which had fallen into the middle of the river and split it into two smaller, slower rivers that tapered off towards the cliffs that hugged the left side of the back end of the route. “Pikachu!” Ash coughed out, stretching his hand back, “Grab… o-onto me! There’s… there’s gonna be a waterfall up ahead…!” Ash felt a pair of small hands grip his wrist, and he pulled his arm back, with Pikachu along with it. They held onto each other, and prayed for the best possible outcome out of all of this.

Only a few yards away rested the first, marginally-small waterfall. “Here we go!” Ash yelled.


The pair surged down the side as gravity took hold, and both quickly held their breaths as the two-second free fall into the water below quickly smashed the breath out of their lungs. “Ugh!” Ash grunted in pain, clutching his side as another waterfall was approaching fast. He and Pikachu held close together, again, and sucked in as much air as they could muster up. Four seconds of free falling. Ash could’ve sworn his leg was broken after they slammed into the water, forcing the trainer and Pokémon apart and slamming them into rock after rock like a pair of Shuppet rag doll puppets. The last waterfall was about three seconds of free falling, and that’s when Ash definitely heard a loud snap in the lower section of his right leg. He screamed, of course, but that only forced another ten gallons of water down his throat, quickly choking and silencing him.

Ash’s eyes nearly bulged out of his head when he slammed into the rocky shore, scraping his knee and shredding the legs of his pants. “Ah!” Ash hissed, “Fuck!” He swore like a sailor with a Wingull, and gently climbed further onto shore. He felt like writhing around in pain and misery, but his number one concern was where in Arceus’ name Pikachu had managed to wash ashore. “Pikachu!” He cupped his hands around his mouth, “Pikachu! Where are you?”

He nursed his bruised and battered ankle with his right hand while his left rummaged through his soaked backpack — which Ash was amazed didn't shred apart like his pants — searching for some Chansey band-aids or gauze or something that’ll help. “Pikachu!” Ash yelled again, “Where are you?!”

With a defeated sigh, Ash reached back and tugged the two Alpha Balls free, “Growlithe, Machop, I choose you!” The both appeared in a fantastic array of light, each roaring their own name. “I need… I need you two to go find Pikachu, alright? He’s probably somewhere along the shoreline.”

The Pokémon nodded at their trainer, then at each other, before taking off in different directions. Machop started up the northern half of the shore while Growlithe paced down the southern.

Great, Ash thought, still hissing in pain at every movement and cringing with every throb that pulsed down his broken leg, just great. Arceus… I really hope I'm near Viridian City. So much for an epic beginning to my journey…


Ash glanced up, unexpectedly, and saw the leader-Spearow, flapping its wings way up the sky. It was alone, oddly. The others must’ve gotten tired, Ash conjured up, this Spearow just won't give up, will it? The Pokémon was nearly just a ragged-looking as Ash himself, a fact that Ash chose to ignore. “Leave me alone, Spearow!"

“Row!” The Spearow squawked, “Spear! Spearow!”

The dual Normal/Flying-type surged down in a dive, aiming straight for Ash’s chest, more than ready to sink its sharp peak deep into his body and feast on the deliciousness underneath. But, in a quick burst of electricity, the Spearow collapsed to the rocky shore, unable to battle. Behind it, panting and soaked, stood Pikachu, whose hand was wrapped in sparkling, yellow electricity. Thunder Punch, Ash thought.

“Pikachu!” Ash smiled, “You’re okay!”

“Pi! Pika-Pi!”

Ash glared down at the unconscious Spearow, reached for his belt, tugged off an Alpha Ball, and threw it at the Pokémon. One… two… three! The ball released a faint, sparkly-glow, signifying that Spearow had been caught.

“Yes!” Ash hollered, “I caught a Spearow!” He rolled onto his side in joy, before screaming out in utter pain, clutching at his leg. It hurt even more, now. So much more...

Pikachu rushed to his side, just in time for Machop and Growlithe to make it back, empty-handed. “Pika! Pika!” Pikachu gripped onto the tatters of Ash’s jeans; “Grow! Growlithe!” Growlithe whined, nudging it's wet nose against Ash’s cheek; “Chop! Ma! Machop!” Machop cried out, tugging on Ash’s arm.

The pain was excruciating, and Ash was soon deaf, with foggy-vision. He blinked, groggily, “See you… later…”

The pain faded, and Ash’s eyes soon closed, forcing him into a deep, dark sleep. Maybe I'll wake up on time, this time...

Chapter Text

~ Chapter 3 ~
Doctor’s Orders…

Ash felt the cool, smooth liquid slither down his throat, easing its way into his belly until a pulse of pleasure quickly began radiating through his body, warming his temples and making his eyelids flutter, like he was dreaming. The doctor’s calloused, gloved-hands slid across the bare skin of his leg; Ash flinched under the doctor’s touch, expecting pain to seer up through his body, but instead only felt the warm, glowing waves continue to wash away any discomfort. The hands quickly gripped down on his shin and clicked it back into its proper place, earning a small, satisfied yelp from the semi-unconscious trainer.

He felt the thick gauze being wrapped around his right leg, similar to the one that’s wrapped around his left ankle and the larger one that’s wrapped around his chest and upper stomach. He smiled in his sleep, the doctor would later tell him. He also has a fit body for a ten-year-old, the doctor would tell him. His ass-cheeks were firm and supple, the doctor would tell him. His mouth was amazing at sucking cock, the doctor would soon tell him…

Ash no longer felt the gauze or the doctor’s hands or the cooling liquid in his body as they gently placed a mask back over his mouth and sunk him further into sleep. “Make sure to call his mother,” the doctor had told one of the nurses, “his trainer license says his last name’s Ketchum, and he’s from Pallet Town.”


Ash’s eyes pierced open, before quickly squeezing shut as the bright, blinding overhead lights shined in his deep, chocolaty-brown irises. Delia’s head popped into view, blocking the intense light. “M-mom…?” Ash mumbled, his lips chapped and his eyelids tired and dragging.

She smiled down at him, before brushing some of his dark hair away from his eyes, “Good morning, Sweetie.”

“What… what are… what are you doing... here…?” His throat was sore, and he had a small hankering for another taste of that calming liquid he remembered dribbling across his tongue.

Delia cocked her head. “You were in an accident, Sweetheart. Going down three waterfalls is pretty taxing on anyone’s body.” She traced her knuckles down his cheek, “You’re pretty lucky, you know.” She smirked, “As lucky as a Lugia, the legend has it.”

“Lugia…?” Ash murmured. A faint smile etched across his face, “I saw… Lugia…”

“Now wouldn't that be something?” Delia smiled; her bleary, water-filled eyes barely registered in Ash’s foggy state, but her son nonetheless understood. He managed to lift his arm enough so his index finger could swipe away the stray tear that streaked down her cheek.

He shook his head, “At least... my adventure started off pretty interesting… right?”

She chuckled slightly, “More interesting than mine, for sure.”

“More… interestin’ than Gary’s… too…”



Delia had later left to get herself and Ash some “real food,” as she put it, in their stomachs. Ash expected her to be out for a little over two hours — Viridian City was quite larger than Pallet Town, and his mother had a habit of getting lost — just who do you think he got it from?

Ash swallowed down some of his water as the machines he was connected to beeped and buzzed, showcasing just about everything that was happening in Ash’s very own body. He’d been told the liquid they had poured down his throat was a special sap that pretty much heals any physical damage done to the body. It worked so well, in fact, that all of the gauze that'd been wrapped around Ash's body was no longer necessary, and had been stripped off.

The nurse had told him that Dr. Proctor would be in shortly, and that he’d return his normal clothes and possessions — including his Pokémon — after doing a full-body check-up.

I hope spending this much time in one spot isn't going to impact my journey, Ash thought, that’d stink. The only good thing about this is the cool story I’ll be able to tell later on. Ash slipped his hands under his thin, crisp-white blanket. The thought of having an awesome story was certainly getting to him — in more ways than one. His hospital gown was easy to pull up and reveal his nakedness underneath. He’d already managed to pull down his blanket and, that alone, exposed his body to the entirety of the room. His gown had rided up to his upper chest, exposing his nipples. Just like Bulbasaur, he thought, before pinching at his nipples.

Ash knew he could get caught doing this at any second — but that only seemed to excite him further. He didn't know why. In bliss, he closed his eyes.

His cock, already flared to life and throbbing against Ash’s stomach, twitched as a rush of cool aid flooded the room. A shiver ran up the ten-year-old’s spine, forcing Ash to pry open his eyes, only to connect with who he could only assume to be Dr. Proctor’s, from across the room. The man, tall and masculine, with broad shoulders, tan skin, and a killer jaw, chuckled to himself, before quickly closing the door before the nurse walking by noticed anything peculiar.

“Well, I’d say you’re stimulatory system seems to be functioning just fine.” He shook his head, smirking, “But not everything can be seen with the naked eye — mind if I start my body check-up? Professor Oak — he was on your trainer license, so I gave him a call — told me to remind you of your deal with him…?” Dr. Proctor grinned, “Does that sound familiar, Mr. Ketchum?”

Suddenly, a mental image of a Gengar swiftly passed through Ash’s mind, and, in a matter of seconds, lust overcame his ten-year-old body. His cock throbbed and his lips buzzed with want. “Can I suck your cock, Master?”

Dr. Proctor smiled, “Only if you really want to, Ash.”

Ash nodded, and motioned for his doctor to come forward. He can't exactly leave his bed. Dr. Proctor undid his belt-clip, before unzipping his pants and pulling out a thick, eight-in-a-half inch cock. It was throbbing and twitching and eager… Dr. Proctor wasted no time at all, and stood at the side of Ash’s bed, already digging his right hand through the boy’s hair and guiding his head down, over the bed railing and directly towards his pulsating appendage.

Ash stuck his tongue out curiously, and licked across the flared, light-purple head of Dr. Proctor’s cock. The man groaned above him, before his grip in Ash’s hair tightened, semi-forcing Ash’s head further down. Ash’s tongue slid back across the tip, earning another groan of pleasure, before Ash dipped down and wrapped his supple lips around the cockhead, letting his tongue explore every nook and cranny the circumcised-meat had to offer.

Fuck, Ash thought, already groaning with satisfaction, which came out as a vibrating purr that only made Dr. Proctor moan with delight. This is amazing… why… how did this happen? Why… why haven't I done this before?!

“Shit, Ash…” Dr. Proctor moaned out, with his eyes rolling back into his head as he roughly began to push the boy’s head further down the length of his cock. Ash’s hot breath, his heavy, explorative tongue, his purrs of pleasure… it all drove the doctor mad with lust.

Ash lulled his head back, pulling off the cockhead with a subtle pop. “M-Master… do you want… to fuck me…?”

Dr. Proctor glanced down at him, grumbling at the loss of his pleasure, “Suck me off, boy. Now.” He’d barely registered what his slave was uttering out.

“Yes, Master.”

This is so amazing, Ash thought, harboring a grin as he plunged his head back down on the cock, forcing two extra inches beyond his warm, moist lips and into the hot, breathy orifice that was his mouth and throat. Arceus… yes.

Dr. Proctor groaned out his sighs of pleasure, blossoming from the pit of his stomach and taking over his whole body — his fingers tingled with electricity as his hands wandered down the arched, smooth back of the boy, bending his own body down so his hands could continue their search for the twin orbs of supple asscheeks. He bucked his hips forward, pushing the head of his cock down Ash’s throat; he smirked at the newly-found fact that Ash didn't have a gag reflex — or he had a highly-trained one, at the least.

“Mm-mm…” Ash whimpered, his mouth full with six of the eight-in-a-half inches of the delectable man-meat that was his doctor’s cock. Pre was already sliding down his throat by the time he felt two warm, calloused hands snake down his backside and firmly squeeze his asscheeks. “Mhm…!”

“Yeah…” Dr. Proctor grunted, “Yeah, you like that, don't you, you slut?”

Yes, Ash thought, Fucking yes!

Things were going smoothly — until the intercom buzzed to life. “Sir! Sir! Dr. Proctor! Come quick!”

The words come and quick made Ash’s mind go into overdrive — he reached up with his arm and fondled the heavy balls of his doctor, before surging forward and swallowing the extra two inches of the man’s erection, which stirred the man to buck forward and fuck his face, or, more specifically, his throat. Driving forward and backward, forward and backward, forward and backward… Dr. Proctor’s ball-sack slapped Ash’s chin, while the man’s dark pubes itched his nose. “Shit!” Dr. Proctor moaned out, “I’m c-cumming!”

Ash’s eyes bugged out as the warm, juicy liquid sprayed down into his throat. Sputtering his head and coughing madly, Ash pulled back and took four extra cumshots to the face, two of the four still landing in his open mouth and on his tongue. Dr. Proctor gasped and stilled, as his final shot lazily dripped onto the floor.

The boy swallowed the jizz that landed in his mouth, while using his hospital gown to wipe the rest off of his face. Dr. Proctor rushed to the intercom, and hit the speaking button. “What happened, Darla?”

“Two burglars are here! They’re claiming they’re gonna steal every sick person’s Pokémon! There’s even a talking Meowth with them! Get down here!” The intercom practically screamed, loud enough for Ash to clearly hear.

Dr. Proctor was stuffing his softening-cock back into his pants, before winking back at Ash, and exiting the room in a flash. Ash laid there, breathing heavily, before a voice passed through his head. One down. Nine to go, Ash. Ash jumped up, “P-Professor Oak…?” He could have sworn it sounded exactly like him. He glanced around, but saw no one else in the room. He did, however, spot his clothes and Pokéballs.


Officer Jenny sat patiently in the waiting room, arms crossed and sleep nagging at her eyelids, as they slowly began to droop shut. Delia was sitting next to her, upset about not being allowed to bring Ash pizza, but that wasn't the only thing; a wetness surrounded the woman’s eyes. She took a deep breath, “T-thank you, Jenny,” Delia coughed out, “thank you for saving my son.”

“Don’t thank me, if it wasn't for his Pokémon practically throwing themselves at my police scooter, I wouldn't have found him as quickly as I did.” Jenny pressed a hand on Delia’s knee, “His Pokémon are the real heroes.”

Delia shook her head, “You’re the one that called in an ambulance, you are the reason Ash is going to be alright.”

“If you say so,” Jenny smiled, “I could always use an ego boost.”

Delia rolled her eyes, “You really are the same Jenny I knew back in high school.”

“The one and only.”

The two women were giggling with small laughter when two Pokéballs came crashing in through the sky light, popping open to reveal an Ekans and a Koffing. “Ekans!” The purple and golden snake hissed; “Koff-Koffing!” The purple floating Pokémon coughed out.

A moved was called out: “Koffing, use Smokescreen!”

Another: “Ekans! Take out the computers!”

The Koffing rose up into the air, catching nearly everybody’s glances before it erupted gallons upon gallons of heavy, dark smoke from its body to quickly fill the air; coughs and wheezes began to emerge from the cloud of smoke as people frantically made a dash for the exits. One small boy cried out as Ekans tripped him, scraping his knee. “Ekans!” The snake hissed, glaring at the small boy, opening its mouth wide enough to strike down.

Delia reached down and hastily grabbed the boy’s shoulders, yanking him up and pulling him along with her, avoiding Ekans’ venomous strike. Officer Jenny was forced to run outside with the rest, taking one last glance to see the long snake start to smash every computer in sight. Once outside, she glanced up and saw the Meowth air balloon — two tall figures stood inside, with a shorter one between them.

“Prepare for trouble!” A feminine voice announced.

“Make it double!” A semi-masculine voice added.

“To protect the world from devastation!”

“To unite all peoples within our nation!”

“To denounce the evils of truth and love!”

“To extend our reach to the stars above!”



“Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!”

“Surrender now or prepare to fight!”

“Meowth!” The talking Meowth stated, shocking everybody, “That’s right!”

Officer Jenny and Delia watched in gasping horror as the Meowth balloon descended down onto the roof; they two people wore white outfits, with a black undershirt underneath, black long gloves, and black boots. Across their chests was a red ‘R’ that no doubt stood for Rocket, of Team Rocket. The women had long, magenta-red hair, and the man had chin-length, striking blue hair. “No one can stop us!” The women — Jessie, Jenny and Delia remembered from their motto — yelled out; “So don't even try!” The man — James — yelled after. “Unless you want this trip to the hospital to be your last!” Meowth cried out. All three jumped through the shattered sky light, and into the waiting room, out of sight.

“My son is in there!” Delia shouted, attempting to race forward and back into the building; the boy she saved from Ekans had already been swept away by his panicking mother during Team Rocket’s motto. Jenny reached forward and pulled her back.

“Delia don’t!” Jenny shouted, “They’re criminals, they can hurt you.”

“I don't care! I’d rather them hurt me than hurt Ash!”

“Please, let the police — let me — take care of this; I promise you that I will protect your son. Just stay here.” And, without another word, Jenny raced back into the building, leaving a teary-eyed Delia all alone, clutching at her chest.


Ash wandered down the empty hallway, limping on his still-sore ankle as he moved from door to door, trying to stay hidden. His new pants hung loosely from his hips, with his belt undone and his fly open, exposing his white briefs beneath. He didn't have much time to get dressed, so his black tee-shirt was only half-tucked in, and his blue jacket was only fully-on one of his shoulders. The note on his clothes had told him his mother had brought new ones, as his old ones were nothing more than tattered remains after his adventure with the waterfalls.

No one’s stealing my Pokémon, Ash thought, bitterly. I don't know why Dr. Proctor decided to just abandon me back there. I give him a damn blowjob and he repays me by ditching me while two burglars rob sick patients of their Pokémon. The prick. Ash whimpered as a jolt of pain ran up his leg, from his ankle. Dammit.

“Well, well. Look what we have here,” a woman’s voice rang in Ash’s ears. He turned and spotted what he could only presume to be one of the burglars. Who else would dress that way?, Ash thought. “A lost little boy trying to find his mommy, I bet.”

Dollops of sweat formed across the boy’s forehead. His eyes shook, wearily. “I-I’m not scared of you!”

A purple and golden snake slithered in view, and coiled itself around the woman's leg. She chuckled half-heartedly. “How cute,” she pointed at him, “I bet you’re scared of finding out what Ekans’ insides look like.”

Dexter, hidden in Ash’s pocket, activated. ‘Ekans: the Snake Pokémon. Ekans moves silently and stealthily, and eats eggs of bird-Pokémon whole. This Pokémon curls itself up in a spiral while it rests, with the position allowing it to quickly respond to an attack at any angle. Ekans flicks its tongue in and out in order to sense these dangers. This particular Ekans has the Shed Skin ability.

Ash stepped back, nervously. “Why ar-are you doing this? Who are y-you?!”

She sighed, “I can't exactly give you our whole motto when it’s just me, now can I? Fine. Whatever. It’s not like it matters — twerps like you always get squashed.” She eyed Ekans, “Or eaten. Anyways… I'm Jessie, and I'm apart of Team Rocket!”

“T-Team Rocket…?” Ash chewed his bottom lip, lost in thought. “Um… I’ve never heard of you.”

Jessie growled at him, while Ekans hissed. “Well, now you have you little twerp! I’m done with this! Ekans, go take a bite out of his throat!”

In a matter of seconds, the snake-like Pokémon burst from its place around it’s trainer’s leg, and easily struck Ash straight in the chest, knocking to him the ground with a loud thud! “Ahh!” Ash yelled, stricken with pain as Ekans surged down and bit into his shoulder. Luckily, Ekans are known for having the least painful bite of all the snake-Pokémon. But that didn't stop Ekans from digging its jaw into his shoulder, and wrapping itself around his arm.

“I said rip his throat out!” Jessie commanded. Ekans hissed maniacally, rattling its tail, before sinking its mouth around Ash’s exposed neck. Blood started to drip from his neck, and Ash could faintly hear Jessie’s laughter.

The corners of his eyes grew dark as the lack of oxygen started to fog up his mind. In just a few seconds… “No!” A voice cried out, and suddenly Ekans was yanked away by another woman, dressed in a blue uniform. Ekans hissed up at her, but she kicked it straight in it’s head, forcing it backwards. “Stay away from him!”

Ash’s eyes blinked, and oxygen slowly began to get back to his lungs as he breathed in and breathed out.

“Hey!” Jessie complained, “That was Ekans’ dinner! Ekans, use Poison Sting!”

Ash managed to catch a glimpse of the snake-Pokémon spitting out a barrage of poison-tipped needles, straight for Officer Jenny. Officer Jenny threw out her Pokéball in a blink of an eye, and commanded for the appearing-Kadabra to use Protect.

Dexter activated back to life, once again. ‘Kadabra: the Psi Pokémon, and the evolved-form of Abra. Kadabra are alleged to once being just a boy with extrasensory powers, who awoke in bed one morning as a Kadabra. This Pokémon emits special alpha waves from its body that can induce headaches just by being close to it. This particular Kadabra has the ability of Inner Focus.

“W-wow,” Ash whispered, his voice scratchy, as a light blue shield protected it and Officer Jenny. Thin lines of blood slid down his neck, but were quickly drying.

Officer Jenny called out: “Kadabra, use Disable!” The Psychic-type Pokémon glared down at the snake-Pokémon with dark red eyes, surrounding Ekans in a reddish aura that faded away a few seconds later.

Jessie gasped, “How dare you disable our attack!” She pointed down at Kadabra, “Ekans, use Bite!”

Ekans pounced out from its spot, opening its mouth wide. Officer Jenny quickly took back control. “Oh, no you don't! Kadabra, use Psybeam!” Kadabra hollered its name before a blast of colorful energy emitted from the small star on its forehead, engulfing the Poison-type Pokémon and sending it backwards, knocking Jessie down with it.

Officer Jenny turned back to Ash, “Run, now! We’ve got this! Your mom is outside!” She pointed down the hallway, “Just make a right and then a left! You’ll find one of the side doors! Hurry!” Ash nodded, wobbled back up, and ran down the hall, ignoring the sparks of pain that jolted up his leg. He heard both women call out attacks, just as he rounded the corner…


Ash picked up the pace, seeing the left turn just a few feet down the hallway. Just… a little… further…

“Where do you think you're going,” a voice called out, just as a Koffing slammed into Ash’s side, launching him back down to the floor with a loud grunt. A few steps moved closer to him, and when Ash glanced back up, he saw the other burglar. Dexter acknowledged the floating Koffing next to the man, ‘Koffing: the Poison Gas Pokémon. Because Koffing stores large amounts of toxic gases inside its body, it can explode with the slightest stimulation. Getting up close to a Koffing will give you a chance to observe, through its thin skin, the swirling toxic gases pent up inside. This particular Koffing has the Levitate ability.

But Dexter’s analysis fell on deaf ears. Ash’s eyes faded, and his cheeks bloomed pink and red. He moved upwards, his hands quickly grabbing hold of the loose white pants of the Team Rocket criminal. “H-hey!” The blue-haired man cried out, reaching down to stop the boy’s actions.

“Can I suck your cock, Master?” Ash groaned out, a happy feeling growing in the pit of his stomach. He was already undoing the buttons and pulling down the man’s pants and underwear, exposing a seven-inch cock, limp and hanging. A patch of dark blue pubes, shaved neatly, was found at the base of the dick.

“W-what…?” James grunted, feeling the boy’s tongue tentatively slither up his length, flaring his cock to life in seconds. The boy was on his knees, his hands now firmly gripping his bare hips as his tongue ran across the underside, too.

Ash moaned out, “Master, please let me suck your dick…”

Holy shit, Ash thought, I-I'm about to blow off a criminal…! Why… why do I feel so naughty doing it…? A smirk etched across the boy’s cheeks as he looked up at his master. “Master… please…”

James nodded, without thinking. Ash’s freckled-cheeks heated up as he quickly sunk down on the full-erection, swallowing all nine inches without another thought. The man gasped, his legs shaking and his body tingling as a pleasure he’d only felt once before came crawling back from the depths of his mind. “H-holy…” He moaned out, reaching up quickly to cover his mouth. Koffing lingered in the air, holding a slight blush.

Ash bobbed his head up and down, moaning out muffled groans of pleasure as his tongue explored the veiny-cock that sunk past his lips with every rock of his head. His own erection pressed hard against his loose pants, and easily managed to poke up through the open zipper, covered by the thin layer of his white briefs.

“Arceus…” Breathed James, holding back stifled moans as pleasure wracked at his body in jolts.

A faint memory of how he got his job in Team Rocket came flooding back to him; he’d only ever seen his boss in such a condition once in his five years of working there. He was but an intern, in the right place as the right time…

Koffing floated down and gently lapped at the underwear-clad cock between the boy’s legs. Ash groaned in delight, feeling exotic pleasure blossom through his crotch and stomach. The Pokémon swallowed the entirety of his length in a matter of seconds, and quickly began to drift up and down, bobbing its body up and down on the cock.

Fuck! Yes!, Ash thought, bucking his hips upwards and into the warm mouth of the Poison-type Pokémon. James, above him, started to hump forward and down his throat, as well. Matching Ash’s rhythm.

“Oh, my…” Dr. Proctor’s voice filled the air, alongside the loud moans. “I thought I heard something over here.”

James turned to see the doctor, who was gently stroking his own erection that stuck out from his open fly. The man smirked at James, and moved over behind Ash, gripping him by the hips and yanking him up into the air, “His ankle’s injured, you know,” the doctor told James, “little Ashy here needs to stay on his feet, so it can stretch out and not fall asleep on him.”

With his new position, Ash’s legs were straight, while his body was bent over to continue sucking the delicious cock in front of him. Koffing moved up and continued to suck the boy’s fabric-covered erection.

Dr. Proctor grabbed Ash’s pants and underwear, and hastily slipped them down his legs, exposing him to the entire hallway. Koffing moaned out with joy, before sinking its lips back around Ash’s hard cocklett. With his ass exposed and bare, Dr. Proctor bent down and buried his face between the two cheeks, sliding his tongue down the crack, before gently probing the tight, virgin hole with said-tongue.

Holy shit!, Ash thought, moaning out with intense pleasure, which was still-muffled by James’ cock, which continued to plunge down his throat with vigor. Dr. Proctor spread the boy’s asscheeks even further, by gripping them hard and pulling them apart. This is so fucking amazing! Yes! Y-yes….!!!

James huffed out, his face now Tamato Berry-red as he watched this unknown doctor completely rim the young trainer he was currently face-fucking. “Gi-Gio… v-vanni…” He chewed on his bottom lip as more and more memories rushed back to him. “P-Persian…”

Ash ground his hips back into his doctor’s face, feeling more and more of his wet muscle bury itself within his tight, uncharted-passage. His pelvis rocked forward, sinking all of his cock down into Koffing’s wet mouth. His throat widened to accompany the thick length that continued to face-fuck him, sliding down his throat and leaking pre like a madman aching for release. Yes, Arceus, please! More! More!

Pre started to leak out of Ash’s own four-in-a-half inch cocklett, only to be easily lapped up by the horny Pokémon beneath him.

Dr. Proctor pulled his face back, gasping for air. “You taste amazing, my boy,” he chuckled, gently patting Ash’s soft asscheeks, which now sported one handprint on each cheek, from the doctor’s hard grip. “Now let's see how much you can stretch.” He easily slid in his middle finger, sinking all the way down to his second knuckle before he met a little resistance. Ash bucked forward under his touch, moaning gratefully.

While the doctor slowly began to work more of his finger inside, James reached down and harshly gripped the boy by his hair, knocking off his hat in the process. “H-he’s such a slut,” he grunted out, only for the doctor to smirk up at him.

“Male trainers from the Alpha Experiment generally are.” Dr. Proctor pushed in another digit, feeling the ring of muscle around his fingers stretch out, still slippery and wet from his invading tongue.

“I see,” James grinned, “it’s too bad that wasn't a thing back when I was a trainer.” He bucked forward once again, forcing his cock down the boy’s throat. His gag-reflex was practically non-existent. James could easily hear how happy his Koffing was with the whole thing, “Koffing and I would’ve made lots and lots of friends…”

“Tell me about it,” Dr. Proctor chuckled. A third finger sunk into the boy’s anus, earning a muffled grunt of pleasure for his efforts.

James slid one of his wandering, gloved-hands down Ash’s back, underneath his black tee-shirt and jacket, feeling the smooth skin tingle under his touch. “Ga-ahh,” he moaned out, “I-I’m getting… close…”

“Don't cum just yet,” Dr. Proctor ordered. “I think for his first time, little Ashy here deserves to be filled at both entrances, at the same time. Don't you agree?”

“Just fucking fuck him already!” James gasped out, impatient.

Dr. Proctor smirked, and hastily pulled out his three fingers. Ash mewled beneath him, feeling empty. Dr. Proctor grabbed his cock and lined it up with the winking hole, gently probing it with his cockhead. “It’s time for your medicine, Ash,” he whispered out in hot breaths against Ash’s ear, before bucking forward and burying at least three inches of his erection inside the boy in one thrust, sealing the deal and taking his virginity.

Ash grunted as sparks of pain and pleasure wracked up his body, making his cock spasm within Koffing and his nipples harden against his tee-shirt. James pushed forward and sunk all nine inches of his dick back inside Ash’s warm, breathy mouth.

Sweet Arceus… holy…!, Ash’s body rocked with pleasure as Dr. Proctor gently fucked him, sinking all eight-in-a-half-inches inside the tender, tight, no-longer-virgin canal. Best. Hospital. Visit. Ever.

Dr. Proctor grunted with every thrust forward, pulling all of his eight-in-a-half inches back out of the tight heat, before surging forward, only to sink it back in, jabbing at the lucky kid’s prostate. He could feel James’ erratic, throat-fucking thrusts all the way down in Ash’s ass, and could tell the man was about ready to blow. He, too, still sensitive from Ash’s blowjob earlier, was already nearing release. Pre was dribbling out from his slit, and coating Ash’s passageway in it.

“Fuck, this kid’s tight!” Dr. Proctor moaned out, sighing.

“And he’s an amazing cocksucker!” James yelled.

T-thank you…!, Ash thought, a-and so is your Koffing!, the Pokémon below was moaning around Ash’s cock, continuously bobbing up and down the entire length, before wrapping its tongue around it and squeezing, and going back to bobbing up and down once again. Pre was practically oozing from the small slit of his cockhead, and Ash was aching for release.

“Gah!” James bucked forward, sinking his cock down Ash’s throat one last time, “I-I’m cumming!”

Ash swallowed as much as he could, draining it down his throat like it was life or death, but by the time the fifteenth-cumshot filled his mouth, cum started to dribble down his chin and drop down to the man’s boots. James panted above him, with dollops of sweat dripping down from his temples and onto Ash’s jacket below him.

A potent smell of sweat and musk started to fill the hallway, and Ash’s senses, already on overdrive, overtook him. With James’ softening-cock still between his lips, Ash barely gave any warning as he came. Six hard shots of jizz pelted the back of Koffing’s throat; the Pokémon, however, moaning as the lovely taste filled its mouth, swallowed it all greedily, and grunted out its own name as venom-slick jizz started to drip out of its multiple orifices as it, too, came undone and spilled its seed.

Dr. Proctor panted with pleasure, assaulting Ash’s prostate with hard thrusts as the hole tightened around all eight-in-a-half inches of him, stimulating him beyond his imagination and forcing him into an orgasmic high.

Ash moaned around James’ cock as his stomach was filled with the thick seed of his pediatrician, who bent down and peppered kiss down his sweaty, cloth-covered back, while still continuously fucking him in the ass, milking his cock for all it was worth. Eventually, things calmed down.

The trio remained still for a few more moments, with Koffing still reeling with the taste of Ash’s spunk. Slowly, James pulled his cock from Ash’s mouth, and Dr. Proctor gently slid his softening-erection from the boy’s now-abused hole. James patted him on the head, while Dr. Proctor gave a small spank to his ass. “You’re gonna make a great Alpha Trainer, Ash,” Dr. Proctor cooed, helping the boy stand straight.

Ash felt the seed slowly trickle down his passage, warming his insides before it leaked out of his ass, and slithered down his bare legs. James pulled up his own pants, returned Koffing, and winked at the trainer and doctor. “Thanks for the release, twerp,” he chuckled, pulling a lavender rose from out of nowhere and handing to Ash, “‘til we meet again.”

James vanished down the hallway — probably in search for his accomplice. Ash smelled the rose and smiled, Thanks… random Team Rocket criminal…

The same voice filled his head again, Two down. Eight to go, Ash.

Ash turned quickly to Dr. Proctor, who was stuffing his cock back into his pants. “D-did you hear that…?” Ash asked, his voice sore and scratchy.

Dr. Proctor smirked at him, leaned down, and kissed him. Ash pulled back, only for Dr. Proctor to ruffle his hair. “Get dressed, kiddo. Your mother’s waiting outside. It’s too dangerous to be in here right now, got it?”

Ash slowly nodded, and got redressed. Everything was on except for— “My hat,” Ash complained, “I can't find my hat.” He turned to Dr. Proctor, who chuckled lightly.

“I’m pretty sure that Team Rocket fellow snatched it. Souvenir, amiright?”


Dr. Proctor leaned back down and snagged another kiss, this time gently biting down on Ash’s bottom lip. He smirked, “Souvenir.”

Ash smiled, and glanced back down at Dr. Proctor’s crotch, firmly squeezing it. “Souvenir.”


Tears filled Delia’s eyes as she watched Ash run up to her, with Dr. Proctor right behind him, smiling. She hugged her son as hard as she could, kissing his forehead and rubbing down his hair, completely failing to notice the lack of his hat. “I was so worried,” she said, “did Officer Jenny find you?”

He nodded, “She saved me from an Ekans,” he gestured to the dry blood that caked his neck, “her Kadabra is amazing, Mom! It used Protect, and Disable, and Psybeam! Ekans never stood a chance!”

Delia smiled, nodding along. “I love you so much, Ash.” She pulled him into a hug, again.

“I love you, too, Mom.”

They slowly pulled apart after Dr. Proctor gave a subtle cough. Delia smiled and shook his hand, “Thank you, Dr. Proctor. For treating my son’s injuries and getting him out of there.”

“It was my pleasure, Ms. Ketchum. But don't thank me, Officer Jenny was the one that saved his life, and told me to go after him once she spotted me running down the adjacent hall. She deserves all the credit. She’s the real hero.” Dr. Proctor smirked, “But don't tell her I said that — she’s got enough of an ego as it is.”

Delia’s cheeks reddened, “That it true. You know, I know we just met, but, um, would you mind, maybe… going to the movies with me?” She glanced down at Ash, who nodded along for her to just do it. “I don't know, I heard that Finding Finneon is pretty good. It’s up to you, really. I mean, since you saved my son and all… I may as well treat you to a movie or something, you know?”

Dr. Proctor smirked, “You know, I’m free this upcoming weekend. Maybe you can drive up here to Viridian and you can treat me to the movie, but, maybe first I can treat you to dinner, at the Kingdra Palace?”

Delia smiled, “I’d like that.”

Suddenly, Officer Jenny came running. “They got away!” She hollered, “They escaped in their Meowth balloon!”

“Team Rocket?” Ash asked, his cock twitching beneath his pants.

She nodded, “After my Kadabra knocked out Ekans, the talking Meowth strolled in, practically tore my Pokémon to shreds with an unexpected Fury Swipes, and dashed off with Jessie. James — the blue haired one — came bolting out from behind me, with a huge grin on his face, and bolted on right after them. By the time I returned my Kadabra, they were already in the balloon on the roof, floating away. There was nothing I could do.”

James, Ash thought, holding back a small smirk. So his name was James… interesting.

“Do you have any idea where they’re headed?” Delia asked, concern growing across her face.

“My best guess is they’re heading north, to Pewter City. But there’s no way to know.” Officer Jenny sighed, “At least it’s over and done with here. And the building’s in one piece.” She glanced down at the ground, “But that doesn't mean we won. Four Pokémon were stolen from their ill trainers.”

Ash gasped, “Four Pokémon?!”

“Yes, sadly. A Lickitung, a Weepinbell, a Spinarak, and a Sneasel.”

“That’s terrible,” Delia stated, “how could anyone do such a thing? To steal someone’s Pokémon… it’s just cruel.”

Officer Jenny glanced up at the sky, “I'm afraid since no one knows where Team Rocket’s going, there’ll be no way to get the Pokémon back.” She glanced down at Ash, who looked up her, worried. “But don't worry, I’m gonna call my sister up in Pewter City and make sure she keeps an eye out.”

Ash smiled, “Thanks, Officer Jenny.”


Later that night, Dr. Proctor calmly walked into the security room, said his hello's to the security guard, and made his way to the back. The security guard and him were friends, so the guard didn't mind keeping one of the tapes secret from the investigating police and Officer Jenny, especially since Dr. Proctor had allowed him to watch and enjoy all its content.

He picked up the tape, and slid it into the video slot. A video popped up on the monitor, of earlier, in the hallway, when him and that Team Rocket grunt, James, were fucking Ash on all sides. He smirked, and pressed the audio button, to recognize his voice. “Send to Professor Samuel Oak of Pallet Town.” The video screen popped up a message: Sent to Professor Samuel Oak of Pallet Town!

He turned back to the security guard, “I have a date with that kid’s mother, you know.”

The security guard chuckled from his seat, “Of course you do, Proc.”

“She’s cute enough — certainly fuckable, if that’s what you’re thinking.” Dr. Proctor smirked, “Hell, I might even marry her if that means that kid and I can fuck regularly, too.”

“Sounds like a porno,” the guard laughed, “a kid and his step-father.”

Dr. Proctor nodded, “Don't act like that’s not exactly why you married Darla, at the front desk. Her boys worship your damn cock every damn night, don't they?”

“It’s not my fault they always ask for dessert after dinner.”

“Sure it isn't.”


Delia and Ash had gotten a hotel room at the Slaking Hotel, located a few blocks from the hospital. Delia had gone out to get another pizza, now that Ash can actually eat some, while Ash rested gently on one of the cozy beds. His pajamas consisted of a loose pair of blue shorts, and a sleeveless, white undershirt with a pinkish-red line across his chest. Bored, Ash drummed his fingers across his stomach, which was now feeling empty after James and Dr. Proctor’s cum had drained out while he was in the shower.

The television across the room was displaying a commercial about Blissey Band-aids or something. He didn't know. He stopped listening after the Silcoon Sleeping Bag and Tyranitar Tent Gear commercial aired.

He was feeling antsy — instead of being out there on his journey, he was spending the night with his mother, just like any other night back at home. Sure, things were different; he’d been thoroughly fucked for the first time ever and that memory will always be with him, but still. His skin was tingling, and he could feel what he felt the first time he saw Dr. Proctor, or when he saw James of Team Rocket.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Well, that’s not Mom, Ash thought, unless she dropped her key-card.

Ash scooted himself off the bed, and tiptoed to the doorway. With a glance through the peep-hole, all Ash could see was a blue and yellow hat, and red, spiky hair poking out from beneath it. Ash’s body grew more tingly, and that made Ash feel as if he had no choice in the matter anymore. He gently turned the doorknob and opened the door.

There was a boy standing there, wearing green and yellow clothing, a blue and yellow hat, a magenta backpack, with blue eyes and red, spiky hair. At his feet stood a Pikachu, with a spiky tuft of yellow fur across its forehead. The boy was panting, rubbing circles across his chest, “H-hey, I’m Ritchie. Can I come in…?”

A familiar feeling washed over Ash. He smirked at the boy. “Only if you let me suck your cock, Master.”

Chapter Text

~ Chapter Four ~
Viridian Forest Frolic, Part One

Professor Oak smiled as the video arrived, quickly streaming across his computer monitor. In no time flat, his fat, veiny, ten-in-a-half inch cock was pressed against his muscular stomach — which he kept hidden beneath his loose clothes and lab coat, just for the added element of surprise for any trainer that catches his eye — and already oozing pre as Ash’s virginity was fucked out of him by his pediatrician, accompanied by a lowly Team Rocket grunt that surely must’ve had a delectable piece of meat for Ash to love it that much.

In the corner of his screen, he pressed the livestream button, showcasing Ash’s loss of virginity to the people watching; with every minute that passed, a dozen or so people trickled into the masses to watch such a spectacle. That dozen soon grew to fifty, and then to a hundred, and by the time Dr. Proctor and the Team Rocket grunt filled the boy with their seed, over six-thousand viewers had joined in on the fray.

“Damn,” Professor Oak grumbled, stroking his cock lazily, “even more than Gary during his first fuck.”


Professor’s Elm and Kukui eagerly watched the livestream play out, groaning as their respective cocks shot out their gooey seed. Kukui had shot thirteen-streaks of jizz across his laptop, while Elm decorated his bare chest with a fresh coating. The two professors were chatting with each other via an unknown group chat, each still in their own labs in their own regions.

Way better than the video with Oak’s grandson.” Elm typed. “And that kid was fucking incredible, too.

Kukui smirked to himself, “This kid’s got more stamina than a fucking Mudsdale, taking a brutal fucking like that for the first time, despite being damn injured. And one’s a criminal, no less.

I hope Jimmy, Silver, and Ethan’s journeys start off as hot as this kid’s.

Hau, Kelly, and Sun started their journeys a day ago. I expect a video soon.

Make sure you upload it.

When have I ever not, Elm?

Just making sure.

Gotta get going — the wife’s on her way back from the city.

See ya next time.

See ya, cousin.


Ash continued to smirk at Ritchie, who stood there, dumbfounded. The boy glanced back down the hallway, before back to Ash, connecting their blue and brown eyes, once again. He glanced down at Sparky, who glanced back up at him, confused. “A-are you… Ash Ketchum…?”

“Yes, Master.” Ash’s cock twitched in his shorts, pressing hard against them, showing off his bulge.

“I’m… I-I’m not your Master, alright?” Ritchie looked him up and down, noticing the impression of Ash’s erection and instantly growing hard himself. “My p-professor — Professor Oak — called me at the Pokémon Center and told me to find you r-right away, that it was some sort of emergency, that you needed help with s-something.”

Ash grinned, “Professor Oak was right, Master. I do need your help.” His hands moved down and, in the blink of an eye, Ash’s cock sprung into the air as he pushed his shorts down to his ankles. “My cock won't soften up, and you are the only one that can fix it. Please, Master, help me.”

Ritchie was too focused on the throbbing cock between Ash’s legs to notice Ash leaning in. He was brought back to reality with Ash’s warm body pushed against his, the boy's cock rubbing greedily against his own semi-erection, while his lips moved in to lock with Ritchie’s. Ritchie stepped back, surprised, only for the fellow ten-year-old to move with him, continuing their kiss. Ash’s tongue slipped past his lips and quickly took dominance, just as Ash’s arms wrapped around Ritchie’s shoulders and pulled him further in, now fully grinding his hard erection in Ritchie’s now-stiff one.

Ash moaned into the kiss, his eyes closed and his freckled-cheeks flush with red. Ritchie’s own cheeks were layered in a mixture of red and pink, as embarrassment, surprise, and comfort washing over him all at once. Ash could tell this was his first kiss. Hell, he’d only had his own a few hours before.

As another moan erupted from Ash’s throat, Ritchie reached up and pushed the other boy back, breaking the kiss. Heavy pants for air overwhelmed the two boys, before Ash’s chest evened out, and he spoke: “Either follow me into my room, or I'm going to suck your cock out here, in the hallway, for anyone to potentially see. Your choice.”

Ritchie was still sucking in heaps of air; Ash’s sudden kiss had surprised him, and he hadn’t realized in time to hold his breath. He stared down at the floor, where Ash’s discarded shorts laid, abandoned after Ash had stepped out of them to continue his kiss with Ritchie a few moments before.

“R-room,” Ritchie motioned, pointing to the ajar door behind Ash.

Ash nodded, “Yes, Master.”

“Stop calling me that,” Ritchie complained, “I don't l-like it…” He followed Ash into the room, ignoring Ash’s forgotten shorts just as Ash did, before he shut and locked the door.

Ash nodded, “What do you wish to be called?” He licked his lips, now eyeing Ritchie’s bulge. The Pikachu, who’d been too stunned back in the hall to do anything, was now enthralled with the sight of Ash’s four-in-a-half inch erection, which bobbed along in the air as he moved further into the room.

Ritchie glanced around the room, noticing the two beds and what appeared to be a Horsey Hose commercial playing on the television. Sweat started to form across his temples, as he took in Ash’s question. “J-just… call me Ritchie.”

“As you wish, Ritchie.” Ash smirked, and quickly dropped down onto his knees. “Can I suck your cock now, Ritchie?”

The trainer glanced down at Sparky, who, if his eyes weren't deceiving him, nodded. Ritchie swallowed, hard, and moved closer to Ash, “Y-yes… b-but let me s-suck yours, too.” It came out so suddenly, Ritchie didn't have enough time to stop what he was saying.

Ash nodded, “Yes, Ritchie.”

Ritchie watched as Ash positioned himself on his back, spreading his legs to show off his throbbing election. From the position, Ash’s head was directly at Ritchie’s feet, allowing him to reach up eagerly and fondle the stiffening bulge. “Get down here, Ritchie, we’ll do it in the sixty-nine position.”

The standing ten-year-old grunted, biting back what would be his first moan of the night. He nodded down at Ash, before stripping himself of his hat, his backpack, and his shoes. His face was now a Roserade-rose-red, and only darkened as he knelt down and got into the proper position. He gasped as Ash’s hands worked feverishly, groping at his erection all-the-while unclipping his belt, unzipping his fly, and pulling down his pink briefs to fish out his five-inch, rock-hard cock. Quickly, he felt Ash’s supple lips wrap around his member, and swallow all five inches in one bob upwards.

“Shi—” Ritchie bit down on his bottom lip, grunting, holding back his moans. His eyes peeled open and Ash’s pulsating cock was staring him in the face. His tongue rolled across his bottom lip, trying to soothe the sting of his teeth marks, before it curiously poked out and pressed itself against the sensitive cockhead.

Only a minute or two ago, his lips were vibrating with electricity as Ash kissed him, and now they were about to be wrapped around Ash’s own dick. Here goes nothing, Ritchie thought, before easing his head down and taking the flared cockhead into his inexperienced mouth.

Ash moaned around his cock, pleasuring it with his teasing-tongue while also reaching up and gently cupping his ballsack. “…” Ritchie heard as he took about half of Ash’s cock past his lips.

He suddenly felt a salty, bitter taste spread across his tongue. Pre, Ritchie thought, like the stuff that’s always in my underwear when I wake up in the morning; precum was what Dad called it. The corners of Ritchie’s lips curved upwards, smirking as he remembered spying on his father during his “alone time” in his office at home. He closed his eyes as he swallowed the two extra inches down, almost surprised that it managed to all fit. His chin was tickled by small little hairs, the start of Ash’s pubes, Ritchie guessed, I wonder if he can cum too. His balls, rubbing against Ritchie’s nose, certainly felt full of the stuff.

He was getting into the groove of it now — he bobbed his head up and down, in the same rhythm as Ash below him; lapping and rolling his tongue across every nook and cranny he could detect; blowing warm, wet breaths onto the sensitive underside…

“Pi-Pika—” Ritchie’s eyes shot open as he heard Sparky. With an angled glance, he could see his Pokémon’s small, pink cocklett grow between it’s legs. “Pi-Pikachu…” The Electric-type Pokémon inched closer, now between Ash’s spread legs and eyeing the winking hole between the two firm asscheeks with a hungry lust.

Sparky dropped into his battle pose, on all fours, as he tentatively sniffed around the musty area, before striking gold. With his semi-prickly tongue, Sparky licked down the exposed crack, before sinking his tongue down into Ash’s recently-explored passage. Beneath him, Ritchie felt Ash moan in ecstasy, bucking upwards and forcing his cock down his throat. Ritchie nearly gagged, but his discomfort was soon lost as pleasure bloomed in his stomach as Ash, more motivated than ever now, thanks to Pikachu, vigorously sucked all five-inches of his cock.

Ritchie groaned with pleasure at the sensation. Damn, he’s a fucking pro!

“Pika-Pi—” Sparky stood back up, more than happy with what he’s accomplished; Ash’s slick hole puckered out with need for something to fill it. Sparky’s cock, now two-inches in length, led the way into the tight crevice. Ash moaned as he was fucked for the second time that day — for the second time his whole life! — only for the moans to heat up Ritchie’s cock, causing another pocket of pleasure to blossom deep inside him.

Ritchie grunted, moaning around Ash’s dick as he watched Sparky rapidly fuck the boy’s ass. In and out… in and out… in and out… It almost seemed endless. “Pika!” The Pikachu cried out, thrusting forward and burying all two inches inside Ash, filling him with his static-like seed.

Ash practically screamed out in pleasure as he was filled, feeling the sparks of electricity sink deeper and deeper into his body.

The boy bucked upwards, forcing his cock deep down Ritchie’s throat, and moaned in relief. Seconds later, Ritchie felt the salty taste of Ash’s spunk for the first time. He managed to swallow the first few shots, before Ash pulled out and caked his blushing face in seven more spurts.

During his orgasm, Ash’s mouth tightened around Ritchie’s cock and the feeling easily forced the virgin over the edge, rattling with pleasure as he had his dry-orgasm, sparing only a few drops of pre to satisfy Ash’s hunger.

Ash pulled off Ritchie’s softening-dick, and chuckled, “T-thanks… Ritchie…”

Ritchie sucked in a large breath, glancing down between their two bodies to lock eyes with him. “N-no, thank you, Ash…” That was amazing, he thought, so fucking amazing.

Pikachu yawned out, and curled into a ball between Ash’s still-spread legs, as his jolting-jizz silently trickled down Ash’s asscrack.


Delia arrived back at the hotel room with the pizza nearly half-an-hour later, only to find two boys — instead of the usual one — sitting on one of the beds, watching a horror movie titled: Mama, which is about a trainer who adopts a group of Cubone, only to find out their dead mother, Marowak, wants them back. Both of them were shaking, holding the blanket up to their noses, with only their eyes peeking out, as they watched a scary scene play out. At the foot of the bed laid a spiky-haired Pikachu, sound asleep and looking exhausted.

“Um…” Delia began, “Ash, sweetie… who’s this…?”

Ash and Ritchie practically jumped out of their skins at Delia’s sudden appearance. Ash giggled a bit after reminding himself his mother wasn't at all like the Marowak mother in the movie. “Oh, Mom, you scared us.” He glanced at Ritchie, “And this is my friend, Ritchie.”

Ritchie gave a shy smiled towards Delia, “H-hi…”

“Ritchie’s another Alpha Trainer, like me. He got his Charmander, Pikachu, and Tentacool from Professor Oak.” Ash explained, smiling. “He and I are gonna travel around together, so I thought it’d be a smart idea to test out this kind of living arrangement before we actually head out tomorrow.”

“R-right…” Delia said, placing the pizza box in the desk next to the television. “So, um, besides that, anything else interesting happen while I was gone?”

Ash snickered, “If you don't count getting your butt zapped by a Pikachu as interesting, then no.”

That sneaky bastard, Ritchie thought, did he just…? Did he— did he just reveal that?!

“Or getting Ritchie to come,” Ash added, eyeing his new friend. “That wasn't very interesting.”

“Hey—!” The redhead shouted, “At least I came in the first place!”

Delia chuckled, “Oh, you two are going to be best friends, I can tell. It’s truly an honor to meet you, Ritchie. Hopefully you’ll be able to persuade my son to not jump down waterfalls from now on.”

Ritchie glanced at Ash, smirking, “Don't worry, Ms. Ketchum. I think I can keep him preoccupied.”


Nighttime soon fell over Viridian City, engulfing the city in darkness — Dr. Proctor had gone home, now downloading his security tape on a hard-drive for safe-keeping; the security guard he was friends with was groaning with pleasure as his young step-sons took turns sucking all eleven-inches of him down their experienced throats; Delia was snoring away, while in the bed next to her laid two ten-year-old boys quietly peppering kisses across the other’s neck; and Jessie and Meowth were sleeping soundly in the basket of the balloon, now hidden in the depths of Viridian Forest.

James, however, had snuck out behind the brush a few yards away, tucked away and hidden from his accomplices’ view as he stroked off with abandon. He didn't know which memories to focus on — that boy from the hospital or The Boss. Either thought made his cock throb beneath his palm, and he couldn't help but leak out pre in small, glistening globs, which were soon sliding down his shaft.

The Boss and his Persian… never in my life did I think I’d find out I was as gay as a Ho-oh flying over a rainbow by getting my first blow job by the head of Team Rocket, James thought, biting down on his lip as pleasure engulfed his body, still a damn virgin by my twentieth birthday, only to face-fuck Giovanni of Team Rocket a month later, after just a mere week of being a lowly intern… I was promoted the next day — and had to start my training as a grunt, along with my soon-to-be-partner-in-crime: Jessica ‘Jessie’ Snow. James grunted out as he shot his seed in streaks across the green grass, the furthest shot ending about two feet from where he stood.

But now, but now that boy in the hospital — he had given The Boss a run for his money… James bit back the scrutinizing thought, a child out-sucking Giovanni Grey? Impossible. Unthinkable.

True. That last thought made James gasp out, horrified. It's not true. It’s not — that kid wasn't anywhere near the level of skill The Boss possessed… James blinked, lost in thought. Or was he?

A grunt pressed against the back of his lips as he came again, splattering his seed all over his souvenir: the boy’s stolen hat.


The sun peeked across the horizon, illuminating the sky in the bright, cheerful colors of pink, yellow, orange, and purple. Not a cloud in sight, from what Ash could see from the hotel room window. Ritchie stood next to him, glancing down at the street below, noticing that the city was still waking up, and that nothing would get in their way to Viridian Forest, which began at the edge of town.

“What kind of Pokémon do you think are in the Viridian Forest?” Ash asked, glancing towards him.

Ritchie shrugged, “Beats me. I’d imagine Bug and Grass-types, maybe Ground-types.”

Ash nodded, and moved closer to him so he could wrap his arm around Ritchie’s shoulder, pulling him closer as well. He leaned in further, and whispered in his ear. “You know, once we’re in the forest, I’ll finally let my Pikachu fuck that ass of yours. It’s only fair since yours fucked mine.”

Ritchie swallowed, nervously. “I’ve… I’ve never had sex before, Ash.”

“So, would you rather lose it to a person before a Pokémon?”

“I- I guess so…”

Ash smirked, “Good. I’m already getting hard just thinking about it — would you call yourself a top of a bottom?”


The boys were snapped back to reality once Delia walked back into the room, “Alright, boys.” She smiled at the two, before turning specifically to Ash. “I guess this is goodbye. Again.” She sighed, “You really can't keep doing this to me, Ash. Saying goodbye to you always makes me cry.”

Ash nodded, “That road is a two-way street, Mom.” He walked closer to her and the two hugged. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, Ash. You know I do.” She kissed the top of his head, “Make sure you call me once you reach Pewter City. And keep an eye out for that Team Rocket,” Ash’s cheeks blushed at the mention of them, “Officer Jenny said they might be heading there, too.”

“I’ll be careful, Mom.” Ash promised, “I won't pull another waterfall stunt again, if that’s what you're worried about.” Ash pulled from the hug, “Ritchie will be there to stop me from doing anything stupid, remember?”

Ritchie nodded from behind him, catching Delia’s glance. She smiled at him. “I know he will.”

Ash smiled and turned to Ritchie, “You ready?”

“Yep.” Ritchie reached down and picked up Sparky, who had been enjoying a bowl of Pokémon food up until now. The Pikachu nuzzled into Ritchie’s chest as he held him. “Sparky and I are as ready as we can be.” He smirked at Ash, “We’re ready to have some fun with you, Ash.”

“That’s the spirit!” Delia nodded, “Now, you two better hurry before the streets get busy; it’ll take at least a whole day, possibly longer, to get through Viridian Forest, and I doubt you want to be walking around when it gets dark, so move it!” She grabbed the boys by their shoulders, and dragged them to the door. “Remember to call—”

Ash cut her off, “When we get to Pewter City, we know, Mom.”

They hugged one last time, before parting ways. Ash and Ritchie, once outside the hotel, headed north for the Viridian Forest entrance while Delia headed south, back to Pallet Town…


“The map says there are multiples routes through the forest,” Ritchie states, his eyes bouncing from one part of the map to another. “Right now, we’re on the quickest one to Pewter City. Which could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether or not you want to catch a lot of Pokémon.”

Ash was walking at his side, glancing at the map and seeing nothing but squiggly lines that bared no meaning to him. How Ritchie ever read that thing was beyond him. “If we keep taking this route, will we reach Pewter City by tonight?”

“More like tomorrow morning-ish.” Ritchie clarified. “Some of these routes look to take about four-to-five days, from the looks of them. I say we don't use those.”

Ash nodded, before smirking to himself, and then towards Ritchie. “So… you never did tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Whether you're a top or a bottom.” Ash grinned, “Or maybe you’re a verse. I don't know. I've only been bottom.”

Ritchie swallowed, and his cheeks started to heat up. “I-I don’t know… the most I've ever done was 69 with you, and that was just last night. I don't have any… experience, I guess.” Ritchie glanced back at the map, “So, I guess we’re staying on this path?”

“That’s one of the reasons you’re accompanying me on my journey, right? To gain experience?”

“Not that kind of experience! I meant with Pokémon battles and training!”

“I can help you with those experiences, too, not that I've had any real, hardcore battles or anything, but still. And the other, more explicit experiences — well, I’d really like to learn all of that with you.” Ash locked eyes with him, his tongue feeling heavy. “I want to have sex with you, Ritchie.”

Ritchie, blushing, glanced down at the ground where Sparky stood, who had been listening intently. The young trainer could barely see the beginnings of an erection beneath the Electric-type's yellow fur.

He looked back up at Ash, and, with a small smile, nodded. “On one condition: our Pokémon get to play with us afterwards.”

Ash cocked his head, “Dude, I was sucked off by a Koffing and fucked by a Pikachu on the same day. I fucking loved it — of course our Pokémon will join in on the fun, that should be a given.” Ash reached for the Pokéballs on his belt, “In fact, I feel like this is a good of a place as any to have some naughty fun. Come on out, everyone!” He threw all four Alpha Balls, which erupted with white flashes of light, before fading to show off Pikachu, Machop, Growlithe, and Spearow.

Ritchie stepped back, “I almost forgot you mentioning you had a Pikachu, too.” Sparky immediately made his way over, conversing with the opposite Pikachu as their cheeks lit up with electricity, sparking between them. “They seem to be getting along,” Ritchie commented, before glancing back up at Ash.

“Don't be shy, Ritchie,” Ash chided, “your other Pokémon deserve some special attention, as well.”

Ritchie couldn't believe he’d almost forgot. He nodded, reaching into his pocket for his two other Alpha Balls. Charmander and Tentacool were quickly called out, and Ash’s Pokédex buzzed to life instantly.

Charmander: the Lizard Pokémon. From the time Charmander is born, a flame burns at the top of its tail. The flame is often an indicator for the Pokémon’s emotions — with it wavering whenever Charmander is happy, with it wild and uncontrollable when angry. Some say that Charmander’s fire releases steam into the air when it is about to rain. This particular Charmander has the ability Solar Power.

Tentacool: the Jellyfish Pokémon. Often found drifting in shallow seas, swimmers who accidentally come across a Tentacool get ensnared by the Pokémon’s two long tentacles, before getting stabbed with the poison stingers at the tips. Scientists have recently confirmed that the body of a Tentacool is almost entirely composed of water. This particular Tentacool has the ability Rain Dish.

The Charmander glanced around, taking in the location. He turned to Ritchie, “Char-Char…”

Ritchie bent down and petted Charmander’s head, “Zippo, I know I should have introduced you to Ash and his Pokémon already, but, uh, I was kind of preoccupied.” With sucking Ash’s cock, he thought, suppressing his grin. He turned to Tentacool, “Sapphire, the same goes for you.”

Zippo and Sapphire shrugged off his words; they weren't mad — the Alpha Balls that they had been in had allowed them to see exactly what their trainer was “preoccupied” with. And they couldn't blame him.

Ash smirked, “They’ll understand once we show them,” he said, amused. “Your Sparky certainly seemed to love fucking me raw, not that I didn't or anything.” His words made Sparky’s cheeks grow even redder. “Because I did… a lot. Like, I'm getting hard just thinking about doing it again.” With a glance, Ritchie could tell he wasn't lying — Ash’s jeans displayed a very eager erection, twitching beneath the light blue denim.

“What if a trainer walks by, Ash?” Ritchie asked, his mind resorting back to worry.

Ash’s smirk told him everything. “Then I’d suck them off. If the trainer was a girl, then, I guess she can enjoy the show.”

“Or run away, traumatized.”

“That, too.”

Ritchie chuckled, “You’re pretty confident, you know that?”

“I had to be in order to get in your pants,” Ash reminded him, “you’d still be standing out in the hallway back at the hotel if I wasn't — you wouldn't have gotten your first sexual experience if I hadn't.”

“Ah,” Ritchie chimed in, “so you admit that you’re the one that corrupted me.”

“I may or may not be a little accountable,” Ash teased.

“I wonder who corrupted you,” Ritchie smiled. “Though I doubt you hold any resentment towards them — I sure as hell don't, last night was the best night of my life.”

Ash’s mind resorted back to Dr. Proctor and that James of Team Rocket. Though, he had to admit, they didn't feel like the ones he should be thinking of when he thought about who exactly led him down this path of sucking cocks first and asking questions later. He felt like this started before that — before the hospital. Whatever, Ash thought, who can care about that when Ritchie’s right here, ready for me to take his virginity?

Ritchie leaned in first, noticing that Ash was somewhat lost in thought, sinking his lips against the opposite boy’s.

Well that worked, Ritchie thought happily as Ash pushed into the kiss, snapping out of his thoughts. Their arms wrapped around their necks, their bodies pressed up against each other, their tongues battled for dominance…

Moans slowly mixed into the kisses, letting the rest of the forest know just what these two boys were doing, just what these two boys were about to do. Pikachu and Sparky’s cheeks lit up with aroused electricity; Zippo’s tail-flame grew larger as he, too, got turned-on; Machop had moved his hands down and lightly groped at his crotch; Sapphire snuck his tentacles beneath his body and began massaging his underside; Spearow leaned down and gently pecked at his erection; and Growlithe was kneading into the ground to satisfy the erection between his hind legs.

“Do you want our Pokémon to help now?” Ash breathed out, gently pulling from the kiss. “Or do you just want me, for your first time?”

Ritchie glanced down at the Pokémon, at their current states of arousal. “They can help — but I want you, Ash, to be my first.”

Ash nodded, “Now, do you wanna be a top or a bottom for your first time?”

“Bottom,” Ritchie smirked, breathing in slightly. “You said you’ve only been bottom. I want to be the first that you fuck. A first for a first, if you will.” Ritchie breathed out, “And then, if we’re still… energized… you can resume your rightful place as the bottom.”

“I love it,” Ash nodded, “perfect.”

Ritchie grinned, before leaning back in and locking their lips together, once again. I can't believe I'm about to have sex…! I've dreamt of this so many times… His hands slid up Ash’s clothed chest, along the smooth indentations of his pecs, of his semi-muscular physique. Ash’s own hands, just as curious, wandered down Ritchie’s back, tracing his spine down to the small of his back, where they sneakily snuck beneath the waistline of the red-haired boys' pants and underwear.

A small grunt slipped past Ritchie’s lips as he felt Ash’s fingers press down on his pale orbs. One hand sunk down into the crevice between the two cheeks, idly tracing his index and middle fingers down the crack until they hit home, grazing over Ritchie’s untouched anus.

Fuck, Ritchie thought as Ash’s middle finger gently pressed down on his virgin hole, he’s gonna finger me!

Growing up in a house with five sisters, Ritchie never took the chance to indulge in his sexual pleasures as much as he wanted to. Sure, he had Dad to gawk at in secret, but that barely happened as much as he wanted it to. At night, while lying in bed, he’d manage to sneak a hand beneath his covers to rub one out; but then his little sister would come in and ask him to scare the monsters under her bed away. In the bathroom, in the shower, when he was dripping wet and naked, he barely had enough time to think about satisfying his hard-on before one of his sisters banged on the door yelling that he was taking too long. But now, now that he was on a journey with Ash…

He can indulge in every sexual pleasure he’s ever thought of.

Subconsciously, Ritchie pushed back onto Ash’s finger, urging it to sink into him; urging it to indulge, to finger him — because right now, at this moment, that’s all he wanted. Maybe that’s all he’s ever wanted.

Ritchie howled out a moan, breaking the heated kiss between him and Ash, as the opposite boy surged his middle finger into his hole without regret. “F-fuck,” Ritchie panted as Ash sunk down to his knuckle, “Arceus…” He leaned down and began to suck on Ash’s neck, sliding down to his collarbone, wetting the black tee beneath as he peeled off Ash’s jacket.

Ash sighed with pleasure, “You’re so hot…” he mumbled, biting down on his bottom lip. “You feel so good…”

Ritchie felt Ash’s index finger prod at his hole, aching to get in and stretch the boy further. Ritchie nodded into Ash’s shoulder, gently kissing along the fabric until he reached Ash’s neck once again, where he peppered kisses until he was nibbling on Ash’s jaw, murmuring his pants of pleasure against Ash’s freckled-cheek.

The second finger slipped past the tight ring of muscle, stretching it and sliding in next to the middle finger. Ash began to scissor the boy, feeling his body shiver in reaction.

“D-don't tease me… like that…” Ritchie gasped, his hot breath warmed Ash’s skin, and made both boys’ face blush a scarlet color. Ash scoffed.

“I like teasing you…”

Me too, Ritchie thought, as he gasped again when one of the fingers brushed something inside of him that sent waves of pleasure through him; that made his cock rigid in his underwear, tenting his pants. “Fuck…” Ritchie moaned, “d-don't… don’t stop…”

“But I thought you didn't like me teasing you?” Ritchie could hear the smirk on Ash’s face.

“F-fuck-k… you…”

“No, Ritchie, that happens after I fuck you, remember?”

A third finger slipped inside him, and Ritchie released a loud, high-pitched, guttural moan so booming that anyone in the forest would hear it. Ritchie bit down onto Ash’s shoulder, muffling the second moan that erupted from his throat.

Ash winced as Ritchie’s teeth grazed his skin, no doubt leaving a small indent beneath his tee-shirt. He didn't care, though, not right now. Because right now he had three of his fingers inside Ritchie, his gloved-hand buried down Ritchie’s pants, and Ritchie’s clothed-erection pressed against his own. He leaned down and kissed Ritchie’s cheek, leaving small glint of saliva in his wake, resting against the flush of red that colored Ritchie’s face.

“A-Ash…” Ritchie whimpered out. “Fuck me… please, f-fuck me.”

The opposite boy nodded, “As soon as I prep you, okay? I don't want to hurt you.”

Ritchie smiled into Ash’s shoulder, giving a small nod. He pulled back as Ash’s fingers gingerly slipped out of his stretched hole. Ritchie fiddled with his belt and zipper, before gently pulling his green and yellow pants down to his ankles, exposing the same pair of pink briefs he wore the night before, which he then pulled down, too. He turned away from Ash, and bent over slightly, resting his forearms against the tree next to the path. Now, Ritchie could see all of the Pokémon and their special predicaments.

“I w-want you guys to help Ash,” he told the Pokémon, “make this whole thing easier for him… okay?”

His three Pokémon nodded in agreement. “Pika!” “Char-Char!” “Coooool…!” Ash’s Pokémon all nodded, too, determined to make this experience even better for Ash, because none of them could aid him when Dr. Proctor took his virginity. “Pi-Pika-Pi!” “Chop! Machop!” “Growlithe!” “Row! Spearow!”

Ash got on his knees so he was level with Ritchie’s ass. He lapped at his lips, coating them in saliva as his hands moved up to spread the pale orbs of flesh. He was about to start when he noticed all seven Pokémon gathered around him — each having determination etched across their faces.

“Woah…” Ash mumbled when Machop leant down and undid his belt and zipper, freeing the straining erection beneath as it slipped between the slit of his black briefs.

“Pika!” Pikachu cooed, crawling closer.

“Pi-Pikachu!” Sparky did the same.

Ash watched as the two Pikachu crawled into his lap and licked down either side of his length; the prickling sensation of the two Electric-type Pokémon made Ash’s cock rigid and throbbing.

“Coooool…!” Tentacool’s tentacles slid in beside the two Pikachu, burying themselves in Ash’s briefs until they found purchase; Ash moaned out as the twin tentacles squeezed his balls, rubbing and pressing down onto them.

Ash’s eyes drooped shut with pleasure, unaware of Growlithe and Zippo making their way closer. A gasp pushed past his lips when their two hot, warm, moist mouths sunk down on his nipples, with their hard cocks pressed into his stomach, slicking his black tee-shirt with their pre.

Machop’s hand wrapped around Ash’s leaking cockhead, gently pressing his calloused thumb pad onto the flared, light purple tip, over the slit.

Spearow used his wings to gingerly tickle the underside of Ash’s cock, earning small gasps mixed with giggles and moans for his effort.

“Y-y-you’re evil…” Ash groaned out, leaning forward, edging closer to Ritchie’s ass once again.

“It’s payback for teasing me,” Ritchie smirked.

Ash gasped as the two Pikachu sent pleasurable jolts down his erect cock, once again. Damn, Pikachu… when did you learn to do this?, Ash thought. He licked his lips once more, and quickly sunk his face between Ritchie’s asscheeks.

Ritchie moaned into his forearm as Ash’s tongue slid inside him, stretching him open with the thick, wet muscle.

“Fuck!” Ritchie grunted, “Damn!”

Ash’s groans were muffled as the Pokémon went to town on his body. Growlithe and Charmander’s mouth, hotter and hotter as the minutes ticked on, continued to bite, wet, and heat up Ash’s nipples. The fabric between their tongue and Ash’s flesh was hot to the touch, and Ash felt so ultra-sensitive that with every movement made, waves of pleasure radiated through his chest, blooming through his body. Tentacool’s tendrils around his balls, which continued to squeeze and tug and pull and stretch, making Ash’s cock flare with pleasure, pushing out copious pre, which quickly coated Machop’s now-expert-like hand. Spearow’s wings continued to slide up and down the underside of Ash’s cock, also ultra-sensitive to any and all touches, which certainly made the trainer moan when either Pikachu slid over the area with their prickly tongues.

Ritchie’s own cock, standing at a proud five-inches, dribbled with pre as Ash’s hot tongue wormed inside him, stretching him out and prepping him for his first fuck. “Gah-ah… fwa-ah… f-fuh… fuckfuckfuck…” Ritchie bit down on his forearm to muffle his moans, but even that didn't stop most of them.

He rolled his hips back onto Ash’s face, forcing the boy to thoroughly tongue-fuck him with abandon.

“J-just fuck me already!” Ritchie gasped out, pulling from his arm when he accidentally drew a little blood. “I-I'm gonna… I'm close, Ash…”

Ash slid back, pulling his tongue free from the tight, wet hole. He smirked, “So am I…”

The Pokémon, one by one, began to peel away from Ash. The ten-year-old stood up quickly, and aligned his throbbing four-in-a-half inch cock with Ritchie’s virgin hole. Ash’s hands spread Ritchie’s asscheeks again as he gently pressed his slick cockhead with the boy’s entrance. “This’ll still hurt—”

His words were cut off as a moan erupted from his throat; Ritchie had already pushed back on his cock, forcing the boy’s member inside, effectively taking Ritchie’s own virginity. Ritchie gasped at the feeling of fullness, he’d managed to sink half of Ash’s cock inside him, inside his uncharted-passage. “Fuck!” He moaned out, as Ash began to rock his hips forward, burying himself to the hilt within Ritchie.

“Y-you’re so tight…” Ash rolled his hips again as he leaned down and flattened his clothed-chest against Ritchie’s clothed-backside. “So… warm… so good…” He bit down on Ritchie’s ear, unleashing hot, raspy moans against the boy’s skin.

Ritchie gasped as his cock throbbed beneath him, he was close, so, so, so very close… “Ash—” he moaned out, “Ash, fuck, fuck me… Arceus… Ash…” He grunted as Ash’s hands slid up his sides and towards his chest, pinching at his nipples hidden beneath his clothes. “Fuck me…! Gah—” he bit down on his bottom lip, holding back the loud, guttural moans, “I-I’m cumming! I'm cumming, Ash! Fuck!”

Sparky, Zippo, and Sapphire stood beneath him as he came, getting coated in his nine-shots of spunk.

Ritchie appeared almost as shocked as they did — that was his first real orgasm... 

Feeling Ritchie’s inner walls tighten around him as he came pushed Ash over the edge. “Fuck!” Ash cried out in loud moans as he bucked into Ritchie with one final thrust, burying himself to the hilt as he bred the boy beneath him.

The two boys quieted for a brief second, holding their breaths as they felt nothing, absolutely nothing, but pure pleasure. Ash’s thick cum ricocheted from one side of Ritchie’s tight canal to the other, quickly filling the red-haired boy up with his seed. Finally, Ash let out a whimper of relief as the pressure inside him subsided, evaporating into numb pleasure after he came. Ritchie soon followed after, grunting as his stomach felt so much fuller.

“I… I didn't hurt you, did I?” Ash whispered, worried.

Ritchie nodded, “Of course it hurt!” He turned his head and glanced back at Ash, “I was a virgin!”

Ash closed his eyes, swallowing hard. “I-I’m sorry…” He began to pull out, hearing Ritchie sigh as his hole emptied, with his cum slowly dribbling out and down his butt-crack, trickling down his legs.

“Don't be.” Ritchie smirked, still panting for air. “I never said... I didn't like it. And, besides, it’s your turn to be bottom, so I'll get my revenge on your ass.” He stood straight up, slightly wincing at the sudden movement, “I'm already hard again.” His cock was stiffening back up, his flared head already dripping. “Turn around and bend over, Ash.”

Ash complied, bending down where Ritchie had; he pressed his forehead against his forearm, and beneath him stood Pikachu, Growlithe, Spearow, and Machop — each hoping to have the same experience Ritchie’s Pokémon had.

Ash felt Ritchie’s hands trace around his ass, tugging at his jeans and sliding them down his legs, exposing his bare, pale ass to the forest around them. Before Ash could make a suggestion, Ritchie’s tongue was already spearing him, with the red-head’s hands spreading his asscheeks while his face snuck between them.

“F-fuck,” Ash gently bit down on his bottom lip, cursing as he was rimmed. Why does this feel so good?!, Ash thought, holding back a loud moan that’d shake the tree in front of him if let out. His cock slowly hardened, and the familiar pressure of wanting release was back. “Arceus, dammit! Fuck… Ritchie… fuck me now, fuck me, fuck meeee—” Ash’s whines were cut off by Sparky’s cock slipping past his lips, effectively silencing him.

Sparky had stealthily climbed up the tree to surprise the boy his trainer was tongue-fucking; the boy’s incessant cries for Ritchie to fuck him were annoying the Electric-type Mouse Pokémon — so he did what he assumed was the only logical solution: to fuck his mouth.

It worked. Ash moaned around Sparky’s two-inches of Pokémeat, feeling the small jolts tingle his taste-buds and tongue as the Pokémon began to thrust into his mouth.

Ritchie smirked to himself, Ash is such a tongue-slut, I love it so much!, and tenderly pulled back, exposing his stretched, slippery hole to the forest once again. “Ready for my cock, Ash?”

The boy moaned around Sparky’s cock as he wiggled his ass teasingly in front of Ritchie, giving his answer.

Ritchie nodded, despite Ash not being able to notice, and gently rested his cockhead against Ash’s quivering entrance, prodding in with small little twitches while Ash whined in annoyance, another moan falling quiet around Sparky’s length. “That’s it, Ash, moan for me…!” Without another word, Ritchie gently pushed his hips forward, and slipped himself past Ash’s tight anal ring, and both were overcome with pleasure.

Pain still steered throughout Ash’s backside as his body was, once again, invaded. Ritchie’s cockhead, uncut and slick with pre, spread his insides and inner walls, semi-bucking him into the tree — and further down Sparky’s cock — with every added thrust.

The tightness around him was so much to handle on a whim, so Ritchie gently slid back out with a gasp, leaving only his flared cockhead inside the opposite ten-year-old. Pleasure bloomed from the core of Ritchie’s body as he slipped another inch in, his balls now gently grazing the back of Ash’s thighs as, eventually, he bottomed out: all five inches of him were inside the freckled, slightly sun-kissed boy beneath him.

“H-holy… f-fuck…” Ritchie moaned out, the feeling alone already getting to him, to his body.

Ash followed suit, groaning around Sparky’s cock as he began to move his hips, grinding his asscheeks into Ritchie’s front, forcing the cock inside him to move and stretch him out further.

Ritchie leant down on Ash, reaching up with his hands to cup the boy’s pecs beneath his black tee-shirt, using his thumb and index finger to play with the nipples. “M-moan for me… you, n-naughty boy…” He bucked his hips forward for the first time, sending a wave of pleasure through both of their bodies as he did so, and he could hear Ash squeal.

Fuck me, Master; fuck me, Master; fuck me, Master— Ash’s thoughts went rapid, and his moans of pleasure erupted from his throat with every hard thrust, with every powerful buck, with every twitch of Ritchie’s cock…

Sparky mewled with pleasure, as well — his voice dying out in a whisper as he came down his Trainer’s mate’s throat, feeling nothing but absolute victory as the boy sucked it greedily. Static pulsed at Sparky’s cheeks as he was sucked dry, igniting small little jolts across Ash’s tastebuds as gratitude before slipping himself out, and descending back down the tree.

Ash’s moans once again filled the air as his ass was assaulted. “A-Ar-Arce-Arceus yes-s-ssss, M-Mast-er…”

Ritchie was fucking him in abandon now, moaning out incoherent words as the pleasure of Ash’s body sucking him in overtook him. His fingers still brutally teased Ash’s nipples, while his ballsack continuously spanked — spanked, Ritchie thought, briefly, as he bucked into Ash’s loosening tightness once more, huh — the back of Ash’s thighs. He was getting close, and, from the way Ash was mewling like a bitch in heat, Ash was too.

“C-cum for me, Ash…” Ritchie whispered in a hot breath, against Ash’s ear. The boy moaned, nodding as pleasure seized control over him. “Coat your Pokémon with their Trainer’s seed…”

Ash tightened around Ritchie’s hard length, his pants and gasps leaving his body as he came undone.

Pikachu, Growlithe, Machop, and Spearow were layered with Ash’s spunk afterwards; thirteen hot, white ropes of cum shot from their Trainer’s bobbing cock, spraying across them in the blink of an eye. Pikachu greedily swallowed what he could, licking the semen from his fur as electric-pleasure bubbled inside him, his own cock standing hard between his legs, a full two-in-a-half inches. Growlithe lapped at his fur, whimpering as he’d been the least covered — but that didn't deter him from licking at the forgotten cum-puddled beneath the other Pokémon’s feet; his own cock unveiled itself from his sheath, flat against the underside of his stomach at a nice six inches, with a small golf-ball sized knot at the base. Machop scooped up the dribbling cum from his skin, bringing it up to his mouth for a little taste, while his cock, gray-colored and human-looking, hardened to a full five-in-a-half inches. Spearow gently licked the splatters of spunk from his feathers, while his own bird-like cock edged its way out from between his legs, nudging against the ground and grass beneath him, standing at a nice three inches.

Feeling Ash’s body tighten around him, and hearing his gasps of relief as he came all over his Pokémon, Ritchie was quickly coming apart at the seams: ten… eleven… twelve more fast-paced thrusts into the tight, velvety-heat and he was cumming, shooting seven thick globs of spunk deep inside the boy.

Ritchie sighed in relief, biting on his own lip as he came down from his momentary high. His hands fell back to Ash’s hips as he slowly pulled out, and, together, they fell to the ground in an exhausted heap, surrounded by their cum-coated Pokémon.

Ash’s hand found Ritchie’s, and brought it up to his lips, where he gave it a tender kiss. “Thanks…”

Ritchie smiled, his chest rising and falling slower and slower as his heart rate cooled, “You’ve… really corrupted me, you know…”

The two smirked at each other, and leaned in to kiss.

“I know.”


The Samurai stifled his groan as he came in the palm of his hand, his body shaking with pleasure after watching those two boys breed like he’d seen so many Bug-types do before: pressed up against a tree by the partner, who was slamming into their backside. His thin, dark green shorts laid at his ankles, while both hands were hidden beneath his blue kusazuri, his right now covered in cum while his left worked three fingers inside him.

He’d already encountered the Alpha Trainer with the Squirtle, as well as the one with the Bulbasaur. He’d already had his fun with them. Now, it was their turn.

He called out his Bug/Poison-type Pokémon quickly, “Venonat, use Sleep Powder!”