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an apology to those who i couldn't protect

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“I’m sorry…. I couldn’t protect anyone.”

But that wasn't true at all... You did protect us, Teo!

The man of lies, Teobaldo Leonhearts, sputtered under his breath. Hot tears were threatening to fall, but he refused. He needed to apologize -- To those who had left. To those who had died.

“I couldn’t protect them before. I couldn’t protect Cyril, Gene nor Enos… without being selfish and leaving them to fend from themselves.”

You did whatever you could -- you helped me a lot, Teo... And I'm sure you've helped your siblings too.
Weak, his brain taunted him, cruel laughs painting his mind. His knees buckled, and he fell. He couldn't hold back the tears anymore, so they fell. And they fell without mercy.

“I didn’t tell them the truth. I was too weak.”

“I didn’t apologize… Like I wanted to.”

“And… I didn’t protect the person who I needed the most.”


“I’m sorry… For everything, Efi.”


I should be the one saying sorry... For dying so early... Teo.