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Ash's PokéPornographic Adventures

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~ Chapter 1 ~
Pokémon — I Choose You!

Ash watched in awe and fascination as the intense battle between Gengar and Onix raged on — Gengar had avoided Onix’s Tackle attack, but was quickly slammed into the hard ground by a ferocious Iron Tail. “Ouch,” Ash commented, standing in front of his small television set, his eyes glued to the screen. “That had to hurt. Poor Gengar.”

He was getting ready for bed — his mother had just barged in and demanded that he be asleep in the next two minutes — as it was already nearing midnight and he would have to get up at the call of the Dodrio early tomorrow morning. Quickly, not wanting to miss the end of the battle, Ash peeled off his black shirt and tossed it into his hamper; his bare chest rose and fell at an amped-heartbeat as Ash watched the battle — a war, in his mind — continue through the thick of it. Gengar had just fired a barrage of Shadow Balls at the Rock Snake Pokémon, who managed to dodge the first two before being pelted by the next four, just before the Trainer called for Onix to use Stone Edge.

Two rings of rocks, criss-crossing over each other, surrounded the head of Onix, before the giant Pokémon released a mighty roar, and hurled all forty-something forehead-sized rocks at the Ghost Pokémon, who easily went down after being hit with the majority of them. “And Gengar’s out for the count!” The battle’s commentator yelled into his microphone, just as Gengar glowed red and vanished back inside its Pokéball.

Ash undid his belt, sliding it through his belt loops until it was fully off and tucked away inside his drawer for safekeeping. He unzipped his fly, and shimmied his jeans down to his ankles, revealing his pale blue briefs to the inanimate eyes of his Pokémon memorabilia around the room. From his Poliwag-pencil sharpener to his Snorlax-bean bag chair to his Clefairy-penny bank. Ash didn't mind — the thought of their eyes on him made his stomach tingle and his briefs tighten. Without a second thought, Ash chucked his discarded jeans into the hamper and stepped over to his dresser to pull out his pajamas.

The Gengar’s trainer had already sent out her Vileplume — the small dots across its petals indicated to Ash that this Vileplume was indeed male — which released a fury of pink petals, his signature Petal Dance, at Onix.

Onix! Evade!” Onix’s trainer yelled, but the Pokémon was too large and couldn't avoid the onslaught of fatal pink petals. Onix roared in pain, before slamming hard on the ground, defeated. A red flow wrapped around the giant beast, before it too vanished into its trainer’s Pokéball.

Now Onix is out, too!” The commentator bellowed. “What Pokémon does Bruno have in store for us next?!

Bruno, shadowed from the night sky and the bright lights on the screen, chucked his Pokéball out. Hitmonlee came out kicking, surging his foot down at the ground, shattering it into rocky pieces, and lunging high into the air. “Hitmonlee! Hi Jump Kick!” The Pokémon came barrelling down at high speed, straight into the thick petals atop Vileplume's head. Hitmonlee jumped back across the area, and waited.

Vileplume lifted his head, eyes shining under the ray of light, and a smirk across his face. He wasn't defeated.

Solar Beam, Vileplume!” Agatha shouted, her eyes narrow. Her Vileplume nodded, and began absorbing light into it’s center stem, making it glow bright and white.

Hitmonlee! Mega Kick!” The brown Pokémon charged for the dual Grass/Poison-type Pokémon, and sent its foot, sparking with a red aura of power, straight at Vileplume. But it wasn't quick enough.

Agatha smirked, “Let. It. RIP!

Vileplume bent down, aiming its petals directly at the mid-air Hitmonlee, and released its Solar Beam. Ash watched in utter amazement as Hitmonlee was engulfed in a yellowy-white beam and sent back across the field, directly into the ground. The light faded and Hitmonlee had been brutally defeated. As had Bruno.

And that’s it! Elite Four Agatha completely destroys fellow Elite Four Member Bruno in a toxic landslide! All six of his Pokémon lost to her three — Arbok, Gengar, and Vileplume did an amazing job at grabbing that victory!

Ash vibrated in excitement. “Awesome!” He gasped out, smiling like a Mr. Mime. He didn't notice the extreme erection that pressed against the front of his briefs as he pulled up his pajama bottoms — a light green pair of shorts with a yellow stripe going down either leg. He pulled on his pajama top — a light green button-down shirt with a yellow stripe going down the chest and back — and then reached for the remote and turned off the television.

Why do all the amazing battles happen so late at night?, Ash thought bitterly as he climbed up into his bed. The Voltorb-clock said it was already 11:54PM. His mom would check up on him soon, to make sure he was in fact in bed and asleep. She had a strict rule about bed-time — a fact Ash learned very early on in his life.

His deep, chocolaty-brown eyes slowly sealed shut, letting his long eyelashes brush against his freckled-skin as he quickly began to doze off, dreaming of which Starter Pokémon he’d have in less than twelve hours. He couldn't wait to see all three — Bulbasaur, the Grass and Poison-type Pokémon; Charmander, the Fire-type Pokémon; or Squirtle, the Water-type Pokémon — laid out before his very eyes…

Ash grinned down at his Pokéball, and without thinking, took his pose and shouted: “Bulbasaur, I choose you!”

His aim had been perfect — the Pokéball had perfect form and, before his very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of light, before fading into the Grass Starter. Bulbasaur blinked up at its trainer, and smiled. “Alright, Bulbasaur,” Ash began, “use Tackle!” He pointed at the opposing Squirtle, owned by none other than his rival — Gary Oak.

Bulbasaur charged for the turtle Pokémon, gaining speed.

“Squirtle, dodge it, quick!” Gary yelled, but it was too late, and Squirtle’s fate had been sealed. Bulbasaur crashed into the Pokémon, sending Squirtle flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with tears beginning to stream down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Squirtle. “I can't believe I lost to an amazing trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered. “Way to go, Bulbasaur!”

“Bulb…! Bulba…! Bulbasaur-saur…! Bulbasaur!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Bulbasaur looked up at its trainer and licked his cheeks, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the battle. Ash’s smile faded, and he stood their confused as Bulbasaur took another lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest; Bulbasaur smirked, and suddenly two vines emerged from somewhere under the bulb on its back. “B-Bulba…”

The twin vines stretched up to Ash’s collarbone, before sinking down the neckline of his shirt, across his chest and towards each nipple. Ash stilled, catching his breath, as the tips of the vines gently poked and prodded his dark, pink nipples. “Bulbasaur… what’re you…?”

Bulbasaur licked across its trainer’s lips again, cutting his words off and managed to connect their tongues for a moment; Ash sealed his lips and sweat slowly began to form at his temple again — which the Grass-type gladly swept back up with its tongue. The two vines pressed hard into his nubs, earning a tender groan from Ash’s throat.

“Oh… o-oh, Arc-Arceus…” Ash moaned, and—

Ash blinked open his eyes, grunting at the suddenness of it. “Mm…” His nipples were hard under his button-down shirt, and he experimentally reached inside between his buttons and gently pinched his pink nubs. “Mmhm…”

Without much happening, besides the nipple-pleasure, Ash’s eyes slowly grew dark as he was lost in sleep once again; Delia had already come in an hour before, making sure he was asleep, and kissed his forehead goodnight. The Voltorb-clock read 1:47AM.

Ash grinned down at his Pokéball, took his pose, threw, and shouted out: “Charmander, I choose you!”

His aim had been spot on — the Pokéball had a perfect arc and, before his very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of bright, white-light, before fading into the Fire Starter. Charmander blinked up at its trainer, looked him up and down, and smiled. “Alright, Charmander,” Ash began, “use Scratch!” He pointed at the opposing Bulbasaur, owned by none other than Gary Oak — his Pallet Town rival.

Charmander charged for the turtle Pokémon, gaining speed as his clawless-fingers glowed white.

“Bulbasaur, dodge it, hurry!” Gary yelled, but it was far too late, and Bulbasaur’s defeat had been sealed. Charmander crashed into the dual Grass/Poison Pokémon, sending Bulbasaur flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with watery tears beginning to streak down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Bulbasaur. “I can't believe I lost to an awesome trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered, jumping up and down. “Way to go, Charmander! You were great!”

“Char…! Char…! Charmander…!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Charmander looked up at its trainer with confidence and licked his cheeks, rubbing his semi-prickly tongue across his freckled-skin, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the intense, yet short, battle. Ash’s smile shrunk, and he stood their confused as Charmander took another curious lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s silent lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest; Charmander smirked, and suddenly his fiery tale began to grow in heat and size. “Ch-Char…”

Charmander pulled free from Ash’s arms and dropped down to the ground, eyes locked with Ash’s stiffened-crotch. “Charmander… what’re you…?”

The Fire-type smirked to itself, before jumping up slightly and yanking Ash’s jeans down, belt and all. Ash immediately felt his face redden to a similar shade as Charmander’s tail flame. He hadn’t been wearing underwear, apparently. Charmander gripped Ash’s thighs, digging its clawless-fingers into his skin, and lathering its warm tongue across the underside of its trainers cocklett.

Ash gasped loudly, “Oh… o-oh, Arc-Arceus…”

Ash’s body stiffened in annoyance as the dream was cut short, yet again. He’d stopped playing with his nipples in his sleep, but his hand was still pressing against his bare skin, on the inside of his shirt.

“Ugh…” He mumbled, simply pulling his hand free and rolling over on his stomach — only to feel some pressure at his crotch. He was as hard as the Onix he’d seen on television earlier. Ash barely ever noticed his erections — which certainly didn't help when someone else did — and didn't have much knowledge in how to make them soften back up besides his usual tactic of waiting it out.

Maybe his dreams were telling him something. Eh, probably not, Ash thought, who does that with their Pokémon, anyway? Gross. Ash closed his eyes and drifted back off to sleep, hoping to have a dream that didn't get him as hard as an Onix this time. His Voltorb-clock read 4:13AM.

Ash smirked down at his Pokéball, took his pose, threw, and yelled out: “Squirtle, I choose you!”

His aim had been spectacular — the Pokéball had a perfect spin and, before Ash’s very eyes, his partner Pokémon jumped out of the ball in a flash of light, before fading into the Water Starter. Squirtle blinked up at its trainer, looked him up and down, cocked its head, and smiled. “Alright, Squirtle,” Ash began, “use Tackle! Full force!” He pointed at the opposing Charmander, owned by none other than his true rival — Gary Oak.

Squirtle charged for the Pokémon, gaining speed as his head ducked down in preparation for impact.

“Charmander, dodge it, now!” Gary yelled, but it was too late, and the Pokémon’s fate had been sealed. Squirtle crashed into the Fire Pokémon, sending Charmander flying into the air and straight into Gary’s face. The redhead clutched his battered, formerly-beautiful face, with watery tears beginning to streak down his cheeks as he returned his defeated Charmander. “I can't believe I lost to an astounding trainer like you!” He whined, and high-tailed it back to the Pokémon Center.

“Alright!” Ash whooped and hollered, jumping up and down. “Way to go, Squirtle! That was awesome!”

“Squir…! Sq-Squir…! Squirtle…!”

Ash ran for his beloved Pokémon and swept it up into his arms. Squirtle looked up at its trainer with high confidence and licked his cheeks, rubbing his wet tongue across Ash’s freckled-skin, swiping away the sweat that had gathered at his temple from the intense, yet short, battle; now replacing it with his saliva. Ash’s smile shrunk, and he stood their confused as Squirtle took another curious lick — this time from cheek to cheek, across Ash’s quivering lips. The trail of shining wetness followed Squirtle’s tongue over his lips.

Ash cautiously licked his lower lip in interest, it tasted somewhat Oran-y; Squirtle smirked, and suddenly its blue body disappeared into its shell. “Squirt…” Squirtle’s voice echoed through the holes in the shell.

Squirtle’s tail popped out of the hole its head had previously been, and, before Ash could stop his partner Pokémon, Squirtle’s head poked out of it’s former tail-hole and gently wrapped its watery-lips around the stiff bulge of Ash’s jeans. Ash jumped, gasping, before water quickly seeped out of Squirtle’s mouth, wetting Ash’s crotch and dripping down his thighs. His entire bottom half was now soaked. “Squirtle… what’re you…?”

Squirtle’s delicate fingers quickly forced Ash’s heavy, wet jeans down Ash’s legs, exposing his slippery hard-on the air, earning a gasp from its trainer. Squirtle plunged down onto the wet cock, taking all four-in-a-half inches inside its watery orifice. “Squirtle!” Ash hollered, gasping, tightening his grip on Squirtle’s shell.

The Water-type wouldn't let up, soon it was bobbing it’s round, upside-down head up and down Ash’s dick, engulfing all of in one slick motion, before pulling back and releasing with a gentle pop!

Ash’s balls tightened, and, before Ash could blink, he was yelling out his Pokémon’s name as he shot his jizz deep down Squirtle’s soft throat. “SQUIRTLE!”

The young, soon-to-be trainer jumped up in his bed, “Gahhhh!” He yelled, feeling his underwear and shorts quickly soak up blast after juicy blast of his first-ever cumshot. “Oh-h, Arceus…!” Panting, Ash swallowed down heaps of musty air; his chest was rising and falling and heaving and puffing and tightening and loosening over and over again… One glance down under his covers told him what he didn't want to know — his jizz was already staining through his shorts.

He glanced down at his Voltorb-clock. 8:16AM.

“No!” Ash shouted, “I'm late!”


Delia had barely seen the green and yellow blur that descended down the stairs and out the door in just about two seconds flat. It would have easily knocked her on her ass had she not gotten a semi-notice while Ash was up in his room yelling about him being late. She felt terrible about it — she had overslept herself, after reading a very naughty, very true book about two lovers from Kanto and Johto, respectively, while the two regions were at war, nearly three-hundred years ago, until nearly four-in-the-morning. It had made her sob uncontrollably as well as touch herself tenderly throughout the night. She hadn't woken up but five minutes before — having to pee so bad it hurt — and was just closing the bathroom door when her son had come barreling down the steps.

She just hoped Ash could get there in time — it was only 8:19AM, now. He was only nineteen minutes late.


Ash was running faster than he’d ever ran before; a poor woman lost all of her groceries after she stepped onto the sidewalk after exiting the PokéMart. He yelled: “Sorry!” and kept running. He felt bad, yeah, but not bad enough to miss his first Pokémon.

He was still wearing his pajamas — his cum-stained underwear and shorts were awkwardly squishing and sloshing around his crotch and he hated it, but that wasn't deterring him. Professor Oak would just have to pretend to not notice anything; or, as Ash really hoped, Professor Oak would just not notice at all.

An annoying feeling in the back of his head was telling him to slow down a bit and register the fact that he had just had his first cumshot. Him. At ten-years-old. Beat that, Gary, Ash thought bitterly, Beat that.

A quick glance at the town’s clock tower told him it was already 8:26AM — and he still another three miles to go.

He quickly remembered him and Gary cutting through the wooded park in the center of the town to cut their trip from his house to Gary’s — who happened to live just down the street from his renowned grandfather — down to just one mile. Ash kicked it into high gear and took a sharp right, straight into the thick part of the woods. His mother always did say he could climb like a Mankey — now it was time to show it.

Ash jumped over a large root that jutted from the dirt; before ducking beneath a stray Kakuna that hung low from a tree branch; before then skipping across the thin creek, mildly caring that his slippers were now soaked and soggy and squishy beneath his feet; before squeezing through a pair of boulders wedged close together…

In no time, Ash emerged from the woods, directly in front of Gary’s house. He glanced up the street, and saw the Professor’s signature windmill over a patch of trees. “Finally!” Ash sighed in relief, before jump starting back up and dashing up the hill.


Ash arrived at Professor Oak’s lab just as a huge crowed left to follow a red, fancy car. Probably Gary, Ash fumed, what real Pokémon trainer uses a car to get around? Half the fun is exploring! You can't do that in a car!

“A little late, are we?” I know that voice. “You seem to be ready for bed, not ready to go on your journey.”

Ash twirled around, smiling, “Professor Oak! Hello! Uh… I'm sorry I was late — I accidentally overslept — and I didn't have time to change my clothes… or take a shower… or anything.”

Professor Oak looked the boy up and down, noticing fairly quickly about the, uh, sticky situation. “Ah. I see.”

So much for pretending not to notice, Ash thought. He is definitely Gary’s grandfather. “I'm ready for my Pokémon, I swear. Just… please. I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life!”

The man sighed, and rubbed his chin. “Very well… follow me.”

Together, they climbed the stairs up to the main entrance of the laboratory. The building itself was beautiful on the inside — tall walls lined in colorful stained glass depicting Pokémon that Ash had never seen before: Legendary Pokémon. Arceus was high in the clouds, emanating shining beams of light down on the other Legendaries. Dialga and Palkia — the Legendaries of the Sinnoh Region — flanked all of them, with a dimensional rift behind both of them, with Dialga’s Time Rift being a dark bluish-purple while Palkia’s Space Rift was a dark pinkish-purple. Mew was in the center, while a looming, bigger shadow with the relative same shape lurked behind it. Lugia and Ho-oh flanked Mew’s sides, and beyond Lugia sat Kyogre, while beyond Ho-oh held Groudon. There were other Legendary Pokémon spread out across the stained glass, but Ash didn't have the slightest clue as to who they were.

Ash blinked back towards the direction Professor Oak had headed, and realized he was way behind in the tour. He sprung into the next room — Professor Oak was rambling about an ancient tiki head his cousin from the Alola region had sent him, not at all noticing Ash hadn't been with him for the most of it.

I guess my first cumshot just isn't as important to Professor Oak then it is to me. Pff. Ash gave an annoyed look down at his crotch; anyone could see the dark, sticky stain that seeped from his crotch to the middle of the his left shorts’ leg. This is so embarrassing, Ash thought, why did this have to happen to me? He scratched at the back of his head as Professor Oak stopped short and glanced at the three picture frames across the wall — one of Bulbasaur, one of Charmander, and one of Squirtle. “I assume you’re awake enough to know that these three Pokémon are the usual Starter Pokémon for beginning trainers, yes?”

Ash gave him a look, “I'm not that dumb, Professor.”

Professor Oak chuckled, “Yes, I suppose you aren't that dumb. Come now, follow me, the room’s right this way.”

Ash nodded, before glancing back at the three pictures. Instantly his dreams — which he had nearly forgotten about, until now — came rushing back. Bulbasaur’s vines… Charmander’s heated tongue… Squirtle’s wet mouth… Ash, once again, failed to notice his sticky shorts and underwear tightening up as his erection pressed against the fabric.

He followed Professor Oak into the next room — computers and all kinds of expensive technology lined one side of the room, while the other presented a comfy leather couch and a small refrigerator. “Sometimes,” Professor Oak began, gesturing to the couch and fridge, “I get carried away with research and end up staying the night.” He smiled, and rubbed the back of his head. “You know, I'm pretty sure I spend most of my nights here, anyway.”

Ash chuckled lightly, before locking eyes with the machine at the far end of the room. It was circular, and had three red, white, and black Pokéballs presented on top, beneath the glass dome. “Are… are those…?” He wanted to stick a hand out and touch it, but forced himself not to.

Professor Oak nodded at him — a little longer than anticipated; the Professor had just noticed Ash’s election. He coughed audibly, before clearing his throat. “Um, uh, yes. Those are… well, the Pokéballs.”

He pressed a button and the glass dome split apart and sunk down into the machine, forcing the Pokéball stand to raise up a few inches. “Wow…” Ash mumbled, “I can't believe it…” Before Professor Oak could tell him, Ash was already reaching for the Pokéball that had a small blue dot above the button. “Squirtle, I choose you!” The ball sprang open with a click, but was empty. I bet Gary got this one, Ash bit his bottom lip. He couldn't stop the thoughts of Squirtle doing the same thing to his rival that it had done to him in his dream; his election unknowingly throbbed.

“Squirtle was already picked by a trainer that was on time.” Professor Oak confessed. “And properly dressed.”

Ash breathed in deeply. Okay. No problem. There’s still two more left. He reached for the next Pokéball, the one with the orange dot above the button. “Charmander, I choose you!” And… nada. The ball sprang open, but no Pokémon appeared in a mystical ray of light.

“I'm afraid Charmander was also picked by a trainer that made it here on time.” Professor Oak sighed.

“That’s fine, then.” Ash smiled up at the professor before the man could continue on. Ash grabbed the Pokéball with the green dot above the button and threw it into the air. “Bulbasaur, I choose you!”

The ball opened, revealing no Pokémon inside, before smacking into the nearby wall.

“There are those of us who have the Early Bird-ability, and those that don't; I'm afraid that Bulbasaur, too, was already chosen by another Early Bird-trainer.” Professor Oak sagged his shoulders, “I’m sorry, Ash. Maybe you can come back in a few weeks — by then the eggs for the next batch of Starter Pokémon will have already hatched and been properly trained for beginning trainers—”

Ash turned to the professor, begging. “Professor Oak, please! I need to have my partner Pokémon! I’ve been waiting for this for as long as I can remember — any Pokémon’ll do! Just, please, gimme a Pokémon!”

Professor Oak grumbled to himself, glancing up and down Ash’s body before sighing in agreement. “Fine. I'll give you a Pokémon if you give me what I want.” A smirk etched across his face. The late trainers always did get a little extra attention.

“Sure! Anything! I'll give you anything!”

A stray chill ran down Ash’s spine as Professor Oak grinned down at him; “Not that you had much of a choice in the matter.” A second passed before Gengar — one of the three Ghost-type Pokémon found in the Kanto region — appeared at the man’s side. Ash gasped in delight, and reached out to touch the dark-looking Pokémon. The only Gengar he'd seen had been on tv. “Gengar, use Hypnosis, please.” Ash glanced up at Professor Oak with worried eyes, What?, before turning back towards the Pokémon, who’s eyes glowed red. Ash’s mind grew fuzzy, and his pupils expanded — he was in no control, now. “Strip naked, newcomer.”

Ash did as ordered. Quickly, he unbuttoned his pajama shirt and tossed it on the ground, before kicking off his still-soggy slippers and discarded them next to his shirt; Professor Oak raised an eyebrow in fascination as Ash finally lowered his shorts and underwear in one fell swoop. The boy stood there, naked as the day he was born, with an erection and a glazed-over look in his half-lidded eyes.

Professor Oak chuckled to himself; he reached for the remote and snapped on the video cameras hidden in all four corners of the room. “Four videos of four new trainers all in one day — you’d think an old man like me would be drained at this point, wouldn't you? Ha-ha.”

The ten-year-old gave no expression. He stood rigid, save for his cock, which was throbbing tentatively as the professor edged closer and closer. “Answer truthfully, now,” Professor Oak began, “when did you first start ejaculating? You’re mighty young for this to be happening so soon — something must have really turned you on; tell me, what was that?”

“I had my first ejaculation this morning, it woke me up and that’s when I discovered I was late.” Ash’s voice was monotone, but nonetheless still Ash’s. “I was having erotic dreams about my potential partner Pokémon. Bulbasaur had played with my nipples, Charmander had licked my penis, and Squirtle had sucked my penis until I ejaculated in its mouth.”

Professor Oak marveled down at the naked boy, eyes glistening. “You’re horny for Pokémon?”

“Not all Pokémon, no.” Ash stated, matter of fact. “At the moment, the only ones to achieve such a reaction are the three Starters. Hence, why I wanted one so badly.”

“You were gonna have some dirty fun with your Starter, eh?”

“It was in the back of my mind.”

The older man smirked, “You know, Ash, I may have an opportunity for you.” Ash’s face showed no emotion. “Other Pokémon Professors in the community — namely Elm and Kukui — have been discussing a new routine for up-and-coming trainers like yourself. Now, say, instead of only being able to carry six Pokémon at a time… you’ll be able to carry twelve.”

“Twelve Pokémon…?” Ash asked, his eyes glassy in expression, his cheeks were now a warm-pink color.

Professor Oak noticed the boy’s cock bounce a little in enthusiasm. “Does that interest you?” He smirked at himself; Ash was being even easier than Gary, at this point.

“Greatly, Professor.”

“Oh, Ash, from now one there’s no need for formal titles like that. You will here by call me Master. Understand?”

“Yes, Master.”

Professor Oak smiled, “Perfect.” He clapped his hands together, “Now, Ash, would you want to participate in this experiment? If you say yes — I’ll give you six Alpha Pokéballs, which should be the first Pokéballs used to capture your first six Pokémon. The next six — the Beta Pokéballs — should be used to capture your extraneous six Pokémon. It’s a simple system, really. Do you say yes or no?”

“Yes, Master.” Ash’s eyes glinted slightly, giving the impression that Gengar’s Hypnosis would soon wear off, and defog his mind.

“Good, good.” Professor Oak ran his hand down Ash’s smooth chest. “Now, Ash, whenever you reach the next Pokémon Center, I want you to call me on the video phone there, and show me just how you’ve bonded with your new partner Pokémon. Okay?”

Ash nodded, “Okay, Master.”

“You will also suck the cocks of the next ten male humans you come across after officially starting your journey on Route 1, understood?”

“Understood, Master.” Ash’s nose twitched, and his fingers started to curl in his palm. The Hypnosis would be gone in a matter of minutes, now. “Anything… else, M-Master?” He was beginning to resist calling the man his master.

Professor Oak nodded quickly, “Yes. Should one of the ten males you come across want to fuck you, let them.”


“Now, hurry up and get your clothes back on. I have my video.” The man glanced back up at the four individual camera’s. “Professor Elm and Kukui will love this.” Ash was already pulling his underwear back on, slightly grimacing at the stickiness once again. His shorts were next, and then his shirt, which he managed to button-up just in time for his pupils to shrink back to normal and his mind to clear up.

Ash rubbed his temples, “Whoa… um, what just happened?”

Professor Oak smiled, Ash still didn't notice the leaking erection in his pajama shorts. “You must’ve dozed off… I did say you looked ready for bed, after all.” He chuckled lightly, “Now, back to business, are you truly interested in the experiment?”

Ash’s eyes widened — that particularly memory flooded back into his brain — “Oh, oh, yeah! Definitely!”

“Perfect.” Professor Oak smiled, “That means you get three special partner Pokémon for your journey.”

“Three?!” Ash said with awe, “Are you serious?! That’s so cool!”

Professor Oak nodded, “Indeed. Indeed. Now, these three Pokémon are, well, they might be a little difficult for a beginning trainer like you.” He pressed a button on the pedestal holding the empty Pokéballs, which flipped itself over, revealing another three Pokéballs — Alpha Balls. The first one had a red, fiery-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. The second had an orangish-brown, fist-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. And, lastly, the third had a yellow, electricity-designed jewel embedded in the dark-colored Pokéball, just above the button. “There’s the Fire-type: Growlithe; the Fighting-type: Machop; and the Electric-type: Pikachu.”

“Holy Shinx!” Ash smiled brightly up at the man, and then back at the three Alpha Balls. “I can't believe this is happening!”

Professor Oak chuckled again, “Well, Ash, believe it.” He picked up the Alpha Ball with the electric-yellow jewel, and gently placed it in Ash’s small hands. “Give it a try.”

Ash nodded, and turned towards the rest of the massive room. He took his stance, smirked, and yelled out: “Pikachu, I choose you!” He threw the Alpha Ball and a bright, white light emerged; Ash blinked through the shining twinkles and watched as his first partner faded in. Pikachu blinked from its spot, quickly sniffing the air with its nose and twitching its ears.

“Pika…” Pikachu glared at Ash, raising its tail and making its red cheeks burn with static. “CHU!”

Ash had never experienced a Thunder Shock before — his body raddled in pain as electricity coursed through him, grazing just below his skin to feel like a million tiny pricks and pinches everywhere around his body all at once.

Professor Oak jumped back just in time to avoid the attack, but Ash wasn't so lucky. By the time the electric-assault was over, Ash was reeling in pain. His hair was staticky and sharp — his skin and clothes a little too crispy for his liking, and his fingers shook as the last pulses of energy slowed down just beneath his now ultra-sensitive skin.

“I probably should have warned you.” The man rubbed the back of his head and chuckled, “The good thing is now anytime you get Thunder Shock’d again, your body will be somewhat used to it.” He rubbed his chin, “It’ll still hurt, but a lot less over time.”

Ash grumbled a wavering: “Thanks for the info…”

Pikachu gave a knowing smirk at Ash, telling him that he would be in a world of hurt throughout this journey. The Pokémon’s red cheeks sparked to life at the thought. Ash, paranoid, returned the yellow electric mouse. He shrunk the Alpha Ball and buried it in his pajama-shorts pocket. Ash then grabbed the next Alpha Ball — the one with the fiery-red jewel. “Will Growlithe burn my face to a charred-crisp?” Ash asked, sweat beading at his temple.

“I doubt it; this Growlithe is fairly well-mannered.”

Ash swallowed, Fairly?, before striking his now-signature pose and threw the ball. “Growlithe, I choose you!”

The Fire-type emerged from the Alpha Ball with a happy roar of confidence. It wagged its tail and stared up at its new trainer. “Gro… Growlithe…?”

“Hi, Growlithe. My name’s Ash Ketchum. I'm your new trainer.” Ash smiled down at the Pokémon, before gently reaching down and nuzzling his gentle hand under Growlithe’s chin. Growlithe sighed in relief; the warmth of its body was already radiating heat across Ash’s hand. “Wow, you’re hot.”

Professor Oak smirked. Naturally, after what was happening mere minutes ago with a hypnotized-Ash, that statement only made the man purr in his head. He coughed, “Well, Growlithe is a Fire-type, after all.”

Ash giggled, “I know, I know.”

Growlithe was soon returned to his Alpha Ball and stuffed in the same pocket Pikachu’s was in. Ash reached for the last Alpha Ball, the one with the orangish-brown, fist-designed jewel. “Machop!” Ash called out, “I choose you!”

The Fighting-type appeared before Ash’s eyes and grinned. “Ma-Machop!” The Pokémon crossed its arms and slowly licked it’s upper lip in excitement.

“Hey there, Machop.” Ash pressed his hand against his own chest, “My name is Ash, and I'm your trainer. It’s nice to meet you.” He bent down a little and got eye-level with the gray Pokémon. “You like battling, Machop? I know you probably haven't been in an actual battle before, but still.”

From his position, Professor Oak could perfectly see the rounded, plump cheeks of Ash’s ass. Oh, how he wished his Gengar’s Hypnosis lasted longer, and could be used repeatedly when needed. He’d have taken the boy’s virginity so quickly if it weren't for all the things he had to get across so Ash would later do them during his journey. Gary and the other trainers that came today had been fun — really fun; he’d managed to spare enough time for the boy that got the Charmander to get him to suck him off — but this was different. Ash didn't strike Professor Oak as a normal, run-of-the-mill trainer. Like Gary, Professor Oak thought, and bit his bottom lip. Gary had been trained since he was seven-years-old to be nothing but a cum-slut for men and Pokémon. So many cocks that boy has worshipped… So many he’s taken in his mouth… against his bare skin… inside his ass…

Professor Kukui had had a particularly wonderful time with his grandson a year prior — Oak had volunteered to take Gary to the Alola Region for the entire winter — it was nice and warm down in the Alola Region at the time, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pimp him out even more. Of course, Gary doesn't remember any of that. He never does.

Professor Oak barely managed to return to reality in time to watch Ash return Machop and turn back to him. “Thank you, Professor.” Ash made a face, “Huh, that word felt weird coming out of my mouth.”

The man hid his smirk, “Oh, I wonder why.”

Ash shrugged, and glanced down at Machop’s Alpha Ball, still in his right hand. “I can't believe I got three Pokémon. Did Gary or any of the other trainers join the experiment?”

Professor Oak nodded; “Of course. You four young trainers are of the first batch here in the Kanto region with Alpha Balls and Beta Balls. Other select trainers in the nearby Johto region and the far-away Alola region have started their journeys with the same experiment in mind.”

“So what Pokémon did Gary end up getting?” Ash asked, “If it’s alright for you to tell me.”

“It’s alright. Gary chose Squirtle at his Starter Pokémon.” I knew it!, Ash thought bitterly. “And his extra two were Abra and Geodude.” Professor Oak clapped his hands together, “Oh! I almost forgot! I need to give you your Pokédex.”

“My Pokédex?”

Professor Oak nodded, “Mhm. It’s a device I created that lets you record data from any Pokémon you catch automatically. It’s linked to your Pokéballs — Alpha Balls, in this case — and easily reports back to me what Pokémon you’ve caught, their ability, their size and weight, their sex, their move-sets… everything, basically.”

Ash’s eyes lit up, “That’s so cool!”

“Pikachu, Growlithe, and Machop are already registered and ready to go.” Professor Oak smiled, “Now all you need is a fresh pair of clothes and you’ll be all set.” He handed the Pokédex, red in color, to the young beginning trainer. “You also might want to tell your mother; I doubt she’d want you to leave without saying a goodbye. I made sure Gary properly said goodbye to me before leaving, as well.”

Ash nodded, “Of course. Alright, thanks a lot, Professor Oak!” The words still tasted foreign on Ash’s tongue.

Without thinking about it too much, Ash waved farewell and made his way back outside. His journey was just about to begin, and Ash couldn't wait one more second. The boy high-tailed it home like a Tauros and got his backpack, supplies, and necessities ready. A quick, final shower and a change of clothes did the trick. Delia was already crying — practically sobbing, if Ash was being honest — by the time he made his way downstairs, his backpack strapped on and looking determined for the adventure.

“I love you so much, Ash.” She said through her tears, before kissing her son on the forehead.

“I love you, too, Mom.” Ash was starting to tear up, as well. “I’ll call you as soon as I reach Viridian City, okay?”

She nodded, and they both hugged. “The Champion better watch out for you,” she told him.

Ash smiled; his eyes grew watery again and he quickly went back in for one lasting hug — she rubbed the back of his head and wiped away the tears that stained his freckled-cheeks with her thumb, “Hey now, don't cry… Today’s your special day. Don't worry about me, I’ll always be here.”

“I love you, M-Mom…”

“I love you more.”

“Not possible.”